Time Matters Not

Rated K for Fluff, spoilers and extreme self-indulgence because the author couldn't wait the two and a half years at least it would take for him to reach these scenes in his self-insert fic.

Pairings: Chrom/Sumia, DefaultM!Avatar(Robin)/Lucina, assorted background ships.

"Chrom, we can't just leave him here."

"Well, what do you propose we should do?"

"I...I dunno!"

Well, I guess reliving it all is better than nothing Robin thought with a sigh. I do get to see them again at least.

"You're finally awake. Here, take my hand."
Robin groaned and repeated his first meeting with Chrom once more and – wait. Where's the...is it...

Chrom grinned at Robin's shocked face, looking at the back of his hand in bewilderment.

"Welcome back."

A short laugh broke out of Robin's chest as he finally ripped his gaze from the back of his hand. He turned his eyes to the sky in disbelief.


Clouds. Sun. Birds.

I'm back.

"Ha...haha..." Robin closed his eyes and broke into laughter. "HAHAHAHAAAAAA!"

He pulled Chrom into a rough hug, slapping him on the back. He couldn't believe it. He was back, and the whole world was waiting for him. A sudden thought slowed him down some.

"How...how long have I been gone?" Robin asked hoarsly. Wow, he needed a drink. Chrom's face darkened slightly.

"Around two years." He sighed. "The court pressured me into making Grima's defeat an annual celebration. I didn't have much choice, but...Lissa said we should come here before it started."

"Same place you met me, huh." Robin sighed, calming down as he wiped his face. "Okay. Is...how many-?"

"They all come, Robin. They all come to remember the war...and you."

Robin sat, shakily, on a nearby tree stump. One last thing occured to him.

"Lucina, is...is she still here? Did she go back to her time or something?"

Lissa giggled. "She wanted to, saying that we had our Lucina, but Sumia threw a bit of a fit at her and renamed her baby Lucia so she wouldn't have any excuses to leave."

"Well, that's a simple solution I guess." Robin muttered to himself. "Keeps all the families together and things like that."

They began walking back to their horses, well, pegasi to be precise. Sumia, Cordelia and Cynthia were grooming their mount's manes and laughing together. Chrom cleared his throat, and the three turned.

Their faces slowly turned to shock and delight as Robin stood there awkwardly. He then blinked.

Wait, wasn't Cynthia there a second ago-
Something slammed into Robin's stomach and sent him flying back down the hill, one overly excited teenager still attached.

"Oh you're back you're back you're back! Lucina is going to be so haaapyyyy!"

Robin couldn't breathe, and he signalled desperately to Chrom to HELP ALREADY. Eventually, Chrom took pity on him and pulled Cynthia off.

"That's enough of that, Cynthia. Leave some of him for the rest of us." He chuckled. "Come on, we've got a long way back."

Robin grimaced. He hated flying.

Ylisstol was crowded with celebrators and assorted foreign dignitaries. Apparently Plegia was still trying to sort out its new ruler – thankfully, Ferox was breathing hard down their necks to make sure that he wasn't even remotely associated with the Grimleal – but Basilio and Flavia still made time to come to the reunion. Once they landed, Chrom pulled Robin back.
"Listen. You'll meet them all, but doing it piecemeal will make people angry." He said calmly. "Wait until the toasts. I'll announce your return then."

As it turned out, the main feasting hall was just the old army, some foreign dignitaries and what Cordelia jokingly reffered to as the Paradox-Children before heading off to find Severa and her husband Frederick.

"She's a lot happier now. Must have gotten over it." Robin muttered to himself. Standing to the back with the foreign dignitaries, who were muttering about the disrespect granted to them by forcing them to the back of the room over a bunch of jumped-up commoners, and barely managing to remain from blasting them all the way back to Valm. He grinned as he looked out over his old companions, seeing a multitude of fairly amusing scenes. Olivia was flushed from all the attention she was getting, and desperately trying to get Henry to drive away the admirers attempting to court her, with no success. Maribelle was bouncing a baby Brady on her knee, cooing over him as the older Brady pleaded with her to stop embarassing him in public, while Gaius popped back into the scene with a large plate full of cakes and rolls. Cherche and Virion managed to wrestle themselves away from their own assorted diplomats, deciding to mingle with the rest of their friends while dragging Gerome with them, while Panne treated Ricken's endless energy with cool patience, letting Yarne carry his own younger self. Miriel and Laurent sat to one side, studying a baby Laurent's feeding habits, while Kellam stood there looking rather awkward. There was at least one scream about a floating baby, with people not realizing that his father was holding him. Tharjla seemed to have finally gotten over Robin – Thank NAGA, Robin thought to himself– and was perfectly satisfied with Libra's more gentle life.

No, wait, she just made Inigo faint for flirting with the grown Noire. Nevermind, she's still evil. Stahl and Sully were busy teaching Kjelle how to guard the gates properly, while Owain was corrupting his own mind with the stories of the hero's blood running through his veins.

Stable time loop complete Robin thought to himself smugly. That was the only explanation for Owain's antics, Lon'Qu wasn't anything like that.

Almost an hour must have passed as Robin looked at his old friends enjoying themselves, and yet he couldn't bring himself to look at the high table where Lucina was sure to be sitting. Groaning, he stared into his plate that the servants had brought him and messed with his food some more. He heard a light laugh from the woman beside him."

"You haven't changed." Say'ri muttered quietly. "I take it Chrom wishes to make a big deal of it, then?"

Originally startled, Robin relaxed, overjoyed that he could talk to someone he used to know. "I think it's his way of punishing me for blowing myself up with Grima." He joked. Say'ri smirked.

"Fie, it was a noble act. The kabuki actors in Cho'sin still tell tales of your bravery, self sacrifice and...tragic love." Robin flushed as Say'ri's grin grew wider. "I do believe they will be almost dissapointed with your return. They do so love their tragic endings."

Robin let out a few choked noises and returned to his food. Say'ri's voice dropped to a whisper. "Pay attention to those Valmese fools. They wish to court Lucina, and have been trying for many years now."

Robin's hands curled into fists as he finally managed to look at the high table. Lucina was turned away from him, engaged in polite conversation with a fairly handsome lord. Say'ri clasped her hand over his and pried the meat knife out of his hand before he threw it.

"She rejects them every time." She chuckled. "Fairly spectacularly, as well."

Robin opened his mouth to ask why, when the hall went quiet. The lord had gotten on one knee, and Lucina rose to her feet, fists trembling in anger.

"You...dare...ask me on this day of all?"

"Incoming diplomatic incident." One of Say'ri's advisors muttered. "We'd best tread careful here, things could go wrong."

Robin slowly got to his feet. Say'ri grabbed at his cloak, desperate to stop him, but let go when she was met with the same glare Grima had seen before his destruction.

Robin stalked quietly over to the table, keeping his hood low. Sorry to ruin your fun, Chrom, but if she strikes him bad things will happen, and I would quite like to enjoy a few years of peace before needing to think again.

"This day is a joyous occasion!" The noble puffed, standing straight. "You would be a fool to deny my -"

"My daughter said No, Lord Varys." Chrom said quietly. "I wish for you to respect her decision."

The noble now looked considerably less handsome, his face contorting in rage. "Your daughter is little more than a jumped-up fool pining for a dead man. Good for the tragedies, but of little use to anyone else."

Yeah, Lucina was going for her Falchion. Robin broke into a faster walk. Lord Varys laughed. "I am the highest placed lord in the Empire's court! Turning me down is an insult that could provoke war, your highness...a war you cannot win without your tactician."

Lucina's knuckles grew white as she tried desperately to not draw her sword in anger, aware of the difficult position.

"And, seeing as her prospective fiance, in himself a pathetic commoner, war hero or no, has been dead for two years...far beyond the appropriate time for mourning...surely she is open?" Lord Varys smirked. Inigo had to physically hold back an enraged Owain, who was sputtering nonsense about this insult to his cousin.

Robin was a few paces away. Lucina's face blanched as she realized the impossible situation she had been placed in by this cunning Valm noble.

"So? Do you accept...or doom your nation to War, princess?"

Chrom swept to his feet, the wrath of the gods emblazoned on his face. Lucina looked shell-shocked at the whole situation, unsure how to proceed.

Robin was right behind Lord Varys, and tapped him on the shoulder, tugging his hood down. Lord Varys turned...and blanched.

Robin smiled like a shark. "Lord Varys...kindly get the hell away from my fiance."

Varys wet himself, turned, and ran out of the room. Dead silence was broken only by Owain's loud exclamation of 'You better run!' before realizing that it wasn't for fear of his sword hand that Varys was running.

Robin then realized that he was in the middle of a quiet room, surrounded by his shocked friends. "Um...hi?" He asked weakly, waving a hand. Still silence. Lucina worked her way around the table, and walked towards him, hands shaking and eyes clenched shut. Robin cleared his throat, and smiled weakly.


The first punch knocked the wind out of him, and was punctuated by sympathetic groans from around the hall. The second was a violent uppercut that snapped him upright again, to the view of Lucina's incredibly upset face.


The third punch slapped across his face.

"You promised my father you wouldn't do something so stupid!"

"Lucina, I'm sorry-"

"What the hell does that mean?" A few more punches slammed into various places of Robin's body, punctuating her arguments. "There's no need to apologize, it was either right or wrong!"

Robin winced every time she condemned him, until she finally reduced herself to continuously pounding his chest lightly. "After the first year, I thought that I'd lost you forever."

Robin finally opened his eyes and saw Lucina fighting back tears. He reached out and slowly stroked some away, and Lucina finally opened her eyes and saw nothing but love staring back.

"Robin." She choked, embracing him in front of everyone. "Don't you ever do something so stupid ever again."

Robin smiled, kissing her hair and returning the hug. "I won't. I promise."

A/N: Ugh I've been wanting to write Avatar/Lucina since the game came out and I looked at my outline for Asleep and saw that she doesn't even show up again for ten chapters...Also this idea's been burning in my head for a while. Don't ask me why two years, it just seemed like a good number. Also I put way too many Code Geass/Game of Thrones references in this for my liking, but it's just mindless fluff so who cares.