Time Matters Not

Rated K+

"What a wonderful way to start a honeymoon." Robin groaned, rubbing his soaking head with his robe. The cave they'd found was cramped, dark and cold, although it was a marked improvement from the downpour outside. Lucina sighed and removed a towel from the horse's saddlebags, drying herself of before passing Morgan one.

"You could have just left me behind, you'd have been there by now." Morgan grumbled, trying to get her hair to sit flat after she'd dried it. Robin's respose was a deep growl.

"If you honestly think I'm leaving you alone with Inigo for three weeks, you've got another thing coming."

Morgan sighed and slumped down onto one of the few rocks literring the cave. "Aren't you overracting just a little?"

"I am not!" Robin protested. Lucina rolled her eyes and slumped down next to her daughter.

"Yes, you are." She sighed. "We used to hide from Father like this all the time, remember?"

"I – well, yes, but that's different." Robin said weakly. "Come on, Lucina, it's Inigo."

"At which point I'd feel a lot better if she was there to keep him in check." Lucina remarked with a smile. "However, he's perfectly aware of what we'll do to him if he's...unfaithful."

Morgan's own dark grin did not go unnoticed.

"...what have you got planned?" Robin asked after a few seconds. Morgan's grin widened.

"You know how Nah is my bestest friend in the whole wide world?" She batted her eyelashes. Robin caught on, and started laughing until he had to bend over.

"Oh, gods, you told her to eat him if he flirted with anyone didn't you?"

Morgan buffed her nails on her coat in reply. Robin nodded weakly as the laughing fit subsided. "Okay, okay, that's good. I approve."

Lucina sighed and rubbed her temples, looking outside at the rain. "You two are so alike it is scary, sometimes. Is there anything you got from me at all?"

At this stage, they knew that question was more light-hearted rather than the legitimate issue Lucina had with Morgan in the early stages of her existence. Even so, Morgan shrugged and started listing them off.

"Uh, swordsmanship, sense of humor, tendency to pick irregular people for romance-"

"Hey!" Robin protested indignantly. "I am not irregular!"

Lucina stifled a giggle. "Oh, I don't know. You chose...interesting times and places to remind me of your affections."

"I had no choice!" Robin protested, thrusting his hands into the air. "That was before we'd told Chrom! He'd have killed me if I'd gone about it traditionally – gods, you SAW what happened when he walked in on us!"

"We can still see what happened." Morgan sighed, pointing at Robin's off-center nose. The tactician scowled at his daughter.

"Yes, thank you for that input Morgan."

The three of them smiled at each other and sat down, staring at the ceiling before Robin sighed. "Well, if we had wood I'd start a fire..."

"We don't." Morgan grumbled. "And if you two start hugging for heat in front of me-"

"We'll throw you out into the rain." Robin said sweetly. Lucina stared at him in abject horror.

"We will do no such thing!"

The uncomfortable silence continued for another half hour before Lucina sighed and sidled over to Robin, wrapping his arm around her. "Wonderful weather, isn't it?"

"Quite." Robin grumbled to himself, glaring arrows at the sky outside. "I've had better omens."

"Oh, shush." Lucina said with a small smile, resting her head on Robin's shoulder. "It could always be worse."

"Yeah." Robin grumbled. "It could be that time Chrom almost found us getting changed after the rain."

Morgan's eyes sparkled with interest immediately before Robin shot her down with a glare. "Don't ask."

Of all the presents Anna could have given them for their wedding, she had to give them a honeymoon. And of all the possible places for a honeymoon to happen, she had to choose the Outrealm.

Of all the places in the Outrealm, it had to be the damn hot springs. Of all the times for the hot springs to be open, it had to be attacked by the Risen.

Or, as to Robin's knowledge, Risen from a different dimension where they were taking their sweet time dealing with Grima. To be perfectly honest, the Outrealm got increasingly strange every time he entered – he could have sworn that was an inter-dimensional chess tournament happening over there (Extremely tempting, now that he thought about it. Maybe he should tell Virion...), and what exactly was that blue box which gave out a strange groan before fading out of existence?

If the Outrealm was some kind of link to all the other dimensions, then were there dimensions where Grima didn't exist at all? Were there dimensions with no magic? If so, could they even connect to the Outrealm?

Lucina's thoughts were much different. While she was aware that at some point they would have a girl – at least that's what she thought Morgan's presence meant, Laurent had presented the possibility that she was from a dimension where their first child was a girl, and they may have a boy or another girl that looked completely different – was that going to be enough for her? Quite frankly, growing up with Cynthia (and now Lucia and Celica) she couldn't quite imagine how her friends made it through life without siblings.

It said a lot about Robin and Lucina's prowess at this stage that they could completely obliterate a few dozen Risen while performing an inner debate on the state of reality and the composition of their future family. The situation was resolved in fairly short order, and the two newlyweds were left alone to use the springs as Anna 2 left the complex with a thankful bow, leaving behind a pair of yutakas.

"So...do you remember the conversation we had the first time we came here?" Lucina asked as she slipped into her own robe with a smile. "About the mixed springs?"

"Yes." Robin said with a grin. "Yes, I remember. I do believe I mentioned that Chrom would actually kill me if we tried it, so we never did."

"Hm. Well, there's nobody here anyway, so..." Lucina trailed off and started walking. Robin blinked a few more times before following his wife in the surprisingly not-that-tacky robe covered in Ylissian livery. Still, it was better than his own, which was covered in freaking purple spirals. He'd really have to lose his connection to that color at some point, it brought up bad memories in a time where he should be making new ones.

"You know, last time you said that you weren't ready for this, never mind that Chrom would kill you for it." Lucina smiled. "Yet here you are."

"I've had plenty of time to re-evaluate my stance on that." Robin said, flushing "Just as long as you understand that we're not meant to have the rest of the army in with us."

"Mm. That would be embarassing." Lucina chuckled. "I'm sure I didn't mean it that way."

"I would bloody well hope not." Robin muttered under his breath as he turned around and let his wife slip out of her robe and into the pool. Before he could take off his own, though, Lucina pulled him in with a sharp yank.

"HEY!" He spluttered, rising out of the water. "You're supposed to let me take it off first!"

Lucina smirked. "Oh, really? Oops."

The hotel they were going to spend their time at was fairly nice, all things considered. Those things being the fact that it was crawling with people from other worlds – Robin raised his eyebrows as he caught vague snippets of the conversation one table over as he sat down for breakfast. Lucina kicked Robin under the table and shot a glare at him.

"No eavesdropping." She hissed.

"This coming from miss hide-behind-the-shrubs-to-make a dramatic entrance..." Robin sighed, thanking the Anna that dropped his plate off. Eventually, the other party left, leaving the newlyweds to eat in peace. Anna winked and wandered over to her counter, humming optimistically.

"So...what do you want to do today?" Robin asked after a few seconds. "Should we go pick up Morgan from the beach, or...?"

Lucina gave her husband a blunt look. "I think she can stay there for a few more hours."

Robin chuckled. "Yes, I suppose the quiet would be nice..." He trailed off when he noticed the, quite frankly, predatory look in her eyes. "...oh. OH."

While that was happening, Morgan stretched out on the beach and waggled her toes in the sand, grinning widely.

"Oh, what a wonderful day..." She sighed, sipping her drink as one of the Anna's shot her a glare, dragging a wagon of burnt risen corpses past her. "I got to relieve some stress, and I got a free drink."

In hindsight, she probably should have expected the sudden wave after saying something that blatantly pandering.

"...that'scold." She shivered, glancing at her towel. Well, that's soaked through, so she couldn't use that...looks like the day was ruined. "Might as well go back to the hotel..."

She got back and opened the door with a slam, prompting shrieks from her parents as well as multiple other smaller thumps. Many of them, in fact. Blinking in surprise, she glanced around the room before groaning.

"You were playing tome stackers without me?"

Robin and Lucina grinned sheepishly from behind the bed, books scattered everywhere. Morgan sighed and turned away.

"Okay, fine..." She huffed. She'd find something else to do. After she was gone, Lucina let out a deep breath and smiled at her husband.

"Good thinking."
"Rule one of strategy." Robin grumbled. "Deception. She never quite got that one down..."

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