Renesmee glared out at the pouring rain as she ran blindly through the woods. Going at immortal speed, she still managed to avoid hitting all the trees or tripping over something.

Why, oh why? Why Jacob of all people?

She remembered that painful argument, where Jake had finally confessed his feelings. She could still see Jake getting mad about her dating a hot boy at school, about breaking the rules to stay unnoticed and aloof. She could almost feel the pain that was twisting up his face, and how he had gotten down on his knees and begged her.

"Please, Nessie. Can't you see what imprinting really is? I was meant for you, and you were meant for me. We were destined, soul mates."

Renesmee had felt nothing but numb shock and confusion. Why was Jacob saying this? He was her best friend, her perfect brother, her partner in crime. Why was he declaring such confusing things? Then came the anger.

"Why are you being so weird today, Jacob? You know I've had a crush on him for ages and now he's finally noticed me. We can compromise something, I'm sure he wouldn't notice what was wrong. Jake, stop acting weird."

She didn't understand. She couldn't figure out why Jake's face had crumpled with such agony and how he had sprinted at full speed and changed into a wolf.

And then Jake had gotten into that horrible accident. Sam said that he had encountered a group of vampires up north, and that they were so quick that he didn't even have time to defend himself. Ripped him apart like a doll, stated Paul.

Renesmee's face was covered with tears, and those tears mingled with the falling rain. Silent sobs ripped through her throat, and her heart twisted and hurt in a way it had never done before. It was her fault that Jacob was dead. It was all her fault that the pack was now in sepulchral mourning and that the tensions between her family and them were worse than ever.

Mea culpa.

She had always kept to herself in school, mostly due to the warning from her parents. She never had close friends, and they were forbidden to come to the house.

When her parents and her aunts and uncles had gone to Forks High, they had each other for company. She only had herself.

Although her mom had told her that she was beautiful, even lovelier than her father, she didn't feel that way. She always wore a hoodie and long pants no matter what the weather, just to hide her odd glowing skin under the rare sunny days. She slouched and hid her face behind the curtain of her hair while she took notes at the back corner of the class, and answered when she was supposed to.

Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie grudgingly relented to this slack, "tasteless" style that she now favored, but let it go. The cover story for them was that the Cullens had moved on, but a cousin of the Hales had come in to live in the "abandoned" house. Her mom was pretending to be that cousin, and Renesmee was her antisocial daughter.

Renesmee couldn't stand it here anymore. She had reached the full-grown teenage age only six years after her birth. Now, the pack that had always been her extended family blamed her for their member's death, and her family would have to pay the price for her. Again.

She changed her direction to flat north and ran with a purpose to never come back.