Um… Hi, this is Volcora here. First story! I hope you will like it! I seriously hope I get this right, because I have NOT read Total Drama Island, so hang in there! Also, I am writing this story with the thoughts, "My readers know about Pokemon so I don't have to um, get into too much details" because it takes a long time, which something I don't have. Pokemon descriptions are (and will be) borrowed and slightly edited from Bulbapedia, because I suck at describing other things. Anyway, don't be afraid to comment and/or point out corrections!

Two Pokemon are hovering over an island far away, known only to Legendary Pokemon and a select group of Lapras (to prevent the event of stalkers). One is a beautiful Pokemon with a blue swan-like body with a yellow underside, along with 3 elegant pink ring-like rings on her body (search her up when I mention her name, I can't describe her much more). The other has a shadow-like black body with a white head [search him up when I mention his name, I can't describe him (or anything) much more without copying Bulbapedia].

"Hello! I am Cresselia, your host, because if Darkrai was the host, he would just end it by putting everyone in one of his god d*** nightmares," said the Pokemon with the pink rings.
"Shut up Cresselia. This whole freakin thing would be over if I did that and I can go back to torturing people," Darkrai growled.
"Yes true, but then Arceus and all the others will be pissed, cause they can't wait to get the show started and the vic-, I mean, competitors tortured. Note, they said TORTURED, not killed, got that?" Cresselia replied, her mood not dampened one bit. "Anyway, the contestant will compete for the prize of 1,000,000 Poke and a wish! The wish is granted by Jirachi and moderated by Arceus, so that the wish doesn't really do anything horrible to the world... we have plenty of other people who would do that for free!"
"Because the author is unimaginative, too f***ing busy, and new at this, we are accepting OCs, so show us the power of your puny brains," Darkrai said. "She is NOT unimaginative, she could probably think up 32 characters if she had the time! Stop being negative," Cresselia replied.
"Here's the god d*** form, and Arceus is not offended by saying that, because she gets plenty of people saying that, plus, I'm always negative," Darkrai said.

The Form: ("*" means it is required)



*Species(What pokémon are you):






*Wish(if your character wins):



"There you have it! The Form! Now please either PM the author or review," Cresselia said. "Good luck with entering the contest, as there is only 31 spots left! The author will have her own character in the story! Now hurry and review, because The Legendaries would LOVE for your Ocs to be tort- I mean competing in this show!"
So there we go. First chapter done, with a few things to be mentioned. I was inspired by Dark Arcanine33, Super Daikenki, and a few others who had awesome stories but can't quite remember their names... Thanks to Super Daikenki for the form, plus Dark Arcanine as I kinda just rearranged his form a bit, based on Daikenki's form. I hope they don't mind... Anyway I will check in every Monday! Wish me luck! I hope I don't suck!