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When Sherlock said something, it was out, and he felt it tiresome to repeat himself, especially when the other party had obviously heard him the first time. This was not the case right now; it was relieving to be able to say it to her, and he did feel that way for her.

He pulled his head away to look at her, finding her eyes filling. "I love you," he said a second time.

"I-" she began, tears running down her cheeks; still in shock- she had never expected him to say those words to her. She thought she would be fine and would accept it not ever being said, but this felt a million times better. "I love you too."

She was up against him now, lips crashing onto his as her hands were lightly pressed against his chest, snaking up to cup both sides of his face. His lips moved against hers gracefully, he was being so gentle with her, kissing her over and over as she was pressed up against the counter.

Molly pulled her mouth away from his, but kept her hands still on his face. She was staring him in the eyes, and moved her hand down so she had her fingers pressed against his wrist. The corner of her mouth creeped into a smirk as Sherlock realised that she was taking his pulse now, and examining the dilation of his eyes as she let out a small gasp.

"I don't know how to break the dreadful news to you, Mr Holmes," she began, shaking her head.

He raised his eyebrows at her, smiling as she continued. "A very rare condition: rapid heartbeat and racing pulse, very dilated eyes, these are very dire circumstances." She was trying to make herself sound serious, but the smile on her face would not fall.

She stood on her tiptoes now, barely an inch between her lips and Sherlock's as she spoke quietly. "You must go to bed straight away, and take rest for the remainder of the night."

"I'm not sure that I need to rest," he whispered, moving his hands to grip her hips.

"You have never had a reputation for listening to your doctors, Mr Holmes," she said, letting out a giggle and he met their lips again finally.

Sherlock picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued to kiss her. He began walking towards his bedroom as Molly moved her mouth against his skin, gently making her way along his jaw and down his neck.

As Sherlock put her down on the bed and was leaning over her, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him back down to her and into a much fiercer kiss than before. Her tongue snaked his lips apart as she let her mouth explore his with open mouthed kisses, nipping down on his bottom lip.

He let out a groan, letting his mouth go wild against hers now, pressing his body closer against hers. She moved her hands down to undo his shirt and he pulled away from the kiss. Her breath was heavy and she let out a whimper as he pushed her arms down against the bed, pinning her wrists.

She looked into his eyes for a moment as he gave her a devious smirk, keeping her still against the bed as his mouth began exploring elsewhere. He kissed along her jaw, and then grazed his lips slowly along her neck, biting hard enough to leave marks as he made his way to her collarbone.

He then moved her wrists so they were together above her head so that he only needed one hand to hold them there. He used his other to undo the buttons down her shirt, kissing down as he finally released her hands, using the other to reach under her and undo her bra. He pulled it off, and let it go missing onto the floor, cupping them both as he gave attention to her breasts. He kissed them all over, taking each nipple in his mouth, and sucking it gently before he bit down on it. She arched her back, letting out a louder moan.

As he began kissing down lower on her body, she tried to tug him back up to her level, her hands now free, and desperate to move her mouth against his again. When she did this though, he refused to move, looking up at her and shaking his head, determined to torture her more with pleasure.

She whined as he pulled her pants down, kissing down her stomach and around her waistline. He left her knickers on, kissing along the inside of her thighs, and pressing a knuckle against her front. Molly's brain was going wild; she thread her hands through his hair, tugging a bit as she began moaning louder.

He finally moved back up, starting off kissing her a bit more gently as she was losing herself against his mouth. Her hands were still threaded through his hair as she pulled him closer to her, grinding her hips into his.

She pulled his shirt open, and quickly pushed it off his shoulders, leaving it now forgotten on the floor as she reached down to undo his pants. He helped her push them down, kicking them off with the rest of their clothes.

His hands began to move down as he kept his lips to hers, finding their way towards band of her knickers, starting to slide them down, but she rolled them over so she was on top of him, straddling his hips. She took his hands and pushed them away from her knickers and to his sides, shaking her head. "Mr Holmes," she whispered as she began kissing all along his jaw and neck, moving her hips against his, "do you really think that I would let you get away with teasing me without repayment. You are supposed to be resting remember; this condition is rather serious."

They were both smirking as she began kissing down his chest, pinching one of his small nipples between her fingers, making him let out a faint, inaudible growl. She moved her hand farther down now, dragging her nails down his chest hard enough to leave marks.

She kissed along his waist as she pulled his boxers down and off, taking him in her hand, moving in long, slow strokes as she looked up at him. His eyes were closed as he arched up into her hand.

Molly took her hand away and moved back up now. Sherlock kissed her once before pushing her onto her back, and slid her panties off of her. He nipped at her neck as he entered her, only moving halfway in before pulling back out; when he moved back into her, he let his whole length fill her, making her let out a loud moan. She wrapped her legs around him, scraping her nails down his back and finally digging them into his arse, trying to pull him in. She was desperate and frantic for him now, biting hard at his neck as he continued to move into her.

He moved harder and deeper into her while Molly became tighter around him. He kissed her intensely, leaving her lips swollen and flushed as he pumped into her a few more times. Sherlock's release had come first, but when he did, Molly's name was weakly moaned from his lips against her ear; this pushed Molly over the edge, moaning loud as her climax hit her.

"Sherlock," she breathed as he rolled off and next to her, pulling her onto her side to face him. Molly shivered, still trying to recover from her intense orgasm. She brought her hands up to cup his face, both of them trying to catch their breaths as she was up close against him. He gently grabbed one of her hands from his cheek and laced his fingers with hers before burying his face in her hair again. He lazily grazed his lips against her neck.

He pulled away and was looking at her now. Their pulses calmer now as she quietly traced her finger along his jaw.

"I love you," she said, even happier now that she could expect a response from him.

"I love you too," he replied, his voice quiet and gentle, giving her a small peck on her still swollen lips.

She pressed her forehead against his now- "so when shall I move my stuff into our flat?" she asked, a tired smile across her face.

"As soon as I am recovered," he said smiling as he moved his lips closer to hers, "I think I may have to extend the doctor's orders beyond tomorrow morning and into the night."