Patty was walking nervously around the halls of DWMA, frantically searching for Black Star, but trying to keep up her airheaded appearance at the same time. This was the first time she was going to open up to Black Star and tell her how she felt. Could she really get through to him, or would he be so surprised by the fact that she actually had a brain in that pretty little head of hers that he wouldn't know what to do? Patty had spent hours awake the previous night, figuring out what to say, and she was afraid that her nervousness would show too much, and that would turn Black Star away from her. It was too late to turn back now, as she spotted Black Star and Soul conversing in front of the classroom door.

If only Soul would go away, Patty thought. If only everybody else in DWMA except for Black Star and me would go away. Patty composed herself and sweetly walked up to Soul and Black Star.

"Hey, you guys!" said Patty in her normal, cheerful manner.

"As I was saying Soul," started Black Star, completely oblivious to Patty's arrival, "you have no idea how annoying Excalibur is…"

"HEY, YOU GUYS!" shouted Patty, flustered that Black Start had ignored her.

"Hey, Patty," said Soul.

"Hey, Soul," replied Patty, relieved that someone was paying attention. "Maka has been waiting for you on the roof for a while," she lied.

"What does she want now?" asked Soul, slightly annoyed, "I guess I'll go check on her."

"See ya later, Soul!" shouted Black Star across the hall as Soul started heading for the roof. Finally, thought Patty, we're alone. Suddenly, Patty became nervous again and started fidgeting and twiddling her thumbs.

"Um… Black Star?" said Patty, barely loud enough for Black Star to hear.

"Well, hey, Patty!" replied Black Star with a wide grin. "How's it going? I was assigned a mission with Tsubaki today, but she came down with a slight fever, so the mission was canceled. And I was just going to show all those bad guys with Kishin souls just how awesome I was!" Patty smiled softly, for that air of self-confidence coming from Black Star was what she liked about him. She sometimes wished that Kid would have that level of confidence and she wouldn't have to constantly comfort him due to his obsession with symmetry.

"Well, Black Star," said Patty softly as she continued to twiddle her thumbs in nervousness, "If it makes you feel any better, I still think you're awesome..." Black Star's grin grew even wider. "And I think if you had the chance, you would have taken every single one of those Kishin souls with no problem."

"I'm glad someone acknowledges my greatness!" shouted Black Star. "Yahoo!"

"I'm glad I've made you happy," said Patty, as Black Star continued to smile. Black Star then took a second look at Patty and noticed the worry in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Patty?" asked Black Star. Patty looked away nervously. This was going to be the hardest part of the conversation.

"Nothing!" said Patty, forcing a smile, "I've just been looking for Kid! He's going to freak out if he can't use both of his twin pistols! You know how he is!" Idiot! thought Patty as she quickly walked away, now wanting to hide in a corner somewhere, you ruined your chance...