After a long day of sitting in class, listening to Dr. Stein threatening to dissect people, and not fighting Kishins, the bell finally rang, and Black Star burst outside of the school in his usual energetic fashion, ready to come home and check on Tsubaki. He was concerned about her fever, and had offered to stay home and take care of her, but she insisted that he went to school so that he could bring his grade at least to a D.

"Pfft," said Black Star as he was walking through DeathCity, waving to everyone he passed by like some sort of war hero returning from the battlefront, "Who needs school and boring information anyway? What's important is fighting bad guys and showing everyone that I'm the best assassin ever!" Just as he said that, he passed by the familiar pig-tails and short plaid skirt of someone he knew. "Oh! Hey, Maka!" Maka whipped her head around and gave Black Star a friendly smile.

"Hey, Black Star. I didn't see you there."

"How could you not see me here?" he asked, pointing to himself. "I'm the biggest star in all of Death City!"

"Right," said Maka, trying hard not to roll her eyes. She continued walking.

"So, what's up?" asked Black Star, now walking backwards so as to keep pace with Maka and talk to her at the same time.

"Not much. I was just running an errand for my f- fa—father," she replied, pointing at a shopping bag from one of her father's favorite stores.

"I won't ask any more."

"Please don't."

"By the way, why weren't you in class today, Maka?" It seemed strange to Black Star that Maka would ever miss a day of class.

"Well," replied Maka, "Because I was so far ahead on the curriculum, Lord Death assigned me and Soul a mission that two other students had apparently dropped. Soul got a great meal out of it, too."

"Dammit!" shouted Black Star all of a sudden, "That mission was supposed to go to me and Tsubaki!" he snorted, then sighed. "But I guess it's fair to give it to you if you want to reach the same level of greatness as me, which will never happen as long as I strive to be the greatest assassin ever!" He laughed so loudly that almost everybody surrounding the two of them stopped and stared at him. "See? Everyone acknowledges me! Even Patty acknowledged my greatness earlier today!"

Patty, he thought. Something seemed… off about her today. She wasn't her usual bright and bubbly self. Did I say something to upset her?

"Black Star?" interjected Maka. "Are you okay? You started staring off into space all of a sudden."

"It's nothing!" said Black Star, putting his hands in front of him. "I just have to get home to Tsubaki, that's all!" He broke into a run, leaving Maka standing there and very confused.