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Chapter 49

I didn't bother to re-apply my illusion as I headed into Ajunta Pall's tomb. You see, I had prior… dealings with the … inhabitant of the tomb, and I had no fear of a student coming here.

I strode into the main crypt, where I was greeted by my … old acquaintance.

"Lord Revan." He said, giving a polite bow.

"Lord Pall." I said, returning it to the specter.

"Have you come to seek my wisdom once again?"

You see, being a Sage, I was very interested in the nature of the afterlife, and of course life itself. Or at least, that's what I tell people who ask.

The truth is, I did not take my wife's death that well, and once I fulfilled my other obligations, began trying everything in my power to have her back. Greedy of me, I know, but I couldn't help myself. And who better to consult with on matters of the afterlife, than with a ghost? Especially of that of Ajunta Pall, who was first exiled from the Jedi for his knowledge on how to create life?

Unfortunately, despite his aid, I wasn't capable of so much as a seance. It's like her spirit was… elsewhere. Somewhere I couldn't reach.

"No, Lord Pall. I do not have the time, for I fear my time in this galaxy is short. I am merely here to fulfill my end of the bargain." My bargain with him was that if he gave me the knowledge I sought, I would help him move on.

"I see. You know what you must do. There are three blades. Return the correct one to my body, and the Sith Alchemy that binds me here will be removed. I will give you a hint, but that is all I can remember. 'I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night and silences the light.' It was written of my sword, long…long ago."

I examined each of the three blades. One appeared to have a place of honor, while the others appeared to be placed by the wayside.

The one given 'the place of honor' was a vibroblade. This wasn't it. How do I know? Vibroblades only recently became common, because energy shields that blocked blaster shots were getting more common. Also,when I was last here, I bought it for 250 credits, used Methyl Ethyl Ketone, muriatic acid, hydrogen peroxide, Iron shavings and salt to make it look old, then specifically placed it here so any moron wanting to loot this place would take it instead of anything valuable.

One of the other two blades was inlaid with what appeared to be silver, and had a sheen that I could tell was from coated poison. I don't think it was this one, for the poem Ajunta gave me mentioned darkness. This sucker would reflect light like a mirror.

The third one, a double blade, appeared to absorb light and was was notched specifically to make any wounds inflicted worse. I think we have our winner.

I placed the black blade with the body of Ajunta Pall.

"You have chosen… wisely." He said, before fading into nothing.

When we first met, he probably would have been anchored here by his guilt and inability to believe he was redeemable, but that took me like, five minutes to sort out.

I reapplied my illusion, took all three blades, and then headed out.

To be accosted by one of the Sith students.

"You have Ajunta Pall's blade? You must, if you are leaving here alive! Give it to me, before we have...problems."

Dilemma time.

A)Kill him here and now?


B)Trick him into humiliating himself in such a way that will most likely get him killed?

If you have to ask which one I picked, you haven't been paying attention.

"Here." I say, handing the vibroblade to him.

"I am pleased to see you made the …wise decision."

Not really. Just the one that would make you look like a moron.

The soon-to-be-former student ran off to present his 'trophy' to Uthar.

I followed, meeting up with the others on the way.

"Master, I bring you the blade of Ajunta Pall!"

Uthar looked unimpressed.

"You bring me a rusted vibroblade."

He took a closer look.

"An artificially rusted vibroblade. Either you are an idiot for actually believing this is the genuine article, or you are an idiot because you think I'm an idiot. Either way, you have no place in the Sith." Uthar said, before Force-choking him to death.

Uthar gave me a knowing smile as I walked past him to talk to Yuthura.

"Congratulations are in order, Jaraiya. You are currently the only member of this academy. I think you will have no problems making it into the Sith… but why would you, when you could be deputy headmaster of this very Academy? All you need to do… is help me kill Uthar. You see, at the final trial, it is customary for both Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster to congratulate the aspirant inside the tomb of Naga Sadow… and only them. We can then both attack him, and his days of being Headmaster will be at an end."

I grin. "Sounds like a plan."

Of course, not the best plan.

I go to speak to Uthar.

"Yuthura Ban is planning to kill you at the tomb of Naga Sadow." I report.

"Really?" he drawls. "How interesting. I thank you for your loyalty, aspirant. What I want you to do is to go to a… problem solver I have. Give him this. He will then poison Yuthura, but It won't take effect until the end of your Trial tomorrow. " He said, handing me a vial of poison and a datapad, which I deliver immediately.

That done, I put on my best 'angry faces' and storm up to Yuthura.

"Who did you tell!?" I roar.


"Uthar is onto us! He just asked me to betray you at the trial! Who. Did. You. TELL!"

"No one! This room must be bugged!"

"Then take me to somewhere unbugged where we can sort this out!

She does so.

"Alright, we can fix this. Put this poison on his bed. It will ensure he is nice and weak tomorrow, where we can kill him, regardless. Especially if he thinks you are loyal to him."

"He does. As much as you can trust anyone in a school full of backstabbers."

"Good." I respond, before going to do as she asked.