Four years later-

Nasty had refused to marry Wufei, even after Toshitada's birth. Yes, she did love him dearly, but... he was only fifteen and the idea of marrying him, though it was perfectly legal and acceptable by the standards of his people, it was not acceptable to her. She looked at him and saw a fresh-faced boy. He had so many good qualities; his courage, his honor, intelligence. He was a truly good boy who had the potential to grow into a very good man.

Nasty was willing to wait for him to grow up.

She had told him, very firmly, after accepting the engagement ring when he'd offered it a second time, that they would wait until Wufei's twentieth birthday. He didn't really understand why; his people frequently got married as young teenagers and he'd already been married once. Why bother with waiting? Nasty was adamant, though. They would wait until he was an adult.

The day after Wufei turned twenty, he was throwing up in the toilet, again.

"I can't believe it!" Wufei groaned, between heaves as he sat up again. "I thought I'd be over this by now."

Xiu handed him a towel and chuckled at Wufei's expense. "Yeah, but at least now you know it's not your fault. It's hereditary."

"Where's my suit?" Wufei asked, pushing himself to his feet, once he was sure his stomach had stopped rolling. He splashed water on his face and rinsed out his mouth. "This had better be the last time. I don't think I can survive being married a third time." The room spun for a moment, but Wufei quickly got himself under control.

"Are you sure you're done?" Xiu asked. "Mama said not to let you get dressed until you were really through."

"Yes, yes."

Xiu helped Wufei to get dressed and, as he did, Wufei noticed the changes that had taken place between them in the past few years. Wufei had grown several inches stood an inch taller than Xiu. It seemed strange to look down at his cousin whom Wufei had always seen as being so large. Wufei had even found out recently that Xiu had never started shaving. It was like that for all of the boys who'd gotten the yoroi. None of them had aged a single day in the past years. "So," Wufei said, lightly, "How does it feel to be my best man all over again?"


Nasty was suffering from sever butterflies and no matter how much she stared at her reflection, nothing seemed to help. "This is all so foolish!" Nasty moaned, her hands twitching uncontrollably at her sides. "He's twenty; I'm practically an old woman!"

"Rubbish! You're twenty-three, you're a child yourself. Now, stop worrying. You look lovely," Noin told her, yet again, as Nasty started to fiddle with the pale blue flowers that had been fixed into her hair. "Stop messing with them or you'll ruin it. I don't know why you're so nervous all of a sudden, anyway." Noin bent down to straighten the train of Nasty's gown. "You two have been planning this for ages and you were perfectly fine yesterday."

"That was yesterday, this is today!" Nasty bit her lip. "Maybe I made a mistake about the whole thing. This dress is awful and I think I should put my hair down, instead." She started to reach for her hair again, but Noin grabbed her wrists and held them down.

"Don't you dare!" Noin snapped. "You don't have time! We're going to start as soon as Duo gets here."

Nasty whirled on Noin with a look of utter panic and wailed, "He's not here yet! Why isn't he here? He promised!"

"Now, don't get all upset. He'll be here, you know he doesn't break his word." Noin went to Nasty's bedroom window and peeked outside to the garden where the wedding would take place, before she moved to leave the room. "I can't see everyone from here. I'll go see if he's arrived, yet."

"No!" Nasty clutched her friend's arm. "Don't leave me now! I'll have a panic attack! You can't leave me!"

Kay stepped up to Nasty's side and smiled. "I'll wait with you." True to Nasty's predictions, Kay had grown into a stunningly beautiful young woman. At sixteen-years-old, Kay held herself as gracefully a lady from ancient times and her perfect china doll complexion was almost inhuman. She was still so young, but little Kay had truly started to grow up and Nasty couldn't help but feel a little sad about it. There were times that she missed the little girl Heero and Duo had brought to her home so long ago.

Dressed in a pale blue bridesmaid dress, Kay looked far more elegant than Nasty felt. She hadn't cut her long black hair since her arrival on Earth and now would have reached to the floor if Kay hadn't kept it tied up in intricate braids. Also true to Nasty's predictions, was the fact that Kay had acquired herself a great many admirers, including many nobles from around the world. These wealthy and dignified men had all come to speak with Treize about one thing or another, but Kay had happened to be around and, of course, gotten their attention. Rajura had, quite naturally, nearly had fits when he happened to hear about this little fact. He had been the last one to notice that Kay was growing up.


Noin hurried out to where all the folding chairs had been up in the garden, awaiting the arrival of the wedding party. Many important guests had already arrived and were sitting, including several OZ soldiers that Nasty and Wufei had grown close to, Mama Fan, Doctor Sally Po, and other people. There was Ryou, Shin, Xiu, Touma, and Seiji all dressed in sharp tuxedos. They stood with Heero, Quatre, and Trowa. It was going to be a small wedding but, from Treize's drawn face, someone very important was still missing. Noin hiked her bridesmaid's gown up to her knees and ran over to him.

"Duo's still not here, is he?"

"No," Treize answered stiffly. "He said he'd be here about this time, but I was hoping he'd be early. If he doesn't get here soon I think Wufei's going to kill himself."

Indeed, when Noin looked at Wufei, the poor boy looked half-dead already. He was pale and was almost leaning on Xiu for support.

"He'll be here," another voice added in, coming from behind Noin. Rajura, dressed in his best kimono for the wedding and he'd even pulled his stark white hair up into a neat topknot on the top of his head, with just a few strands of hair falling down on either side of his face. If any man could be called beautiful, it was Rajura, who had only the black eye patch to ruin the effect. "Duo knows how important this is and he was very excited to have this as his first job." Rajura spoke confidently, though he, too, watched both the road and the sky alternately. No one had spoken to Duo for several days and they weren't certain whether or not he was planning to make a big entrance with Deathscythe.

"He'd better be here soon," Treize straightened the tie of his tuxedo unnecessarily. "Or..." Treize was cut off when something distracted him and he looked down. "Hello, Toshi'." Treize smiled down at his four-year-old nephew. The little red haired boy smiled up at Treize, but tugged at the stiff collar of his child-sized tuxedo.

"I'm bored, Uncle Treize," Little Toshitada whined. "When's this gonna be done?"

"As soon as your uncle Duo gets here," Treize told Toshitada.

"Daddy looks like he's gonna get sick again," Toshitada whispered to Treize with a look at Wufei. "I don't think he likes getting married."

"Your daddy will be fine."

Just as Treize said that, there was a great roaring noise from the front drive and Treize took off running with Noin close behind him. She only just heard, as she ran, Rajura said to little Toshitada, "Let's go and see how you mother is doing, shall we? She's pretty nervous today."

"Okay, 'Jura."

In the front drive away, amidst all the cars of the guests, Treize and Noin saw a perfectly shined motorcycle skid to a stop and a tall, lean man nearly jump off. "Am I late?" He shouted, pulled off his helmet and looked at them with worried purple eyes. He didn't look much different than he had when they'd all first met. He'd kept his hair long and in a tidy braid and though he'd matured during his years in school, there was still the spark of bright life in his eyes that could never be extinguished.

"Almost, Duo." Noin grabbed his helmet from him. "How was graduation? I'm sorry I missed it."

"No worries." Duo grinned pleasantly at her. "It was great. I was, of course, the life of the party." Duo told her with a wicked little smiled as he stripped off his leather pants and handed them to Treize. Under the pants, Duo was wearing simple black trousers. Then he took off the leather boots and pulled some nicely polished shoes from the saddlebag of his motorcycle and put them on. "I just couldn't miss this for the world." Duo shrugged off the long black duster he'd been wearing and revealed a plain black shirt with a white collar and a small silver crucifix hanging on a chain around his neck. "I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to be at this wedding."

"Well," Treize said, speaking for the first time since Duo had arrived. "We're all glad you're here, Father Duo, but I really think we should get moving. My sister's probably having a coronary by now and I think Wufei's about to throw up again."

"Give me a minute," Duo said, pulling up his braid until he had the very end in his hand and he started to pull off the elastic that held it in place. "Heero is here, isn't he?"

"Yes," Treize said, a bit impatiently as he looked back up at Nasty's bedroom window. "Why?"

"Well, I haven't seen him in almost three months. I wanted to look my best." Duo shook out his braid and let it fall around his shoulders and down his back. Then he flashed the sexiest smile he had. "There, do I look nice?"

"You look completely sinful," Treize reassured Duo, before taking his arm. "Now let's go!"

It was meant to be a simple wedding, but when Treize was involved in something, it rarely stayed simple. The mere fact of who was getting married, demanded tight security measures and guards around the property. No media was allowed onto Treize's now fully repaired estate, but that didn't stop a few of them from trying.

Trowa and Quatre were supplying the music with their surprising talent with violin and flute. With them, Shin played softly on a keyboard.

When he was sure everyone was ready, Treize looked at Nasty. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Nasty smiled bravely at him. "I don't know why I'm so nervous, but yes. I'm ready."

"I'm glad one of us is," Treize took her arm. "Because I don't think I'm ready to lose my baby sister."

There was a hint of sadness to his gentle smile and Noin knew there was more truth in there that he would want to admit. Nasty stood on her toes and kissed his cheek, fondly. "I love you, Treize."

"Love you, too, Nasty," Treize replied. "Now, let's not keep Wufei waiting." They started out with Kay leading the way.

It was a grand procession, done in royal style. Kay was elegant and graceful, her head bowed demurely, turning everyone's heads as she made her way down to where Duo was standing. Following Kay, came Noin, who didn't feel at all as elegant as Kay, but she did her best for Nasty. Next came Lai, now six-years-old and cute as a button, as the flower girl. After her came the little four-year-old Toshitada as the ring bearer. Last, of course, was Nasty who walked down the aisle with Treize. He would be the one to give her away, and Noin thought that she'd never seen Treize look so proud. He had reason to be proud. Nasty was stunning and when she appeared, all of Wufei's nerves seemed to vanish. Color returned to his face and he smiled at her confidently.

Duo stood at the end of the aisle, with his bible in one hand and looking like a happily fallen angel. He smiled benignly as if he'd done the ceremony a thousand times before. "Hi, guys," Duo said in a soft undertone as he made a show of opening his bible and looking for the right place. "Everyone okay? You ready?"

"Yes," Nasty and Wufei replied at once, then blushed at each other at their anxious tones.

"Good." Duo beamed. "That's a great way to start. Now," he looked up at the gathered people and raised his voice so everyone could hear him. "We are gathered here today to join these two in holy wedlock under the watchful eyes of the All Mighty. Who gives this woman to this man?"

"I do," Treize said and he gave Nasty's hand to Wufei, who took it eagerly. Then Treize stepped away and sat in the front row, next to Zechs. It was a well known fact that Zechs and Treize had just had a commitment ceremony. The evidence was the gold ring each man wore.

"Let us pray." Duo bowed his head and everyone followed suit while Duo repeated a prayer he'd long since learned by heart. When he had finished, Duo signaled everyone to raise their heads. "I'm supposed to go by the book here," Duo said. "But I've never been very good at following rules. I'd like to say that marriage is one of the most sacred choices a person can make in this life, though I believe that the love shared between people is far more important than any ritual speech. Wufei, do you give your heart to Nasutei?"

"I do." Wufei's voice was firm, with no hint of the nervous wreck he'd been only a short while ago.

"Nasutei," Duo turned to her. "Do you give Wufei your heart?"

"I do."

"Then there's nothing else I can do or say that would make this moment any more important or special. The rings?"

There was a long silence until Rajura poked Toshitada in the back and reminded him about his job. Duo took the rings off the little velvet pillow and gave a slight nod, allowing Toshitada to go back to Rajura. "With these rings, we bind you in holy matrimony. From this day on, you will belong to no one but to each other." He handed Wufei and Nasty the rings. "Now, repeat after me. I, Chang Wufei, swear to all I hold sacred to love, honor, and cherish you, Yagiyu Nasutei."

Wufei repeated and slid the ring onto Nasty's finger.

"Now you, Nasutei. I, Yagiyu Nasutei, swear to all I hold sacred to love, honor, and cherish you, Chang Wufei."

Again, Nasty repeated the words and put the ring on Wufei's finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." Duo closed his bible and nodded at Wufei. "You may kiss your bride."

Wufei did so with happily until all the guests rose out of their seats and cheered the long awaited new couple.

The party was celebrated in the ballroom of Treize's mansion. Noin found out quickly that neither Anubisu nor Rajura could dance. They could do old fashioned dancing, but neither of them had danced to modern music and she found it charming when she took them in her arms that they would blush like school boys.

While Noin was dancing with Anubisu in her arms, a disturbing realization hit her. Anubisu was still nineteen and she was twenty-four. Rajura's words were true, after all. She felt like the years were passing by so quickly. Noin tightened her hand around Anubisu's as fear gripped her heart. I can't lose them. She glanced around and saw Rajura sitting at the edge of the ballroom with little Toshitada on his lap. I... I don't think I could stand the pain of losing them.

Anubisu pulled Noin in tightly and pressed her close to his chest. It wasn't something she was expecting, as Anubisu and Rajura were both squeamish about public affection. Still, she stayed pressed against him as Anubisu whispered to her. "Would you like to be like me?"


"It's something I've been thinking about for a long time." Anubisu looked at her with tense eyes. "You know so much about us, Noin. You are apart of my family, no one can deny that, now. I... " He raised a hand to touch her face. "I don't want to ever watch you die. Will you let me change you?"

"Change? How?" Noin knew Anubisu was a vampire, she had known for quite a long time. Therefore, she knew what he was offering, but she just wanted to hear him say it.

Anubisu leaned down and kissed Noin's neck. "I can't promise you eternity. I can't promise that you'll never die. But... if you want to... if you understand everything about me and what you'll be, I'd like to make you a vampire. I've spoken with Rajura and he agrees that it's your choice."

Noin said nothing for a while, but she held onto Anubisu. "I... I'm not sure. I have to think about it for a while." Of course she wanted to be with them forever and this would mean that she wouldn't have to lose Seiji, either. However, it would mean... drinking blood. Plus there were a lot of other down sides to the whole vampire thing. Noin looked up at Anubisu, hoping that she hadn't hurt him too badly, and was happy to see him smiling.

"Don't worry," he told her. "I have a very long time to wait. I can be very patient." They danced after that, with no further mention of Anubisu's offer. That would be for another night.


Duo confronted Naaza after everyone had gone inside to dance in the ballroom. It was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do. Since Duo had announced that he was planning to go to college and work to be a minister, Naaza had been furious. Knowing his dislike for the Christian religion, Duo hadn't been surprised, but... he had to do what he had to do.

Naaza looked Duo up and down for a long time. "It's been a few years."

"Since I left for that college," Duo said, never having felt so awkward with one of his own family before. "You could have visited."

"No," Naaza shook his head. "Too many people. You've gotten taller."

"Yeah, this whole growing up thing is weird. I never thought I'd be as tall as you."

"It was unavoidable, I suppose. So... are you happy?" Naaza gestured to the leather bound book in Duo's hand. "Does all that really make you happy?"

Duo couldn't help the smile. "Yes. It really does. I feel like I'm doing something really meaningful with my life. I'm going to do some missionary work and, I thought, maybe I'd start my own orphanage. Treize said he'd finance one for me and I could stay close to family."

"What does Heero think of this?"

"He thinks it's a great idea. He's going to keep his job, being a bodyguard for Treize, but I'll be right in the city, so we'll still live together. He's great with kids, too, so he won't mind them being around."

"You've thought it all through, haven't you?" Naaza closed his eyes and was very still. "Of all the destinies I had hoped you would follow, I never once wished this on you. I had wished for you to become a great warrior, a painter, a farmer, anything... but this. I can't help it, Duo. I despise Christians for what they did to me and if I could, I would wish death on the God of Christians. But that wouldn't do any good." When Naaza opened his eyes, he smiled at Duo. "So long as you're happy, I won't object. I only ever wanted your happiness."

Duo threw himself at Naaza and hugged his big brother tightly. "Thanks, Naaza. You'll never know how much that means to me."


It was raining outside, when Shark left the reception. She had stayed through the wedding, out of respect for Miss Nasutei and for Treize, but she really thought she should leave.

"You won't stay for the cake?" A voice came to Shark out of the darkness and she snapped to a salute before the man even walked out of the shadows. "At ease. Have you said goodbye to Nasty, yet, or shall I do that for you?"

Shark waited until Zechs had come to stand in front of her. "If you don't mind, sir, I didn't want to interrupt them. I really should head back to the base. I've got new recruits to train and there's no sense in waiting."

"They could wait till the morning," Zechs told her with a sympathetic voice. "You still mourn for her, don't you?"

Shark didn't bother to deny it. "Foolish of me, I suppose. It's been four years and I only knew her for a very short time."

"Love is never sensible. If it were, it wouldn't be love." Zechs put a hand on her shoulder.

Shark let a hand float absently to the empty locket she wore around her neck. She'd never had a picture of Catherine taken; they hadn't had time. Shark had been foolish, then, too. She hadn't thought that she'd lose Catherine so soon and that they'd have plenty of time for that mushy stuff. Taking pictures of each other and moon lit walks along a beach. It had all seemed so trivial, once. Now, Shark would have given her soul to have just one more chance. The locket didn't have Catherine's picture. It didn't even have a lock of hair. Instead, engraved on the inside of the locket was the word, FOREVER. She would forever remember Catherine, forever treasure Catherine's laughter in her memory and all the other tiny things that made the brown haired girl seem like an untouchable goddess in Shark's mind. I'll love you forever.

Shark walked away from the Zechs, and she was glad that he didn't try to stop her. It's better this way, I suppose. I'll do fine on my own. I always said falling in love was rubbish. I don't need that distraction in my life. Really. Shark was glad it was raining as she wiped her face with one hand. She'd hate it if anyone thought she was crying. Miss you so much…


Quatre couldn't complain. He was in the arms of the love of his life, Trowa, and everything had worked out so perfectly. It would have been better if Catherine hadn't died, Trowa had been so badly hurt by her passing, but in the end, all things considered, life had worked out pretty well.

Of course, there was that little problem with Zero.

(Am I a problem, Quatre?)

No, Quatre said, after thinking for a bit. I suppose not. I wasn't expecting you, but you are useful, if nothing else. I can hack into any computer system just by touching it, thanks to you and that's pretty handy.

(I told you I would protect you, Quatre.)

Maybe it was only Quatre's imagination, but Zero sounded slightly smug about that. Ah, well. Quatre still hadn't quite given up on his plans for world domination, but he was starting to settle into life nicely with Trowa and it would be a shame to do anything to disrupt that life. He didn't want to make Trowa unhappy and he was pretty sure that if he told Trowa he was still thinking about taking over the world, it might upset him.

So, Quatre decided. It'll wait. Treize is doing as good a job as I knew he would. It'll be fun to see what new changes will come with my little cousin, Toshitada. I wonder what it'll be like when he's running things.


At the front of Treize's home, out of sight of the celebration in the backyard, Rajura stood solemnly with his arms folded in front of him as he watched Naaza walk peacefully away. The rain fell lightly, but neither brother reacted to it. He couldn't help but feel that maybe this was his fault. His family had never been separated before, yet now Naaza was walking away from them without a backwards glance. He should have done something different, something to keep them all together where he could know everyone was safe.






WHO SAYS I'M GOING ALONE? Naaza stopped at that moment and he looked to his left. From out of the bushes, Rajura saw Shin step out, holding a bag. The two spoke for a moment before they started walking again, together. YESTERDAY HE FOUND OUT WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO. HE SAID HE'S ALWAYS WANTED TO TRAVEL AND ASKED IF HE COULD COME WITH ME. WE'LL BE ALL RIGHT.

Rajura sighed. BE SAFE. COME HOME SOON.


Seiji let Ryou lead in the dance. He felt too awkward and clumsy at dancing, but Ryou seemed to have a natural rhythm for it. It was during one of the dances, that Seiji decided to show Ryou his surprise. After months of cajoling from Luc, Seiji had finally agreed to her wishes a short while ago. Really, he did it for himself, too.

Very causally, Seiji stopped dancing, forcing Ryou to look at him. "Sei...?"

Seiji put both hands up to his still long hand and, as calmly as he could, Seiji combed his fingers through his hair, pushing it all back and revealing his entire face.

Ryou gasped.

It had been two months since Seiji had gone with Luc and Zechs to the plastic surgeon who had repaired Seiji's face. It had been long and painful as well as frightening and only because Luc had been holding his hand, had Seiji allowed the white-coated doctor to put him to sleep. That same doctor had recommended an optometrist who had given Seiji a glass eye that perfectly matched his own lavender eye.

Now, Seiji looked the way he'd been meant to look and Ryou put his hands on either side of Seiji's face, pulling him in close. "You're beautiful, Seiji." Ryou said in a choked voice. "I guess this is what you did when you went on that vacation with your sister, huh?"

Seiji nodded and let his arms fall. "I hoped you'd like it." Seiji had let Ryou see his damaged face a couple of years ago. When Ryou had shown that he honestly didn't care what Seiji looked like, Seiji had begun to think maybe he shouldn't have the operation done. After all, Ryou might not like him to be changed.

"I like whatever you like." Ryou put his arms around Seiji's neck. "Are you happy with your face?"

Seiji just smiled and leaned his forehead against Ryou. "I'm happy that I won't have to remember Dr. J every time I look in a mirror."


Heero had decided to stay as Treize's bodyguard, the job had come so naturally to him. Even as he stood on the outskirts of the party and kept looking around for anyone who might disturb the happiness of the guests, Heero was pleased with his life. Duo had found his dream and was looking forward to the future with bright eyes and there had been no sign of Duo's other personalities in a few years, though Heero was pretty sure they were both just under the surface, waiting for something to set Duo off.

Working for Treize had its down sides, though. Like days off. Heero had never quite figured out what he should do with his days off and Treize insisted that he take two every week. Normally, Heero ended up sitting in his room, in Treize's mansion, staring out a window at passing cars. He hated time off. That was, until Rajura had introduced him to the wonder of knitting. As of that night, Heero had made sixteen sweaters, seven scarfs, forty pair of mittens, and three afghans. Knitting met all of Heero's requirements. It was practical, time consuming, and, as a bonus, it was entertaining.

Besides knitting, Duo was the one thing that had held Heero's attention. Duo was probably the bravest person Heero knew and the reason was simple. Duo pinned all of his hopes and beliefs on a god that he didn't know for sure existed. Duo spent all of the money he earned working for Treize to put himself through college and was basing his whole future on simple faith. That, to Heero, was the bravest thing imaginable.


Xiu and Touma spent the night being mostly depressed. Shin had left them to go off traveling with Naaza. Of course he'd given them plenty of warning and hadn't just vanished, but it still hurt them that he'd left.

"Shin always had itchy feet, ya know?" Xiu told Touma after Shin had gone. "He never could stand being in one place to long, just like Cathy."

"Maybe we should have gone with him," Touma suggested, though it sounded hollow, even to him. Touma and Xiu both knew that Touma wasn't like Shin. Touma needed the security of a stable home while Shin was perfectly happy sleeping on the ground and moving on the next day. Touma never would have been happy going with Shin. Xiu, too, liked being close to his family. He couldn't have left his mama, sister, cousin, or any of his other family. To just up and leave was unthinkable. No... they would stay together and wait for Shin to return.

"He said he'd be back in just a few years and Rajura said we have plenty of time to wait." Xiu held Touma closer to him. He, like Touma, was still a bit uncomfortable with the changes he saw coming over his family. Wufei had grown up quite a bit, his build had filled out considerably and he had said that he was going to enroll in college soon, to go for a degree in literature. It was something that Wufei had always wanted to do, but he'd never had the opportunity. Xiu had realized then that he'd likely never go to college, he'd always look so young. Touma had watched Quatre grow up, turning from a petite blonde boy into a man who broke hearts just by smiling. Quatre had developed muscles no one had ever guessed that he had and was able to easily keep up in any kind of fight.

It was hard, watching time move on as an outsider. At least they weren't alone. Xiu knew that if he'd been the only one to stop aging like this, he would have gone insane and killed himself.


As the party was in full swing, Trieze held his little red haired nephew and wondered, yet again, who the father was. It had been proven that Wufei was not the biological father. A DNA test had put that idea to rest. Even so, it was a mystery and Treize didn't like it haunting his family. What if a father suddenly stepped forward and tried to ruin Nasty and Wufei's life together? Toshitada already thought of Wufei as his father. After all, it was Wufei who had disciplined the boy, read him bedtime stories, taken him out sledding, and all those other millions of things that make a real father. It would be unfair for anyone to disrupt that. Wufei seemed a good and honorable man. If Mama Fan's character were anything to judge by, Wufei would turn into exactly the kind of person Treize had always been looking for in a brother-in-law and father for his nephew. There was no reason to search for the child's biological father.

When Noin had come to claim Rajura for a dance, Treize had willingly taken Toshitada from Rajura and then retreated to a quiet corner, so he could better watch everyone. Treize had already taken a dance with Nasty and, since Zechs wasn't here at the moment, Treize was content to watch. Little Toshitada was so worn out from such a long day that he'd fallen asleep on Treize's lap.

"Well, you have a good daddy, my boy," Treize whispered to his nephew. "A very good daddy. Such a family you have - lots of uncles and even a few aunts. You'll never lack for a baby sitter, I guess." It had to be the craziest family Treize had ever seen. "I do hope I haven't done anything you'll regret, Toshi'." Treize brushed brilliant red hair away from Toshitada's face.

The day after Toshitada had been born, Treize had made the boy his heir. It was only logical, really. Treize knew he'd have no heirs and he was only more than happy to give all that he had to his nephew. However, Treize knew he was heaping a lot of responsibility on Toshitada's shoulders. It was going to be hard for the boy to grow up in a world where he had no equal. He was literally the richest person in the world, since he would inherit not only Nasty's fortune, but Treize's, too. He would inherit the honorable Chang name and Rajura was already talking of his plans to train the child to fight as a true Ma-Sho. Toshitada would inherit everything, but it would be his place to choose the destiny of humanity because he would also inherit Treize's position as the leader of Earth.

Treize sighed and hugged Toshitada to his chest. "I hope you'll be ready. I'll do everything I can for you, but in the end, it'll all be in your hands."