"Are you sure about this Regina?" Ruby asked one last time before they stepped outside.

Regina turned her head slowly and glared at her. Ruby stepped back a little and put her hands up in surrender.

"Okay, Okay. I just wanted to make sure. Do you at least want me to see if she's out there?"

"No. She's out there. Now get outside and get up the aisle so we can start this wedding." Regina ground out, trying to hold back her anger.

"How can you be so sure Regina? I just don't want to see you get embarrassed."

Regina's anger immediately dissipated. Unlike Snow, she could tell the woman in front of her was genuinely concerned about her and she couldn't help but wonder, not for the first time, how the wolf and Snow were ever friends in the first place. Surprised that she actually wanted to calm the brunette's fear, she stepped forward and grasped her by the shoulders. "I have to be Ruby. Don't you see? If I didn't have complete faith in Emma, if I'd believed that she ran away from her own wedding, what would that say about us as a couple? I've waited my whole life to find someone I could trust in, believe in, and I finally have. She won't let me down. I think you know that too. Now, we are going to walk out this back door and get this wedding started." She smiled softly and waited for her words to soak in.

"You guys kind of rock as a couple. You know that? She's totally going to be out there isn't she?" Ruby said, the tension easing out of her posture.



Emma was cursing herself for letting her workout routine slide the last few months as she sprinted towards the mansion. She briefly considered trying to poof herself there, but decided it wasn't worth the risk of something else going wrong. The words "just be there" were on repeat in her head, a mantra to keep up her pace. She wasn't about to let Regina down today of all days. When the white house finally came into view it gave her enough of an adrenaline rush to push just a little bit harder and when she rounded the corner and hopped the white picket fence she heard the Wedding March start to play. Maybe she was going to get a grand entrance after all.

She sprinted through the side garden towards the backyard where everything was set up. She bypassed running up the aisle, instead just sneaking up the side and she paused just a few feet from the small stage they had set up to catch her breath. Granny was in place already as well as Katherine and Ruby was making her way up the aisle. She took a few deep, calming breaths, smoothed down her hair a little, and then stepped into view. Ruby was the first to notice her presence and she grinned wildly at her. Emma glanced over to her parents when she heard Snow gasp loudly and she gave them a small wave. Her mother tried to get up and approach her but she saw her father gently pull her back down into her seat. The crowd was murmuring a little about her state of dress and questions about where she'd been were floating up towards her but then suddenly a hush fell over the area.

Regina was standing at the back of the aisle with Henry on her arm and Emma was sure it was the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed in her life. The woman looked amazing in her white gown, but more importantly she looked completely happy. Emma made a promise to herself in that moment to make sure Regina always looked that way. When the brunette finally made eye contact with her she just smiled and winked, earning her an epic eye roll from her soon-to-be wife. Their eyes never left each other as Henry led his mother down the aisle, except briefly when Regina paused just long enough to smirk triumphantly at Snow as she passed by her.

They reached the front after what felt like an eternity to the blonde and Henry let go of his mother's arm, stepping back and taking his place beside Katherine.

"Glad you could join us." Regina said smiling. "Are you dead set on getting married in that red leather jacket or can I make an improvement?"

"Do what you must. And for the record I wouldn't have missed this for the world." Emma answered, laughing at the disdain Regina still held for her favorite article of clothing.

Regina waved a hand over the blonde and a swirl of purple smoke covered her. When it disappeared Emma was in her wedding dress, hair perfectly curled, and she realized quickly that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Leaning in closer to Regina so that no one could overhear her she whispered, "I think you forgot something…"

"No I didn't." Regina smirked and turned to Granny. "I think we're ready now Eugenia."

"About time." The older woman grumbled. "We are here today to celebrate the love, happiness, loyalty, and faithfulness between these two woman. Emma told my granddaughter once that when the time is right you can't screw it up. I dare say that's more true today than ever."

The crowd chuckled and Emma's face turned beet red. She was fairly certain she was never going to live down almost missing her own wedding-especially if it ever got out as to why she almost did.

"Emma and Regina will recite their own vows and then we'll be doing the traditional binding from the Enchanted Forest. Emma if you would?" Granny said.

Emma looked deep into Regina's eyes and smiled at the emotion she saw swirling in them. "I take you Regina, to be my wife, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, and in good moods and terrible." Regina's eyes narrowed at the last part but she continued to smile. "With this ring I commit myself fully to always putting you first, to always being there when you need me, and to always making you happy." She slid the wedding band onto Regina's outstretched finger and was surprised to feel a tell-tale burning in her eyes. Sniffling a little she watched as the same hand she had just slid a ring on slowly made its way to her face and wiped away a few of the treacherous tears that had fallen.

Regina waited a beat for Emma's eyes to dry up and then she started, "I choose you Emma, to be my wife, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, and in spite of your talent for being such an idiot sometimes."

"I'm not sure you can say that in wedding vows Regina." Emma interrupted.

"Yes she can." Granny answered. "Please continue Regina."

Emma rolled her eyes at the clear favoritism Granny was showing and held her hand out for Regina.

"With this ring I commit myself to always putting you first, always protecting you, always making you happy, and always striving to be a better person for you." Regina slid the wedding band on her finger and found a few tears escaping her eyes as well. Shaking her head a little, she leaned in and kissed Emma solidly, soaking in the feeling of the other woman's lips on hers. She only pulled back when she heard Granny loudly clear her throat.

"Regina, Emma could you please take each other's hands." Granny instructed.

They linked their right hands together and their left hands together so that their wrists were crossed. Granny took a purple ribbon and weaved it around their wrists and up and over their joined hands, quite literally binding them together. "With this ribbon I bind you together eternally and with the power invested in me by the state of Maine and the Kingdom I now pronounce you spouses for life. You may kiss, again."

This time Emma took the lead and drew out the kiss much longer than necessary, but she couldn't seem to pull away. Finally, she pulled back just a little and rested her head on Regina's. "We're married." She whispered, her voice full of wonder.

"Yes we are, my love." Regina answered. Smiling one last time at her wife she turned to the crowd. "Emma and I invite you all to stay here for the reception. I have a few things to discuss with my wife and then we will have the traditional First Dance."

There were a few chuckles and a couple of good natured digs about Emma already being in the dog house as they made their way down the aisle. When they reached the end Regina waved a hand at the train of her dress, shortening it considerably, making it much easier to move around with. She took Emma's arm and pulled her towards the back patio glancing around to make sure no one was following them.

"Alright. Explain." Regina said, her arms crossed, looking every bit the part of Madam Mayor.

Emma smiled sheepishly at Regina. "We just got married…can't we skip this little chat for now?" She batted her eyes, going all in with the innocent act.


Emma sighed loudly. "Well…it was too noisy last night at my parents to sleep so I left to go find somewhere else to crash."

"Too noisy?"

"Um…I could hear them…you know…doing that thing you're never supposed to hear your parents doing?"

"They drove you out of the house because Charming couldn't keep it in his pants?! That's it. I am going to kill your mother. If I ever had a good reason, this is it." Regina was seething with anger, her hands clenched into fists.

"Whoa! Calm down-it's fine." Emma tugged at Regina's hands, silently begging for her to release her them and when she did she held their hands together. "I just didn't want to hear it so I left and went to the station to sleep. I figured I'd slept on that cot before and I knew it would be quite there."

"You locked yourself in the cell didn't you?" Regina said laughing, thoughts of murdering Snow leaving as quickly as they came.

"Yes, shut up. It was the middle of the night when I got there and I didn't even realize it until this morning…" Emma mock glared at the brunette. "Anyway I had to unbind my magic to get out and make a mad dash over here. I think the important thing to remember is that I made it and that's all you asked for yesterday."

"You unbound your magic? How?"

"I just focused on you and how much I loved you and how there was no way I was letting you down. Then bam! My magic's back."

"It takes a tremendous amount of effort to break someone else's spell, especially one of mine. I have to say I'm quite flattered you did it for me. You must really love me or something…" Regina pulled Emma fully into her arms and held her close.

"Or something is right…I'm crazy over the moon in love with you Regina Swan. Ugh, that doesn't sound right. How about we just do the hyphenated thing? Swan-Mills?"

"That doesn't sound to bad. How about I agree to let you try and persuade me…"

"Do you hear that?" Emma asked suddenly.

"Hear what dear?" Regina asked puzzled.

"The song playing. It's the one we danced to on our first date. It's like it's meant to be." Emma grinned cheekily.

"Exactly like it's meant to be. May I have this dance?" Regina asked, already swaying to the music not making any effort to move away from their secluded spot on the patio.



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