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A grey Rachel and Finn were sitting on their front porch. It was a celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was hard for them to believe that they had been together for so long, but when they thought about all that they had been through together it made sense. They had seen so much. They had faced it all together.

Finn reached over and squeezed Rachel's hand. He said, "Can you believe that all of this happened because of us? Four kids, four in laws, ten grandkids and a great grandkid all because of our young love. It doesn't feel like we should be old enough to have great grandkids."

Rachel laughed. "Well, when you have kids at 18 it tends to make you a young grandparent. I just can't believe that Liam is a grandpa."

"Well, his oldest just happened to find her Finn early."

Rachel kissed his cheek. "I guess she is lucky then. Hopefully they will be lucky enough to have a long happy marriage like ours. Our oldest grandbaby is 28 and our youngest baby is 32. We sure do have an interesting story."

"Well when you have an age gap of 17 between your youngest and oldest I guess that happens. They are all just perfect. We really are blessed."

"That we are."

Liam came over to them with his own grandchild. He said, "Rayne wanted to see her great grandma and grandpa."

Rachel took the little girl in her arms. She said, "Hey sweet thing. You are getting so big. It's just not right. You need to stop growing. I remember when your grandpa was this tiny and would fit in my arms like this. Now look at him. He's a grandpa!"

Liam rolled his eyes. "Come on, mom. Stop. I'm 49 years old."

Finn said, "Remember what your mom and I told you all those years ago."

"You told me a lot of things."

"You will always be our baby boy, so you better get used to it."

Liam chuckled. "My kindergarten graduation. I remember that. I just thought by the time that I was a grandpa myself I would have outgrown it."

Rachel smiled up at him. "Not a chance, son, not a chance. You were my first baby. You will always be my baby boy. Just like Lincoln will always be my little man. Lachlan will always be my peanut. Nora will always be my miracle surprise baby."

"I guess so. Now that I have kids and a grandkid I get that."

Nora said, "Hey everybody. Trevor and I have an announcement to make."

Trevor smiled and said, "We are expecting! The baby is due the fourth of July."

Finn and Rachel both went over and hugged them.

Puck and Cora came over to talk to Finn and Rachel after congratulating the happy couple. Puck said, "It looks like they have a thing for big announcements just like the two of you did."

Finn laughed. "I guess you are right. It looks like our family is going to get bigger."

Rachel smiled. "That is great. We always wanted a big family and it looks like our dream is coming true."

"It seems that way."

Puck said, "Can you believe that we are great grandparents? Do you guys feel as old as I do?"

Rachel laughed. "I doubt it. I am handling it better than you are, old man."

"Ha-ha. You are so funny, sis."

"I try my best."

Finn said, "That's enough you two. Let's go eat. I'm ready to celebrate being married to my beautiful wife for so long."

Finn and Rachel had cut the cake. Finn said, "I want to thank you all for being here to support Rachel and me. It's been a long fifty years, but it has been perfect. We are so glad that all of you are our family. It is hard to believe that it took me so long to realize what a gem I had, but I'm glad I came to my senses. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have her by my side all the things that life threw our way. With four awesome kids, some great in laws, ten grandchildren so far and a great grandbaby it wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't found each other. I'm one lucky guy."

Rachel gave him a kiss and said, "In high school I was the most hated girl there was. My own brother didn't like me for a while, but then Finn came into my life. He showed me what it was like to have someone that loved me. Then he brought all good things into my life. He gave me the best years of my life and so much more. I felt so invisible. I felt like no one cared about me. Finn showed me that I wasn't as invisible as I thought I was and helped me see that I mattered. Here is hoping that I have even more years with the man of my dreams and our beautiful family. Thank you all for coming and sharing today with us."

Finn and Rachel died at the ages of 95 and 92. They were holding hands and clinging to each other. Their love was an example of pure and beautiful love that most people only ever dream of having. They left behind a legacy that was never forgotten. In no way was their life invisible to anyone that knew them and quite a few people that didn't know them as well.