Hello people! Long time no see. Haven't been writing much lately. I should probably change my ringtone. I keep jumping whenever it screams ELRIC BROTHER TELEPATHY!

But anyway, this little thing (smirk) came to me one day as I was listening to "Far From Home" by Vic Mignogna. Dis will be a series of one-shots of some of the little things that go on in Ed and Winry's lives after the promise day. They are in no particular order and probably won't be very long. Just little snippets.

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Elric Family Memories

Table Topples

Sara was standing on a chair at the kitchen table, scribbling her blue crayon furiously across the paper in front of her. Ed was sitting across from her. He watched his daughter, amusedly, occasionally taking a sip of his coffee. She was dragging that poor blue crayon so hard against that piece of paper, she was either going to rip the paper or snap the crayon. Suddenly, her arm slipped out from under her, sending her right arm (the one with the crayon) shooting to the left, the crayon still in contact with the table top, leaving a blue streak across the wood. She fell forward, her face made contact with the table and flew back up from the force of the impact. All this sent her toppling backwards, her feet slipped off the edge of the chair and she landed on the floor.

Surprised by his daughter's sudden crash, Ed jumped up out of his seat. He scrambled around the table, (or tried to. But because this is Ed we're talking about here, it was harder than it should've been.) trying to get to Sara to see if she was OK. But in his frantic attempt to get to her, he failed to notice the chair that was standing in his way, and ended up joining his daughter on the floor. He crashed into the chair, causing him to lose his balance, and fell to the floor with his limbs in a tangle, taking the chair down along with him.

There was stifled laughter coming from the doorway leading from the kitchen to the foyer. Winry stood with her hand over her mouth, failing to hold back the laughter threatening to break through. She removed her hand from her mouth and clutched her stomach, doubled over, laughing freely. Ed looked looked up at her from his spot on the floor, behind the toppled over chair. His glare disappeared as he started laughing along with his wife. He heard little giggles to his left. Sara was sprawled on the kitchen floor under the table. She had the biggest smile on her face. It even rivaled her father's.