I used to be different. I used to smile, alot. I used to have friends. Friends, as in plural. I would smile and laugh when I didn't really mean it, to make them happy. To make them feel better about the situation we were in, make them laugh. That was over one thousand years ago. My greatest friend told me not to change in his last words. I did not fulfill that promise. I couldn't.

Because half of what made me up then was my friends. My family. And with them gone I really didn't know what to do with myself. With every one of them dying around me, all in a blur of nothingness. What am I supposed to do when my entire being is shredded up before my eyes? I try, oh I try to shut it out.

For the first hundred years I was awful at it. I made friends, I found people who cared about me. And I guess I ruined their lives. Many of them died. So many of them died. I lost so many families. I couldn't stand it.

The next millennia went by in blurs of war and terror. Nations destroyed. Lives burnt to crisps. I learned a lot in these times. I learned a lot about my magic, about the world. I learned how no matter how hard I tried I could never actually save or change anyone in the entire world. I learned how if fated deemed someone evil, that person was evil. No changing it.

I learned most of all about human nature. The personalities and souls of the people I passed by in my immortal life time. For two hundred years, after I perfected my magic I used that as my studies. The study of mortal nature. I'm still learning.

The world is an interesting but disturbing place. With the people that try to change things-as their fate demands-and they do. And the people that don't succeed and die a unworthy demise. Or the people that have great evil, also fate. These people are who I deem, destroyers.

I think I have perfected the art now, I think I now have the talent. I can determine peoples lives and fates by just a glance. A look at their cloths or a peak at their cell phones.

There have only been a few people throughout the years that I have not been able to measure the fate of. Its only because their fates were so entwined with my own that my magic wasn't allowed to reveal it to me.

I met another one recently. My acquaintance had brought him into the lab. I learnt a lot from his breathing, from his stance. I had yet to look at him. When I did, I found that he was an army doctor and had a psychosomatic limp. I couldn't find anything about his destiny.

I found from his phone that he had an alcoholic sibling, a brother. He wanted this man to keep in touch. I already knew what they were here for. He wanted a flatmate. That was the only thing I talked about with my acquaintance, so that would be why they're here.

I told him my observations, and I told him I would be his new flatmate. He appeared to be uncomfortable, most likely offended by my observations. Thats alright, most people are. I then told him my name and where to meet. I felt a not so average tang of happiness and it caused me to smile.

I think I like this John Watson.

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