His glare pierced my soul as he grabbed my collar. "You're a what?" His voice wasn't even masking any hatred.

I coughed, "I'm a Warlock." My voice quivered. Arthur let me go and I just stared and waited for his judgment. He was pacing in a short little circle.

"How long?" I had put my head down. I really, really did not want to answer that question. "How long Merlin!" His shout echoed throughout my skull.

I looked up to see him standing directly in front of me. "I was born with it."

He looked like he was shaking. "You were born with it?" His voice was so cold.

"Its not that I have magic, I am magic. Please just-"

"No! Merlin you cannot just be magic, you're sorcerer, a monster!" His voice increased in volume every word.

"I am not a monster Arthur!" I tried to defend myself.

"Don't. Say. My. Name." He over pronounced.


"You're not my friend! Don't say my name! You're just a monster!" His yells were landing blows onto my heart.

"I am no different! I am still Merlin!"

He walked closer to me. "But I never really knew you, did I? I never knew what Merlin was!"

I am not a thing. I am still human. "Arthur all I did was true, I am not a monster." My voice lost its anger.

His didn't. "No, Merlin. If you've been like this." He waved his arm signifying myself. "Then I didn't know you. I just learned to trust a lie! It means that you were never my friend! If I knew that you are a Sorcerer I would've killed you right away! Sorcerers are evil! Thats why they're killed!"

I can't have him do this. I can't have him be saying this. My anger came back, not in my defense, but the defense of many. "Well fine then! I am not a sorcerer! I am a Warlock! If I didn't use my magic, I would die! My power would kill me! I can't contain it, so thats why I use it to protect! But I never use it for myself! You want to know what I do? I've saved your life and the rest of Camelots countless times!"

Arthur didn't even think about it before he spoke, he was silently seething. "Go."

No. I don't want to. "Why?"

"Go Monster!" He yelled, "And don't come back! We don't need a sorcerer to protect us!"

They don't need me? Really? "I will not leave Camelot."

"You will or you will be executed!" These words hurt, worse than being called a monster.

"You don't mean-"

"Yes I do. Leave Sorcerer. Now!" These words mean he's lost trust in me.

"I'll leave, but that doesn't mean I'll stop protecting you. I'll leave, but I'm only going to go prove myself Arthur. Because I will die for you, but I hope thats not what it takes."

I cast a spell then, and disappeared. Leaving an angry king in my wake.

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