Summary: The guys and Kim have never met but that all changes when an liar is exposed in and Ihop. When Jack and Kim meet unintenionally, could it be the Face of Love.

'Ok Kim you can do this'. I thought to myself as my best friend, Julie and I sat down in the round booth at Ihop. If you wondering why I' m so nervous just to set down in Ihop, because it wasn't just any Ihop. It the one were Julie's boyfriend suppose to be for a meeting with his friends. Julie is Ty's niece, who is the sensei of the black dragons. This automatically means Julie has to date a black dragon; well she picked Michael out of all of them. Hey at least she didn't pick Frank, ugh that boy irks me, he still trying to score at date with me even though I rejected and flipped him over a thousand times. Anyhow back to the point. They have been dating for about a year, they been very fond over each other over the past 12 months, she even gave her virginity to him. I still think it was a big mistake but she cha that moment to this day. Lately Julie thinks something wrong with Michael so we decided to check it out, so Julie won't keep dating a cheater. When we sat down we spotted him talking to a girl with red hair, she also has green eyes. They almost look like they're on a date with the giggling and touching. Oh yeah their defiantly on a date. I quickly put on my black wig that was bob cut and some dark shade sunglasses. Julie put on a long blonde wig and a really big hat that covered her eyes.

"Ok are you ready" she asked me. I don't know why I'm doing this; I'm such an amazing friend. Julie is just too shy to do it herself. Let's just get this over with so I could leave this place.

"Yeah I'm going in" I said as I slipped out the booth and walked over to look like I was going to the restroom. I made a B line to this table of 4 boys. When I sat down they all turned toward me giving me a weird look.

"Can we help you?" a really cute boy with chocolate, hair and eyes said polity with a confused expression.

"Uh no just helping my friend" I said leaning over the seat were the walk way was to try to get a better view. If only they would turn around I might know this girl. They boys shrugged and went back to their earlier conversation. I could only make out half of Michael's conversation.

"Mikes baby, when are you going to break up with that no good nerd so I can have you all to myself"

"Just a little bit longer, the longer I date her more Ty likes me"

So he just using her, that bastard, just watch when I get my hands on him, he going to wish he was dead. The only thing is that I couldn't tell what the redhead looks like; maybe I know his girl. I looked at Julie and she shrugged her shoulders not knowing what to say. I might have an idea.

"Excuse me?" I said over to the boys. They stopped and looked at me.

"Can you do me a tiny favor?" I asked.

"What do you want us to do?" The one with Ginger hair asked.

"Um can you make some distractions to bring attention to the table?"

"Why?" the one on the chubbier side said

"It nothing really, will you?" I smile innocently.

"Sure" with that they started using utensils and plates banging them together like little child that don't know how to behave it was funny actually. I looked around to see people starting to stare. Took a quick peak to see the girl but no I didn't recognize her. I looked toward Julie and shook my head giving a no, she nodded in understanding. I face the 4 boys and told them they could stop and thanked them. They nodded their heads while I stood up to leave one calls me back.

"Hey" the really cute one said.

"Yeah" I said turning around to face him.

"We never got your name?" he said looking at me as he could see past my sunglasses.

"Kim?" I said smiling which they all returned.

"I'm jack; this is jerry, Eddie, and Milton" he introduced and the others wave.

"Well it was nice to meet you but I really I have to go" I wave back about to turn around again.

"Already" jerry asked.

"Yeah sorry" I said before passing Michael's table, which looked I study; he seems very content, not guilty at all. Oh he is going to gets what's coming to him. I dashed into the kitchen and started looking for something that could give me a better disguise. I found a waitress outfit and quickly put it one. I pulled out my phone and text Julie to meet me in the restroom. About 1 minute later the door open to revile Julie with a worried expression on her face.

"Ok what's the emergency?" she said rushing over to me.

"I need the make-up kit, I can't let Michael see me in this new disguise" I explained. She quickly pulled out the kit and I started to applied make up on with a cute mole near the side of my upper lip. I keep the black wig on and also put on really long fake eyelashes and green contacts.

"Ok your good to go" Julie said walking out restroom to the booth she was just at. I looked at myself again and took a deep breath and walked out. I went straight to Michael's table to 'take their order'.

"Hello I'm Christina your waiter what would you like today?" I said as nice as possible.

"Can we get some pancakes" the girl with the red hair said in an extremely annoying voice. How can anyone spend as much as 3 minutes with her?

"Actually babe I'm in the mood for French toast" Michael said to the red head.

"Oh ok honey cakes 2 French toast and hurry it up" she said with a stupid grin plastered on her face.

"Babe? Honey cakes?" You two are dating?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes for 5 weeks now so can we get are food or what?" the red headed said rolling her eyes in annoyance. 5 weeks? Damn and Julie is just staring to notice the weirdness when he around.

"Huh yeah I'll go give the order to the chef" I said walking away to the window to give the order, then went to Julie to fake like I was taking her order.

"So what happen?" she asked anxious until she was my facial expression.

"That his girlfriend they been dating for 5 weeks" I said in sorrow. Julie looked down at her hands that were in her lap and let out a single tear.

"I'm really sorry Julie do you want to the honors" I said sympathetically.

"No can you I think you would do it better" she said while wiping her tear with napping. I smirked as I took a look over a Michael. Oh this is going to be awesome. I turned around when I heard a ding that meant the food is ready what a perfect timing? I walked over and got the 2 plates of French toast and eased over back to Michael's table.

"You enjoy you 2" I said a smirk as I thought of a plan. I turned and winked flirtatiously at Michael just so his girlfriend could see.

She grasped and turned her head to Michael and crashed her greased over lips in to his in a sloppy kiss. He kissed back twice has hard making her fall back slightly. They pulled away when the red headed did a victory smirk but it quickly disappeared when she was a huge smile on my face. Then automatically it turned into a murderous scold.

"YOU CHEATER!" I scream at Michael's shocked and confused face. I also gain everyone attention by my outburst.

"What? I don't even know you" he said nonchalantly.

"Oh really?" I asked as I took off the black wig and let my curly blonde hair hang down my back. Took off my fake eyelashes and wiped off all the makeup on my face.

"KIM!" Michael shot up with wide eyes trying to get the redheaded off of him.

"It not what it looks like" he tried to explain coming closer to me while I back up.

"Then what is it honey cakes?" I said in fake but sweeting but also mocking voice.

"Don't tell Julie "he pleaded. He sounded so depressed, this is hilarious to watch.

"And why not? She is my best friend" I said with a raise eyebrow and smug look.

"You don't want your friend with a crushed heart do you, I can keep her happy" he smirked like he had nailed a target. He moved closer to me slowly, completely ignoring the red headed's pouts and angry looks.

"I can also keep you happy too" he said wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and leaning in. I pushed him away in to the table and step back.

"I would rather have her be heartbroken and get over it then be with a low life scum like you" I said turning around. That until I felt a tight grip on my wrist making be stop abruptly.

"You will not tell Julie or I will personally hurt you" he hissed in my ear with fire blasted eyes. I took his other wrist and flipped him hard on the floor earning gasp over the restaurant.

"You should know better to tell a black belt an empty threat" I said looking down at him in disgust.

"Come on Julie let's get out of here" I shouted to Julie who was now on her way over to where I was. She took of her hat and blonde wig to revile her long brown hair. She also up on her glasses so she could see clearly.

"JULIE KINS! What are you doing here babe?" Michael said getting up from the floor and facing Julie. She only glared at him.

"Were over Michael" Julie said and turned around about to walk off until Michael just had to make things worse.

"Fine like I care you were just a nerd I use to get on Ty's good side. I cheated on you 6 times in the year I dated you…. And you call yourself smart" he smirked then laughed. Julie let tears slipped from her eyes and ran out the restaurant heartbroken. I walked over to Michael dangerously and flipped him hard on the ground and took the syrup the table and poured it on him.

"Your pathetic" I said left the to find Julie. It was kind of easy to find she was a cross the street to the empty Burger King sitting in a booth weeping into her hands. I sat next to her and hugged. Soon enough somebody or should I say 4 someone's walked in.

"Did we really have to come here right after we ate breakfast" Milton said.

"Yes I'm in the mood for a whopper" Eddie whined rushing up to the counter and put in his order. I saw Jack look to my direction and smile but faded when he was Julie's state. He looked over at his nerdy friend Milton who saw staring at Julie with sadness and longing. He nudged Milton over to us and smiled.

I'm ready for ya now
I think my tongue's done waiting it out
You took a while to get through,
I've been awake and dreaming it true.
With every, with every seam you're sewing up my heart
With every thread, you know you'll pull it apart
Look in the mirror, I don't see no scars,
and everywhere i need you, there you are.

Milton walked nervous over to Julie's crying form and hugged her. I was surprise at Julie's actions as she clinked on to him. For she didn't even know his boy but she was hang on to him like her he was her life line. I looked over at jack as he singled me to come over to him. I raised up from the plastic booth and slowly walked over to where the smiling brunette was.

Something in your eyes, I recognize it, baby,
could you be the face, of love?
Everything is perfect when the light is right,
You'll turn and see the face, of love,
Oh we see, eye, eye, eye to eye.
I hear it from your mouth,
Uh Oh,
Pulling back the curtain,
now it's starting to look certain
You're the face of love

"So this is the real you huh? No dark shaded glasses, any black wig or waitress uniform? This is the real Kim" he said looking at me with big brown eyes.

"Yep this is the real Kim Crawford. Disappointed?" I asked smirking at him. Some might call it cocky but still how anyone could be disappointed when it comes to this face.

I'm looking for you now.
Needed a minute, to figure it out.
I'm looking straight out through the window,
don't wanna blink, might miss the signal.

With every, with every seam you're sewing up my heart
With every thread, you know you'll pull it apart
Look in the mirror, I don't see no scars.
And everywhere I need you, there you are.

Something in your eyes, I recognize it, baby,
could you be the face, of love?
Everything is perfect when the light is right,
You'll turn and see the face, of love,
Oh we see, eye eye eye to eye.

"Not likely I'm actually quite pleased without the cover-up" he smirked back coming a little closer.

"Is that so?" I said copying his move.

"Yeah it's pretty beautiful if you ask me?" he said coming in even closer, our bodies touching me in the process. I bushed at this compliment. I may have just met the guy, but I could already fill the sexual attraction here.

I hear it from your mouth.
Uh Oh,
Pulling back the curtain, now
it's starting to look certain
You're the face of love

Uh Oh,

I see my best self, in you,
I see my best self, in you.

"This may be a little forward and trust I'm not very good at this but would you like to go out some time. I would really like to get to know this Kim if that not too much to ask?" he asked sounding very nervous than his previous tone of voice.

"I would love that" I smiled as he returned. My attention glazed from him to the 2 nerds in the booth, smiling at each other as they were only 2 in the world.

Something in your eyes, I recognize it,
could you be the face, of love?
Everything is perfect when the light is right,
You'll turn and see the face, of love.
Oh we see eye eye eye to eye.
I hear it fro-om your mouth.
Uh Oh,
Pulling back the curtain, now
it's starting to look certain
You're the face, of love.

Uh Oh,
I see my best self, in you. I see my best self, in you.

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