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"Oh where is Jack!" North asked for the hundredth time. "He should've been here hours ago!"

"Never mind that," Bunny said." I still have googies to paint! Easter is in four months and I still have millions of eggs to do!"

Tooth fluttered around nervously, ever since Jack joined the Guardians, she's been constantly worrying about him because she feared that maybe a few other legends wanted revenge on Jack for him to be chosen instead of them since most of them dreamed of being a Guardian and being famous. "But what if he's hurt? What if he needs our help? What if Pitch came back and-"

She was cut off by North. "Wow Tooth, you're exaggerating! Pitch won't comeback for at least another two hundred years or so, no worries there!"

"That walking snowball isn't gonna come North, why can't we just start without him?" Bunny asked hopefully.

Sandy made a few images out of dream sand and North nodded in agreement. "Sandy's right Bunny. Jack is part of the team now. We can't just go wandering alone and expect him to be alright with it! How would you feel if we did that to you? And besides, you can paint your hard boiled eggs later."

"Oh yeah? Well then, I guess that we can move the meeting to Tooth's palace or my warren and you can make your presents later then!" Bunny said, almost like a challenge.

North chuckled. "Maybe, but Easter is not Christmas!"

Bunny's nose twitched. "Oh, that's how you want to play it mate?"

Tooth and Sandy both rolled their eyes as they saw the argument that's been existing for centuries rise up again.

Just before the insults about each other's holiday started, a loud bang could be heard from the ceiling and the four Guardians looked up in surprise at one of the windows to see Jack hovering outside, rubbing his nose and an annoyed expression on his face.

"Jack!" Tooth squealed excitedly and flew up to open the window for him.

Jack entered the room with a gust of cold winter wind, thanked Tooth with a whisper as she closed the window, and slumped down on the floor, laying his staff on the ground and panting hard.

"Sorry I'm late guys." He gasped between breaths. "I had to get pass a horde of Tooth's fairies."

The Easter bunny threw his hands up in the air." That's why you've been keeping us waiting for? Because of your fan club!" He exclaimed .

Jack rubbed the back of his head, "They are not my fan club but erm… yeah I suppose. Ever since they learned that I had a loose tooth, they've been going crazy around me!"

Tooth gapped at him. "You have a loose tooth!?" She yelled.

Jack's eyes widen comically as he realized what he said and he slapped his hands on his mouth.

"You have a loose tooth and you didn't tell me?" Tooth said, advancing dangerously close to him.

Jack backed up against the wall and gulped. "Erm no, it was just… a joke!" He laughed nervously. "Yup, Just a joke! No loose tooth here! Why don't you go look at the kangaroo's overlarge teeth, for a change?"

Tooth smirked at him. "They aren't loose, are they? Now open up!" She tried to wrench Jack's mouth open but the spirit covered it with his mouth. He shot a look for help at the other snickering Guardians, but they seem to be enjoying the scene.

North chuckled, deciding to help the Winter Spirit. "Come on Tooth, you're acting like a hundred years old!" He pulled her away from the younger Guardian, ignoring her protests.

Bunny cleared his throat. "So North, what did you call us here for?" He asked, trying to change the subject.

North's expression got serious and he released his grip on Tooth, who sighed in defeat, but shot a I'll-get-you-later look at Jack who tried to scootch as far away from her as possible.

"Well actually, I didn't call you here, Manny did." North pointed to the dark sky.

"What for?" Jack asked.

North shrugged. "I don't know, must be a good reason."

"But what if it's Pitch again? What if he wants revenge on Jack?" Tooth gasped nervously and looked at Jack in worry.

Bunny rolled his eyes. "Don't worry Tooth, Snowflake's gonna be fine. Remember what North said, Pitch won't come back for another two hundred years."

Tooth didn't look convinced but she let the matter go. "Well if it isn't Pitch, then who, or what is it?"

As if on cue, the floor shined in a silver light as the moon became visible in the skylight on the ceiling.

"So Manny, why did you call us here?" North asked.

The moon was silent, but after a few seconds, a strange beam of white light appeared in the middle of the room. It divided into four and one of each went to the four oldest Guardians.

A strange voice spoke to them: "My dear Guardians, I have brought you here for something important: trust. It is something that you have all yet failed to develop fully, especially towards the winter child. Of course my dear Sanderson, you weren't present when the rest of you all thought that Jackson Frost betrayed you."

Sandy looked at the other Guardians with a puzzled expression but none of them met his gaze.

They could all see that that the light around them was getting brighter by the second.

"That is why I wanted you to see this, in hopes that you will understand what happened and that you will learn to trust Jackson. Since you will all never be a complete family without trust."

The light was so bright by now that the Guardians had to clench their eyes shut in order not to get blinded.

"Good luck."

And with that, the Guardians knew no more.

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