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The guardians yelped as they landed on the floor of North's workshop in a heap. They quickly got to their feet and looked around them.

"Were here, finally!" North exclaimed happily and smiled as he saw that the globe in the middle of the main room was still shining with bright lights, unlike the small bronze globe they saw in Pitch's lair.

"Wow, it seems like ages since we last saw this place! Not that I'm happy though." Bunny said and grumbled the last part to himself.

Sandy looked around with a frown and made a few images out of dream sand.

"Yes, you're right Sandy. Where's Jack? We haven't seen him in a while." North asked the others.

They heard a yawn behind them and a lazy shuffling of feet. "Oh, there you are." Said a voice in a groggy tone. "Just took a little nap. MiM said you've been gone to do something important, what's up with that?"

The Guardians turned around sharply to see Jack rubbing his eyes with one of his hand and dragging his staff behind him with the other hand. He looked like a child with his teddy bear in the middle of the night.

"So, did I miss something?" Jack asked, then frowned when he saw the look on his fellow Guardians' faces. "What is it? You look like someone just died and that you're seeing that person's ghost or something." He snickered softly.

The Guardians kept staring at Jack for a few more seconds, then Bunny quietly walked over to him.

"Wow Kangaroo, you look grumpy. Did someone tug at your ears again?" Jack teased.

Bunny came over to a halt in front of Jack and looked down at him, different emotions flickering in his eyes.

"Fine, sheesh. It was just a joke, no need to look at me like that." Jack snorted and yawned again, stretching his arms. "Do you need me to get your comfort blanket?" He teased again and his eyes widen in shock as Bunny wrapped his arms around him.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Jack breathed.

"I'm sorry kid." Bunny whispered and pulled out of the hug while the others walked over to them.

"What for?" Jack asked, blinking in confusion.

"For everything you've been through." Bunny replied softly.

"Erm, heh heh… sorry, I'm lost here." Jack said and frowned at all of them.

"Guys, we can't lie to him. It'll just cause arguments and frustration later on." Tooth whispered low enough so that only Sandy, North and Bunny heard her.

"Sorry, I didn't catch that." Jack said and leaned forward.

"Ok, look Frostbite…" Bunny started and rubbed his neck uncomfortably.

But Jack cut him off before he could continue. "I don't know what you guys went to do, but I went to see the rest of my memories!" He said excitedly. "MiM took me to see them. I saw a lot of memories and they all sorta passed really fast, but I still remember all of them. When I was done, I felt real tired and you guys weren't there, so I decided to rest a bit. I admit, I saw a few of my memories back when we fought Pitch, but I didn't trust you that much at that moment, so I didn't tell you. I guess I can now."

Tooth sighed, now would be a good time to tell him what they've gone to do. "You… you don't need to tell us much Jack. We know most of it."

Jack's smile turned into a confused frown. "What's that suppose to mean? Does it have something to do with Kangaroo going all soft?" He said, trying to lighten up the heavy mood.

"We know Jack, about… your memories." North sighed.

Jack gasped. "You… you what? No wait… MiM didn't…"

"Yes he did. He wanted us to understand you more and know what you've been through all your life, Spirit and Mortal lives to be exact." Tooth explained.

"But… but…" Jack spluttered.

"He only showed us the important memories, not your whole entire lives." Bunny said.

Jack gulped down a wave of betrayal he felt MiM. "What did you see?" He whispered.

"We saw a lot of stuff, including the memory of when you… you drowned saving you sister." Tooth said and bit her lip to keep herself from crying.

"You saw that?" Jack said and rubbed his arm, tapping the ground softly with his staff.

"Yeah, I think you were very brave my boy. You still are." North said with a warm smile.

"And maybe that's why you lost your memory," Tooth said. "You actually died before becoming a Spirit. All of us were granted immortality when we were still alive."

"R-really? Well that explains a lot I guess…" Jack said quietly and they all fell into an awkward moment of silence.

"Are you okay Jack? You seem awfully quiet. You sure you're taking this well? I mean, it should be quite a shock to find out that we practically invaded your memories." North said.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Jack said softly. "It's just… I would've liked to tell you guys about that myself."

"Yeah, maybe." Tooth said. "But I don't think that this was all that MiM wanted us to see. He initially wanted us to know exactly what happened the time that we thought that you betrayed us. Which you didn't… And I'm sorry for the way that I treated you. I think it was better if we saw the memory instead of you telling us what happened, we wouldn't really have believed you." She admitted. "Now that we know though, we actually feel a lot better."

"Yeah, we're all sorry mate." Bunny said sadly. "And we also saw the events of 68 and I should say… I'm sorry for all the things that I said, I didn't mean them. I was just being arrogant and I didn't listen to you."

Jack passed a hand through his hair. "You saw that too? Well, I've already forgiven you but still, thanks."

Bunny smiled slightly. "Great job making Jamie believe too, it was amazing."

"Okay, you sure you didn't hit your head?" Jack said, his mischievous smirk back on his face.

"Okay, yeah. I've apologized to you and I've complimented your work, don't get used to it." Bunny grumbled.

"Wasn't counting on it, idiot." Jack snickered.

"Hey, don't call me an idiot!" Bunny said, back to his usual self where he was always annoyed with Jack.

"Then stop acting like one!" Jack countered and the others sighed in relief. Things were back to normal.

"Well I know you enough to tell that you're a real show off!" Bunny said, trying to win their banter.

Jack laughed. "Pff, impossible. No one's ego can get as big as yours."

"Sure, I know you like the front of my hand!" Bunny said.

"Erm, isn't it back of the hand?" Jack asked.

Bunny smirked. "Yeah, but I tend to see the front of my hand more often when I'm with you!"

"Boys, enough!" Tooth said with a smile and Sandy and North looked like they were trying to keep themselves from laughing. "Now Jack, about that loose tooth of yours…"

Jack gulped and quickly flew away from Tooth, who chasing him around the workshop while the others laughed happily.

MiM watched the scene with amusement. "It would seem that they are finally getting along better." He thought. "They seem more comfortable with each other now; I see that their trust has become stronger. I know that the young Winter Spirit is probably mad at me for doing this, but it was for their own good. I would've made them gone all together, but the four eldest of the Guardians only made needed to see the most important parts of the young Spirit's lives. As for said Spirit, he needed to see his whole life before he became who he is now, he'll now know who he really is and was. I am proud of them; they are now a strongly bonded family. After all, it only required a little bit of trust."

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