My Dearest Erik,

How long has it been? As the days drag on, I find my thoughts drifting back to you. It seems that there is not a single day that passes when I do not think of you.

Raoul and I are happily married now, but, darling Angel, I have not indeed forgotten you. No, I doubt that I shall ever in fact forget you.

I love the life I lead now Erik, I am loved with a passion now, that I have not known, even from you my Angel of Music. I do so hope that you have discovered a new pupil to

train up. Whoever she is, I am sincerely jealous of who she will be; who you will make her. I hope she learns well from you and succeeds under your teaching. You were my faithful and most beloved tutor and I shall

never forget it. We were so young then, it seems like a lifetime ago that I was singing at your Opera house. And yet, it still seems like only yesterday. After my dear Father left me,

the loneliness I felt was a new and strange sensation. My whole childhood was filled with deep love from my Father and others, and when the fateful day fell that he

should pass away, I was truly lost. But I was not, indeed, alone was I darling? There was a man looking after me, you took care of me as my Angel of Music, sent to me by my

dearly departed Father. I was terrified of your love for me. I loved you as well Erik, but you know this don't you? That is not why I have written this letter to you, however. I

need you to forget me Erik, do not think me if you can possibly help it darling. It's not good for either of us. I am happily married to Raoul but I am constantly reminded of your

love for me and that brings an unfamiliar pain to my heart. My love for him outweighs any love I have ever felt. Do not be hurt by my words darling, I love you deeply and I

always shall but, I cannot return the love you have for me. My dark angel, I understand you finally, all your heart desired was my love, well dear you have it but it will never be

enough will it? You and I were lonely creatures, drawn together by a force much greater than the both of us. You let me see past the mask you hid behind for so many years and

I finally understood. I apologize to you for leading you on, I never meant to hurt you that way when you had been so kind to me, but we really must move on from the past. I

cannot bear to think that you hate me after this letter because I have left you alone again. You may be hurting now dear tutor but always remember one thing, you will

always be in my heart and I shall never stop loving you for the dark and brooding genius you are.

Love Forever,