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Chapter 1: Cold, Dark… I was scared

Drowning in water

She screams

No one hears

No one cares



Her death nothing consequence

A person never to be remembered

(Poem by Courtney Kolodzieski)

(P.O.V Hannah)

Another stupid day at the school's office. I'm not the type of girl who wants or gets in trouble at school, I'm the type who wants to learn at school… So yes, I'm a "nerd" if you want to call me that. But I didn't get myself in trouble, it's the "who" who got me in trouble. And the "who" just irritates me a lot that I want to scream.

And the "who" has a name, her name is Summer Frank. The "Miss Popular," "Miss Beautiful," "Miss Awesome," and "Miss Talented" Summer Frank. The red hair, blue eyed girl who is the riches girl in Mountain-View, Pennsylvania. She's not the nicest girl in the world, she's cold hearted even though her name is a "warm season". She bullied me since when I was kindergarden, making-fun of my art, my blonde hair, personality, and most of all the "making-fun of Hannah in the record-book" is about my parents and little sister.

She mostly makes fun of my dad. You see, I hardly see my dad. He's a clock maker that travels the world. The funny thing is that our last name is "Time," and I always nicknamed dad "Father Time" which he takes seriously.

Anyway as I sat in the office, the counselor got me and sent me to her office. Miss. Iris, my counselor, gave me a seat and sat down.

"Hannah, tell me what happen between you and Summer?", she asked me calmly.

"Well, as we were setting up for our history play in our Drama class, Summer was spreading rumors about my dad-"

"Tell me those rumors"

"The rumors are about my dad being gone because of his work and not caring for my family which isn't true, and she went on and saying that "possibly" he's dead which isn't true also"

"Hm… Go on"

"As I heard those rumors, I came up to her and told her to stop those rumors. She, then, made it worse by trying to fight me which I didn't agree to do. She started to hit me and I tried to defend myself from her but got bruises on my arm and legs" I showed her my injuries on my legs and my arms.

"Oh my!"

"I know it looks disturbing but thats how fights end up, people getting hurt physical and emotional"

"You're right about that Miss. Hannah"

"Am I going to get in trouble?"

"Well, from your story I believe in you, also from your report card, you have B's and A's. Which kinda tells me that you're an honest, loyal, smart student, and we don't want your report card to go down hill from that event"

"Does that mean I'm not going to get an in detention?"

She nodded,"I'm going to talk to Summer and give her a- well, an ISS"

My eyes widen,"Thanks Miss Iris"

"Your welcome and school is over right now so you can call me Daria: your cousin"

Yep, my counselor is my cousin: Daria Iris.

"Nice costume by the way, luckily it isn't ruin from the fight," Daria pointed to my 1712 costume for Drama class.


As I went home dressed in my costume, I went to the lake that was between Mountain-View and Burgess which wasn't to far from here. I got my ice skates on and skated gracefully. I loved ice skating, memories of skating with my father came back to me- those precious memories…..

"Daddy! Look I me!"

"I can see my darling… My darling daughter…"

I skated for a long time, I skated till the moon came out. The moon's beam shined down on the lake as I skated. Through the moon's beam I could see frost in the trees, the icicles, and in the air.

"I'm mister white christmas, I'm mister snow…," I started to sing to myself.

As I skated, I wondered what my mom and my little sister was doing. I know mom was at work making swords for her medieval shop called Lady in the Lake's Swords Shop, she would always would think of her work more than I and Mary (my sister ), but she does loves us but not as much as a regular mom would.

And Mary was at her friends sleepover, she probably doesn't care for me right know 'cause she's at her friend's house.

I felt that no one cared for me at the time as I skated, but I dropped the subject and focused on my skating.

Skating was like a meditation for me, relaxed my nerves, and cleared my thoughts from everything. Besides art, dancing, and singing, skating was my hobby- a possession that was at my grip.

Then when I skated I felt a light spot and fell in the icy water. I tried to swim to the surface but my arms and legs got numbed from the water. I felt light headed and breathed in the cold water. The cold water went into my lungs and stabbed me in the chest. The darkness took me in one stroke.

But then light appeared in my eyes, like a lamp that shined in the darkness. But I felt cold and scared of what happened. But as I saw a hand reaching for me, I wasn't scared anymore. Then I blacked out again…

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