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Chapter 8: Fall Festival in Burgess and a Gift

When tears fell from my eyes
You were there to brush them away
When I was lost in confusion
You were there to say that everything would be okay
When I stood before you falling apart
You were there to lend your heart
When I felt like no one could understand
You were there to take my hand
When no one else was left to care
You were there

By Emily Robinson

Hannah's P.O.V

So, I lived with Jack and his family for a month! Me and Noel got more closer like sisters, she was just like another Mary. Me and Jack got closer but in a different way... I don't how it's a "different way" but we do get along with laughs and fun, but he was different... More than a friend... Just don't listen to me, I'm not making any sense...

Jack's P.O.V

It's great having Hannah around! She actually is great with kids and fun to prank! I remembered that I poured water on her when she was sleeping in, and well... She handled it the worst way, she woke up screaming and fell out of bed tangled in blankets. I remembered when I ran out, she said "I hate you Jackson Silas Overland! A storm is coming your way!" Frankly, I thought that she was kidding with me but... She pushed me in the pond while I was fishing... After that she said "I told you a storm was coming"... Sometimes I feel closer to her than anyone in town, besides my family. When I'm stumped, she helps me... And when she cries, I comfort her... She is a great listener and I, I'm just a close friend to Hannah... But I like Hannah more than friends...

October, 1712

"Come on Hannah! The Fall Festival just started!" Noel said excitedly to Hannah while she held her hand running to the festival.

"Alright, just hold your horses"

Jack laughed behind them while he was walking toward the festival "Well Hannah, do you like being pulled by someone who is smaller than you?"

"Sometimes, its cute- but most of the time it get's annoying"

"Hey!" Noel said offended.

"But your doing it cutely"

Noel smiled and let go of Hannah's hand "We're here!"

Hannah and Jack looked around and everything looked fun. From selling cakes and pies to the fun games, everything look very festive.

"Hannah, Jack, I going to be with Martha" Noel said running to Martha.

"Alright! Be safe!" Hannah said to Noel.

As Jack and Hannah looked all around, Hannah saw a carving stand. She ran to it and asked the person who was running the stand "Excuse me? But do I need to pay to carve something"

"What? No I carve the things and sell them-"

"No, I mean- I want to carve something for my friend over there" Hannah said pointing to Jack over there who was looking at her confused.

"Ma'am, do you even know how to carve?"

"Yes sir, I carved stuff since when I was wee little" Hannah said with a smile.

The man looked Hannah thinking about her request and then gave her a answer, "Alright, just be careful with the carving knife"

"I will sir"

Hannah went to a table with a long piece of wood and started to carve. Jack came over wondering why Hannah was carving "What are you doing Hannah? We're supposed to have fun not work"

"Well, I'm making something for you" Hannah said with a smile while carving the wood.

"What is it your making for me?"

"I'm not going to tell you until I'm finished"

Jack smirked at her "Oh, I see"

Hannah rolled her eyes at Jack with a smile.

Through minutes, Hannah carved and carved. Jack watched her wondering what she was making. When she was done she showed it to Jack "See! I'm finished"

It was a staff with a hook that was about a length of a book taller. Jack was thrilled and surprised of what Hannah made.

"Wow Hannah, your amazing!"

"Thank you, I made it for you" Hannah said giving it to her.

Jack eye's welled with tears. A smile was started to form on his mouth, then Jack gave her a huge hug "Thanks Hannah, this is the best gift that I ever gotten from you"

Hannah hugged back Jack "Your welcome Jack, your my best friend"

As Jack broke the hug, Hannah saw Jack crying with a smile still on his face "Aw Jack, your crying. I've never seen you cry"

Jack chuckled a little, and Hannah grabbed her handkerchief wiping away the tears from his face.

"Stop, please I can do that. Your acting a little like my ma" Jack said laughing a little.

Hannah stopped and smiled "Well, what do you want to do know?"

"Well, I think we should see-" Then he stopped while he saw a old abandon farm near by.

"Let's go to that old farm"


Jack smirked "I don't know, I think it'll be fun exploring the old abandon farm"

As they walked walked to the farm, little did they know that someone was following them...

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