"C'mon, can't these thing go any faster?" Virgil grumbled at the trash lid underneath his feet, the electric currents dodging him in and out of various alleyways in Metropolis. It was strangely quiet for being a Saturday night, but he figured that that had to do with the fact that yesterday had been the annual lovefest extravaganza of the year: Valentine's Day. And of course, like an idiot, he'd completely forgotten. Sure, he'd been on a mission mere hours ago, but the least he could have done was call! There had been a few hours of downtime during the stakeout on the warehouse facility and what had he done instead of calling his beau? Played cards for two hours straight with Beast Boy. Man, Richie always told him he was such a scatterbrain, but he hadn't been willing to believe him until now.

When he finally made it to their apartment complex, he jumped off the lid and scurried into the revolving doors. He didn't bother going up the escalator - that piece of junk was still to slow to catch up with his feet. Instead, his legs carried him up the stairs in record time, his heart hammering as he fumbled for his keys in his back pocket and shakily opening the door.

"Sam!" he yelled through the loud whoosh of the door, "You here?"

"Yes, Virgil!" came his girlfriend's response from the left, seemingly unfazed by his dramatic entrance, "I am in the kitchen."

"Oh good," he took a deep sigh before closing the door behind him and rushing towards the kitchen, "Look, babe, before you say anything, I know I'm an idiot and I know that even if I was on a mission I should have called because you grew up with Valentine's Day as a pretty big part of your life and that means it needs to be a big part of mine and I know this doesn't excuse it, but I bought - "

He stopped mid-sentence, nearly dropping the bouquet of white and yellow roses he was about to reference. Laid before his very eyes was an intimate dinner setting for two, complete with candlelight. The table was covered with a dark red cloth and on it were various plates of his favorite appetizers and two cups of red wine. There was also a small box in the center that was most likely her annual gift of homemade chocolates, something he could never get tired of.

But his eyes soon wandered to his smiling beau, dressed in a sleek black dress and hair tied up in a braided bun. She walked up to him and pressed her soft lips into his chapped cheek, "Happy Valentine's Day, Virgil."

"I don't understand," Virgil shook his head as she led his to the table to sit, "You should be yelling at me. I've never forgotten before and it's such a big thing for you..."

"You were on a mission," Asami waved him off, taking the chair opposite to him, "And I believe that takes priority over a little thing like this."

"No, Sam..." he took a hold of her hands, squeezing them a little as his throat went dry, "I should've remember. We've been going out for three years now and it's inexcusable for me to forget. I'll make this up to you, Asami. I promise. Especially after you made such a great dinner for me as soon as I got home."

All Asami did was giggle, pulling away from him and dipping an egg roll into a dish of teriyaki sauce, "Whatever you say, Virgil. All that matters is you are here now. Now! Eat up before it gets cold."

She leaned in close and pressed the dripping, fried delicacy against his lips, to which Virgil bit into eagerly. The taste was delightful, tangy, and had Virgil going in for another mouthful. How on earth did he manage to get so lucky? "God, I love you."

She grinned, exposing white teeth in-between her red lipstick, "Aishiteru right back at you, Static."