Victoria & Alice

"Mom I'm so nervous what if I do like the person, or they don't like me" I frowned. "Honey you will meet the perfect guy, when the clock runs down to the last second, you will be so happy. I'm positive of it. You only have one more day. Get excited!" "Okay mom. I think I'm going to go to bed now. Night. Love you."

God its like she didn't know what I was talking about. In our world when we hit the age eighteen a count down timer appears on our skin, kind of like a clock in a way. It counts to the exact moment when we find our soul mate. I've never really understood how it works, but it always does.

My clock/timer appeared on me one week ago. To be honest I was kind of not looking forward to it. I've always been considered a freak to everyone. I'm abnormally skinny, with thigh gaps and all. I also have crazy curly ice blonde hair. So I was basically this tiny girl with white hair and big boobs. Not to many people thought that was attractive.

What if he doesn't like me. I've never been into the whole relationship thing, I mean guys kinda just freaked me out and always made me feel uncomfortable with myself.

Hopefully I wont get the urge to puke tomorrow. Maybe he'll me nice and not gross like every guy I've every seen. I fell asleep that night thinking about how much I was not ready for tomorrow. I didn't want my whole teenage years gone.

"Come on Victoria we are going to be late for your brothers football game!"

"Im coming gosh mom calm your tits."

"Hey watch the mouth, no daughter of mine is going to talk in such a derogative manner."

"Whatever mom, can we please just go an get this over with. I hate the fact that the odds the guy I have to spend the rest of my life with is going to be some football loving jock. Thank god Alice is going to be there so when the nights over with I have someone to talk to, unlike you."

"Alice is going to be cheering at the game, and don't forget you'll have your soul mate to talk to when the game is over with. Now come on."

By the time we got to the football game it was twenty minutes in, and Alice had already left to cheer before I could talk to her. I looked down at my timer and it said I had 3 minutes and 27 seconds left.

God I feel sick.

Why is everything spinning.

Okay just breathe it will be okay, Its almost over with.

I avoided looking at the clock for as much as possible, but that was kind of hard to do. 1 with wild eyes I looked up. All I could see was piercing blue with hazel and yellow specks eyes looking straight at me. It was Alice. I frozen all I could do was just stare at her, she truly looked beautiful, with her pale skin and wavy red hair. I smiled at her, she did the same.

I turned to my mother with the biggest smile on my face. She did not look happy, by the look of things she had followed my eyes to Alice.

"No daughter of mine will be with a girl. We can fix this. There are people who can fix you." Grabbing my arm tightly she yanked my down the bleachers. Screaming of the top of my lungs, I called out for Alice. " Alice help! Please!"

"Shut up, I will not stand for this. You cant beā€¦Just no." She continued to drag me. Tears running down my face I looked for Alice.