From the moment we are able to walk

We are trained,

Trained to fight,

Trained to kill,

The other districts think we have no feeling.

No soul, No love

Just ruthlessness and violence

They are so wrong.

"Careers" they call us,

Known for our superiority and strength.

They think they know who we are,

How we think,

They are so wrong.

We volunteer for each other at the reaping

Just for the glory and "honor" of winning.

We are merciless killers.

No. They are so wrong

We know what it is to love,

We know what pain feels like.

They forget that our families are torn apart too.

They forget we die too,

They forget we're human,

They don't stop to think why we volunteer.

It's not because the Games are fun,

Not because we enjoy killing,

Not even for glory and honor.

Volunteering is sacrifice,

It's giving up your own life to save someone you love.

Volunteering is telling someone how much you love them.

It's saving a child you don't know so that they can live out the life they were meant to live.

The other districts think we volunteer for glory.

For the thrill of the kill,

For fun.

They hardly ever volunteer,

They just stand as watch as they're friends and family are killed.

We are supposed to be the heartless ones.

We are supposed to be unfeeling.

We are not supposed to be able to be hurt.

We are viewed as human mutts.


Volunteering means more than shallow glory,

It means more than bloodlust.

Volunteering is more than a popularity contest,

When we volunteer it means

"I love you, let me die for you."


We do feel.

We feel love, pain, insecurity

We have to watch our family sentenced to death too,

The difference is that we do something about it.