Arc 1: The Great Red Awakens

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Chapter 3 – Angel Fall

It was the morning after the battle with the Stray Devil and his third day of being a temp Devil, another day of his new life.

As he turned and tossed to get a new comfortable position on his bed within the nurse's office, trying to get a few more minutes of sleep, he felt something soft. It was déjà vu, as he had already experienced such a thing just the other day. Excited of the prospect of such a repeat, he opened his eyes. He was not disappointed as there in front of him was a naked, crimson haired girl, Rias Gremory, sleeping beside him on the same bed; her breasts just inches from his face. Overcome by his instinct, he opened his eyes wider to imprint her well-endowed chest in his brain. He then moved his face closer, his eye almost touching her it when he heard a voice.


Looking up, he saw Rias slowly opening her eyes. She then sat up. "Ah, Issei… good morning," she said as she rubbed her eyes, facing him.

In guilt and fright, Issei wormed himself away, turning away from her.

"A ha ha, good morning, buchou. Umm… why are you sleeping beside me… again?"

Issei took a peak. Behind him was Rias stretching her body, pushing her chest out, a sight that almost made him faint.

"Hmm… no reason really… I just find it comfortable to sleep beside you."

Issei almost died of heart attack from such a moe answer. However, when he thought about it realistically, she was most likely strengthening her hold onto him, giving him a benefit so that he won't change his mind and would remain by her side until she could turn him into Devil. It was a pragmatic and cynical thought, however, since the world would not turn as he willed, his mindset should be as such, further supported by his supposedly first girlfriend's deception.

"Hmm…? What's wrong, Issei? Did I bother you?"

Still, naked beautiful girls are naked beautiful girls, so he easily forgot his depressing thoughts. He then turned to face her, kneeling on the bed. "No, it's really fantastic! Ah no! How should I put it… nude is awesome, then again, the stimulation is a bit too…"

Rias smiled, unaffected by his perverted but honest answer. "I can't sleep if I'm not completely nude, and to make it perfect, I need to hold on to a stuffed animal like a body pillow. "

Issei nodded in understanding, still… A stuffed animal…? Am I like that to her? A toy? he thought and then sighed. Why do I keep thinking of such depressing thoughts today? But if I'll be held by the buchou in her chest, I'm willing to be her stuffed animal for the rest of my life!

"So…. Issei likes a girl's chest?"

"Yes! I love it! I absolutely adore it!"

"U fu fu, such honesty, then would you like to touch my chest?" Rias said as she pressed her own breasts with each other, creating a glorious sight of a cleavage, as though she was presenting them to him.

Yahoo! Oppai!

"I'll gladly do it!"

"Well then, can you listen to my request?"

"Of course."

"Tell me what you really are."

His excitement dampened as though he was splashed by a bucket of cold water in a winter morning. "Huh?"

"Tell me."

"I'm human…"

Rias sighed and stood up. She then went to a nearby desk to get her clothes.

"You still refuse to answer…," she said as she began to dress up.

"I'm telling you the truth, buchou."

"Very well, but you should come to the club room today, okay? You still have to continue being a temp if you want us to protect you from the Fallen Angels."

After she finished dressing up, she left.

Issei could not help but curse. Even though his day started out good, even managing to wake up beside a naked crimson haired woman, Rias poking on his privacy was irritating him. He felt as though he was tricked somehow, lured by their feminine sexual appeal. Just like with Yuuma.


He should have known that a girl asking him out was impossible, but his naïve mind never thought deeply of the situation, leading up to a series of events that kept clawing at his façade. Not that he was obsessed by normality, but he just wanted to have a peaceful life in high-school after the storm that was his middle-school. In addition, it was not time yet, and his reveal might break the teetering balance of the world.

Age of Gods… huh…

Issei sighed as he lied back on the bed, his head resting on his hands as he shifted his thoughts to more lucrative ones.

"The road to my success is still far," he mumbled while thinking about his dream of having his own harem and the long road to becoming a High-Class Devil, which was so far away since his prospective role in the so-called Rating Game was a Pawn.

Pawn, the role of the lowest, that was his supposed role after he becomes a Devil. Lured by protection from the Fallen Angels and the promise of a harem, he agreed on joining the club and even offered to be a temp just to stop them from bugging him. He didn't want to die repeatedly from the black winged race's hands, so such a choice was obvious. Even then, the Club President Rias and the Club Vice-president Akeno are beautiful. Koneko is also cute. In addition, even Yuuto, who he hated, is actually a nice guy. Moreover, in a way, he was quite enjoying the work as a Devil. However, things were turning sour… fast.

I should plan in an off chance that my true nature would be revealed, he thought. He then sat up and looked at the drifting clouds through a nearby window.

"But I hate to face her."

[Are you talking about your archenemy?]

"Hey, she's the only one thinking like that, and I never knew anything back then."

[Then maybe you should apologize.]

"I don't think she would even recognize me."

Scared of the chaotic confrontation that would result from a chance meeting with a certain someone, Issei jerked his head and then leaned on his one hand.

[So what are you going to do today? Your class is already starting.]

"Maybe I should sit out this day on the park again. I'm thinking too many depressing thoughts."

[You are returning to your old habit of missing human education.]

"Uh uh, of course not."

[Perhaps you only want to meet that girl.]

"Well, well, how did you know?"

[Why do you always mock me!]

"Heh." He could always count on Ddraig to lift up his spirit.


Just as he expected, it was a nice day, with the windy breeze and the fresh air blowing his worries away. He was sitting on a park bench, watching the clouds drift by, something that he always did since he was a child. As he thought deeply into it, the clouds did remind him of his past state of idleness.

"Ahhh, the fresh air is really something."

[You sound like an old man.]

"Shut up, Ddraig, I don't want people thinking I'm a creep."

[I think you are already late in that department.]

"Mommy, he's taking to his hand," a kid said as he pointed at Issei.

"Don't look at him in the eyes," his mother said, pulling him away.

"Thanks a lot Ddraig; you've just made my day worse."

[Hmph. Well what do we have here; your angel in a nun's habit is coming.]

"Ah, Issei-san!"

Just as Ddraig said, Asia was walking towards him with a cheerful face that would melt the coldest of hearts. At the welcome sight, Issei waved back.

"Oh, Asia."

"It's nice meeting you again, Issei-san."

"You too, so… why are you here?"

"Umm…. I actually wanted to meet you again, so I took a chance and came."

Moe! Super Moe! The thought that such a cute girl coming to a place just to meet him sent him aflutter, making him flush.

"A he he, me too."



Silence then fell between them, with no topic whatsoever to keep their conversation going. Well this is awkward.

They then heard the grumbling sounds of their hungry stomachs, reminding them that it was almost past lunch, making their faces red in embarrassment.

"How about we eat out? My treat of course."



They were in a local fast food joint, with Issei ordering a regular meal comprising of a burger, fries, and drinks. Since Asia wasn't familiar with the establishment, he ended up ordering the same meal set for her.

They sat near the transparent glass wall, the outside clamour visible from their vantage. In front of him, Asia was staring at her food as though she was seeing something foreign, while he was on the process of unwrapping his burger.

"Excuse me; are there any forks and knives around?"

"Ah, for this, you can eat it with your hands." He gestured at his burger, demonstrating to her how to eat the meat and bun combination.

"Wow! I'm shocked. Is that how you do it!?" Her eyes sparkled at the new knowledge.

Issei couldn't help but smile at her cute antics.

Asia then picked up her bag and placed it on the table, rummaging its insides as she looked for something. "Then I better wash my hands." She then took out a bottle of water, holy water to precise.

"Umm, Asia, are you sure about using that?"

"Umm, is it not allowed?"

"Not really, but there's something like wet wipes here, so maybe you could put it back, it would be a waste."

"Ah! Sorry!"

Issei handed her a piece of wet wipe, which Asia stared at curiously. She then carefully wiped her hands, childlike curiosity at her every movement. After she was done, she cheered like kid, happy of doing something new.

"Issei-san, look, my hands are now clean," she said as she waved her hands excitedly in front of him.

"Un, good for you, Asia."

"Then, now I should pray before the meal…. Lord…" Asia then began praying, praising the name of the Biblical God and thanking him of her food and more things. "Done, time to eat…"

"You're really religious aren't you?"

"Of course."

"I'm envious…." Envious that the Biblical God has someone like you worshiping him, while I have no one.

"How so?"

"Ah, forget about it. Why don't you take a bite?"


After she took a bite, her eyes glittered, clearly enjoying the treat. "Wow! Hamburgers are really tasty. I never knew."

Issei smiled at her innocence as she began to eat her food. Still, to think she never had a hamburger before, it made him think that she was from a country far from such things, or worse…

Regardless, she was now smiling, and that was something he was glad for.

"Issei-san," Asia said, breaking him from his thoughts, as she looked to her right through the transparent glass wall. "What's that place?" She pointed to an establishment he knew all too well.

"Ahh, that's a game centre…. Why don't we check it out?"


"Wah! Issei-san! It's Pikachu! There are a lot of them!" Asia squealed as she pressed her cute face on the transparent glass of a crane game full of plush toys.

"Do you want one?"

"Hau… N-no…"

"Ah, don't hold back, don't you like Pikachu?"

"Yes!... no… er…" Asia fidgeted; face red, as she stared at the toy longingly.

"All right! I'm going to get you one!"

After many repetitions, he managed to snag one, losing half of the money in his wallet, and in turn, his weekly allowance in the process. Nevertheless, the clear happiness welling up from the blond girl made it all worth it.

"Thank you very much! I'll take care of it forever!"

"A ha ha, something like that…" His heart skipped a bit thinking that a cute girl like Asia would treasure his simple gift… forever. Seeing her unadulterated joy, it made him want to please her more. "If you want more, I can help you grab them."

What the hell are you saying, me!?, he thought as he remembered his dwindling funds, but the smile on the cute girl's face was just irresistible, making him wanting to please her more. But I just can't say no to her.

"There's no need, this Pikachu-chan is the best present created due to our encounter today, a treasure that will make me remember this joyful day!"

Uwoaaaah! Is this happiness!? Issei thought while having a languid smile on his face, blushing at the girls honest thanks. She really is a pure girl… Wanting to see her smile more, he looked around to find anything that she might enjoy, and he was successful as at corner, he saw a photo booth.

"All right, that's next!" Issei said as he pointed at the particular booth with hearts in its name board.

"Huh?" Asia turned to towards where he was pointing. "What does that thing do?"

"A very good question, my dear Asia. When a couple is out on a date, going through there would make the event a hundred percent success! A sacred place that's cut off from the outside world, it's a place for lovers to increase their love points with each other, the ultimate memorial-like magical treasure box!" He ended up bragging, his voice almost sounding like a certain blue and white robotic cat from the future.

"L-lovers…'' She blushed, as she looked down, embarrassed, hugging her newly acquired plush toy.

"Ah, no! From normal friends to aged couples who will hold hands until they're last breaths, can all use it, anyone can use it," Issei said as he gestured his hands towards the photo booth in panic, blushing at the possibility of him being Asia's lovers.

"I-I would like to try it!"


"Very well, why don't you wait here while I get tokens for us to use, okay?"

The line was not long so he did not take much time, but even so, as he came back, he saw an outstanding sight.

"W-what happened to you, Asia?"

"Hau… some people changed my clothes…"

Asia was in a cat costume, wearing a headband with ears, her outfit consisted of a white blouse and red skirt ensemble with blue ribbons, with long red stockings on her white legs, reminiscent of a sailor uniform. Her long blond hair was also done up in a twin tail, making her innocent looks reach to another level in cuteness.

"Don't worry Asia. You look absolutely stunning in your current outfit."

"Umm… you really think so?"

"Of course."

"If Issei-san says so. Un." She nodded as she hid her flushed face.

"Don't worry; I'll get your original outfit after this."

"I believe you, Issei-san."

"Well then let's go!"

At first, she was shy, her eyes closed for almost half of the duration they were in the photo booth, but after she got over her shyness, curiosity took over and in no time at all, she began to enjoy the activity, even throwing cute poses and smiling at the camera like a regular girl.

Issei had to be honest; the day was tuning out to be the best day of his new life.


The sun was already setting when they managed to return to the park, the sky turning orange making Asia's blonde hair darker than it usually was.

"Ah… We played for too long…"

"Yes… it's getting exhausting, but I really enjoyed it, Issei-san."

"I'm glad, why don't we rest for a bit?"


As they sat on the bench, Issei remembered their last meeting, specifically Asia's use of her Sacred Gear. In curiosity, thinking that a bit of reveal of his knowledge of the supernatural wouldn't affect him in the near future, he asked, "Asia, that healing that you used, was that your Sacred Gear?"

Asia turned her head fast in surprise to face him, shocked at his sudden question. "You know about Sacred Gears, Issei-san?"

"A he he, a bit."

Reluctantly, she nodded, not breaking her vows as a sister by lying. "My Sacred Gear possesses the ability to heal, Twilight Healing."

"Why the sad face, you should be proud that you have such an amazing gift that could help others… unlike me…" Issei said, mumbling the last phrase.

Instead of making the girl happy, his words made her cry, tears falling from her eyes.


"Ah, I'm sorry," she said, rubbing her tears away.

"Umm, was it something that I said?"

"No, Issei-san did nothing wrong. It's just that sometimes I would think back… about my life," her eyes turned glassy as she began to tell him about her past, trusting him enough to tell him the story of her life. "You see, after I was born, my parents abandoned me… the orphanage of a church ended up raising me. I was eight when I awakened my Sacred Gear, healing a cat that the neighbouring kids beat. It was not long before the priest managing the church found about it, and thus, the church treated me as a saint and in turn worshipped. I healed many people, cured many sickness, so it was inevitable that rumours would spread everywhere that people would keep coming to the church seeking aid. The church guarded me heavily and treated me well. Don't get me wrong, Issei-san. Even if I was locked out from the outside world, I was happy. I was glad, since I could use my power to help others, thankful to the almighty God who blessed me with such gift. Still, I still felt lonely. "

Lonely for being alone, for being alienated, even if she was amidst the praises and shouts of love from the people she had helped.

"But one day, I met a mortally wounded Devil who was being hunted by an exorcist…"

It was a chance meeting, a single event that changed the course of her life, she said.

"I used my power to save that Devil."

A kind girl that never discriminates, a kind girl that would help anyone, even the ones labelled as enemies by her chosen faith.

"The Devil that I had saved killed the exorcist and fled."

Even if her help ended up hurting others, she will never regret it, for helping others is staying true to her beliefs.

"I committed a serious sin for helping a Devil."

A sin, a grievous sin that came from acting on her beliefs, thus, the faith betrayed her.

"The people that had called me a saint and worshipped me called me demon girl and I was expelled by the church. It was then that someone found me and took me in…. All this…"

Betrayed and driven away by the people she had believed, the people who said that they love her, the people who said that they care for her… and then found by another.

Asia looked up to the darkening sky, her tears reflecting the setting sun's scarce light. "I… have a dream…. To be able to go out with my friends…. To live normally…. To talk normally…. To experience things…. To be with friends.…"

A dream to live a normal happy life surrounded by people that she knows would never betray her, people who would never hurt her, people who would never hate her, people who would love her.

At such a tragic tale, Issei could not help but laugh at his situation. He laughed inwardly at his foolishness of acting as if he was the most unlucky guy in the world when there are many out there who are suffering, like the girl who was crying beside him. That was why he decided that he would do anything to make her happy, to be with her, to care for her, to be her friend.

Issei placed his hand on Asia's head and ruffled her hair. "Aren't I your friend?"

"Huh?" Asia looked up to him.

"We're already friends. We've went out together, chatted with each other, played together. We are friends. If you want to go shopping, I'll go with you. If you want someone to talk to, I'll be always be happy to oblige. If you want someone to be with you when you're down, just call me, and I'll be there." Issei gave her a smile, a smile that he hoped that would convey his thoughts to her.


It was supposed to be a happy ending, a happy day to be remembered by both of them. However, the memorable event was interrupted by a mocking voice Issei was very familiar with.

"Sweet words for a cherry boy."

"Yuuma-chan!?" Issei stood up, with Asia hugging his arm close to her.

There, at the top of the lamppost, proudly showing her black wings and wearing the same clothes she had worn during their date, was the Fallen Angel that tried to kill him.

"Hmm… How can you still be alive, even though you're just a human?" Yuuma asked, though not really interested basing from her mocking expression.

"Reynalle-sama…" Asia whimpered beside him.


What's going on?

Yuuma, now known as Reynalle, then flew from her perch and landed in front of them.

"Come Asia, let's go back. You still have work." She reached out her hand towards Asia, wearing the same lovable smile that she had showed him during their date.

Asia nodded as she let go of his hands.


"Sorry, Issei-san."

"What are you doing, Asia. You shouldn't go with her!"

"A ha ha, foolish cherry boy. You've been deceived again!" Reynalle laughed at him condescendingly with a sneer marring her beautiful face.

Deceived? Asia deceiving me? Issei could not believe it. He could not believe that a girl like Asia could do such a thing. However, his recent experience with Reynalle speaks otherwise, making doubt fester inside him.

"Asia!" Issei called out again.

However, Asia never answered as she stood near the Fallen Angel, looking down.

"Tch! What are you planning to do to her?"

"Pfft! A ha ha, you have really fallen for her! A ha ha, you know, I still remember that date of ours, it was stupid really, juvenile at most. Pathetic!"

"Don't bullshit with me!"

"Hmph, you should have ran when you had the chance." A light spear then appeared on her hand. "How about I kill you again?"

"Wait!" Asia held her hands, stopping her from throwing the light spear at him.

"Huh? What are you doing, Asia?"

"Please let him go, Reynalle-sama."

The light spear on her hand disappeared. "You're lucky, cherry boy. But next time I see you, you're dead." She then turned to Asia. "You shouldn't be lazing out today. Today's work will determine whether the ceremony will take place or not."


"Wait, Asia!" He reached out, but the doubt inside him made him waver to what action he should do.

"Goodbye, Issei-san."

At Asia's farewell, they left, with Reynalle carrying her, flying to their head quarters, to the church surrounded by the forest.


It was already dark when he came back to the Occult Research Club room to get his job for the day, confused and feeling down due to the events that had transpired at the park.

"Issei, what's wrong?" Rias asked a she passed a paper with the client's address.

"Nothing, buchou?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." He forced a smile and left.

Did Asia deceive me? No, she's not that kind of girl... Right?

However, who was he to barge into her life? A friend? And even then, he was now working for the Devils, the enemy of her chosen side. He would only bring trouble to her if they continued to meet. Still, the ceremony Reynalle said kept ringing in his mind, repeating, as thought the word itself was ominous.

This is what I want right? Protection?

Protection against the Fallen Angels, to maintain the status quo…

However, is it worth it?

He shook his head. He decided to check tomorrow by visiting the church and see if she's doing alright. For now, he must finish his temp work.

"The summoner this time… is this place?"

He was in front of another house of a residential district, a western house with two floors similar to his own.

"Hello, I'm a temp Devil that would grant your wish!"

There was no reply.

Impatient he entered the house. "Is there anyone here?"

As he opened the door, the smell of blood suddenly rushed to him, making him narrow his eyes. Warily, he walked the hallways, hearing a rhythmic sound as though someone was hammering on the wall. He then reached the living room…

What he saw shocked him to his very core.

"Very good, Asia-chan, you're learning!" a shrill voice came from a dark corner of the room.


Rhythmic, almost like music, a dead body was upside down on the wall like a cross, its entrails hanging and a large wooden stake stuck to its heart, blood spraying and flowing. In front of it was Asia, crying, her hands shaking, her teeth clattering, her eyes jaded and emotionless, and covered in blood, as she hammered large nails to the corpse on the wall. Every time she hammered down a nail, the ghastly, red liquid would spray on her once innocent face.

"Oh, what do we have here? A guest!"

"H-huh?" Asia turned, her jaded eyes turning to shock and then horror as she saw him staring at her. "N-no… No! Nooooo! Why are you here! No! Don't look at me! Don't look at me!" She hid her face as though she was a leper, her body shaking.

"A… sia…" He tried to reach out. But he can' even to lift his arm, the shock of seeing the once innocent girl hammering a corpse was too much for him, paralyzing him.

Asia stepped back, letting go the hammer and nails as they fell to the floor. "No! Why!? Why are you here!?" She then fell on her knees, using her blood stained veil to hide her face. "No—" She was screaming, but there was no voice, her face contorting to despair.

"Very good, the cry of a broken girl always turns me on!" A young man then spun and skipped towards him with a creepy smile on his face from a dark corner. With short white hair and red eyes, he was clearly priest as he was dressed in clerical clothing. "Thank you, guest, I was really in the pickle there since she was just crying, but your timely appearance really did the job. Who are you? Are you her friend, or her lover? Regardless, I give you my humblest thanks." He bowed towards him like a gentleman, then he suddenly looked up and leaped towards Issei to the point that their faces were just inches from each other, his disturbing smile, never disappearing. "I'm Freed Zelzan, glad to meet you, impetus to a girl's broken soul. A ha ha ha ha!"

"You! What are you doing with her!? What are you doing to Asia!"

"A ha ha ha, before I answer that, let me give an introduction first." He leaped back and bowed again. "I'm the last ranking member who belongs to an organization that hunts down Devils. Ah, just because I told you my name, it doesn't mean that you have to tell me yours. It's fine because you will die soon."

"Shut up, answer me!"

"Impatient are we!" He shrugged nonchalantly, never caring about the ghastly atmosphere around them.


"A ha ha ha, let me tell you the truth. She did everything by herself. From the slitting the throat of the sinner, gutting its entrails like a pig, the stake, the hammering, all done by her! I'm really proud, really. It brings a tear to my eyes when a member a church does God's work." He rubbed the tear the fell from his eyes with a finger.

"I don't believe you!"

"A ha ha, of course. I did some convincing, just a bit. Do you really think that there is a pure human? Every man has inherent selfishness in them, and Asia-chan is not an exception. Really, it only took a single threat to make her do this. You're that cherry boy Reynalle-sama was talking about, right?"

Realization came upon Issei as his eyes widened.

"Smart boy! A ha ha ha! It's because of you that she did this. It's because of you that she killed. It's because of you that she did something so horrible. It's you that broke her!" He pointed at Issei, accusing him of everything.

However, what's worse was that he was right. He was the cause… However, what was the chance that his next job was where they would do this? Was it planned?

Issei fell to his knees as he stared at Asia who was still kneeling near the corpse, still screaming, voiceless.

The disgusting priest spun in delight like a joker in a court, laughing. "A ha ha! This is fun! This is great! Marvellous!" Then he stopped. "However, the fun must end, Asia-chan, kill him."

Asia's silent screaming suddenly stopped, slowly standing up with the hammer and nails now on her hands. She then approached him, teetering left in right as though it was taking all of her power just to maintain her balance, her eyes covered by her blond hair stained in blood, whispering, "Why did you appear? Why are you here?" repeatedly. With her current state hampering her thoughts, not clearly thinking about her actions, she followed Freed's order.


She then threw a nail towards him, grazing his cheeks, the piece of metal pinning to the wall behind him.

"Asia! Wake up! It's me, Issei!"

"Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here? Why did you appear? Why are you here?"

Issei dodged the nails that she kept throwing them at him, rolling on the floor in some occasions. "Asia! Stop!"

"Why did you appear!? Why are you here!? Everything would have been alright! Why!? Why!? They said they won't kill you when I did it! They said they wouldn't hurt you when I did it! Why did you come!? You saw me!? You saw me!?"

As she ran out of nails to throw, she then hefted the hammer with both of her hands, waving it towards him. However, Issei caught it at its hilt, stopping its descent towards his head.

"Asia! Snap out of it!"

"Why did you come here!? Are you a Devil!? Are you an enemy of the church!? Why are you here!? You saw me!? You saw me!?" Tears were still flowing from her eyes, her face wearing an expression of horror and rage.

"Che! Useless girl!"

Asia was then kicked by the priest, launching her body to the wall.


"You should be happy that I stopped her, right?"

"You did this to her!"

"What a brat, you did! Don't deny it! Kindness can break people you know." He then backed away, walking to the prone body of Asia. "Like this." He then stepped on her face. "Like this, this is kindness, Kindness! Aaaaaameeeeen!"


"Oh, what are you going to do, naïve brat? Are you angry because I kicked this sweet little girl's face? Hmph, shitty humans getting angry!" He kicked again, drawing blood on Asia's lips.

"You shut your mouth now!" Issei poured power in his left hand, intent of blowing a hole through the crazy priest's body.

"Ohh I'm scared. A ha ha! Very well, it's high time that I kill you anyway. Arguing with ignorant humans like you pisses me off." He then opened his priest robe and pulled out a gun and a sword hilt, where a sword made of light appeared. "Chaching! Kaching! It's time for some gritty action and finish off a shitty cherry boy. Swish and swoosh! Break the world record of turning a body into Swiss cheese and the world record of turning you into dead shit!" He then leaped with the intent of making holes on Issei's body and cutting him in half. "Cha chan chan, dead or alive here I come!"

However, their clash never happened as Asia suddenly appeared in between them, the bullet hitting her in the shoulder while the light blade tore to her clothing.

"Woah there! Almost killed you!"



"A he he, are you so broken that you can't even tell who's who anymore?"

However, Asia ignored him and slowly turned to face Issei, her kind smile back on her pained and bloody face.

"Why… did you come… here… Issei-san?"

"I-I never knew."

"So it was fate…. Say… do you hate me… now?"

"No… I could never hate you…"

"I killed person …. I'm not the Asia that you knew anymore…"

"To me…you will always be the clumsy girl that I first met in the park…."

She reached out her hands, caressing his face, staining him with the blood on her hands. Nevertheless, he never cared of such trivialities as he stared at her loving face. "Thank you… Issei-san."

However, the priest, Freed, hit the back of her head with his gun, making her faint.

"Don't ignore me! Kih, I always hated pure types!"



"You bastard!" Issei was intent on killing the priest in front of him, but Yuuto and Koneko, who both suddenly appeared with the rest of the Occult Research Club behind him with the summoning pentagram illuminating on the floor, held him back, stopping him from delivering revenge. "Let go of me!"

"You're surprisingly stronger than I thought, much stronger," said Yuuto as he struggled to hold him, "But no."


"Ho ho ho, the Devils are here…. Time to skedaddle!" Freed then went to pick up Asia and threw a flash bang, blinding them. As they regained their sight, the priest was already gone.

"Why did you stop me!?" Issei turned to face the Devil, angry for stopping him.

"Listen Issei, if you fought with him, they would've captured you," Rias reasoned for Yuuto.


He was then slapped by Rias. "No buts, they would've known about your immortality if you did!"

He glared at them; his brown eyes shifting to red with his pupils turning to slits, making them stare at him in surprise. "You do not know me." He then began walking to exit the house.

"Stop, Issei!"

He never heeded Rias' call as his thoughts shifted to a single goal, to save Asia from the Fallen Angels.


They could only stare at the direction Issei left, leaving the group standing in the grisly room, surprised and confused about the current situation.

"What was that?" Yuuto asked, breaking the pervading silence.

"His eyes, it changed," Koneko said, confirming what Rias saw.

"Let's think about that later, so what are going to do?" Akeno said, worried about the young man that just left.

"It would affect the current relationship between the factions if we help him," Rias said as she contemplated about her next move.

"Even so… I'm worried about him. Even if he could survive grievous wound, I don't think he could win against the Fallen Angels."

"What are we going to do, president?" Yuuto asked again, but from his stance, it was obvious that he was intent of helping Issei regardless of what she says.

"Let's go, we promised that we would protect him against the Fallen Angels."

Akeno, Yuuto and Koneko nodded at her decision.

"We could still stop him, their base is still far," Yuuto said.

"He's already gone," Koneko said.


"I don't know what he did, but he just disappeared. I can't sense him anymore."

"Well, that's that, let's get ready first." Rias then gestured her hand as the Gremory clan symbol appeared on the floor, a summoning circle that would return them to the Occult Research Clun room to prepare for an impending clash with the Fallen Angels and their followers.


Issei was in the same place where he left Asia the other day, where a paved road leads to the church. As he took his first step, he heard the flapping of wings. He then saw three Fallen Angels on the air in front of him.

"Hmm, I never believed Reynalle-sama, but you did survive, boy," the man in trench coat said. He was a middle-aged-looking gentleman with short black hair and dark blue eyes with an outfit consisting of a pale violet trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and a black fedora. He was also the same Fallen Angel that attacked him the day after Reynalle's attempt of killing him. "Is it your Devil master's doing?"

"Is he that boy that Reynalle-sama played date with?" a girl with blonde hair styled in twin short side ponytails and blue eyes, said. She was wearing a Gothic Lolita outfit, which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She was also wearing a large black bow on top of her hair.

"Like a cockroach, after you crushed it once or twice, it would still be scurrying," a tall and buxom woman with long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye and brown eyes, said. Her outfit consisted of a violet, trench coat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trench coat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She was also wearing a gold necklace around her neck.

The two female Fallen Angels would've excited him normally, but his thoughts were in a different course, his mind only intent of saving Asia before he was too late.

"Please… get out of my way."

"Uwaa, you hear that, Kalawarner? He's telling us that we should get out of his way?" the blond girl said, sneering at Issei.

"It's just the foolishness of a human, Mittelt. How about you, Dohnaseek? what do you think?" the buxom woman said as she turned to ask to only male of the threesome.

"Pathetic. I don't know how you survive our last encounter, but just because you lived through that, you think could tell us what to do, boy?"

"Please… get out of the way or… I'll kill you."

The three Fallen Angels only laughed at his plea.

"A ha ha, what the hell is wrong with you? Have you gone crazy due to Reynalle-sama's deception?"

"Foolish human, as if someone like you could even wound us."

"Arrogance born from survival perhaps."

"I don't have time."

Anger then crept up on the three Fallen Angel's faces as they formed light spears on their hands.

"You dare insult us! Die!"

However, their attacks hit nothing but the ground as Issei leaped to a tree and used it as a boost to get behind Mittelt, kicking her in the head, the force launching her to the ground.

"Mittelt! You!"

Issei then landed and faced the still flying two. "Please, get out of my way, this is my last warning."

"Die!" They launched their light spears again at him.

"Very well, Ddraig, Level 1."

[First Seal Liberation: Dragon Booster Form!]

He could feel the unravelling of the first of his self-imposed seals, seals to hide his full power from everyone and maintain the delicate balance in the world, as red light came out from him, disintegrating the light spears and blinding his enemies, stopping them from their attacks. As the light subsided, a dragon-like gauntlet with a green gem appeared covering the majority of his left arm.

[Dragon Boost!]

Red light again formed from his gauntlet as he felt the surge of power that he himself sealed, miniscule in comparison to its entirety, doubling his current capabilities.

It was the original function and appearance of Boosted Gear. However, as it became his Sacred Gear, it mutated, which instead of doubling his power every ten seconds, he could double his power anytime he wishes without time limit, though he could only do it ten times before he hits the second seal.

Then again, he only needs a single boost to accomplish his current goals.

[Dragon Explosion!]

Issei then leaped, seemingly disappearing from his opponent's eyes, and reappeared behind Kalawarner, piercing her with his gauntleted hand through her chest. Some of the blood splattered on his face, making an eerie combination with his sharp, red eyes, as her heart kept beating on his gauntleted hands.

"H…how?" she said as she puked blood.

"Die," Issei said coldly as he crushed her heart. He then threw her lifeless to the ground as though he throwing trash.

Mittelt was shocked from her prone position, disbelief and fear clear on her face, while Dohnaseek was wide-eyed, petrified at the sudden death of his companion, but he shook himself and yelled, "You! How dare—"

However, before he could even finish, Issei again disappeared, leaping to a tree and using it as a boost to jump, reappearing above the male Fallen Angel. Issei then spun vertically and did an axe kick, launching the man to the ground. Issei then landed beside him and leaped again, several meters higher than the height where the Fallen Angels had mocked him, and then fell feet first on the male Fallen Angel's head, smashing it into bloody bits as his body jerked before it settled down lifelessly, blowing away dirt, rocks, and pieces of concrete. What remained after the attack was a large hole where the headless body of Dohnaseek lay lifelessly in the centre.

"Kalawarner! Dohnaseek!" the blond Fallen Angel, who was silent since the start of the massacre, finally shouted, slowly standing from the attack she received earlier, her legs wobbling, fear ruling her tear stricken face.

Noticing the last member of the Fallen Angel trio, Issei began to approach her. "You, do you still wish to go against me?"

"…." Due to fear, the girl in front of him can't even talk. He could even smell the pungent scent of urine coming from her as the ground beneath her became wet.

At that, he decided to bestow mercy upon her and ignored her, continuing his walk towards the church as he heard her fall to the ground, mewling.

As he opened the door, he saw the fallen priest Freed on the altar, praying to an inverted cross.

"Where is she?" Issei asked making the priest stand up and turn flamboyantly to face him.

"Oh, if it isn't cherry boy. How did you manage to pass through those three Fallen Angels? Hmm, no matter, how about we enjoy ourselves?" He then leaped from his position, guns blazing, as he threw his light sword towards Issei.

Issei caught the sword, the light blade disappearing, while the bullets just hit him all over his body. As he threw the sword hilt, red fluorescent powder came out of the holes in his body, regenerating.

"Oyah! You took them like their nothing, what happened? Did you get a power up because of the power of love? A ha ha ha, Too late! Reynalle-sama had already started the ceremony. Too ba—"

However, before Freed could finish, he punched him in the stomach, blowing a hole through it. "You talk too much."

Freed threw up blood. "Hiihhh! What kind of fucked up power-up is this…? Talk about unfair…." He then fell on the floor in a bloody mess.

He then searched around the church and saw a door on the floor where the priest was kneeling earlier.


As Rias and the rest of the club appeared from the summoning circle, they witnessed an unbelievable scene, a single Fallen Angel, staring at nothing while she was curled up in a fetal position on the wet ground, traumatized, as blood and black feathers were everywhere. They also saw a headless body on large hole on the ground just a few meters from the blonde Fallen Angel while on a far corner was a heartless body of female Fallen Angel, horror stuck on her face.

"What happened here?" Yuuto asked.

"How about we ask her?" Rias said as she neared the only living Fallen Angel in the vicinity. "Hey, what happened?"

"Hie! Don't! Stop! Please don't kill me!" the blonde Fallen Angel squirmed away, crawling on the ground pitifully.

"She's too scared to even answer coherently, president," Akeno said as he stared coldly at the Fallen Angel. "Who do you think did this?"

"Issei Hyoudou…" Koneko answered, seemingly unaffected by the ghastly scene.

"Regardless if he did this or not, we will know when we get there," Rias said as she urged her companions to enter the church with her.


It was an underground complex, large enough to house the church's full capacity. Followers of the Fallen Angels where everywhere, wearing the same ensemble as the crazy priest, glaring at him, while several meters in front of him was a crucified Asia, wearing only a negligee, and beside her was Reynalle, wearing only a white piece of cloth. The precious blonde girl was nailed on the large wooden cross as she continued to bleed profusely from the wounds on her hands and feet.

"Asia!" He called out, hoping that he was not too late, as the followers surrounded him, readying their respective weapons.

"Hmm, you managed to get pass all of them, impressive if I might say. But too late, I already have the girl's Sacred Gear." Reynalle sneered as she showed him two silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring. She then pressed it on her chest, taking the power for her own. "Ahh, this is the power that I have been wanting for so long. With this, then I will be loved. With this, I'll be able to make those who made fun of me eat their words!"

Too late… I'm too late…

"Asia!" He yelled as glared at the followers. "Get out of my way!"

"Let him pass." At Reynalle's orders, the followers made way for him.

Issei walked pass the multitude of the Fallen Angel's servants, staggering, as he already knew the effects of the removal of a Sacred Gear. He reached out to Asia, caressing her beautiful face, making her wake up. "Asia…."

"Issei-san, you came…" She smiled at him, masking the pain she was feeling from the crucifixion and the loss of her Sacred Gear.

"I'm sorry… I can't save you."

I'm sorry… I was too late… I'm useless…

"I should be the one saying sorry, I tried to kill…"

"No… it's all my fault."

If only you haven't met me, you might not have suffered this much…

"Don't blame yourself… I enjoyed our time together…. I'll treasure it even on the other side."

"…." I'm sorry…

"Please don't be sad…. Smile for me…."

And Issei smiled, with his bloody face, he smiled, granting the wish of the tragic girl in front of him. I'm sorry… Asia…

"Thank… you… Issei…"

Asia then closed her eyes, her heart stopping its life-giving beat.

Asia was dead, and he can't do anything about it.

So Issei cried, his howl echoing all over the underground complex, wailing for the loss... falling to his knees before the crucified body of Asia, rocking back and forth.

"Sheesh, I think I'm going to puke from all the drama," Reynalle mocked behind him.

"Asia! Asia!"

"Stop calling out her name! Can't you see she's already dead?"

"Asia… Asia…!"

"Aghh! You guys, kill him, I don't want to hear his cries anymore." Reynalle ordered as she walked away.

The followers of the Fallen Angel tried to approach him, but before they could even take a single step, several red lights began to form around Issei, spinning around him. Issei then launched the balls of red light towards them, bursting as they hit their targets, making the underground complex rain in pieces of meat, innards, and blood. Reynalle could only turn and stare in shock at Issei, covered by her followers' gruesome remains.

Issei stood from his prone position. He then took the nails on Asia's hands and feet and then gently laid down her body. "I know that even if I killed all the Fallen Angels and their followers in this world, I can't bring back Asia's life. I also know that senseless killing is not only stupid but also a waste of time…. Still… I'm only a person... I want revenge."

Reynalle was shaking from her position, clearly realizing the gap of power in-between them.

"Even those that I killed above, they are all useless, senseless. But…" He turned and slowly approached Reynalle, his hair red, wet from the rain of blood, the floor cracking on his every step. "I can't forgive this." He then leaped towards her, disappearing and reappearing in front of Reynalle, and tore off her black wings, making her scream.

Reynalle fell on the floor, rolling in pain as blood sprayed from her back, the green light appearing to heal her. Then she stopped as Issei landed beside her. He then took a scruff of her hair and dragged her, while Reynalle kept screaming profanities, jerking herself violently to get out of his hold. As they reached the cross, he hefted the struggling Reynalle's on it, slamming her head on the wood.

Realization came upon Reynalle's face, knowing what he was going to do with her. "Please… have you forgotten already about our date, our time together, Ise?" she said while giving him the same lovable look that she gave him during her confession, the same lovable voice that charmed him.

As he remembered their time together, he let her go, a tear falling from his eyes. "I really liked you Yuuma-chan. I still think that the day we spent together was priceless."

However, Reynalle was obviously not listening, grinning at the chance to attack as she formed two light spears, one in each hand.

Seeing this, he hefted her again by her neck with his gauntleted hand and pressed her head in the wooden cross, restraining her. "But... Your deception hurt me more than your light spear that pierced though my heart… And now, you're doing it again…" He then lifted his other hand and pressed a finger to her forehead. "Worse, you killed Asia… You toyed with an innocent girl's life…. It may be my fault that she… but… I can't forgive you… That's why I'm going to give you an agonizing and slow death." His finger then elongated, turning red and scaly, getting more dragon-like in appearance as time passes, digging through Reynalle's skull slowly, making her scream and lash out in pain, her face stricken in horror from the certain and slow death as she released her body fluids, until it passed through the back of her skull.

He then threw her like a ragged doll and went to pick up Asia's body.


Rias had seen a lot in her life as a High-Class Devil, but the grisly death of the priest was just horrid. Seeing a hole in man's stomach where what remains of his innards coming out was just too much. Yes, she was guilty of killing, but she would always make the deaths of her enemies abrupt and painless, and even at times that she would do otherwise, it wasn't as horrifying as what she was seeing.

What are you, Issei? Rias couldn't help but ask herself.

"Hey, there's a door here." Yuuto called out up on the dais as he hefted the wooden door on the floor, opening path to what looked like an underground chamber.

As they entered the door, walking through the narrow path leading to the underground chamber, the strong and sweet smell of blood assaulted their noses, making Koneko teary-eyed from the revolting stench.

As they reached the other end of the path, they saw a sight that they would never forget for the rest of their long lives. There was blood everywhere, almost as though the said liquid flooded the entirety of the chamber. She then saw Issei, near the altar, kneeling on a girl's body, crying.

"Issei!" Rias called as they approached him.

"Buchou." Issei picked up the body and then turned towards them; hope welling up on his despaired face. He was covered in blood, his eyes hidden by his messy hair. It was as though he was crying in blood as the tears flowed on his bloody face. Rias, for a moment, even thought that he was more of a Devil than they were at that point. "Please, reincarnate her."

His pathetic and grisly state broke her heart.

"I beg of you." He kneeled in front of her and then laid the blonde girl's body on the floor, genuflecting, begging. "I'll do anything… please… save her. I'll tell you any—"

She embraced him before he could finish, rubbing his back to calm him. "Shhh, I don't need anything from you that I already have given… Just stay with us… that is enough…. Do not worry… I'll reincarnate her into a Devil."

Issei only cried louder, embracing her back.


They were now out of the underground chamber, inside the church, with Asia's body lying on a pew.

"Issei, do you have Asia's Sacred Gear?" Rias asked as she began to draw a complicated symbol on the floor.

"Yes." Issei showed Asia's Sacred Gear to Rias.

"Two rings…? Why don't you put it on her?"

Issei did as instructed and inserted both rings to her ring finger. "Umm… what's next?"

"Bring her body here." Rias stood up as she finished drawing.

As Issei laid Asia's body in the middle of the symbol on the floor, Rias began one of her explanations while she showed him a Bishop piece. "As you can see, this is a Bishop piece. I know it's a bit late for explaining this, but for Devils holding a title of nobility, such as a King, the number of pieces they can have is: eight for Pawn, two for Rook and Bishop, and one for Queen, in total of fifteen pieces." Rias then turned to face Asia's body. "The Bishop's power is to follow its family. I can use this girl's restoration power as a Bishop. It's unheard of, but I'll try reincarnating this sister as a Devil." Then she began to chant. "I command thee, Asia Argento, on my name, Rias Gremory, become my servant and once more return thy soul to this land and become a Devil." Wind then began blowing as light coalesced above Asia, the piece floating towards her. "Thou shall lead a new life with great joy as my Bishop!" As the Bishop piece entered Asia's body through her chest, the wounds on her hand and feet disappeared, returning to their initial flawless state.

"Mhm…" Slowly, giving much joy to Issei, Asia opened her eyes. "…Huh? I…"

"Humu. It's a success." Rias nodded to herself, proud of her work, as Issei slowly approached Asia.


"…Asia… Asia." He then embraced her, crying tears of joy at such a blessing.


"…I'm glad you're alive…"

"Yes…" Asia embraced him back, her warmth enveloping him.


It was the morning after the incident with the Fallen Angels in the church, back to the familiar peaceful daily life. As he entered the Occult Research Club room, he greeted Rias, who was in a couch sipping his morning coffee.

"Good Morning."


Issei then sat in a couch in front of her. "…Um, It's been bothering me, but Evil Pieces have a total of fifteen pieces. There are eight Pawns, so when I become a Devil, there'll be other Pawns besides me, right?"

"Hmm… maybe… But I doubt it." Rias placed her cup of coffee on the table in front.


"I don't plan on having Pawns other than you, Issei."

"Really?" Somehow the thought of him being the only pawn for her made him feel good, made him feel special. Maybe she likes me… Nah.

"I doubt even eight Pawn Mutation Pieces would even be enough for you."

"A he he, you're overestimating me." He scratched the back of his head, messing his brown hair, acting as though what Rias said were words of encouragement. Then again, she was right, even if he was given eight King Mutation pieces; he doubts it could even turn him into a Devil.

"So humble…." From the looks of it, his act was wasted. "Anyway, in order to reincarnate humans as Devils, you need Evil Pieces. But depending upon the abilities of the person, you may have to consume more than the normal amount. In the world of chess, there's an adage like this, 'The value of a Queen is worth nine Pawns, the value of the Rook is five pawns, and Knights and Bishops are worth three pawns.' Similarly, depending upon the value of the person being reincarnated, the amount of pieces that is consumed varies. Since you can't put different types of pieces in a single person, the pieces that you can use are limited, and also, the pieces consumed can't come back so you have to be prudent when using the pieces. In your case, you have so much potential that normal Evil Pieces can't reincarnate you."

"No, buchou, no Evil Piece, even Mutation Piece, can reincarnate me to a Devil."

"You say that, but you don't even tell me the reason… Say, how did you manage to defeat all the Fallen Angels yesterday, even their followers were not spared."

"Umm… luck?"

Whether she got angry of his obvious lie or not, she never showed it as she changed the subject. "Hmm… Just the other day, I managed to figure out what your Sacred Gear really is."


"Its Boosted Gear isn't it?"


Rias Gremory was sharp, dangerously sharp in his opinion. However, before he could even answer, Rias gestured to stop him.

"You don't have to answer. I know I'm right seeing that expression from your face. Boosted Gear, the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet that had the spirit of the Welsh Dragon sealed inside it… one of the thirteen Longinus capable of killing the Biblical God, with the ability of doubling your power every ten seconds. And from the little bit that I saw about your physical prowess and your seeming immortality, your potential is close to that of a God's, maybe even surpassing them if developed more. I'm really lucky to have you, Issei." Rias then reached and took his face in between her soft hands. "That's why…" She then neared his face, "this is a good luck charm," and kissed his forehead. "Whether you turn to a Devil or not, we'll know in the near future, for now, just sit tight and continue your work as a temp Devil."

Just my forehead… but it's still the best!

Still, what she said is only the fraction of what the Boosted Gear had become and Issei hopes that she and in extension, everyone, won't find out its new and true purpose.

"That's all for now, if I don't stop, I'll be envied by the new member."

Huh? Others?


"Asia?" As he turned, he saw Asia near the door, her hands behind her back.

"I-I see, since Rias-buchou is pretty, that's why Issei san is all over her. Muh, not good, I can't think of such things. Ah, oh lord, please forgive my sinful heart. Pyah!" Even though she was hurt praying since she is a Devil now, she never removed her hands behind her back.

"Asia… what are you hiding?"

Asia then showed what she was holding behind her back, a larger than normal hammer in one hand and several large nails in between her fingers in the other. "Ah, I'm sorry, for a second I wanted to hammer this nails into you…" For moment, Issei saw a dark and creepy look in her eyes as she smiled, making him shiver.

"U fu fu, it seemed our new member is quite a character," Rias said, backing away from him.

Asia tuned into a yandere!

"Muu, so I became a Devil. I can't face God anymore…" Like a magic trick, her grisly utensils disappeared, any sign of her sudden change of persona all gone.

"Do you regret it?" Rias asked, concerned.

"No. No matter what form I take, if I can be with Issei-san like this, then I can be happy. Thank you very much…." Asia gratefully bowed to Rias.

"Eh… eh…" Issei couldn't help but blush at what Asia said, fidgeting a bit like a little girl that first found her romance. However, the happy feeling didn't last long as the creepy look in Asia's eyes returned.

"Forever and ever and ever and ever…" Asia began to chant as she rubbed the suddenly reappearing hammer to her cheeks.

However, Rias ignored the behaviour from Asia and said, "I see… If that's the case, then it's fine. From today onwards, you'll also be working as my servant."

Again, like magic, the hammer disappeared, her eyes back to their usual innocent shimmer. "Yes! I'll do my best!"

Scary… Asia has become scary…, he thought as he witnessed the sudden shifts in Asia's behaviour. A remnant of the events related to the Fallen Angels. Nevertheless, he was glad the she was alive, and even if there were wounds left in her, emotional wound forever changing her, he hopes that as time passes, they would heal, with him beside her.

As he was deep in his thoughts, he noticed that the blonde sister turned Devil was wearing something different from her usual nun's habit.

"By the way, Asia, that uniform…"

"Does it look good?" Asia spun, presenting her newly acquired uniform. She was wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' uniform, albeit with a black sweater vest over her dress shirt in place of the cape and corset.

"It's great! It's awesome! It's marvellous! Let's take a picture as a keepsake!" Issei cheered, forgetting his worries, as he ogled at Asia.

"Keepsake? Auuu…" Asia blushed and nodded.

We should visit the game centre later, he thought deciding that another visit to the memorable place would make Asia happy.

"Asia is also going to attend this school. Since she looks the same age as you, she's a second year. I also made arrangements to have her in the same class as you. Issei, take care of her," Rias said as she sat back on the couch, smiling at their actions.

"Is it all right? In my class?" He couldn't believe it, a cute girl that he knows will be his classmate. It would definitely make his lacklustre school hours much more meaningful.

"I'll be under your care, Issei-san." Asia clumsily bowed at him, showing a grateful smile.

"I'll introduce you to my bad companions later on as well."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it."

Fu fu fu, I can see Matsuda and Motohama's faces full of resentment now, he thought thinking of bragging his friendship with Asia to his two perverted friends.

"Good morning, buchou, Issei-kun, Asia-san."

"Good morning, buchou, Issei-senpai, Asia-senpai."

"Good day to you, buchou, Issei-kun, Asia-chan."

Yuuto, Koneko, and Akeno greeted them as they entered the clubroom, making Asia panic a bit.

"G-good morning!" She greeted back at the newcomers.

"Well then, everyone's gathered. So let's start a party." With a snap of a finger from Rias, a strawberry cake, plates, and other tea party necessities appeared on the table. "It's good to do things like this every once in awhile when everyone is here in the morning, isn't it? And since a new club member had joined and I wanted to bake a cake, let's eat it together."

And thus, a party started. However, Issei can't help but notice the depressed look on Rias' face.


Inside a particular mansion in the Underworld, Ravel Phenex was making tea. The youngest sibling of the Phenex Clan, she is a young girl with blonde hair and dark blue eyes with her hair was tied in twin ponytails with large, drill-like curls, with blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair had several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. She was also wearing a long, pink dress with white frills and a magenta bow in the front.

Near the window was her brother, Riser Phenex, seemingly contemplating of something. The third son of the Phenex clan, he is a man in his early 20's with short yellow hair and dark blue eyes who was wearing a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer was a white dress shirt that was not fully buttoned, tacky in her opinion, giving a slight view to his chest.

"Onii-sama, I have prepared the tea."

"Ravel, huh?" His brother said while he gazed upon a picture of his fiancée, the only daughter of the Gremory Household and the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess, Rias Gremory.

"Are the preparations for the ceremony going well?" she asked, curious of the upcoming wedding reception.

"… Heh… Like there will be any problems."


Author's Notes

Well here's the final chapter of the Asia Arc and the first half of Arc 1. This chapter serves as a window to how different Issei is to his canon counterpart. You might think that he was too violent, but with all the crap the he, and more importantly, Asia, had experienced from the Fallen Angels, his anger went cold and made him go Revenge Mode. To those that are curious, Issei being like this won't be happening again any sooner unless I could think of something that could warrant such behaviour from him. Just know this, his morality is only recently gained due to him living a normal human's life, but he could revert back to a higher-than-thou mentality if he reaches boiling point. Also, Asia will also be different form canon, as she will be a broken girl that is much more dependent to Issei. Moreover, to show this change, I think that her shifting sometimes to yandere mode (well not really yandere yandere but I hope you get the point) would be perfect, with the hammer and nails and all that. I'll also probably changing some traits for other prominent characters, especially with Issei's harem, and with reason of course, but for now, I'll still think through it and the events that would lead to such a change. I hope that you enjoyed his chapter.

To those that are confused about The Great Red and Ddraig, here's what I think. The Great Red is a different entity from Red Dragon Emperor, with the Great Red as the True Dragon and the Dragon of Dragons, and in this story, an Elder God (Note that Elder Gods are very different from the Outer Gods, sort of like Good and Evil, respectively.) while Ddraig is one of the two Heavenly Dragons. In addition, in concern with Ophis, no, she is not an Outer God, more like another Elder God. In addition, the only Dragon God is Ophis, I never specifically stated that Great Red, and in extension, Issei, as a Dragon God, as he is the True Dragon. I know, it's a bit confusing, but basically, Ophis and Great Red have a classification on their own, Dragon God and True Dragon respectively.

To those that seem to find Issei characterization that make him seem weak which contradicts with the gory parts... well... bad, it is intentional. I want him to sound weak, and I want him to sound stupid, even if the truth is otherwise, to show that even if he was the Great Red and a God, he is still prone to mistakes like a regular person. He isn't a genius, or a battle maniac, he's just a guy that likes porn that was somehow pulled into supernatural stuff beyond his control with some hidden OP abilities. You might think that, 'Hey, that doesn't make sense! He should be cold and lone-wolf-like!', but here's my answer: If I wanted to write a story about an overpowered character with cold personality like that Gary Stu in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, then I shouldn't have chosen Highschool DxD. I'll be honest, I don't feel like writing such a character as they are already overdone in this site. Then again, I can't please everyone.

Now to those who are curious whether Nyarlathotep will appear in this fic, maybe… But his first appearance would be in my other fic, Normal.

Oh, and before I forget, Boosted Gear would also be very different from canon… well that's all I can reveal for now…

I think that's all. Again, thank you for all the reviews, the follows, and the favs as they encourage me to write more. I also welcome any reviews. Thank you for reading and good day.