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Chapter 1: The Plan

Obama just looked at me with terror on his face. I told him that Wolf would arrive in a matter of minutes; this scared me just as much as him. Knowing about Wolf's technology, I could instantly tell that we would have difficulty winning this. Earth was not advanced in weaponry for offense or defense, the most we had were nukes.

Obama and I stayed silent for a few moments. I broke the silence, "Sir, I suggest you get to a bunker immediately. Are the military forces spread out across America?" I asked him.

Obama shook his head as if to get out of the trance he was in, "Yes, the entire military, navy, marines, army, seals, air force, etc. have been spread evenly across America. We have also stopped fighting the other countries; turns out they would rather work together than die for no reason."

I sighed with relief, "Thank God. I had serious doubts about making peace."

Obama looked at me, "We aren't at peace; we just agreed to work together in order to save our species."

I was little disappointed to hear this, but was still relieved, "That's good enough."

"How long is it till your team arrives?" Obama asked.

I shook my head slowly, "I'm not sure; I don't even know why they went to Corneria."

Obama pointed to my wrist communicator, "Can you contact them?"

I looked down at the communicator, "Maybe; I've tried calling from long distances on this."

I scrolled through the list of contacts and tapped on Fox's. A small blue haze appeared over my wrist, in it was small text saying 'contacting Fox McCloud'. After a few seconds passed, he answered. The connection was choppy, but it worked.

"Fox, where are you? Wolf is going to arrive any second now." I said.

Fox's image kept frizzing up, "We're…n our way…eeded to get…ox. Have you warne…vilians?"

I was just barely able to make out what he had said to me, "Um… yeah, I was able to warn everyone."

Just then, a T.V, that was on, nearby started to beep. It played two small beeps, then a long one. I looked over at it; it showed the emergency broadcast systems logo on it. Above the logo was the words 'emergency'.

"We have just received word that the invasion, mentioned yesterday by Star Fox pilot Kevin Michelson, has begun ahead of schedule. Please make your way to the nearest bunker in a safe and calm manner. We are unsure of the estimated time of arrival of this fleet, but we do know that everyone must get to safety." A voice on the T.V said.

I lowered my head, "I can't believe I let this happen." I said quietly.

Obama looked over at me, "What was that?" he asked.

I quickly looked back up, "Nothing, I was just saying that you should get to safety immediately. I have to get back to my ship."

Obama nodded his head, "Okay." He said. "When your team arrives, head towards Area 51 in Nevada. The Generals of the military have met there and will show your team our plan of attack."

I nodded, "Yes sir."

With that, I walked out of the room and back towards the front of the building. As I entered the main room, I crowd of men wearing black passed by me. I assumed they were here to escort the President. I walked out of the building and started to run towards my Arwing. I entered and opened a communications line with the rest of the team.

"Fox here" a voice said as pictures of the team appeared on my HUD.

"How far out are you guys?" I asked.

"We are about to arri…" Fox said as he stopped talking, "Never mind, we just exited warp."

I smiled, "Great, I'm sending you the coordinates to a base we are supposed to meet at. It's towards the right middle of the large triangle like land mass: North America. Oh, and I'm also sending you data on Earth; locations, land mass names, etc."

Falco looked confused, "These coordinates are showing that we need to go to a place named Area 51. I thought we were going to a base."

I laughed, "We are, the base is just called Area 51 to give it some form of secrecy."

Falco slouched, "Oh"

Fox spoke up, "Why are we heading there?"

"Ah, that is because my people have come up with a plan of attack. I don't know how it goes, so just be ready for the information they will give you. It's crucial that we follow what they say." I said.

"Why's that?" Krystal asked.

I looked at her picture, "Because we need their trust; I may be a human, but I don't think they trust us 100%."

"Alright, we'll see you there." Fox said.

I cut the transmission and started the engines. Once they were at full power, I hovered into the air and blasted off into the sky. I climbed to good altitude far above commercial airline paths and pushed the thrusters to full power. I almost instantly accelerated to speeds five times the speed of sound. Once I reached the appropriate speed, I banked hard to the left about 180 degrees and maintained a straight course. I was on my way to Nevada.

I looked down at the screen in front of me and typed a few things. I adjusted the G-Diffusers because I was in slightly different gravity than on the surface, I also calculated the time it takes for a fleet to warp. I entered the amount of ships and what class they were and I input their starting and ending locations. Once I entered the info the computer went to work on calculating it.

"ETA for Earth is approximately twenty minutes." The computer said.

I spoke to myself, "Good, that gives us time to set up whatever America has planned."

I continued on my current course until I was mere miles away from the base. When I was in range, I decelerated quickly to about 150 mph and pushed down to lower altitudes. Once I broke through the clouds, the HUD projected an image in my line of sight. The image showed a small highlighted building off in the distance. It was Area 51. I passed over the mountains; this revealed a much bigger area that was slightly populated with buildings and open areas.

As I neared the large area, two jets seemed to appear out of nowhere. They both leveled up next to me. I looked at the pilots, who in turn looked back at me. I smiled and waved at them; they waved back as well.

I shrugged hoping to see if they would understand what I meant. I needed to know what building I was going to. They just looked at me.

Frustrated, I spoke to the computer, "Computer, find the frequency that the fighter jet pilots are using." I said.

"Confirmed, frequency found. Patching through now." The computer said.

I looked at the pilot towards my left, "Hi there, you mind telling me where I need to go?"

The pilot replied, "Um… I don't think you're supposed to be here kid."

I chuckled, "I don't think they told you, but, I'm supposed to be here. As you can see, I am piloting a very advanced machine that would most likely eliminate yours in a second."

The pilot continued to look at me, "What does that mean?"

"How can I contact the generals? They're waiting for me and my team." I said.

The second pilot spoke, "Team? There's more?"

"Of course; I probably shouldn't tell you, but, they aren't humans. I am, but the other aren't." I said.

Suddenly a gruff voice spoke, "Lieutenant John, Lieutenant Jones, what the hell are you two doing?"

"General Reyes, we were sent to intercept this unknown craft." The first pilot replied.

I spoke up, "Yes sir, it appears they have no idea why I am here."

"That is none of their concern. Lieutenant John and Jones, break off immediately." General Reyes demanded.

"Yes sir." The two said in sync.

The General then spoke to me, "Mr. Michelson, land near hangar B. We'll be waiting there."

"Yes sir." I said with respect.

I looked for the small hangar that the general had directed me to find. I found it and flew towards it at low speeds. Once I neared it, I switched into hover and landed right next to the building. Before I stepped out, I felt that it would be a good idea to hide my identity, so I activated my helmet before I exited.

I jumped out of the Arwing and looked towards the building. The large doors slowly slid open, revealing a large number of men dressed in uniforms. They walked out and formed two parallel lines that led towards me. At the other end were several men in uniforms. I slowly started to walk down the middle of the two lines. The men all stared at me as I walked down; I just stared back at a few of them.

Once I reached the men, one outstretched his arm. I grabbed it and shook his hand firmly.

"It is an honor to meet you Mr. Michelson. I am General Johnson." Johnson said.

"My name is General Reyes, we've meet before." Reyes said as he outstretched his hand.

"Ah yes, when I made first contact with my teams leader." I replied.

Another man stepped up, "My name is Commander Brooks."

I shook hands with the rest of the generals and the commander.

I nodded, "It's a pleasure to meet you all." The mask altered my voice slightly, further concealing my identity.

Commander Brooks spoke up, "It's a good thing you're wearing that mask. It would be pretty difficult keeping your identity from all of these men."

"You mean they can't see my face?" I asked.

"Precisely" Brooks replied.

I shook my head slowly, "This military has some weird forms of secrecy."

"It's the only way you can be safe." Johnson replied.

I sighed, "I don't live here on Earth. And if an assassin even tried to shoot me, it wouldn't work. I have a shield in place over my armor."

General Reyes gave me a stern look. I shrugged as if to say 'what?'.

He spoke, "I think we should wait for your team."

I turned around and saw four blue lights off in the distance. I activated my locator beacon so that they could find the correct building. A minute passed and the team had landed and walked over to us. Seeing that the team wasn't concealed, I deactivated my helmet.

As the team walked down the line, the men gasped.

"Are they…animals?" One asked.

"Holy shit… that's not possible." Another said.

"That thing is a walking fox." Another said aloud.

I spoke up, "That's enough; they're from the alternate reality from us. The system they live in is only a few billion light years away."

The men looked at me and gasped again.

"You're a kid!" one exclaimed.

General Reyes quickly spoke up, "Let's head inside."

The eight of us then walked into the large hangar and through a door on the side. The door led us into a short hallway; on the other end was another door that had text reading 'Authorized Personnel'. We reached the door and entered a stairwell. It was huge. We started to walk down the large well all the way to the bottom. Once we reached the bottom floor, General Reyes spoke.

"What you all will see does NOT leave this complex. Do I make myself clear?" He said with command in his voice.

We all nodded. Reyes opened the door; on the other side was an enormous room that was several stories high. On the sides were several exposed offices with room sized windows. In the middle of the massive room was a large open area. It was only taken up by equipment on the bottom floor.

I walked over to the edge and looked down the several stories. On the bottom were people walking to and fro doing their business. I looked up and saw the office rooms on the side walls.

"Follow us, please." Brooks said.

The five of us followed the generals and commander across a long catwalk that extended from one side of the room to the other. They led us into one of the offices and had all of us sit down at a large table.

Fox looked over at me, "Who are these men?"

"They are the Generals of the military." I whispered, "They're going to show us their plan of taking out Wolf."

The three men then took a seat across from us.

Reyes was the first to speak, "If intel serves me right, you five are the Star Fox team?"

Fox replied, "Yes, that is correct."

"Incredible" Commander Brooks mused, "I can't believe that we even made contact. I'm sure the chances of finding each other were slim to none."

Slippy spoke, "That's true. We have actually been studying Earth for a while. We never made contact because we didn't know if life existed here."

"Very interesting" General Johnson said, "We should get down to business."

Fox agreed with Johnson, "Yes, we need to learn of this plan now. Wolf is already on his way here."

Reyes then pulled out a file from a suitcase that was handed to him earlier. He opened it and pulled out a file that had the words 'Top Secret' writing on it. He put the file on the table and slid it over to Fox. Fox opened it and examined the contents carefully.

"See, we have devised a plan that could potentially work against this 'Wolf'." Reyes explained, "we have decided that you all should break off and assist the forces around the world. We didn't choose who is going where; we'll let you decide on that."

We nodded. I think I had a good idea on where the team should go.

"I have an idea. Falco should go and assist Europe; his flying skills can go really well with them. I'll stay here and assist America since I know it well. Fox can go and assist Africa; he has a good way of explaining things, so he can tell the military there what's happening exactly. Slippy can assist in China and Russia. And Krystal can assist in Australia." I explained to the team.

Brooks nodded, "Sounds good to me."

Falco spoke up, "Hold up, am I flying with some rookies or skilled fliers that know what they're doing?"

Reyes replied, "Europe has been of great help during the recent war. I can assure you that they have excellent pilots."

"What about me?" asked Krystal, "What are the people like in this 'Australia'?"

Reyes was about to speak, but I cut him off, "You'll find out when you get there. The thought patterns should be different and should be able to tell you a lot about them."

Reyes finally had the chance to speak, "Thought patterns?" he asked.

Krystal replied, "Yes, my race consisted of beings that could control the mental ability of Telepathy."

The generals and Commander nodded in sync.

"What should I know about China and Russia?" Slippy asked.

Brooks replied this time, "Simple, they are strict but powerful. You may have the most difficult time gaining their trust."

Slippy sighed, "I always get the hard parts in missions."

The room was filled with a slight chuckle. Everyone obviously got a kick out of what Slippy said. But to Slippy, he didn't get it.

"Was it something I said?" He asked.

"So it's settled, you all have your locations?" Reyes asked.

Everyone nodded.

"Good" Johnson said. He reached over to a small box on the table and pressed a button on it, "Dominic, get China, Russia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Our allies need a rendezvous point."

A male voice replied, "Yes sir"

Reyes gestured towards the door, "Please wait outside until Dominic gives you the location of you rendezvous points."

The five of us then got up and left the room. Outside of it were several chairs. We sat there and waited for the locations we were supposed to meet at. The Generals and Commander followed after us when we exited.

"Kevin, please come here." Reyes said.

I got up and walked over to the three leaders. They were looking at me as I walked over to them.

Reyes spoke in a whisper, "We need to know something." He asked.

"What's that?" I asked in a whisper as well.

"Can we trust these people? I get that they let you into their squad, but are they on our side?" Reyes asked.

"Of course; haven't you played Star Fox?" I asked.

Brooks' and Johnson's eyes grew wide.

"No…" Johnson said.

I looked at him and smiled, "Yes, they are the exact same as the game. It's weird, but it's true."

"I remember when the first came out on the Super Nintendo." Johnson said.

I smiled, "Yes, well, they actually hate Wolf and his team more than anything. His team is named Star Wolf and it consist of three pilots…well… two now." I explained.

"Two?" Reyes asked.

"Yes, right before Wolf escaped with the remnants of his army. I entered his flagship hoping he would be there. Instead I found his cruelest member waiting for me. He tried to kill me, but I emerged victorious and killed him instead." I said.

"Ah, well, since you are assisting the Americas in this battle. You will be stationed here and in South America. They have a top secret base there as well." Johnson explained.

"Sounds good to me" I replied.

Just then Fox, Krystal, and Falco walked by holding papers with a list of coordinates on them. They had already gotten their rendezvous points and were headed out to meet their new allies.

"Good luck guys." I said as they walked passed me and the leaders.

I had a better feeling about this whole situation now. They separated our skill across the world in order to balance the chances of winning. This gave me a good feeling about our chances.

"Kevin, please follow us to your quarters. It is located in another building." Reyes said.

I followed the three men out of the hangar and across a large airstrip. On the other side was a more hospitable looking building. We reached the doors and they slid open. Once inside, several men shot up from their seats and saluted us. The Generals and Commander dismissed them. We continued our journey into the building and through several doors. We soon reached the living quarters for those that had over night shifts. I was directed to a large room.

"Thank you very much." I said as I entered the room.

I looked down at my wrist communicator. It had a countdown on it. It resembled the amount of time we had before Wolf is expected to exit warp and arrive. The timer said 'five minutes and counting'.

I turned around and exited my room. The Generals and Commander were walking away; I stopped them by yelling.

"Hey" I yelled.

They turned around and looked at me, "What's wrong?"

"Are the forces ready for an attack at any given notice?" I asked.

Reyes replied with confusion, "Yes, why?"

I lifted my wrist and showed them the hologram of the countdown. It now read 'four minutes'.

Their faces went pale white.

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