Chapter X

Hello my readers, jon3s115 here. I promised you all an addition to the book. I have ultimately decided to go ahead and do it! But first, I thought that you would all be interested to know a bit about me, don't worry I won't bore you.

Who am I?

I am a 16 year old writer that, yes, attends high school. Bet you didn't know that? I enjoy books and I have a large imagination. I currently have a large plan set up to go into the video game industry and become a 3D Modeler and Animator. As a side job, I plan on voice acting.

How did I think up this book?

Before I even thought of writing, I read multiple fan fics of Star Fox. I am a huge fan in the series and have really enjoyed the games. After a few fics, I decided that I could write my own book. I started out with thinking of how the book would even begin. During the process, I remembered a FanFic that I read a while back. I enjoyed it SO much and read all the chapters, but was greatly disappointed to see that it didn't have an ending. The writer quit and left me with a very suspenseful cliff hanger that will not leave. If you're wondering what the name of the fic was... I am sorry. I have since forgotten the name and I cannot locate it either. If you would like to research it: the plot starts with Pepper receiving a distress call form earth. Star Fox is called to investigate. ON earth, two human soldiers were fighting what seem to be ape troops; Andross invading earth. The soldiers, seeing that they are the final of their battalion, decide to drop their things and run. They meet up with an Osprey plane. Obama greets them as they escape in the plane, they are then briefed to meet a space ship and go where the ship needs them; Pepper replied to the call and sent help. The Osprey is then shot down, leaving Obama and the pilots dead. The two soldiers meet up with the ship and arrive on the Great Fox. Fox and the crew then interrogate them. Peppy then performs a bioscan the surface and determines that all life on earth was wiped out. However, when the scan finishes, they find two lone signatures. Fox and Krystal are sent to one, Falco and Slippy are sent to the other. Fox and Krystal discover a house in the middle of dust and rubble. They enter and find what seems to be a music room. In it, there was a recording studio located in the basement. Fox and Krystal are shocked when they find a boy sitting in the room with sound cancelling headphones. They get him out and learn that his family was killed when a group of 'animals in gear' entered and shot the family on sight. The boy was lucky to get away with only a wound. He says that the troops left and that he ran into the studio. He then heard a slight noise that started to get higher; he put the headphones and rode the noise out. This extremely high pitched noise came from nowhere, the boy states that he had left the studio and found his family with blood in their ears. He then states that he had to bury his family himself after they were killed. I cannot remember the name the author gave this boy, but he was given an age of 11. Slippy and Falco find the same thing, only a little girl of 10 hiding in a closet. The four bring their humans back to Great Fox and get all the Intel they needed form them. Fox, seeing something in the boy, decides to train him with skills needed for the Arwing, he also trains the two soldiers. Peppy, however, takes the girl up for monitoring. If you would like to research and find this amazing book, this plot set out should help.

After I read this, I got the idea of having a human in my book. I remembered how awesome the fic was and decided to use a human. You know that I named him Kevin Michelson; well, the name is based off of me. My name IS Kevin, but it is not Michelson. I did use my name for the character, but I did not use my personality. I built it all from scratch. The plot of the first book was meant to be similar to like a common meeting. I used Fox crashing into Kevin's yard as a means to get it started. After that, I went with my gut and perfected what I thought up. The bullying, the personality, the meeting, the hiding, etc.

Book 2 and 3 are different; I used a style similar to Assault to write these. In book 2, I did missions that were air based and modern. I decided to give them the mission of hunting down Wolf. Originally, I was going to have them fight an unknown alien race, but choose Wolf instead. Seeing as how Wolf was picked, I thought, "Why not have these two hate each other?" Once I wrote the chapter where Kevin nearly kills Wolf, I decided to do another book. This came to be Book 3, when wolf seeks vengeance against Kevin by attacking his home.

When I said there was to be a book 3, I had NO IDEA what to write about. I literally was out of things to write. Then I remembered that fan fic. Using my imagination, I set up a plot that followed what the fic somewhat did. I put everyone in hiding while the fic had everyone dead. I had Wolf attack while the fic had Andross using a weapon. I only based book 3 off of wide destruction of earth; this then opened my mind to ideas.

SO enough about me… let me tell you about my project!


The plot of this is simple; the team is on vacation and relaxing after the long and horrible war between Earth and Wolf. A while back, you all asked for several things to happen. I pushed them aside because they simply wouldn't fit in with the atmosphere of the trilogy. But, in Crossed Paths: A Time of Peace (it's NEW name), I will be able to do all of this. The book will be fairly short and feature some action. I plan on many things to happen, but not as much as what happened in the trilogy.

I hope you all enjoy A Time of Peace for it includes what you all asked for.

I would now like to thank ALL OF YOU for sticking with me in this trilogy. I appreciate your support and thank you all for keeping me on my feet. If it wasn't for any of you, I wouldn't have continued the book and I would have stopped at book 1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I do hope that you stick with me as I continue my career in writing fan fics.

For those that haven't visited the website, my next project after A Time of Peace will be based on Ratchet and Clank. I am very excited to visit this world and start writing all that I have planned for the fic. If you would like to visit the site, the URL is www. sciencefictionstories. weebly. com (note that there are no spaces in the name).

Until next time… my amazing and awesome readers!