"Renji, what the hell?!" To say Ichigo was incensed was an understatement. His friend looked a bit sheepish. He was currently holding Shiro up, one of the hollow's arms over his shoulders. Shiro blinked at him owlishly. "He's not supposed to have any alcohol! Didn't he tell you that?" Ichigo knew that his hollow was taking Unohana's instructions seriously. So this was almost certainly Renji's fault.

"We were just worried about you." Renji said and Ichigo blinked, trying to figure that out. They got his hollow drunk because they were worried about him? "He has tried to kill you how many times? We wanted to know what his intentions were."

"Renji, he's supposed to try to kill me. He's my inner hollow, he won't submit to me if I'm weak." Ichigo said, but a bit less irritated as he carefully took Shiro from the other man. His hollow almost collapsed against him, giving him a completely confused, strangely innocent look. Ichigo blushed faintly and looked away. "And if I lose it's not like it's the end. I would get to challenge him, in time." Shiro had admitted a while ago that his original threats of eating him completely had just been trash talk. The hollow couldn't actually do that, but Ichigo hadn't known any better.

"Yeah, well, we were also worried about what he would do in the meantime. But he just started babbling about having sex and making babies. Also something about manifesting you and a threesome with me." Renji looked vastly amused and Ichigo wanted to hit him. Or something.

"Are you drunker than my hollow? Ah, get out of here and don't do this ever again!" He huffed and Renji beat a quick retreat, stifling laughter. Ichigo sighed and helped Shiro to his room.

When he tried to lie the hollow down on his bed, though, he seemed to get ideas. Ichigo's breath went out in surprise as Shiro's arms went tightly around his shoulders and he almost fell onto the bed on top of the white hollow. There was a soft moan from the form under him and Ichigo's eyes went wide as Shiro rubbed against him. It was a full body movement that sent a burst of fire straight to his crotch.

"King…" The moan was soft and full of need. Ichigo swallowed hard as he felt that hard body snuggling against him, silently begging him for something he really shouldn't give. Brown eyes met black and gold and he could see that Shiro was nearly insensible. "Please…" Lips met his and Ichigo could taste the sweetness of fruit and the tang of booze. It was delicious. "Nnn…" Shiro's hands were on the back of his head now and Ichigo tried to pull away, but the hollow had a good grip. He let go as they both ran out of air and Ichigo gasped, just looking at his hollow for a moment. "Please…" Shiro's shirt suddenly vanished and Ichigo swallowed hard, his gaze going down that expanse of pale flesh. His hollow looked exactly like himself, and he'd never been particularly vain but Ichigo was aware of how much his body had hardened since he became a shinigami. Shiro was perfect, all rippling muscles and hard edges.

"We shouldn't…" Ichigo tried to pull away, remembering that his hollow was drunk. How would he react in the morning? But Shiro wasn't letting go and the white hollow let out a pitiful whine. Then the hollow rubbed against him again. "Oh gods." White lips found his again and Ichigo felt his resolve crumbling. Shiro was just too gorgeous like this, too fuckable, and he was a teenager. His body had needs. His lips found Shiro's again and he explored the hollow's mouth, savoring the taste of the alcohol. The hollow was shivering now, but he didn't think it was from fear.

"King… Ichigo…" Shiro breathed his name when they separated and Ichigo swallowed before working on his own clothing. White hands eagerly sought him, although the movements were uncoordinated and clumsy. Shiro's hands were warm, though, and Ichigo nuzzled the hollow's throat as he was fondled by his white double. "You feel good." He said, dazed, and Ichigo kissed him again.

"You taste wonderful." He murmured, seeing a bit more sense in those black and gold eyes. Then Shiro rubbed against him, his pants vanishing. Ichigo groaned as their cocks slid together, and he reached down to trap them both in his hand, rubbing them together. His hollow made a soft sound of pleasure but there was one thing missing… "Shiro. Do you have any hand cream?" There was no answer , the hollow was too distracted by the pleasure. "Shiro!" Ichigo stopped his movements and his white copy thrust up against him desperately. "Hand cream?"

"Nnn… bathroom…" Shiro managed to get out and Ichigo gave him a quick kiss before pulling away. There was a soft whimper from the hollow and black nails bit briefly into his skin before Ichigo got away from him. He quickly went to the bathroom and got the lotion. When he got back, Shiro's eyes were closed.

"Oh…" Ichigo looked at his dozing hollow, wondering what to do. Should he just leave? Guilt hit him hard for a moment. He shouldn't be taking advantage of Shiro this way. The teen sighed, putting the lotion on the ground and leaning down to gently kiss his hollow. He got a surprise, though, when Shiro's eyes flickered open and a white hand went behind his head.

"Mmm… lotion?" Shiro said, nibbling his bottom lip and Ichigo gasped.

"Shiro… we really shouldn't… agh!" Black nails bit into his skin as Shiro whined and Ichigo found he was losing his will to fight for a second time. "…Okay." But even if they were doing this, it didn't mean he had to penetrate the hollow. That might be going too far. Instead he coated his hand with lotion and stroked their erections together. Shiro arched, his mouth opening in delight at the feeling.

"Nnn, King!" He gasped as Ichigo groaned. The delicious friction, the sensation of hot, hard flesh against his, was incredible. He kissed the hollow deeply and Shiro responded passionately, their tongues tangling together. "Mfh!" Ichigo built them up with his hands, expecting to make them both cum that way. But Shiro had other plans. The white haired hollow suddenly shoved him away, to Ichigo's shock. He was even more shocked when Shiro rolled over, going on his hands and knees. "I want… everything! When I feel good and… not afraid…" Shiro explained, his voice breathy and halting. Ichigo hesitated, but for only a moment. His cock was aching and he desperately wanted more from his hollow. He wanted everything, too.

"Okay. Just relax." He said softly before he took a bit more of the lotion and gently eased a finger inside. Shiro was warm and accepting, all his inhibitions lowered by the alcohol. Ichigo was surprised at how easily he accepted it and quickly added a second finger, stretching him out. Then he hooked his fingers and smiled as Shiro tossed his head back with a whine. "Found it." He knew the secret to Shiro's puzzle box now.

"Found what… oh!" The hollow gasped as Ichigo tormented him a bit more with that spot, then added a third finger. "Nnn, Ichigo, take me!" His mind was reeling with the pleasure and the alcoholic haze. He wanted more, he needed more.

He got it a moment later as Ichigo began slowly pushing into his hollow. Ichigo took his time, carefully seating himself in that tight, damp passage. Shiro was whimpering softly and he couldn't tell if it was with pleasure or pain. So he waited, gently kissing his hollow's shoulder, letting him adjust to the feeling.

"King, move…" Shiro quietly begged, pushing his hips back. That was all the permission he needed and Ichigo pulled back out then thrust back in, claiming the trembling body underneath him. Shiro cried out, black and gold eyes going wide as Ichigo hit him directly on the prostate. "Nnn, more!" The alcohol had blown his memories away, leaving nothing but the present and the sizzling pleasure coursing through his body. "Ichigo!"

"Shiro, oh god, Shiro!" Ichigo said as he gripped the hollow's hips, pulling him flush against him. "You feel so good…" Ichigo wasn't a virgin, but this was incredible. Shiro's body was gripping him in all the right ways, velvety walls tightening around his cock. He speeded his thrusts, rocking Shiro with the force of them and making the hollow cry out.

"Ungh, Ichigo… King…!" Shiro had no control in his drunken state, and he was a virgin on top of it. Ichigo nibbled his throat, feeling the hollow writhe underneath him, the muscles tightening around him. "I'm gonna… oh…!" Shiro's body quivered then went taunt as his orgasm came over him. Ichigo gasped at the feeling and followed him a moment later, spending himself in a rush of pleasure. "Nnn… Ichigo…" Shiro rested his forehead on the bed as Ichigo nuzzled his throat, gently licking away the beads of sweat from white skin. "Felt so good… will you stay?" He asked, sounding shockingly vulnerable. Ichigo's arms around him tightened for a moment, before the teen slowly pulled away.

"Of course I will, Shiro." He said, his voice soft and gentle. Shiro smiled, snuggling up before yawning and closing his eyes. Ichigo watched the hollow sleep for a moment before closing his eyes.

He could only hope Shiro would remember this in the morning.

When Ichigo woke up the next morning, he was alone.

At first, it didn't occur to him that that was wrong. He yawned, stretching out and just enjoying the warmth of the bed. Then he blinked as it registered to him that the bed was… different. The sheets were messy and folded in a way that reminded him of an animal's den. There were pillows everywhere…

"Shiro." Ichigo froze as he suddenly remembered what had happened last night. "Shit, what was I thinking?" And where was his hollow? Was he upset? Ill from the alcohol? Quickly pulling himself out of the blankets he went to the bathroom, but Shiro wasn't there. "Shiro?"

"King?" The voice was muffled but Ichigo relaxed slightly as the door opened. His hollow was there, wearing all his usual clothes and carrying a tray. There was a cup of tea, a mug of coffee and some porridge. "I love the view, but we do have a sliding door here." Shiro said with a grin and Ichigo glanced down, realizing he was naked and anyone in the garden could see him. Cursing, he quickly dug up his clothing and pulled it on. "Thanks King. I never bother with the curtains, since I make my own clothing." Shiro said, setting down the tray on a small table. Ichigo nodded.

"That makes sense… but Shiro, are you okay?" He asked and the hollow looked away. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" He couldn't help the anxiety in his voice. If he'd hurt Shiro, he wouldn't forgive himself. The hollow looked up, surprised.

"No! No, I'm fine, it's not that." Shiro said and Ichigo frowned, taking a seat on the cushion across from him. "It felt good. I'm glad I did it." He said, but there was something off about his tone. Ichigo's frown deepened as he took a sip of his tea.

"Shiro, what's wrong?" He asked, hoping the hollow would tell him. There was definitely something wrong. Shiro gazed into his coffee for a moment before looking up.

"That was alcohol they gave me, wasn't it?" He asked and Ichigo nodded. "Your stupid friends… why did they do that? I told them I couldn't have it." Shiro was upset, scowling as he looked down at the food. "It made the memories go away." His tone was softer, pained, and Ichigo swallowed. "It made all the pain go away. Now I know why Unohana said I couldn't have it…" Shiro shook his head and Ichigo reached out to gently touch his hand.

"You don't need alcohol to cope, Shiro." He said softly. He understood what was wrong now. Shiro had loved the way he'd felt under the influence, and was pained by the fact that he couldn't do it again. "It's going to be okay." Shiro gave him a weak smile before pulling his hand away and picking up a piece of bacon.

"Yeah, I know, I just have to forget about it. It's not like there's any booze in your inner world, if I start taking it all of this will be a waste of our time." He said as he crunched the bacon. One slice was all he intended to eat, and Ichigo started on the eggs. "I love bacon." He murmured, licking the savory grease off his lip. Ichigo laughed at the blissful look on his face.

"Everyone loves bacon." Ichigo said with a laugh. "Except for bacon jelly." He said with a faint shudder and Shiro gave him an inquiring look. "Orihime made it."

"Ah, 'nuff said. So King, what are we doing today?" Shiro asked and Ichigo smiled. They actually had a busy day planned out.

"Byakuya's asked me to help him in Hueco Mundo. Apparently, there's some serious chaos going on there. You'll be coming with me, of course." Ichigo remembered what Zangetsu had said about his hollow. Shiro couldn't be in a completely different world from him. The hollow looked very surprised, then grinned widely.

"Some action? Why King, you shouldn't have! Although you do know your power is about halved as long as I'm outside you, right?" Shiro said, concerned, and Ichigo nodded. He wasn't too worried about that.

"I know, but I can always call you back if we run into something tough." He said and Shiro nodded, although a touch dubiously. "And Zangetsu says that if we work together we can combine our powers anyway." That would result in something close to full power. That made his hollow cheer up a bit.

"Yeah, that's true. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you, King." Shiro reached out, caressing his cheek with a smile and Ichigo blinked, surprised by the intimate touch. He reached out to return the gesture, smiling back. Then he noticed something interesting.

"You've done something with your hair." He said, fascinated. He hadn't noticed because the style made it look short, but Shiro's hair was at least shoulder height. It had been pulled into a braid on one side, then looped into a bun in the back. The bun was held in place with on onyx comb set with little patterns of moonstone. Shiro reached up to touch it.

"I like my hair long, but it still messes me up so I decided to try something new. It doesn't make me look too girly, does it? I got it from a woman's magazine." He said, worried, and Ichigo laughed. "Would this be better?" Shiro's hair sudden changed again and Ichigo blinked, a little speechless as a wave of micro braids slid down his shoulders. They were each capped with a black or white bead. Then the hilarity of the situation struck him and he grinned.

"Shiro, you're acting like Yumichika!" He said to the hollow, who scowled. "Well, not really, he believes that anything he wears is beautiful because it's on him." That thought suddenly struck the teen and he caught Shiro's hand, surprising the hollow. "And that's true of you too. You look great, Shiro." He said and the hollow looked at him suspiciously for a moment before relaxing slightly.

"Thanks King. I think I'll keep it like this for now." He decided, turning his head and making the beads rattle. "I like the weight of the beads, and it works with this length." The braids fell just past his shoulders. Ichigo nodded. Braids that reached all the way down past his waist would probably be too heavy. "I've decided to keep the pants, I love these things…" Shiro popped open a pocket on his cargo pants before snapping it shut. "But I'm still working on the top. Want to see what I've got so far?"

"Sure." Ichigo said, interested. Shiro concentrated a moment and his flannel shirt vanished, replaced with… "A trench coat?" Ichigo examined it, a touch surprised. It matched the cargo pants fairly well, with buttons and buckles of black iron. However… "Why do you have a Quincy cross on the lapel?" He asked and Shiro grinned.

"It looks cool and I am totally not above stealing stuff." Shiro fingered the black pentacle shape with one finger. His micro braids moved smoothly over the white leather and Ichigo's breath caught for a moment. Shiro was extremely sexy like this. The combination was odd, but it seemed to work on him.

"Shiro." Ichigo pushed away his plate and stood as his hollow looked at him curiously. Then he gripped Shiro by his braids, smiling as the hollow's eyes widened. The kiss that followed was deep and intense. Shiro gripped his shoulders as Ichigo explored his mouth, nibbling on his lower lip like the first time –

"Ahem." They both flinched away from each other at the soft cough from the door. Ichigo blushed darkly and Shiro just grinned as Byakuya looked at them both severely. "It is time for us to leave for Hueco Mundo."

"Ass kicking time!" Shiro grinned as he stood up, reaching behind him to touch the hilt of his sword. It went a bit oddly with the trench coat, but Ichigo wasn't going to mention it. Besides, it had gone just as strangely with the flannel. "Guess we'll have to practice our technique later." He said as he gave Ichigo a perverted grin. The teenager blushed, scowling at him.

"You are completely shameless." He said as he adjusted his sword and followed Byakuya out of the room. The taichou was not dignifying either of them with his attention. Shiro laughed.

"I'm a hollow, of course I'm shameless. Ah, I can't wait!" Shiro said, pleased. "It's been so long since I was in Hueco Mundo." Ichigo blinked at the wistfulness of his tone. Did his hollow miss the sands and the reishi of Hueco Mundo? He probably did.

He was a hollow, after all. Hueco Mundo was where he belonged.

Hueco Mundo was as cold and dark as always. However, it was far more lively than usual.

"You're sure I can't?" Shiro nearly whined and Ichigo felt a deep desire to slap him upside the head.

"You absolutely can't. You're freaking people out enough already." He said firmly. Shiro scowled before turning his attention back to the dead body at his feet. Ichigo grimaced as a blue tongue ran over white lips. Shiro was just dying to eat the dead hollow, but it would not be a good idea.

Hueco Mundo was a mess, and the shinigami were trying to create some kind of order. Not that they cared much what went on in Hueco Mundo, but the problems were getting so severe that hollows were actually abandoning the sands for Soul Society. Ichigo would never have believed it if he hadn't been seeing it, but it looked like the population of Hueco Mundo had increased drastically. And while that was good in one sense – plenty of prey – it was also bad because there were more mouths to feed. The weaker were fleeing to survive.

"What could be causing this?" Ichigo murmured to himself. Why would so many Gillian have suddenly evolved and become ravenously hungry? Shiro shrugged.

"Must have been something Aizen did, although I can't imagine what." He said and Ichigo nodded. "Maybe it was just his presence and the Hogyuko, somehow suppressing natural evolutions. I can't see why he would have wanted to stop hollows from evolving."

"Hmm, maybe." Ichigo wasn't sure Shiro was right. It could be something completely unrelated, something that had nothing to do with Aizen. And there really was no reason the rogue shinigami would have wanted to suppress hollow evolution. Rather the reverse, he could have turned these adjuchas into arrancar. "Well, that will be up to Mayuri. You ready?"

"Yeah." Shiro said shortly, following Ichigo. He frowned, glancing around. They were clearing out this section of Hueco Mundo for the shinigami, so they could put in some kind of post. Shiro wasn't quite sure of the strategy behind it, mostly his own fault since he hadn't asked. Shrugging aside the thought, he let his senses range over the sands for something to kill. Then he stopped dead as a new and highly desirable reiatsu hit his senses. "Oooh." Slinging his sword over his back, he abandoned Ichigo to follow the trail.

"Aw." Shiro knelt down, a smile crossing his face as he saw the little baby hollow. It was a tiny cat with big, purple eyes and it was looking at him shyly. White braids slid down his shoulders as Shiro reached out to the cub, but it jumped back, startled and afraid of him. "It's okay cub. I'll take care of you." Shiro murmured, completely caught by his parental instincts and pheromones. If he'd been able to think he would have questioned things, but he was well past any rational thought.

So he followed the cub, trying fruitlessly to catch it. It seemed like the little hollow was always one step ahead of him. It was puzzling but didn't anger or frustrate him. Shiro just kept following, blinded by his desires and needs. Then suddenly the cub vanished and the hollow's eyes went wide as he slid down a tunnel of sand.

"Shit! …What the hell?" Shiro tried desperately to stay away from the bottom of the 'chute', sensing great danger there. He'd never seen an antlion catching its prey, but if he had he would have recognized his problem instantly. He was at the bottom of a funnel and the sands around him were very, very soft, too soft to let him escape easily. There was a harsh chuckle and something long and white snared one of his legs. Swearing, Shiro yanked out his sword and severed it. There was a small yelp of pain, but then a mass of sand was thrown at him. It knocked him down the wall of the funnel and he landed hard at the botton. Shiro gasped as large, powerful jaws clamped down on him. He felt it as they injected some kind of poison and the white hollow struggled to reach out to his King.

Ichigo! Shiro blinked as he realized he couldn't feel anything from Ichigo at all. His connection to the teen was being blocked, but he didn't think this hollow was powerful enough for that. What did it mean? Snarling, he gathered up his power and tried to charge a cero. But the jaws on him just tightened, pumping more of the venom into his body. Shiro grunted, releasing the cero. It did some damage and the thing chittered, but not enough. He dropped his head, feeling cold and tired. What would happen if he died outside of his King's body? Shiro honestly wasn't sure, but he thought he would probably return to Ichigo. If so, there wasn't much to worry about.

That thought was a comfort as he slipped into the realm of unconsciousness.