Hello everyone. I know you're all probably pissed at me. I know I would be too. I've been taking a break and have had a lot on my plate recently. I've been trying to get everything done at one time and it all just starts blowing up in my face. So far I think I've written like three and four versions of the next chapter. My computer either deletes them or I don't like them and throw them out. But still I refuse to give up on this story. I've also been blindsided by other story ideas and have been hung up on them but I can't write them or I just get overwhelmed and quit one. I'm also getting a lot of technical problems. I have a mega old computer (that I love) that hates so much Internet use. Also a lot is going on with my Family, like for example, my older sister is going on a LDS mission (if you don't know what that is you can look it up) and we've been preparing for her to leave (lots of emotional crying for me, good and bad). So there is my explanation. If you're mad, I get it. I'm trying my hardest here people. I'm working on getting the next chapter up and getting back on track with writing. And as always, Have a wonderfully fantastic day.