Summary: Sequel to Coming Home. Faith is set up in Dallas, but is she able to handle being on her own?

AN: I know this is a few years overdue, but I hope there is still interest in a Coming Home Sequel.

Chapter One

So it's been six months since Faith left for Dallas and still no word from her. I'm not sure how I should feel. On the one hand, I should be proud of her for not needing any help, but on the other, I really wish she would call me. Or text me. I would even settle for smoke signals or morse code. Not that I would understand what she was trying to say though.

Andrew's still the only one that knows something was going on between the two of us. I'm pretty sure Willow figured it out, but I'll cross that bridge if I ever need to. Considering Faith hasn't talked to me in months, I doubt I ever will.

A few weeks ago I almost jumped on a plane just to go say hey, but then I realized that would be stupid and selfish. When has that ever stopped me though?

"Buffy?" Oh, great. I spaced out again. I tend to do that when I start thinking about Faith, but I don't think Willow appreciates having to wait for the sandwich I'm making her.

"Sorry, I was trying to remember if you liked mayo or mustard."

"The sandwich is already made. You're just staring at it."

"Maybe I was trying to decide if I wanted it or not."

"Yours is sitting on the table. Buffy, if you didn't want to make me a sandwich you shouldn't have offered."

I hate that I'm so nice sometimes. I try to be a good friend and offer to make my best friend lunch, and I can't even do that without thinking about Faith.

She does this to me all the time too. I could be sitting at a stop light wondering what Faith's doing and a hundred horns will sound off trying to get me to drive.


Stupid Faith.

"OK!" I practically shout at her. Well, not really her. Loud noises seem to do the trick when I want to stop thinking about a certain brunette.

I set the plate of food down in front of Willow and take a huge bite of my sandwich. Hopefully this will keep her from wanting to talk about what's bothering me.

"Want to tell me what's wrong?"


"Mo," I swallow my food and try again, "no."

"So there is something wrong."

Taking a drink of water doesn't work either!

"I'm just tired. I didn't sleep very well last night."

"You were sawing logs last night while we were trying to watch a movie. Xander had to carry you to your room so we could watch it in peace."

Yeah, she caught that lie pretty easily. I slept great last night. Probably because I had an amazing dream about Faith and her looking really good as a fire-woman. That dream was better than any movie could have been, so I don't feel bad for falling asleep during it. I'm glad Xander took me to my room, though. That could have been pretty embarrassing if I let something slip out while sleeping.

"It's just..." maybe I will have to cross that bridge, "why hasn't Faith called? I thought she would have by now. Just to let us know how things are going and stuff like that."

"I knew it!"

Uh... "Uh..."

"You're so easy to read, Buffy! Whenever Faith's name is mentioned you get this glazed over look in your eyes. Just like you had when you were making my sandwich! And when we were looking at those sunglasses at the mall. And when we played poker the other night. And..."

"I get it!"

To be fair, though, I could have looked like that for a ton of other reasons. Sometimes I just like to turn my brain off for a few seconds. Who am I kidding? It was totally because of Faith. She would have looked so good in this one pair of Oakleys, and she was always good at poker. I should have had her teach me because I suck at it. Probably because I space out in the middle of games, but whatever.

"You're doing it again."

"Sorry." No I'm not.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really."

"I'm your best friend."

"So? I tried to use that the other day when you and Kennedy were fighting, but you wouldn't tell me what was wrong."

Nothing can hide the blush that creeps up Willow's neck. Great, so now she'll probably tell me.

"It was a sex thing."

I knew it. Anything to get me to open up about my own stuff. Wait.. "What kind of sex thing?"

It comes out far more accusing than I want it to, but she did catch me a little off guard.


Nope, she's trapped. She has to tell me now. That's one can of worms she definitely shouldn't have opened.

"But I'm your best friend."

If looks could kill, I'd probably be dead now. I'd just come back to life, though. I'm good at doing that.

"It's no big deal. We were...we were, you know, doing stuff, and I kind of...said someone else's name."

I can't help the laugh that comes out.

"It's not funny, Buffy!"

She has a point, it's not funny, but only if it's my name, Dawn's name, Faith's name...yeah it's not funny.

"Whose name was it?"

There's that stupid blush again. If she was thinking about... "Whoopi."

"As in Whoopi Goldberg?"

I lied, this is funny.

"Buffy! It's not funny. Stop laughing!"

"Where did Whoopi Goldberg come from?

Her blush deepens, and it's all I can do to not tease her anymore than I already am.

"We just got finished watching Boys on the Side, and the piano part was really sweet. It just got to me."

"Oh my god. Is that why Kennedy insisted on buying that stupid keyboard?"

"You can't tell her I told you! She would never forgive me, and what's wrong with the keyboard? I thought it was sweet."

I just roll my eyes, but I'm thankful for the distraction, however brief.

"Anyway, we aren't talking about my problems. We're talking about yours."

I kind of resent that. It's not like I have any real problems. Sure, I haven't dated anyone since Faith left, not that you could call what Faith and I were doing dating. Ok, I haven't had sex with anyone since Faith left. Not that there hasn't been the opportunity, there's been plenty of that, just no one is as appealing to me.

"I just wish she would call. It's been six months." I leave off the part about missing her, but I really do, and this not talking thing sucks.

"You know, I hear that phones actually work both ways. I haven't actually tried it out, though, so I may be wrong."

"Haha." How am I supposed to call her? She went to Dallas to get away from me. Calling her would kind of ruin that for her.

Willow finally eases up and looks at me with pity. I'd rather she just keep making fun of me. I don't want her to feel sorry for me. "Maybe she's just been really busy. I hear Dallas has a lot to offer. Maybe she got into football, or basketball. Oh! Or maybe she met someone! We were always talking about how she needed to put herself out there to find the right guy."

Faith is a Boston fan through and through, so I know there's not football or basketball to keep her busy, so maybe Willow's right, maybe she met someone. I don't remember ever having that conversation, though, and it kind of worries me that my friends were talking about something like that while Faith and I were together. Didn't they think she was happy while she was here?

I'm such an idiot. Of course she wasn't happy. That's why she left.

"Yeah, you're right. She probably met someone." It comes out with more sadness in my voice than I intend, but I can't help it. The thought of her with someone else really kills me.

"You know, I wasn't lying when I said you were easy to read. You can talk to me. You know that, right?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"I called out Whoopi Goldberg's name during sex. Trust me, there's nothing weirder than that."

I can't help but laugh, and it's one of those loud, embarrassing chuckles because I'm so close to losing it and just breaking down in front of her.

"I think I might have feelings for Faith." It comes out so easily that I'm afraid it was all in my head, but the look Willow is giving me tells me that it wasn't.

"Buffy, what part of that wouldn't I understand? The fact that she's a girl? The fact that she has a questionable past? Look who you're talking to and tell me again that I wouldn't understand."

It all sounds so simple when she says it like that, but I know it's not the truth. I've seen some of the looks her and the others have given Faith. It was the main reason I ended things before Faith left for Dallas.

"You and the others have been less than accepting of Faith since she came back to Sunnydale. I've seen how you guys look at her sometimes, and I'm sure she has too."

Willow rolls her eyes and pushes her all but forgotten food aside, "You're imagining things. I'm the one that brought Faith back to Sunnydale. I don't think there's a day that went by that she wasn't playing some sort of video game with Xander or one of the others. I think Andrew even got in on the action. And if we all hated her and were throwing her dirty looks, why would we care if she found the right guy?"

"Why would I imagine it?"

"Because you have feelings for Faith, and you don't like it. You probably think she's going to go back to that teenage girl she used to be and hurt you again. She's changed, Buffy. Anyone willing to see it, can. The only one stuck in the past is you."

I don't want to cry, I really don't, but if this conversation keeps going like this, I know I'm going to.

"Why couldn't you have told me all of this six months ago?"

"You didn't want to talk about it. You don't even want to talk about it now."

She's right. I don't want to talk about it. What good does it do me now to open up about her when she's not here? She obviously doesn't care about me anymore or she would have called.

"It doesn't matter anymore. You're right, she probably found someone so there's no point talking about it now."

"How do you know it doesn't matter? Why don't you talk to her?"

"Because she doesn't want to talk or she would have tried by now!" I don't mean to yell at her, but I can't handle this anymore. I leave my mostly untouched food on the table and get up to go to my room.

I must have fallen asleep, but I don't even remember laying down. The last thing I remember is yelling at Willow and getting all emotional about Faith. I have no idea how long I've been out, I'm just thankful the phone decided to ring when it did or I probably would have slept through patrol.

Crap, I hope I haven't already.

I get up to stretch out my stiff limbs. If I was going to take a nap, the least I could have done was make sure I was comfortable first.

I wonder who called. I don't think it would be Dawn or someone would have gotten me by now. Maybe it's Andrew. He likes to call from time to time just to check up and act like we all like him.

As I make my way out of my room and down the stairs, I can hear Willow softly talking to someone. It sounds kind of urgent, and I start to worry that maybe it is Dawn and something has happened.

As I round the corner into the kitchen to see what's going on, Willow stops talking and turns to face me. I can't read the expression on her face, but I know it's not a good one.

"It's Faith," she says as she places her hand over the phone.

There's no warning, so I'm not really ready for what she says, and I'm certainly not ready to take the phone as she hands it to me.

I just stand there for a few seconds staring at the receiver. I have no idea what to say. Do I start with a hello? That's what most normal people do, but this situation doesn't feel very normal. Do I start yelling at her for not calling me sooner? But what if she needs something and I make her angry?

Willow shoving me pulls me out of my daze, and I bring the phone up to my ear.

"Hello?" I go with a normal person response.

"Buffy?" She sounds kind of hesitant. Good, she should be. I can't believe this is the first time I'm hearing from her, but her voice sounds so good, and I'm this close to spacing out again.

"Nice of you to call, Faith." I know I'm being rude, but it's a defense mechanism.

"How quick can you get to Dallas?"

All of the air rushes out of me. I can barely handle a phone call, and now she wants me to hop on a plane and go see her?

I can be there tonight. I just hope there's a flight I can catch stand-by. I refuse to let Willow fly me or teleport me anywhere ever since that unfortunate event last month that involved a daycare, lost lunch, and a ton of awkward stares.

"Why would I want to go to Dallas?" Even though I'm really excited and scared to see her, I can't let her know that.

"I need you. I'm kinda in over my head here." It's said so softly that I'm not sure she actually said it.

Faith needs me, though, and I don't care if it took her six months to tell me that, it's so good to hear.

"I'll be there tonight."

Even if I have to be teleported again, I'll be there tonight. I just hope I don't end up in another daycare.