Title: What Doesn't Hurt

Summary: Raphael and Leonardo have been captured by Karai. While they await rescue, Karai takes something of Leonardo's that can never be returned.

AN: It's a mix between the 2k3 and 2k12 verses. As of now, their physical characteristics are mostly drawn from 2k12, although characterization seems to be a mix and match. Anyways, I don't know where this idea came from. I'm a sick little puppy?

Warnings: Non-con. OOC Karai (possibly – I really don't know. It seems like something she would be capable of doing…but then at the same time, it's not….so I suppose she is OOC). Violence. Language. Other stuff Raphael would find perfectly acceptable.


Raphael sat with his shell against the back wall of their too shiny cell. His hands nervously forming fists. He fought the desire to punch the walls. It would do nothing. It would change nothing.

So he sat there, blinking in the bright lights, waiting. He wasn't sure how much time passed. He couldn't tell anymore. It felt like hours and hours before he heard the slight scrape of the outer door. There were four sets of footsteps and something being dragged. Raphael clenched his jaw and growled. He stood up, unsure exactly who would open the door, but he would never face an enemy sitting down.

The steel door slid open with a slight hiss and Leonardo was tossed in, like a sack of flour into the trunk of a car. Raph caught Leo mid-air, but the momentum made them both crash against the back wall. His already bruised ribs protested and Raphael struggled to pull in another breath. The Foot soldiers took that chance to close the door before he could even think of retaliation.

Raphael growled again. He couldn't help bang his shell against the wall in frustration. Leonardo squirmed out of his grasp and fell to the ground.

"Leo." Raphael reached out to help him.

Leonardo backed up against the wall and tucked his knees against his chest.

"Are you okay?" Raph checked Leo over. He couldn't see anything immediately wrong. No blood. No bruises. Just Leonardo shaking and shaking. "What they do to you?"

"Nothing." Leo said. Leo hugged his legs tight and pressed his face against his arms. "I'm fine."

"Sure you are." Raph rolled his eyes and gingerly sat down next to his brother.

Their sessions with the Foot had, so far, been separate. Where Raphael is gone for an hour tops, Leo is gone for half a day. Raph comes back with blood running down his face. Eyes barely able to open, limping and staggering and really more of a cut up, discolored mess than anything else. Leo comes back quivering, with only a slight puncture mark on the inside of his arm. It's really more of a slight freckle that could have been mistaken for a bug bite, if Raph hadn't looked long enough to see the dot of fresh blood.

Raph reached out to pat Leo's shoulder in comfort, nothing he hadn't done a million times before. He didn't expect Leo to flinch and scramble away from him.

Raph's frown returned. "What happened?"

"Nothing." Leo sat down an arm's length away and closed his eyes. His breaths were too quick, his chest heaving, and the muscles up and down his arms and legs kept twitching.

Raphael growled, deep in the back of his throat.


Raphael's head was still spinning from a concussion and something was wrong with his left ankle. He's pretty sure it's twisted. It was swollen and each time he tried to put any weight on it, it would crumble. Still, Raph backed Leo into a corner and kept his body in front when the Foot soldiers came. The scariest part wasn't the soldiers' steady approach nor was it Karai's easy smirk as she leaned against the doorway, but it was Leo, who let Raph play protector.

Three Foot soldiers tackled Raphael head on, his own discomfort forgotten, he bucked against their captors. He managed to kick one in the stomach and possibly cracked another's jaw. While the three kept him busy, three other soldiers took on Leonardo.

Leo twisted out of their reach, but they trapped him easily in the small cell. Leo tensed and tried to pull out of their grasp, but it was no use.

Raphael roared, thrashing frantically against the soldiers holding him. "Wait! Stop!"

Karai straightened up and motioned for the soldiers to halt. "What?"

"Leave him alone." Raph couldn't let them take Leo anymore. Each time Leo came back a little less like himself, a little more like blind panic. "Take me instead."

"What do you think, Leo?" Karai turned around with a smile, wide and gleaming. "Should I take Raphael in your place?"

"No!" Leo's eyes went wide. "No. Don't touch him. I'll come. I won't fight."

"I don't know, Leo." Karai's fingers brushed Leo's cheek. "I might have to take him up on his offer."

Leo cast his eyes downward, his shoulders sagging. "Please don't."

"Leo," something soured in Raph's stomach, an uneasy thought he tried to banish, "what's wrong?"

Leonardo didn't meet his gaze.

Karai motioned for the soldiers to move ahead. "Ta-ta, Raphael. Maybe next time, huh?"

Karai swung out of the room. The remaining soldiers moved out carefully, their eyes on Raph the entire time.

When the door slid shut, Raphael punched the wall.