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Chapter 1

The knock on the door at exactly 8 am made Brian Kinney smile, Cynthia's punctuality was one of her finest attributes. He called out for her to enter.

"On time as always" Brian's smile turned into a stupid grin as she walked towards his desk.

"You've trained me well and why may I ask is there a smile the size of Texas residing on your face?"

"Is it against the law to smile?" He asked innocently.

"It's against the law for you to smile, especially a smile like that, I've never seen it before"

She handed him the documents he had asked for and continued to eye her boss suspiciously.

"The reason for my happy disposition is that today is going to be a very good day, the client I've arranged to meet with this morning is going to take this company to the next level and make me an advertising legend"

"I thought you already were" She smirked at him.

"Not on this scale, the commission alone will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams"

"It's really that big a deal?"

"Cynthia they have seven main divisions and each division is twice as large as any client I've ever worked with before. The director wants new advertising campaigns for all seven divisions, you win one you win them all and from what I hear I'm the only they have invited to play, it's in the bag! God it's good to be me" He gathered up his portfolio and briefcase to get ready to leave, there was no way he was turning up late to this appointment.

"Is the car ready?" Brian asked Cynthia.

"It's outside ready to go, well good luck with….. you never even told me the client?"

"It's Taylor Made Enterprises" he replied, he hears her whistle as he walks out of the office towards the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Vanguard office was impressive but this was something else. Brian was standing outside the head office of Taylor Made Enterprises and the view was breath taking. He had seen the office a hundred times before but had never really paid much attention to the details, it was exquisite. The actual building was not as large as you might think for such a large corporation but what it lost in size it made up for in style. The front of the entire building was made up of deep dark blue glass that looked like it had been cleaned only seconds ago and the foyer protruded out at the bottom of the building and was held up by tasteful, futuristic stainless steel pillars with a large revolving door at the entrance. Next to each pillar was a large flower pot filled with the most unusual navy blue flower Brian had never seen before.

He knew that they had several offices all over the country and that most of them were larger than this office but the director of the company was born and raised in Pittsburgh and so he opened the head office here. Brian had spent weeks learning everything he could about the company and its history and in particular the Company director Craig Taylor. Craig had inherited the company from his father in law after marrying his wife Jennifer, however the company was called Grey Holdings back then. Craig took over the running of the company after Jennifer's father became ill and when he passed away fifteen years ago Craig changed the name of the company to Taylor Made. It was a highly successful company when Craig gained control and he had worked hard maintaining that success and it appeared that if anything the company and its profits had grown. Craig was extremely respected within the local business community and Brian had waited years for an opportunity to work with him in a business capacity or the chance to be accepted into his social circle but so far he had not succeeded on either count. Until today.

Brian sat patiently in the waiting area and tried not to appear impressed with his surroundings, he had thought the outside of the building was special but it was nothing compared to the inside. They had again managed to pull of the difficult balance of old fashioned luxury and state of the art contemporary and the overall effect was stunning. The efficient receptionist had smiled and pointlessly flirted at Brian whilst directing him to the top floor and Craig Taylor's office.

As he made his way to Craig's office he silently made a vow to himself and not for the first time, that one day he would own his own advertising company and his office would be as grand as the offices he was currently visiting.

As the receptionist called out that it was ok for Brian to enter, he mentally prepared himself for the sale of a lifetime. As he walked into the office a professional looking man in his early fifties stood up from behind the desk and held his hand out to greet his guest.

"Brian Kinney it's great to finally meet you, please take a seat. Can I offer you a drink, tea, coffee, water?"

"Water would be great thank you" Craig called his receptionist to give the drinks order.

"So Brian, let's get straight to business, as I explained to you on the phone I want brand new advertising campaigns for all of our divisions. Now I know the campaigns will need to differ to reflect the different services and products we offer in the each of the divisions but I would like a theme to run across all the campaigns to promote brand recognition, so that each campaign would advertise Taylor Made as a whole as well as the individual service or product.

I have asked around and done my homework and on every occasion I have been informed that you are the best, locally at least. As of right now, you are the only person I am considering, I would like you to prepare and present a campaign for one of the divisions. If I'm happy with what I see then I will sign an agreement for Vanguard to handle the advertising campaign for all seven divisions. I am seriously hoping that your reputation does not precede you Brian but if I decide it does after the presentation of the initial campaign then we will shake hands but I will be going in a different direction."

"That sounds like a fair deal Mr Taylor, as soon as I get all the details I need from your staff then I can get started straight away" This was going to be a breeze Brian decided, he had dealt with men like Craig Taylor before and he knew how to please them, if fact knowing exactly how to please a man was a specialty of Brian's.

"Well Brian there is one more condition to the deal, I would like a member of my own staff to be heavily involved in this project so that I can be sure things are moving in the right direction.

Brian did not like the sound of that. He worked alone.

"I'm not sure that would work Mr Taylor unless you were planning for a member of staff to relocate to our offices which seems highly unnecessary, I would of course be happy to send daily reports to yourself or a nominated member of staff nominated, I'm sure that would keep any reservations or concerns you might have at bay."

Craig frowned and shook his head slightly. Brian thought the man looked like a spoilt child about to throw a tantrum about not getting his way.

"Please call me Craig and I'm afraid that won't do, despite running a company this big I still like to be personally involved in every aspect. I understand that the work will need to be done by your team at your offices but I would like you to meet with my guy three or four times a week to discuss ideas and the direction the campaign should go in, that way if something is not for us then we can put a stop to it before it gets to the development stage. Don't worry Brian you will have complete control of the project I would just like it to be overseen a little more closely."

Brian was silently fuming, who did this man think he was? Treating Brian as if he needed a goddamn babysitter, the patronising son of a bitch! Craig knew he had Brian over a barrel, that Brian couldn't risk losing a contract this size and therefor he would have no choice but to bend over whenever Craig asked him to and not in a positive life affirming way. Brian pulled his lips together in a tight but hopefully convincing smile.

"Of course Craig, I'll be happy to work in whatever way you would be comfortable with, have you always selected a member of staff to manage this project? Would there be an opportunity to meet with them this morning?"

"I'm glad to hear you're on board with my working conditions and yes they have already been informed of my plans and are ready to join us when I call. In fact it's my son, he turns eighteen next week and it's about time he took on some real responsibility. He has a couple of months off before he attends Dartmouth in the fall and I don't want him sitting idol so I've decided to let him head up this project, he has a good background in the company and he has a good eye. It will be great experience for him"

Brian resisted the temptation to roll his eyes, what a fool this man was to leave a multi million dollar project in the hands of a kid not even in college. Brian had no interest in sucking up to a trust fund brat but he certainly wasn't going to let this man's son screw this deal up for him, he was nothing if not professional. Brian smiled up at the man, who he was rapidly losing respect for by the second.

"What an excellent idea, it will be a privilege to work with…." Brian gestured to Craig to fill in the information.

"Justin, his name is Justin. He's a slightly strange boy but he's as bright as they come, you'll grow to like him" Brian seriously doubted it if even his own father found him strange.

As Craig picked up the phone and asked his receptionist to send Justin through Brian mentally prepared himself to deliver an award winning performance. If Justin's as bright as Craig said he was and he guessed that admission to Dartmouth was evidence of that then the kid would want his input in everything and as bright as he may be Brian could guarantee that he knew fuck all about advertising.

Brian would have to play this very carefully, make the kid think that's he's involved, that they are his ideas, his vision while making sure that the kid doesn't royally fuck up his campaign. The knock at the door interrupted Brian's thoughts and he turned towards the door to get a good look at the boy wonder.

As soon as Justin walked through the door he stumbled slightly and the pile of papers he was holding scattered all over the floor. Brian vaguely heard Craig sigh behind him but he couldn't take his eyes off the ass that was now bent over in front of him while he clumsily picked up his papers. It was the most perfect pert bottom that Brian had ever laid eyes on and he wanted nothing more than to reach out and run his hands all over it. Brian suddenly realised that he was getting far too excited in a public work place, he had to look away at something else, anything else.

Brian's eyes roamed up the boy's body slowly liking everything he saw until finally he reached his eyes and desperately wish he hadn't The boy had the most mesmerising blue eyes hidden under a mop of golden blonde hair. All Brian could think of is how that hair would feel between his fingers as the kid knelt down in front of him.

Get a grip Kinney!

Brian regrettably switched to business mode and stood up to hold his hand out to greet the now very flustered boy wonder.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Justin, I'm Brian Kinney and I look forward to working with you on your father's advertising campaign. Are you ok? You seemed to take a bit of a stumble there" Brian watched in amusement as Justin's face blushed red with embarrassment, he looked so adorable and uncomfortable that he had to stifle a laugh. Brian couldn't believe he had been worried about having to work with him. He was nothing more than a scared awkward kid, bright for sure but he doesn't have a life experience to his name. He doesn't have a fucking clue what he's doing playing around in daddy's company, he will be a complete walk over.

The kid took his hand in a strong hand shake desperately trying to display a confidence he obviously didn't feel.

"Pleasure to meet you Mr erm Kenny, I look forward to working with you too" He cast his eyes downwards shyly displaying a full set of luscious eyelashes.

"It's Kinney" Brian corrected him smiling, this was going to be a walk in the park.

Justin was absolutely mortified, he couldn't believe he had made such a fool of himself in front of his dad's work associate and what made it worse was that this man seemed to be enjoying himself at Justin's expense. The fucker was actually laughing at him and had the audacity to act like his new best friend, Justin hated him instantly.

His Dad had told him that Brian Kinney was the only name in the advertising business worth dealing with and one look at him told Justin he was right but the most infuriating thing was that Brian obliviously knew it. Justin was surprised he could get his head through the door it was so big, his self-confidence and arrogance rolled off him in waves, working with him was going to be a nightmare.

It also didn't help that Brian Kinney was the most beautiful man Justin had ever seen, he cringed inwardly when he remembered how many men he had found attractive over the last year and the improper thoughts that had been invading his mind. He was determined not to think about how close he came to kissing Chris Hobbs at school last month, leaving St James Academy was the best thing to ever happen to him. It's perfectly normal he reminded himself for the hundredth time, all boys must get curious at some point growing up, he would grow out of it soon, it's was just childish curiosity. Justin focused his attention back to the man now seated in front of him, he really was perfect.

Craig stood up and addressed both men,

"Well gentlemen I have a meeting in the boardroom now so I'll leave you two to get better acquainted and work out a schedule that suits you both. Brian I go away on business next week so I will meet with you upon my return in 3 weeks to see what progress you and Justin have made. It was great to finally meet you and I look forward to seeing what you come up with"

Justin watched his dad shake Brian's hand and walk out of the room and he desperately wished he could follow him but for the foreseeable future he figured he was stuck with this self-absorbed asshole with the face of a god.

"So Justin your dad tells me you been accepted to Dartmouth, what will you be studying?"

Justin felt his eyes glaze over as they did every time someone mentioned Dartmouth and his future, it's not that he wasn't proud to have been accepted, he knew what an honor it was but he couldn't help this growing nagging feeling that it wasn't for him. That his whole future wasn't right for him but his dad wouldn't hear of it so he didn't even attempt to bring it up, Craig had been a Dartmouth legacy and so would Justin be.

"Business" Justin replied failing to keep the boredom out of his voice "I will be taking over the family business one day so I plan to get the best education and as much practical experience as I can to adequately prepare myself for when the day comes that I will be needed to take over" Christ he sounded like a robot.

"Wow it seems like you have your whole life well planned out, your dad must feel so proud to have a son like you to carry on his name and empire" God what an ass! Well two can play that game Justin thought, there was no way he was letting Brian get the better of him again today.

"Oh he is, just as I'm proud of all his hard work and achievements, he's my inspiration and one day I hope to live up to the Taylor name" Justin smiled innocently and upon hearing the sickly sweet sarcasm in the young boy's voice Brian returned the smile with an equally false sweetness.

"How about you Mr Kinney? Do you have a beautiful wife at home? A strapping lad yourself to carry on your good name" Justin knew he was crossing some line but Brian seemed to bring the worst out in him.

"A strapping lad I do have but as for the little wife well no, I'm….. what's that phase again? Oh yes I play for the other team"

Justin was rendered completely speechless, Brian's gay? This beautiful man in front of him was queer? He liked men? Justin watched Brian smirk at Justin's reaction to his confession. Justin realised his eyes must be the size of saucers but he couldn't stop staring at him and he seemed to have completely lost the ability to speak.

Justin couldn't believe that Brian had just told him that he was queer as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Justin had never met a queer before and all of a sudden his mind was racing. Will he try something with me? Do I want him to? No of course I don't! Ahhhhh….So Brian's gay, that was fine, as long as he keeps well away from his ass then Justin won't have a problem. His throat suddenly felt very dry like all the air had left the room and why the hell was his heart racing?

Shit! Brian thought, he should not have said that, why the fuck had he told him? He had always kept his personal life completely separate from his work, it was no one's fucking business what or who he did in his spare time but it seemed that his new favorite sport was winding up this little blonde delight and watching him squirm. Justin had looked him straight in the eye with those serious blue eyes throughout their entire conversation even though it was obvious that he didn't want to be here as much as Brian wanted to be left alone to do his job.

Justin's reaction to his reckless confession was priceless, his shocked face was a picture and yet Brian was sure he saw a brief look of desire flash in those gorgeous blue eyes but it was gone before he could be certain. Even if this boy did have gay tendencies he was buried so deep in the closet that he probably didn't even know which way was up, what a waste…. Not that Brian would risk a campaign this size for a piece of ass no matter how perfectly delicious that piece of ass was.

"I shouldn't have told you that, I've made you uncomfortable" Brian watched the blush return to the boy's cheeks and it made all the blood rush to his cock, Brian would love to see that look on Justin's face as he lay beneath him sweating and exhausted. Brian shook the thoughts from his mind before he accidently tried to act on them.

"No it's fine, it's just that I've not… I'm mean I've never meet a queer before. Shit I'm sorry I didn't mean it to come out like that I just meant I'm not… I guess you just shocked me a little"

Brian was surprised at Justin's honesty and even more surprised about how attracted he was to this kid after such a short amount of time. If Justin keeps this doe eyed innocent act up then Brian was in deep shit trouble, he already wanted to educate him in ways Justin couldn't even begin to imagine.

"No need to apologise, I know what you meant. I am what I am and I don't make excuses or apologies, although I'm not usually so forthcoming about my extracurricular activities at work" Justin looked like he's going to say something but stopped himself.

"Does this make it difficult for you to work with me?" Brian asked, silently praying that he hadn't fucked up this opportunity on the first day, Vance would have his balls for breakfast.

"No not at all, I'm fine with it I promise but erm you might want to keep it to yourself where my dad is concerned, he's quite vocal about his opinion of queer people and well he's not very complimentary" Justin whispered the word queer and Brian couldn't help but laugh. Justin's wasp upbringing shone through, it took a certain talent to be so polite to someone whilst telling them that they would never be accepted into your world.

"I'm glad to hear it doesn't bother you and thanks for the heads up, I don't see any reason for me to discuss my lifestyle with your dad so I guess it will be our little secret" He couldn't help himself, he winked at Justin and was shocked to see that familiar blush creep into his cheeks. Maybe that closet isn't as deep as Brian first thought but he desperately hoped he was wrong otherwise this was going to be a very long campaign.

"So Justin now that the pleasantries are over how about we try and agree on a work schedule that suits us both" Brian suggested.

They quickly went through some dates which turned out to be an extremely easy task as Justin's schedule had been left completely open for this project so it was only Brian's various meetings and prior engagements that they had to work around.

"I've got all of that in my diary Mr Kinney and I look forward to our first meeting and the opportunity to throw some ideas around"

"Justin only a couple of minutes ago we were discussing the fact that I fuck men so I think it's safe to say you can call me Brian"

"Err sure erm Brian" Justin stuttered in response and Brian wondered if he would ever get bored of seeing that pool of red appear in the young boys cheeks.

Brian said his goodbye and explained that he needed to get back to work when the truth was he was going to look for the first piece of ass he could find and fuck him senseless, this 'trust fund' brat had left Brian with a raging lust that needed taking care of urgently, he cursed himself when he realised that he would be thinking of those blue eyes the entire time.