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Chapter 8


Brian looked across at the man sleeping next to him, he was certainly a man now there was no doubt about it. What they had gotten up to the night before had stolen anything remaining resembling a childhood and propelled him into becoming a man.

Last night had been amazing, Brian had been with virgins before and it was always an ok ride with him doing the majority of the work but he had never witnessed or contributed to another man's every first sexual experience before. Last night he had thrown Justin into the deep end without warning and was fully prepared to save him at any second but the kid had merely panicked for a moment and then swam beautifully. Brian realised, slightly horrified, that although he had partaken in some pretty hot action last night he hadn't actually fucked anyone other than Justin.

He was far too invested in the man's life and he couldn't remember how he had ever gotten so deeply involved. He just knew that he had to take a step back now, he had achieved everything he had set out to do, Justin now knew with absolute certainty who he was and thanks to Brian already had vast sexual experience. Brian needed to get back to his own life now. He would see Justin at work for the next month and then just indulge in the occasional fucking session when desired because despite everything they had gotten up to last night it still didn't feel enough, he still wanted more. He tried not to dwell on the reasons why.

He heard the sheets move and looked over to find Justin's eyes fluttering, trying to open, he found himself excited to see the exquisite blue colour he knew he would find there.

Justin opened his eyes and the first thing he focused on was the god like man lying next to him and the memory of everything he had experienced the night before came flooding back. The sensation was over whelming and before Justin was even fully awake he found himself suddenly aroused.

"Morning" He smiled up at his favourite teacher and contemplated the quickest way to satisfy his rapidly growing lust.

Brian glanced down at the beautiful smile and messed up bed hair and instantly found himself growing hard, staying away from Justin was going to be easier said than done.

"Good morning, how do you feel today?" Brian asked trying to show some concern but finding it difficult because a pale finger had started to travel up his exposed torso.

"Sore but surprisingly unsatisfied" Justin teased knowing what such a statement would do to a man like Brian.

True to form Brian made a sound that sounded suspiciously like growl and violently grabbed his teasing lover and slammed their bodies together.

"No one has ever left this bed unsatisfied" He growled biting down on the other man's earlobe.

"Then you had better do everything you can to keep that reputation intact and fast because I'm close to falling back to sleep with boredom"

In one quick motion Brian turned Justin over until he was flat on his stomach and lifted his arms over his head and held them together in his hands while he climbed on top of his now contained lover.

"You are going to wish you had never said that" Brian threatened and then proceeded to satisfy the young man in every way known to a gay man.

Justin stretched out of the bed completely and blissfully satisfied and wondered if he would ever get enough of this. A month ago he didn't know a thing about sex and now he couldn't think about anything else. Every time he closed his eyes he could see the look on Brian's face as he takes him and it instantly makes him hard again.

He heard the sound of the shower being turned on and he knew that at that very moment Brian was stepping naked under the hot spray of water. He could imagine him massaging the shampoo through his thick dark hair and then using the soap to wash his perfectly chiselled body. Whilst daydreaming Justin found himself unconsciously standing outside the bathroom door with a hand pressed lightly against his recently erected hard on. The images teasing his mind of his naked lover in the shower became too much and the throbbing in his erection became almost painful. He pushed open the bathroom door and walked almost shamefully and naked into the bathroom.

Brian opened his eyes at the sound of the door opening and was rewarded with the sight of a naked and fully erect Justin walking hesitantly in the room. His lover's eyes were cast downwards but he knew that those blue eyes were silently pleading with him to take care of yet another bout of demanding lust. Brian laughed gently and opened the shower door to welcome Justin inside,

"I've created a monster" He commented laughing watching the young man desperately trying to control his sexual urges.

Justin gratefully stepped inside the shower and felt his whole body relax in triumph with the understanding that it would soon be taken care of. He glanced up at a laughing Brian with a frightened look on his face.

"Is this normal?" He asked shyly hoping Brian would understand the question.

Brian pulled the man into his arms and gently started to run the soap over his back.

"Ahh the sexual appetite of an eighteen year old, yes Justin it is completely normal. You are just very very lucky that I also have the sexual needs of an 18 year old boy" He placed his hand around the young man's painfully hard erection and heard him cry out in appreciation.

"You have many years of feeling sexually frustrated ahead of you but luckily there are a million men out there who would be willing to assist in satisfying those urges for a sweet ass like yours"

At the mention of the blondes perfect ass Brian realised that was where he desperately wanted to be. He turned the other man to face the wall and knelt down so that his eyes were level with the beautifully rounded ass cheeks. He gently started to soap them down enjoying how the plump mounds felt beneath his fingers. It really was a sensational ass and it fit with Brian perfectly, his hands, his tongue, his cock, almost as if it was custom made to fit him or should he say taylor made ... Brian chuckled at his own joke.

As he continued to massage the creamy skin with his soap he suddenly felt very possessive.

Mine He thought.

He shook his head understanding what a ridiculous notion that was, the ass didn't belong to him and it never would but the thought of a million men staking a claim on this tight piece of perfection made Brian feel slightly nauseous. He didn't want so many men dipping into a piece of property that he had unintentionally invested such a deep claim on but there was no way he could ask the blonde to be monogamous. It was great being young, hot and queer and Brian wanted Justin to experience everything. Plus he would never be able to return the favour so it wouldn't be fair to ask him not to fuck other men.

Brain smiled as a devious but simple plan formulated. He stood up abruptly and pressed Justin firmly against the glass wall.

"When we are next at Babylon we are going to study the art of how to fuck others, you are going to be the world's greatest top... after me that is. That way you can preserve this tight little ass for special occasions." Brian whispered.

"And what may I ask constitutes a special occasion?" Justin asked still struggling to control his lust.

Brian's needs and desires overrode all rational thought, he just knew he wanted Justin to belong to him in one way or another, he tried not to worry about how much of a lesbian he sounded when he answered the blonde honestly,

"When you're in my bed" Brian murmured enjoying the shiver that ran up the naked figure in front of him.

Justin smiled to himself as he replayed Brian's request over in his head. The brunette had basically just admitted that he wants to be the only one that get's to fuck him, which means that he not only plan's on staying around for a bit but that he actually feels strongly enough about him to want to make some sort of claim over him. Could it be that Brian was actually developing some sort of feelings for him? Justin tried not to allow himself to get his hopes up but inside he was positively glowing with happiness and was more than happy to agree with Brian's request. He pushed his ass back and pressed against Brian impressive erection.

"Then I suggest you'd better start showing me how a good top" Justin teased.

Brian smiled and grabbed the perfect ass in front of him, he didn't need to be told twice.

Justin felt nervous as he approached the door to Brian's office, he found the whole situation completely crazy. He had spend the entire night indulging in some kinky and downright filthy sex with Brian Kinney and now after spending the night with him he was expected to just walk into his office and act normal like nothing had changed. When the truth of the matter was, his entire body was humming with excitement about seeing the older man again which in itself was insane because they had only parted company 20 minutes ago. Brian had insisted on giving Justin a lift to the Vanguard offices this morning and Justin had agreed but only on the condition that Brian dropped him off a block away, the lack of arguing from Brian on that point indicated to Justin that he understood the importance of keeping their 'private' relationship confidential even at the Vanguard office away from the prying eyes of Craig Taylor.

He walked into the office after being verbally permitted to do so and wondered how he was meant to play it, was he allowed to say anything to Brian about their private time together or was he just meant to pretend nothing had happened?

"Good morning Sunshine, come over here I want to show you something" Brian spoke without looking up from the piece of paper he was holding, Justin was pleased the older man was preoccupied because he could have sworn that his knees actually shook at the sound of his sultry voice. It sounded like melted butter.

Justin walked around the desk to stand next to Brian and glanced down at the piece of paper in his hands, it was filled with tiny text and from the words Justin could pick out it didn't make much sense to him.

"What am I meant to be looking at?" Justin asked puzzled.

"Look closer" Brian instructed, still not lifting his eyes off of the paper as if it was the most interesting thing he had ever read. Justin leaned forward intrigued and then gasped when suddenly his head was turned sideways and hot hungry lips attacked his own. Justin groaned and melted into the kiss thinking that he would be quite happy to blow his cover if it meant he got to blow something else while he was at it.

The kiss lasted just long enough that Justin's entire body had turned to jelly but not so long that clothes had started to be removed. Brian gently pushed the blonde back to his standing position enjoying the flustered red look upon his usually pale face.

"Every work day should start like that" Brian commented quietly as if he was speaking to himself. Justin could think of nothing better than to start every day the way they had this morning, a few rounds of invigorating sex followed by a tongue fucking in the office.

"Hmm" Justin agreed wistfully gently touching his now swollen lips.

"Right sunshine, let's crack on shall we. I need you in the art room the entire day, we have 6 more campaigns to complete and not much time to get them done"

Justin's heart soared at the prospect of the art room but then plummeted almost instantly,

"I'm not allowed to work in the art room remember? My dad said if you don't need me then I'm to go back to my work at Taylor Made" Justin reminded him sadly.

Brian shrugged and grinned a mischievous and sexy smile,

"Your father said if I don't need you, well I do need you... in the art department. I don't think the location of your work activities for this project needs to be common knowledge, do you?" Brian asked cheekily.

Justin grinned realising Brian's intention, he would get to work in the art department for the entire campaign, they just wouldn't mention it to his dad.

Brian loved watching that king sized grin invade the blonde's face it seemed to light up the whole damn room but he also knew that all this wasn't going to last. Summer was flying by and soon it would be time for Justin to ship off to Dartmouth and then his art would be nothing but a distant memory. Brian was also concerned over the feeling of dread he felt at the idea of Justin going away to college, he had already come to the conclusion that he would have to continue to see the blonde after the campaign was over but only because he wasn't willing to lose such a good fuck not for any other reason. However going out of state to college was something different entirely and then the blonde and his impeccable ass would be gone for good and Brian was not looking forward to that one bit.

"It's not going to last you know" Brian reasoned out loud.

Justin who was almost at the door turned around and was surprised to see Brian looking sullen and almost sad.

"What isn't going to last?" he asked even know he could probably guess what the older man was talking about.

"Well your happiness for one"

"Please don't start this again, I know what I'm doing you have to trust me ok?"

The kid had no fucking clue was he was doing but reluctantly Brian nodded anyway. He would find a way to get through to him eventually, selling ideas was what he did best.

"I'll catch you later" Justin said and then he was gone.

Justin sighed in frustration, he had once again had an amazing time working in the art department but that only confirmed that annoyingly Brian was right, again. The more time passed the more certain he became that he could never be happy studying business at Dartmouth. It was so easy for Brian to sit there telling him what to do but he didn't have to face his dad and disappoint his family. Craig would never allow it and Justin was not ready to lose his family, as demanding as his dad was he was still his dad and he loved him.

He was also constantly aware of the fact that he would need to reveal his sexuality to them one day and to add turning his back on the family business to the list of revelations seemed too much to ask them to take. He knew that time was running out but right now he couldn't think of a solution that would make everyone happy and denial was such a wonderful place to stay in for now.

His phone rang on his desk causing him to jump slightly, he checked the caller ID to see his mom's name flashing on the screen.

"Hey mom" He answered.

"Justin could you come round after work please? I'll cook" His mother sounded short and not like her usual self. Justin hesitated, he hadn't actually made plans to see Brian that evening but he didn't want to miss the opportunity of meeting up later with the man who now consumed his every thought.

"Could we do it another night?" Justin asked silently cursing himself, When had he become so centred around one man?

"No it has to be tonight, your father is out. Please Justin" her tone filled him with concern and curiosity.

"What's going on?" He asked worried.

"I'll speak to you tonight, I'll see you at 7" Then she was gone, she had hung up no 'goodbye' no 'I love you'. That was so unlike her, he decided he couldn't wait. She sent Brian an email apologising saying that he had to leave to complete some other business but that he would see him in the morning and then he made apologies to the art team saying he would double his efforts the next day and then he left.

He arrived at his parents' house to find his mom just pulling into the drive having collected his sister Molly from school.

"Hey Mom, hey Molls" He called out gaining surprised looks from both of their faces.

"Justin" They both cried out but only Molly's cry seemed to be filled with Joy.

"Justin, what are you doing here? I said come for dinner"

"I know but you sounded upset or angry so I couldn't wait. What's wrong" His mother's sombre face did nothing to calm his nerves.

"Come inside"

He followed his mother and sister inside and waited patiently at the kitchen table whilst Molly filled him in on the events of her school day until his mom intervened and handed her a juice and snack and asked her to go and watch TV in the other room. Justin had a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach, what the fuck had happened? He watched his mother open a drawer that he knew contained the dinner place settings and pull out a large thick envelope. She joined him at the kitchen table and placed the envelope in front of him, he had barely looked at it when he recognized the logo emblazoned on the front. Oh shit.

"Do you care to explain this?"

He could hear her words but they sounded so far away, his hands were shaking as he pulled the letter out of the already opened envelope and started to read the first line. He didn't even get that far, the first word was Congratulations, he had been accepted. He had been accepted to the Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts. He couldn't believe it. He attempted to read the rest of the letter but his hands wouldn't stop shaking, he had applied months ago on a whim not believing for a moment that he would get in. They only accepted a hand full of students a year but he was hoping that in their decline they might have offered him some feedback for the work he submitted. He had only ever shown his work to his close family and friends before and they had been very complimentary but Justin had no idea if they were honest opinions or just said out of obligation. He knew his future was in business at Dartmouth but he had wanted to know if he was any good, he had needed to know. Now that proof was sitting in front of him in a bulking white envelope offering him an alternative future, one he had never dared dream of. He had proof, he was good and they wanted him. He forgot when he moved out that he had applied and given his parents address, he suddenly remembered that his mother was still sitting there waiting for an answer.

"I applied months ago, I didn't think anything would come of it, I just wanted to know if I was any good"

"I don't understand, I have never heard you mention PIFA once, you have always just said that you want to go to Dartmouth, that's your future Justin"

Justin found him frustrated, how could they be so blind?

"Mom, think back... when have I ever said that? Have you ever actually heard me say the words I want to go to Dartmouth?" He asked quietly.

"You must have done, why else would we have been planning for you to go there for years? It's always been your dream" Jennifer replied not liking the direction this conversation was going.

"It was never my dream, not really. Dad decided my future a long time ago and I just didn't disagree, I couldn't complain it was a good future and he had his heart set on it"

"It's a great future Justin, you will be a massive success just like your father"

Justin gazed wistfully at the white envelope on the table and realised that for the first time in his life he had a dream and that envelope made it a possibility. He placed his hand delicately over the envelope,

"This changes everything" He admitted sadly.

"This changes nothing! Justin you applied to PIFA as an experiment just to know if you could draw? I've told you a thousand times how good your art is, you do have a talent and the best thing about art and your talent is that they're not going anywhere. When you become the man you hope to be you can finally take a step back and then you will have years to paint at your leisure but please do not throw your entire future away just because a school your barely interested in likes a couple of your sketches"

Justin looked up at his mother and for not the first time in his life felt like he wasn't good enough. His own mother didn't have faith in him to pursue this career so why would anyone else? He knew he was being difficult but Brian was right, his future happiness depends on these decisions and he needs to do what's best for him.

"I want this so much, all I have ever enjoyed doing is my art, you must have seen this? It's my passion so why can't it be my future?" Jennifer looked into her son's stubborn blue eyes and recognised the look of determination, this wasn't going to end well for any of them and she suddenly saw her perfect world spiralling out of control.

"Justin please don't do this? Do you know how unhappy your father will be if you do?"

"So I'm meant to sacrifice my happiness for his?" Justin shouted angrily.

"No Justin calm down, I'm just asking you to think about what this will do to your family. Your Grandfather did what he did because he saw something in you, his paved the way for you and your dad to have great careers and this is how you repay him?"

"I know what Grandfather did for me" Justin spoke through clenched teeth as his anger threatened to boil to the surface listening to his mother using her father's name as emotional blackmail.

"Then please stop this nonsense for everyone's benefit. I want you to be happy, of course I do but maybe you would consider a compromise? Maybe attend some evening art classes at Dartmouth" Justin listened to his mother make hopeful suggestions and he knew that were not going to get anywhere today. He had a lot to think about but right now he was angry, frustrated and needed a fucking drink.

Brian glanced down at his phone for the hundredth time and convinced himself that he was just checking the time and not looking to see if a certain blonde had contacted him. Crap still nothing. He received an email saying that he had to shoot off early but he hadn't heard a word since and he couldn't put his finger on why but something about that email didn't read right as if Justin wasn't really with it when he wrote it.

"Brian?" He looked up to see Michael staring at him expectantly, shit what has he said?


"Jesus Brian have you taken something already? I said are we going to Babylon soon?" Brian glanced around the almost empty woody's bar and conceded that it would be best to follow the crowd.

"Sure, after this drink" He confirmed and watched his best friends face break into a smile.

"It's been so good to hang out tonight with just the gang, don't you think?" Michael asked.

"Hmmm" Brian responded absentmindedly checking his phone again. He was relieved to see the message icon flashing, he opened the message and a smile crept on to his face when he saw the message was from Justin, he read it quickly

'If you have some free time could you come over to mine? I need some company, actually I need someone to fuck me senseless.'

Brian's body responded instantly to the text, that was one invitation he wasn't about to turn down.

"Sorry Mickey, something came up I'm off"

"What the fuck do you mean off? We're just about to leave to go to Babylon"

"I know but something..."

"came up! You just said, it's a shitty way to treat your friends dumping them every time you have an opportunity to get laid" Michael complained.

"Mickey if I dumped you every time I had an opportunity to get laid then I would never see you. I only wonder off when I want to fuck. Stop being so sensitive, I've been with you all night, we've swapped stories, had a few drinks and now it's time for me to get my nightly fix"

Brian noticed the look of hurt flash upon his friends face and was too scared to count how many times he had caused that look. Life would be so much easier if is best friend wasn't in love with him, Michael was like a brother to him, he was the only man he had ever really cared about but he would never want him not in the same way he wants... The name remained unspoken in his thoughts but it was there, he was always bloody there recently. He knew that his unusual friendship with Justin was rattling Mickey's cage but he wouldn't back off just to spare his feelings. He needed to finally face up to the realisation that Brian wasn't the one for him and then hopefully he would be able to move on.

"I'll call you tomorrow Mickey, I promise" He waved at Emmett and Ted playing pool and half walked half ran out the door towards a horny blonde and the promise of a good fucking session.

As soon as Justin opened the door Brian knew something was wrong, he looked visually wired and tense like he had been pacing the floor for an hour. His eyes were almost wild with an emotion Brian didn't recognise and he could smell the distinctive aroma of alcohol radiating off the obviously stressed out young man. Before Brian could ask what was wrong, before he could even enter the apartment and close the door behind him a pair of strong rosy lips attacked him, kissing him everywhere. Brian wanted to find out what was wrong but the line of kisses Justin was planting had left a line of fire that was quickly turning into desire and making it difficult for him to think straight. Justin was obviously upset and needed this release and Brian was more than happy to oblige but he was determined to uncover the reason for this distress before he left.

Brian opened his arms out wide and let Justin take complete possession of his body, he struggled with the feeling of not being in control but he knew that for whatever reason, Justin was beyond reason or instruction. The blonde appeared to have multiple limbs and Brian could feel him everywhere, he suddenly found himself inside the flat, pushed up against the wall with the door closed behind them but he had no idea how they got there. Justin was relentless in his pursuit and he found himself both turned on and disturbed by the young man's urgency. He watched the other man drop to his knees and rip open his fly, he heard the button snap off and fall to the floor but he couldn't give a shit. He groaned when Justin attacked him with his mouth and sucked aggressively taking Brian to place between pleasure and pain but he didn't want it to stop. Justin started pulling and sucking harder like he couldn't get enough and just when Brian felt like he was reaching his pain limit his lover pulled away and jumped to his feet,

"fuck, it's not... I need..." Brian reached out and took Justin's face in hands and was concerned to find the young man was shaking slightly.

"What do you need? Justin what's wrong" he asked, ignoring the pathetic desperation he heard creeping into his voice.

"Fuck me... please...over and over again just...fuck me" Brian was staring to worry that this was the last thing the troubled young man needed but he could tell by the lust crazed look in those amazing blue eyes that Justin was way beyond the point of no return and for whatever reason he needed this. Brian had fucked so many guys this way, empty passion, wild lust, no feeling just crazy dirty fucking but it suddenly occurred to him that he had never been with Justin like that, there had always been something more there even during the first time. He sighed in defeat when Justin's pleading arms started to grope at him again, he pulled him off, spun him round and shoved him painfully over the back of the couch and heard him hiss with satisfaction. He closed his eyes and fucked Justin Taylor like he would a random trick that Justin had never managed to be.

Brian woke up and felt completely disorientated, he leaned over and looked at the alarm clock on Justin's bedside table. The movement alerted him to the fact that Justin's side of the bed was empty and as the clock read three thirty in the morning there was no logical reason to explain his absence. He glanced at the bedroom door and noticed a dim light shining through the crack under the door, he sleepily climbed out of bed and pulled his boxers on to go in search of his missing lover.

When he opened the door he could see Justin's silhouette sitting on a stool by the window in front of a large white canvas held up on a stand. The only source of light came from the moon, the street lights and a small lamp attached the top of the canvas. He looked so beautiful sitting there in silence in just a pair of white boxers, his pale slender body illuminated by the dim light streaming in through the window. He walked over slowly not wanting to frighten him but Justin had felt his presence and looked round to give a weak smile.

"So Picasso are you ready to tell me what the fuck is up with you?" Justin didn't answer but he nodded his head in the direction of the coffee table. Brian walked over and picked up a large white envelope lying in the centre of the table. He pulled out the letter and started to read it, it was a letter of acceptance to PIFA addressed to a Mr Justin Taylor. Brian knew of the school and it's amazing reputation, he also knew how hard it was to get offered a place. He was impressed that the artist had had the balls to apply, it also proved the point he had been desperately trying to make for the past couple of weeks, that this was what Justin really wanted to do and this acceptance letter proved that this was exactly what he should be doing.

"Justin this is unbelievable when did you apply?"

"Months ago, I didn't do it with any hope or agenda I was just after some professional feedback for my work" Brian noticed the man's shoulders slump in sadness and felt uncontrollably angry again, this letter should be the happiness news in the world but because of his family it was being treated as an inconvenience.

"You have to accept this place"

"I can't, if I do I will lose them"

"Justin if your family loves you then they will accept your decision, you cannot throw away an opportunity like this, you would regret it every day of your miserable life"

"I can take some night art classes at Dartmouth" As he repeated his mothers words he felt empty, Brian was right he would regret walking away from this every day.

"Oh I'm sure you will have loads of time to study art in between your thousand business classes and the time you spend living up your father's backside"

"That's unfair! My dad has done everything for me and by going against his wishes I would be throwing it all back in his face. Anyway it's not just him, my Grandfather left me... I mean he wanted this for me, he built that company from nothing and he always said it was to secure his families future, my future! He wasn't like my dad he never pushed, he loved me and just wanted what was best for me. How can I disrespect his memory by throwing away what he spent years building?"

"If he really was the man you say he was then I can't see how he wouldn't want you to pursue your own happiness. Choosing to do what you want isn't disrespecting his memory"

"Why the fuck do you even care so much?" Justin demanded angrily.

"Because it pisses me off to see grown men acting like scared little kids and not having the balls to go for what they want"

"Oh and have achieved everything you want out of life, haven't you Brian! Do you really expect me to believe that you're happy with your set up at work, you doing all the work and the Vanguard name getting all the credit?"

Brian couldn't help but smile at how astute the young man was, it had been his dream for so long to run his own advertising business but not one of his friends had ever suspected that he wasn't fully content in his professional role, they had never suggested to him to try and make it on his own or even asked him if it was something he wanted but this clever know it all had Brian all sussed out in a matter of weeks.

"Your right, I do want to work for myself and I will one day but I need to prepare. I've already taken risks to get where I am and I've worked fucking hard to get this far so don't tar me with the same brush just because you're scared. This isn't just about your family is it? If you accept that place then you can't hide behind the safe lie of a life at Dartmouth. You're smart, too fucking smart sometimes so you know you will succeed, there's no risk and no chance of failing. If you go to PIFA however, all of a sudden your hobby becomes your life and you're so fucking scared that it won't be good enough, that you won't be good enough!" Brian struggled to contain his anger, the man made him insane.

"Of course I'm scared, I never dreamed I would get into a place like that, what if I get there and choke? What if I'm leagues behind everyone else?" Justin's blue eyes started to sparkle with the threat of tears and Brian found himself melting again, he walked over to Justin who was still sitting down on the high stool and pulled his head against his bare chest.

"They accepted you because they saw something in you. They know what they are looking for and you were it, you are amazingly talented. Just promise me that you will at least try and speak with your father" Brian felt the young artist nod his head in agreement. He glanced down at the beautiful pale face staring up at him.

"You are driving me insane, do you know that?"

"I'm sorry, I just want to please everyone and I don't want to fail"

"You won't and just worry about what you want, fuck everyone else"

"So Mr big shot advertising executive, are you going to follow your own advice and start your own business?"

"My dream takes time and money, it's not just sitting there in a white envelope so let's focus on your dream first shall we? I always get what I want and what I want is to be my own boss with my name above the door"

"Kinnetic" Justin whispered thoughtfully, a brilliant smile spreading across his face.

"What did you just say?" Brian asked,

"I said you should name your business Kinnetic, with 2 n's"

Brain leaned down and kissed the other man on his soft inviting lips,

"That's clever, I like that"

He glanced down when he felt a tickle against his left nipple and saw Justin running his paintbrush across his tanned chest leaving a line of dark ink behind it.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked enjoying the weird sensation of the brush gliding across his bare flesh. Justin looked up and smiled playfully at the older man

"I've just found a beautiful new canvas, hold still"

"This had better not get all over my very expensive bed sheets or stain my perfect body"

"Don't worry stud I'll help you wash it off in the shower."

Brian had no idea how long he stood there as Justin continued to paint in silence. The feeling of the brush was so slight and gentle but still managed to turn him on, although that could be more to do with watching the artists face as he painted. His tongue poked out in concentration and his intense eyes bore into the canvas which was currently Brian's naked chest. From this angle Brian couldn't work out what was being painted on him but he knew he would have stayed there all night if Justin had asked him to. When Justin was finally finished he made good on his promise and gently guided him into the bathroom.

Brian stole an opportunity to glance in the mirror at the masterpiece displayed on his body and almost gasped out loud, it was stunning. Considering the difficult surface Justin had to work with he had managed to create a beautiful picture of a tree blowing in the wind and some leaves had been pulled off and where making a trail around one of his nipples, the detail in the picture was unbelievable and Brian hated to wash it off. However soft arms soon pulled him in to the shower and the water started to wash the paint away leaving Brian feeling bare and suddenly exhausted. They finally feel into bed and ended up asleep in each other's arms.

This time when Brian heard the sound of his alarm going off he didn't worry that the blonde was missing from the bed. Justin had told him that he was leaving early to go back to his parent's house before they were both due at work. Brian climbed out of bed and for once wished he could go back to sleep. The late night art session meant that they had barely slept and Brian could already feel the lack of rest taking its toll. He walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but his boxers in hopes of finding some much needed coffee hiding in the cupboards. The sound of the doorbell ringing made him jump and he walked to answer the door still half asleep and now in shock over the loud noise piercing his delicate ears. He forgot about the lack of clothes as he threw the door openly angrily and was greeted by a pretty girl with curly hair.

"Who the fuck are you?" He asked aware that his temper was the result of a lack of sleep and caffeine. He observed the woman frown suspiciously and felt a chill travel up his spine.

"I'm Daphne, who the fuck are you?"

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