The wrath of God rained down upon Alliance soldiers and their allies as they tried to hold onto any hope of survival. Word that Commander Shepard and Admiral Anderson had made it onto the Citadel spread like wildfire through the ranks, boosting morale and bolstering spirits. Desperate minutes went by as Harbinger and its cohorts chewed through the scattered ranks and Reaper ground forces pummeled them mercilessly.

Then, all went quiet and a tense hush spread across the battlefield. Harbinger froze mid firing sequence and husks and marauders stopped mid attack. A platoon of Alliance soldiers returned to cover, hoping beyond hope that Shepard had done the impossible.

Harbinger spasmed and took a glance over his shoulder to see a giant spectral woman behind him, equally as tall as it was. The soldiers looked up in stunned silence, wondering if the wrath would now come down on the Reapers. Harbinger's red eyes dimmed and it bent forward, letting its tail tip over its head.

"Squeeee! Squeeee!" the Reaper bellowed.

One soldier looked at another. "Joe, what the fuck is it doing? Is that Commander Shepard behind it?"

"What the…. Bob, is that a giant strap on the commander has?" Then he winced. "Oh no! That's just wrong, even for the Reapers!"

Harbinger then rolled over and began barking like a dog as ghostly banjo music wafted through the streets of London. A marauder and a cannibal sauntered up to the soldiers along with a pair of husks. "Oh spirits," the Marauder said, "That used to be my boss."

Others began gathering, included a handful of krogan, asari, turians, and quarians. They all began to tilt their heads around until they were nearly upside down. Then, they all winced and looked away, faces twisted in disgust. The asari, a former dancer turned commando, waved her hands in front of her face. "That's not natural, even for me!" A quarian spit up in his mask.

There was a grand group hug and some sobbing. A husk lay bawling on the ground. "I'm so sorry we liquefied you all. Please make this stop!"

"Squeeee, ow…ow, that hurts me. Squeeeeee! I know pain, I know pain. Oh, uuuh, ow, squeeee!"