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Courtney was sitting at the playa des loser writing angrily to her lawyers about how she wanted to sue the show again and how she wanted to personally sue Duncan for the unneeded stress he has caused her. She was typing away by the pool on her laptop while she plotted her own personal revenge on Duncan as well. So far she switched out his green hair dye with pink, so that was going to be fun to see.

Trent approached her with his guitar. He had written a song for her and wanted to ask her out. He spent about 3 hours writing it just for her. He wanted it to be perfect. He just now realized how beautiful she was.

"Courtn-" Trent tried to say but quickly got shhh'ed.

"Not now!" Courtney yelled at him. "I'm in the middle of plotting revenge!"

"Yeah, but eventually you'll be done." Trent told her. "I'll just wait."

"I'm going to be awhile." Courtney told him. "I already typed out how I want to sue Chef as being an accomplice to this unfair elimination and now I'm working on Duncan's! He's going to pay!"

"Yeah, but he's happy with Gwen." Trent explained to her. "So, maybe you can be happy too, You see I wrote you this song and I was hopi-"

"How can you be happy?" Courtney glared at him. "You're ex is dating my ex! Do you wanna sue too?"

"For what?" Trent asked her "Uh...I don't really want to cause any trouble, in fact I just want to play a song for you."

"Trent, I already explained to you that I don't have the time!" Courtney yelled at him. "Filing lawsuits, kinda busy! I'm sure the song is fine!"

"Courtney, I think that you should move on." Trent suggested "Maybe date a guy who realizes you're amazing and writes you songs!"

"Yeah, I wish." Courtney rolled her eyes. "Let's be realistic here, there is no guy who is kind and loyal like that around here."

"Hi, I'm Trent and I'm a kind and loyal guy who writes songs!" Trent yelled to her. "In fact, I have written a song specifically for you! I've been trying to play it for you but you've been really busy plotting revenge!"

"Oh..." Courtney realized. "Uh...I'm not really into you."

"What?!" Trent yelled "You just said you wanted a guy who writes songs! That's totally me!"

"Yeah, I wanted a guy who writes good music." Courtney laughed. "You're music really sucks! Not to mention I don't really know you that well, In fact I think I know Harold and Owen better than I know you."

"Then get to know me!" Trent told her. "Hello, Gwen is my Ex! This would be a perfect plan! We pretend to date and then get back at them!"

"I'm just going to stick to the pink hair dye." Courtney told him. "Thanks for the offer though."

"But you hate Gwen!" Trent tried to persuade her.

"Haven't you watched season 2?" Courtney asked him. "I was Team Gwen in your whole breakup."

"Yeah, I know." Trent glared at her. "Now you hate her though! So, wouldn't you be on team Trent?"

"No, I'm still team Gwen." Courtney informed him.

"Why?!" Trent demanded to know "Aren't you suing her?!"

"Yes." Courtney told him.

"So, why would you be team Gwen?!" Trent asked her.

"Because you were a loser on purpose." Courtney informed him. "At least Gwen tried to win. I could never date someone who would being willing to lose on purpose!"

"It was for love!" Trent told her. "Give me a break!"

"I cared about Duncan in season 1 and I was still willing to leave him in the woods while I ran off with the case." Courtney informed him. "I actually had the case, you just threw a bunch of stupid challenges. I risked a lot more than you."

"So?" Trent asked "Are you going to let me play the song?"

"No, Trent." Courtney told him as she started typing "You're still a loser in my book. Now if you'll excuse me I have better things to do with my time."

Trent gave up and decided she wasn't the girl for him. Courtney continued to contact her lawyers

Bring on the flames! I'm waiting for a bunch of people to start flipping out. So, yeah. Trentney...Why the hell do people ship this? I mean I don't think they have ever spoken. My view on this is that she would most likely shoot him down. He's very artistic and mellow and she's a high strung girl with an attitude and a passion for politics. So, I'm going to realistically do all the couples that everyone ships. If you want to take part in this, suggest some couples. I'm not doing anything that was or is canon. Yes, I will make fun of myself and eventually do Chris/Courtney as well. So, can you Trentney fans give me a good reason why they should be together other than. "Gwen and Duncan are dating, so their Ex's should date so everyone can be happy."

Let's see who here can make fun of what they support and who can't.