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Justin was sitting down out by the pool at the playa with his sunglasses on and his shirt off and he was completely naked too, mirror in each hand. Unfortunately for Heather this was the day she also decided to go to the pool to tan, actually she didn't have a choice because LeShawna was annoyed with her and threatened to punch her in the face again if she didn't shut up and find something else to do, so to stay clear of Leshawna, this was her only option.

"Ew." Heather looked disgusted at Justin. "Why are you naked?"

"Because I want to get an even tan." Justin told her. "It's okay if you want to look, everyone always looks at me when I tan. I don't mind, my body is a work of art."

"Did you ever think people stop and look because you're some freak who tans naked out by the pool in front of everyone?" Heather laughed at him and sat down in the chair as far away from Justin as she possibly could. "The only one who wants to look at that would be Owen."

"Hey Heather..." Justin asked her.

"What?" Heather sighed in annoyance "I'm trying to read a magazine."

"Now that Courtney and Duncan are over, do you think I stand a chance with her?" Justin asked "You guys are kinda friends, would you ask her?"

"Courtney and I aren't friends." Heather told him turning a page in the magazine.

"Oh..." Justin sighed. "So, would you be willing to help me put some sun tan lotion on my back?"

"No." Heather told him. "Do it yourself."

"That's impossible." Justin told her. "I'd have to put one of my mirrors down, I wouldn't want to deprive myself of seeing both sides of me...I don't have a bad side, just two good sides."

"Ask someone else to do it then." Heather told him.

"Nobody else is here." Justin told her. "C'mon! Don't you want to do a favor for the hottest guy on the show?"

"You're not the hottest guy on the show!" Heather laughed. "I'm the hottest girl on the show obviously, but you're not the hottest guy."

"You're not the hottest girl." Justin told her. "It would be Courtney and Lindsay as the two hottest. You're just average especially since you had that hair issue back in season 1."

"This is stupid..." Heather looked at him. "You're stupid too! No wonder you never won and didn't get picked for seasons 3 and 5 and you didn't get a guest appearance in season 4 either. I may have a hair problem, but at least I'm a more popular contestant than you! You can't argue that, I was chosen multiple times and you weren't."

"You really are mean." Justin told her. "No wonder I never talked to you at all in season 1 or 2."

"That's not true." Heather rolled her eyes. "I think I said like 3 things to you."

"I just got the best idea ever!" Justin told her. "You're really popular on this show! Everyone loves to hate you and everyone knows I'm really good looking! How about you and I date as a publicity stunt?! We can call us JustHer! How cute would that be on the magazines?"

"So, you want to fake date me so you can get popular?" Heather laughed. "As if! If I even pretended to date you, my popularity would decrease! forget JustHer because the only thing right about it is the name! It is JustHer as in It's just Heather not dating Justin!"

"So, that's a maybe?" Justin asked "That's your loss if you don't want to! But if you decide you want to help me rub sun tan lotion on my back, just let me know!"

"Let me see the bottle!" Heather grabbed it from him and opened it and squirted it in his face. "Seriously, put some pants on! I'd rather get beat up by Leshawna than stay here and talk to you."

Heather stormed off back into the playa leaving Justin covered in lotion.

"Well that wasn't very nice of her." Justin sighed and rubbed it in himself, placing his mirrors on the ground. "She's just jealous because I'm way more attractive then she is."

That's my version of JustHer because seriously, Heather would never date Justin ever! They didn't even speak on the show, Maybe once? I have no clue how this couple even happened. This is one that really confuses me. Next I'm doing Dott, However I admit, I don't know much about this couple so I'm going to do my homework and see what I can dig up. I actually wrote a real one once where I managed to keep them in character.