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"You called for me, Obito nii-sama?" asked Naruto with an even tone, staring at his masked sensei/brother/father/leader with eyes showing no real emotion, no hate or love whatsoever, an ice cold blue that made people feel like their very soul was being disected.

The 12 year old shinobi prodigy was a little above average in height compared to boys of his age with spiky sunkissed hair, dark blue eyes, and three whisker like lines on each of his cheeks, wearing a black tight fitting top with the standard blue Akatsuki pants, white leg warmers, and dark blue shinobi sandals.

The mask man was however unaffected by the lack of emotion, he understood his student very well. He knew that Naruto thought highly of him, and in truth, he thought very highly of the kid himself. Their relationship was good, their teamwork, both physically and intellectually was even better, and most importantly, the boy was 150 percent behind the moon's eye plan and had promised to do everything within his abilities to achieve that goal. Needless to say, sensei and student were the best of friends.

"Yes I did, I have some very important news for you." said Obito with his regular deep and sinister voice, but with traces of pride and excitement that he couldn't quite hide from his tone, or perhaps, his prized student just knew him that well.

Obito is a rather tall man with spiky black hair and a mask with a spiral like design that covers the entirety of his face with the exception of his right eye, wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it and a high collar, blue shinobi pants, white leg warmers, and dark blue shinobi sandals.

"Important news? For me?" asked Naruto with a quirked eyebrow, his mind running a million miles per second trying to figure out what news his nii-sama could possibly have that would be of direct concern for him. In the end, he figured that whatever it was probably involved either the recent invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru, or, it had something to do with his biological parents, but hopefully, was about him finally getting permission to officially join the Akatsuki ranks.

"Yes, I believe the time has finally come for our brothers and sister of the Akatsuki to finally meet you. If you go to your bedroom and open your wardrobe, you will find that I have taken the liberty to replace your old clothes with our standard uniform. Congratulations." Obito said with a little amusement, holding back a small chuckle at the blonde's elated expression, an uncharacteristicly wide grin splitting his face into two.

"I don't doubt my abilities at all, I'm more than ready for this, but..." Naruto trailed off.

"But what?" Obito asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

"Why all of a sudden, I thought you wanted to wait a bit longer, even Zetsu doesn't believe that I'm old enough?" asked Naruto.

"Hmmm...well, Itachi was only a year older than you when I allowed him to join, and he never had any problems completing any of his missions. I wouldn't worry about what other people think if I were you. I know my students better than anyone else, if I say you're ready, it is because you really are." Obito explained.

"I see...but that isn't what I meant, I thought you wanted me to kill Orochimaru as a sort of qualification test, what happened to that plan?" asked Naruto, causing Obito to almost sweatdrop at his own forgetfulness. It was unlike him to forget such important details, or any kind of details for that matter, maybe he was more excited about his student's ascention in the ranks then he might have thought.

"Don't worry about that for now, I have decided to postpone that little errand. Perhaps in a few years, three years, four max." replied the Akatsuki leader.

"I see, this is because of Uchiha Sasuke getting injected with Orochimaru's cursed seal isn't it? You think that Sasuke would do anything to get revenge on Itachi, even join Orochimaru?" asked Naruto with the habitually raised right eyebrow.

'Heh, he doesn't miss anything does he? Like father like son I guess.' thought Obito with amusement, his mind involuntarily taking a trip down memory lane, back to the day that he'd gotten his hands on the yellow flash's heir about twelve years ago.

It had been almost too easy if he had to be honest with himself, that, or it was just too good to be true. Obito had known from the start that the chances of singehandedly destroying a Yellow Flash lead Konoha, even with the Kyubi under his control would have been incredibly slim, he'd known from the minute the idea had given birth to itself in his mind. That is why he'd conceived another plan, one that could, would, and did serve as a back up for his original plan. He'd smiled to himself for almost a whole week after the plan's conception, the video images of Minato-sensei's possible reactions contantly playing over and over inside his head.

The plan had been simple enough, at least, according to Obito. He would have to execute the plan when Kushina gave birth, there was no better window of opportunity than that one, any other time would have been suicide. Kushina was an incredibly powerful shinobi, and an even more powerful jinchuuriki, defeating her would not come without a heavy price, and the possibility of losing was discouraging as well. On top of that, if the situation became unfavorable for her, she could call on Minato-sensei for back-up at anytime and from literally anywhere in the world, no no no, it had to be during childbirth, when she would be at her most vulnerable.

So he'd done it, he'd taken advantage of the situation and used Naruto to seperate them, and than he'd unsealed the Kyubi and summoned the beast smack in the middle of Konoha. Of course, Minato-sensei had followed him with his prized space-time ninjutsu and saved Kushina from getting crushed by her own prisoner, he'd even followed him and the Kyubi to Konoha and seemed to be easily negating the Kyubi's assualt.

That's when Obito had realised that he'd have to get involved. So he'd attacked Minato directly, allowing the Kyubi to continue with it's rampage unhindered. But he'd been defeated and forced to flee for his life with his tail between his legs and the Kyubi, without him to protect it, had been made short work of by Minato-sensei and Kushina.

Minato had tried to seal the Kyubi into his son, believing him to be the child of prophesy, haah, that idea had been thrown right out of the window when he returned to his house only to find baby Naruto dead in his crib, with a kunai imbedded through his little chest straight through the heart with a note attached to it. The note reading...

'I always win, I have done so in the past, I have done so today, and I will do so in the future. You may have won the battle, but I will win the war!'

At the time, the Hokage didn't have the luxury to breakdown and wallow in self pity, for he had a whole village to protect, perhaps Naruto might have lived if he'd taken Kushina back to him instead of the Konoha hospital, perhaps Kushina would have been able to protect him or even use one of his kunai to call him back, hindsight was such a bitch. Because of his son's premature death, the Hokage had decided to seal the Kyubi into himself and become the next jinchuuriki, that was until he received word from the hospital that Kushina had made an unexpected and miraculous recovery. She'd returned to the battlefield and re-sealed the bijuu into herself. Minato would have serious talks with her in the future about some of the Uzumaki clan bloodline secrets she was still keeping from him, but at that point time, with the burden of informing her of their son's fate looming over his head, he couldn't have been bothered to question anything of the sort.

Of course, Minato didn't know that the corpse of his son was actually a Zetsu parasite clone. By absorbing a small portion of a target's chakra, a white zetsu clone had the ability to execute a perfect transformation that was undetectable and remained active even in death, therefore, not even a sharingan, rinnegan, or byakugan could see through it. In fact, it wasn't really a transformation, but rather, a shape shifting ability. Obito wondered how his former sensei would react if...or rather, when he met his son again, how would Kushina react?

Obito had been reluctant to raise a kid, not really liking kids very much and too busy anyway to ever raise a child. So Naruto had spent the first five years of his life inside a powerful genjutsu. Inside the genjutsu, Obito had played the roles of father, brother, and sensei to the growing child, who was in reality synced to the Gedo Mazo and Hashirama's living clone that Madara cultivated from Hashirama's cells.

This provided the child with all the nutrition he needed to grow up and remain one of, if not the healthiest child in the world, it also helped that he was a combination of Uzumaki and Senju heritage, yes, Obito knew about the Yondaime Hokage's true lineage, as it was obvious that he was Tobirama's grandson. Okay it wasn't that obvious if you didn't have an ancient legendary shinobi who everyone thought to be dead as your mentor, but still, Obito thought it should have been.

There was however more of a reason for syncing the blonde Uzumaki-Senju with Hashirama's living clone, the idea had been for Naruto to one day completely absorb the clone and therefore obtain Hashirama's abilities at full power and control, without the limitations that Obito, Zetsu, and even Madara had. It had taken a whole five years for Naruto to absorb the clone, hence, Obito's decision to end the genjutsu on the kid and commense his training in the shinobi arts.

Just as expected, the boy, like his father, was a ninjutsu genius and like his mother, a great talent in the sealing arts even for an Uzumaki. He was also a great intellectual and had a natural talent in the reflex and speed department much like his dad. Obito didn't have to work very hard to win the boy's approval and to get him to see the world from his point of view, the time they spent together in the genjutsu had been more fruitful than Obito could have ever imagined, it meant that Obito had a five year old relationship with the boy at the start of his training without actually really doing anything, in other words, he'd already won the boy's admiration, love, and trust already.

Naruto was a well kept secret, not even Nagato and Konan knew about him, and Itachi didn't even know that he had a sibling apprentice. Well, it didn't really matter anymore, Nagato and Konan would find out as soon as today, and Itachi would find out with the others in the next Akatsuki meeting.

"Yes, I'm curious to see how Sasuke plans to outwit the Snake Sannin, time will only tell." said Obito.

"So you're leaving Orochimaru to him, strange that Sasuke already has a mission for Akatsuki despite him not even knowing of our existence." said Naruto.

"Hmmm...is that a hint of jealousy that I sense? Unbecoming of you isn't it, something as petty as that?" asked Obito retorically.

"I knew the sharingan could cause hallucinations, but I didn't think that it applied to the user of the eye as well. In any case, to answer your question, I don't care who kills Orochimaru, as long as he dies, period. I was only expressing my concern because of his ring, the main reason I wanted to kill him myself was so that I can retrieve the ring he stole from us. I can't become an official member without that." explained the blonde.

"Hn, you need not worry about that, Zetsu has already found the location of the ring. In fact, he has gone to retrieve it for you himself, he should be back any minute now." Obito said.

"I see, well in that case, let me go and make preparations for our departure." Naruto said, turning around swiftly as Obito watched him disappear down the maze like corridors of their underground hideout.

'Hmmmm...he's developing well, it's a good thing Nagato has shied away from summoning the gedo mazo since that incident, otherwise, who knows what would have happened.' thought Obito with a bit of relief, syncing a baby, Uzumaki or not had been one of the biggest gambles of his Obito's life, but not only did he do that, he also experimented on the kid by fusing Hashirama's living clone into the kid, yes, definitely a huge gamble, one he would do all over again if he was given the chance to.

'Itachi would have made an incredible ally, it's a pity that he has chosen the path of a traitor, still, not all has been lost. In Naruto, I have something even better, and it won't be too long before Sasuke joins our cause...that is, if he can overcome Orochimaru's cursed seal. Hmmm...hehe, that should make for an interesting test of the extent of his talent.' Obito thought with a sinister glint in his eyes, or was it just amusement, or maybe even both, only he knew.

30 minutes later: Amegakure no Sato...

"You're awfully quiet today Pein, what seems to be troubling you? Tell me..." said Konan, a rather tall, slender, and angelically beautiful woman with blue hair and a paper flower composing part of her hairstyle, amber eyes, ultramarine eye shadow, and a labret piercing, wearing black, tight fitting pants, black feminine boots, and a long, high collared cloak with red clouds on it.

"Zetsu was here yesterday while you were out on Ame patrol, he said Madara would be visiting today, and..." Pein, or rather, Deva trailed off. He is a tall handsome man with orange spiky hair, purple-grey eyes with concentric rings around the pupils, and a multitude of piercings all over his face, namely, a few metallic bars and studs piercing across his nose, through his ears, and on his chin. He is wearing the standard Akatsuki outfit that consists of blue shinobi pants, white leg warmers, and dark blue ninja sandals with a black cloak with red clouds on it.

The two of them were standing on the highest tower in Amegakure at the edge of what seemed to be a giant toungue of the three face designed tower, simply allowing the endless Amegakure rain to wash over their bodies as they looked out over their beloved home like the devine guardians that they were for and to the people of Ame.

"Pein...?" Konan said with an apathetic tone, at least, it would seem apathetic to someone who didn't know her quite as well as her long time friend, but in all honestly, she was worried for him, she was almost always worried about anything that threatened him or their home.

"He seems to have recruited another member for the organization. But isn't that a bit strange? Zetsu said that they would be arriving together, that Madara wants to personally introduce our newest comrade."

"The only other person he has done that with was Zetsu, his closest friend and confidant. You're right, it is indeed strange, not even Itachi and Kisame had that kind of special treatment." said Konan with a concerned expression.

"That's exactly what I was thinking, whoever this person is...he or she must be someone very important to him, or someone very powerful." Pein responded.

"What time will they arrive?" asked Konan.

"Anytime now..."

The trademark space time vortex appeared a few metres behind the duo almost as soon as the words registered in Konan's mind, expelling two Akatsuki cloaked male figures before closing up and disappearing completely. Deva's eyes widened considerably as soon as a single rain drop hit the shorter of the two figures. Konan immediately noticed this, but chose to say nothing, at least, not until she had him all to herself, than the gloves would have to come off, she would have to confront him about whatever had him so freaked out. But for now, they had to keep face and act completely unaffected, Madara was someone who she never wanted to have any more of an upperhand on them than he already did, every little battle was important, whether physical or psychological.

'N-no way! This chakra...he has more chakra than Kisame...and he has a stronger life-force than even I do! What's going on here?' thought Pein frantically.

"Pein, Konan, it's been a long time hasn't it?" Obito greeted with an unrivalled flambuoyance.

"It has been a long time since you came before us like this, If one didn't know better, one would think that you abandoned the organisation." Konan replied, taking her time to turn around and face the duo. Had she not so much experience in emotion concealing tactics, she would have surely screamed, squeled, cried, or even attacked the shorter of the two figures. That latter because of his resemblance to the Yondaime Hokage, and the former because of his resemblance to her late friend and lover, Yahiko. Maybe she still would have exhibited one of the reactions if the three whisker lines on each of his cheeks were not such a dead give away.

'Pein, he is not who you will think he is when your turn around to face him, be careful not to show any reaction.' said Konan, speaking to her friend through the communication link she had with him through her labret piercing that was made from one of the rinnegan's metalic rods.

'Duelly noted, thank you, Konan.' Pein replied, also turning around to face the two Senju dna receivers, or rather, Hashirama dna receivers.

"I would like for the two of you to meet my third protege, Uzumaki Naruto! He has retrieved Orochimaru's ring and will now become an active and official Akatsuki member. He knows everything that I know about the organisation, and he is in complete support of our plans and methods. You can trust him." Obito explained.

"I have never heard of an Uzumaki with blonde hair." Pein stated simply, successfully suppressing his emotions, just as expected of the god of peace.

"I guess you could call me a mixed breed, my mother is an Uzumaki and my father a Senju. By the way, I am honoured to finally meet the God and Angel of Ame, I look forward to working with you, Leader-sama, Konan-sama!" said Naruto, bowing his head in respect to the two Akatsuki higher ups.

"I don't like him, he hasn't even known us for more than two minutes and he is already sucking up to his superiors, that's a character trait of a greedy and over ambitious person, namely, an untrustworthy person." Konan said simply, watching the boy intently to gauge his reaction and to watch his every movement just in case.

"Don't be so quick to make judgements, Konan. Naruto is a very humble and loyal comrade, and most defintitely not what you think of him. Power and wisdom are character traits that he respects the most, if he is showing respect to you, it is because of all your achievements that I have told him about, it is because he looks up to you, not because he wants to suck up to you." Obito explained.

"Why doesn't he answer for himself, do you still fight his battles for him even though..."

"That's enough Konan!"


"We should show a little more faith and respect for our new comrade, after all, he is only our sibling apprentice's son." Pein replied, causing Naruto, Konan, and even Obito's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Heh, how did you know?" Obito asked casually.

"He gave himself away when he mentioned that one of his parents was an Uzumaki and the other a Senju. Also, he looks like a younger version of the Yellow Fash, really, it was quite a dead give away." Pein replied monotously.

'Damn you Nagato, you're too smart for your own good!' thought Obito.

"You live up to your reputation, Leader-sama." Naruto said evenly.

"Were you hoping to keep it a secret?" asked Pein with a quirked eyebrow.

"No, not really. If no one found out, good, if they find out, oh well. The truth is bound to come out eventually, I can't hide forever you know." Naruto said.

"I see..." was Pein's only response.

"In any case, I want Naruto to be partnered with Itachi..." Obito ordered.

"What about Kisame?" asked Konan with a raised eyebrow.

"Zetsu is the only official member without a partner, Kisame will be his partner until further notice." The masked man once again ordered.

'A Senju and an Uchiha working together? I know that they are sibling apprentices, but still...why would he go so far just to pair them together, in fact, why has he always insisted on selecting Itachi's partners? Itachi is his protege, but still, I can't help but feel like there's something more to this than meets the eye.' Konan pondered.

"Hmmm...this decision might upset Kisame, but than again, knowing you, I'm sure you have valid reasons for doing something like this, and so it shall done. Naruto's inauguration will take place tommorrow at the scheduled Akatsuki meeting." Pein said.

"That's what I wanted to hear, Naruto, you take good care of yourself now, I'll check on you from time to time, but we won't see each other anywhere near as often as we used to." said the Masked figure almost affectionately.

"It is alright Madara-sensei, you've taught me well, nothing will happen." Naruto said evenly.

"Good, we'll meet again." Obito said as he disappeared into his space-time vortex from his right eye.

'Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on Itachi for you, nothing will be overlooked!' thought the blonde Uzumaki.

"Uzumaki Naruto huh? Konan will show you to your sleeping quarters for the night, meet me back here when you are done with your tour, I have something that I wish to speak to you about." Pein ordered authoratively.

"Will do, Leader-sama." Naruto replied emotionlessly.

"Follow me..." was all Konan said as she turned around and swiftly walked back into the building, the blonde Uzumaki following behind her with a thoughtful silence.

Akatsuki in the east of Ame...

Gathered near the entrance of a cave were nine cloaked figures, all standing in line next to each other with the leader, Pein, and his partner, Konan standing at the middle slightly ahead of the other members. On his far right hand side stood Kakuzu, a tall man wearing a mask that covers both his head and lower face, revealing only his sinister green eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness of the cave, the man is wearing the full Akastsuki uniform carried no distinctive weapons with him.

Next to Kakuzu is Hidan, also a rather tall man with long and slick grey-white hair and purple eyes, wearing the standard Akatsuki uniform without a shirt underneath his cloak, a cloak that is only bottoned up to his chest, revealing a necklace with a strange religious shape and symbol. The man carries with him a huge scythe with a black cable attached to it.

Next to Hidan is Uchiha Itachi, a young man of age seventeen with black hair held in a short ponytail that was hidden by the high collar of his cloak and red pupils with three black tamoe circiling each pupil. As expect, he too is wearing the complete Akatsuki uniform but carries no visible or distinctive weapon.

Standing on Pein's left hand side, slightly behind Konan is Kisame, a tall and well built blue skin coloured male with a dark blue fin shaped hairstyle, white fishlike eyes and razor sharp, shark-like teeth, also wearing the standard Akatsuki outfit with a giant sword on his back wrapped up with a white cloth.

Next to him stood Deidara, a 15 year old young man with long blonde hair styled in a pony relatively long pony tail with one bang hanging over his left eye. The man also has dark eyes and is wearing the standard Akatsuki uniform. The most distinctive features on his body would undoubtedly have to be the mouths on each of his palms.

Next to Deidara is Sasori, a short hunchbacked figure with three braided hairs and a desert scarf covering the lower half of his face. He is also wearing the standard Akatsuki cloak with a metalic tail protruding from below the cloak on his backside.

And last but not least, with half of his body potruding from the roof of the cave, is Zetsu. Also a tall man with green hair and one side of his body plain white, and the other plain black. The man seems to have a venus fly trap covering his body and also wears the standard Akatsuki outfit. The strangest feature about him would undoubtedly have to be the fact that his black and white half seem to have too seperate personalities and even voices, as if, or rather, because he is two people in one.

"Our newest member has arrived, let us welcome him!" Pein ordered, instantly catching the attention of each and every single one of his subordinates, all wondering who and what to expect from their new comrade, except for Zetsu and Konan of course, both having already met and conversated with him already.

'So Itachi's new partner has finally arrived huh? Hehe, this should be interesting! thought Sasori with anticipation.

'Samehada is bristling with excitement! This fellow must have an abnormal amount of chakra, I' don't think Samehada has ever reacted so strongly before!' Kisame thought curiously.

'I hope this guy appreciates the glory and wonder of art, unlike that dickhead Itachi!'

'Tche! Probably just another one of Leader's heathen recruits!'

'Why can't leader get me a new partner instead, preferably someone under the influence of money. That would suit me much better than this religious imbecile that I have to put up with!'

"Everyone, meet Uzumaki Naruto! As you've already been made aware, he will be Itachi's new partner for the forseable future." Pein anounced with authority, the blonde Uzumaki reaching the top of the stairs immediately after the god of Ame's anouncement, wearing the standard Akatsuki uniform with a battle fan on his back, a battle fan that had Itachi's eyes wide in surprise and a little trepidition, the genius of the Uchiha clan displaying emotion for the first time since he joined Akatsuki all those years ago.

'Impossible! That's...Madara's gunbai! And this is...Uzumaki Naruto?' a perplexed Itachi thought disbelievingly.

"Good afternoon brothers and sister of the Akatsuki. I am Uzumaki Naruto, I'm good at earth release and especially water style ninjutsu, and I'm also skilled with seals and barriers. I can fight close range and i can fight medium and even long range too, and I'm also talented in the art of espionage. Itachi-senpei, I've already been informed that you and I will be partners, I look forward to working with you. I'll do my best not to slow you down." said Naruto as politely as possible, bowing slightly with respect to his new comrades.

'He purposefully avoided talking about the wood release! Does that mean that he didn't inform Leader and Konan too or did he just ask them not to say anything about it?' Zetsu pondered, making a mental note to ask the blonde enigma for answers as soon as possible.

"Ooooi Leader! What is the fucking meaning of this you dickhead! Really, I thought this was supposed to be a criminal organisation, not a fucking orphanage!" shouted Hidan angrily, pointing his giant scythe

"Itachi was only one year older than Naruto when he joined us, and Deidara was exactly the same age as Naruto is now. Don't underestimate him, I wouldn't vouch for him if I didn't think he was worthy, just look how good Itachi and Deidara turned out to be for the organisation." Pein said evenly.

"Tche! Whatever, you better know what the fuck you're doing! If he screws up, I'll sacrifice you to Jashin-sama!" Hidan said with a threatening undertone.

"He won't screw up, I have faith in him, and so should you." Pein replied emotionlessly, completely ignoring Hidan's efforts at antagonising him.

"Tche...Jashin-sama is the only one worthy of my faith!"

"Nevertheless, Naruto is now an official member of our organisation and will immediately depart with his partner to fullfill his first mission, or rather, their first mission together."

'A mission already huh? I wonder what it could be?' Naruto thought.

"What kind of mission is it, Leader-sama?" Itachi asked with his usual stoicness.

"As you know, the Kyubi must only be sealed last in order to maintain balance within the Gedo Mazo. Also, the Kyubi Jinchuuriki is Uzumaki Kushina, the Fourth Hokage's wife. Capturing her at the moment is close to impossible, even if it could be achieved, it would come with a heavy price. Therefore, in the meantime, your job will be to systematically obliterate all obstacles in our way of capturing the Kyubi, so that when the time comes that the Kyubi has to be sealed, we won't have too much trouble completing our goals. Also, I want the two of you to go to Konoha immediately, enter Konoha and look for the Kyubi jinchuuriki. You may attempt to capture her, but we will use 'that' technique to do it. I don't expect you to succeed in capturing her, but I do expect you to gain and deliver information about Konoha's defensive strategies for protecting the Kyubi." Pein ordered authoratively.

"I'm sorry, but what is 'that' technique?" Naruto asked curiously.

"It is Leader's shape shifting technique, it allows us to possess someone elses body and use it as if it is our own. The body shifts and takes on our own physical features, voice, and even has our own unique jutsus while we control it from a distance." Itachi explained.

"I see, that's a very useful technique, but surely there must be a downside to it?" Naruto asked skeptically.

"You can only operate at a maximum of fifty percent of your true strength while using the technique, that's the only weakness." Itachi replied.

"That seems fair enough. Anyway, Leader-sama, you said that we had to sytematical remove the obstacles in our way of capturing the Kyubi, what are these obstacles exactly? I mean, obviously, these obstacles are Konoha shinobi that pose a threat to our mission, but an actual list and maybe even an order of execution would make things a lot easier for us?" asked the blonde Uzumaki.

"Indeed there are people that you will undoubtedly have to eliminate. Kill them in this order, Jiraiya of the Sannin, Senju Tsunade, and Shimura Danzo. Do not aproach the Yellow Flash yet, I will deal with him personally when the time comes. Oh, and get rid of Hatake Kakashi too if you encounter him."

"Hai, consider it done, Leader-sama!"The blonde Uzumaki saluted.

"..." Itachi said nothing at all, choosing rather to curb his temper lest he do something foolish against his own will, okay, maybe not so much against his will, but against his better judgement.

'Itachi doesn't seem too pleased, understandably so I guess, after all, Obito nii-sama did agree not harm Konoha as long as Itachi served the Akatsuki and helped to complete our objectives. Still, this order couldn't possibly have come from Obito nii-sama, obviously, this order is coming directly from Pein. In any case, this will push Itachi over the edge, I should approach this mission as if Itachi is also an enemy, knowing him, he is bound to betray me at some point. If only we could tell Pein everything about Itachi, but he is too ruthless, he would just have him eliminated without hesitation. We can't allow that either though, Sasuke's recruitment also hindges on Itachi dying by Sasuke's hands. Naruto thought.

'This is bad! We will have to split up, I'll go and watch Naruto's back, you must go and inform Tobi about everything! Good idea, I'll go as soon as the meeting ends, and I'll take Kisame with me, it's time he found out about the real Leader of Akastuki. Do what you have to do, and I will do what I must.' Zetsu thought to himself.

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