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...Or In Which Pitch Continues To Make Everything Worse For Everyone. Damn You Pitch.

Jack knows something is wrong as soon as he wakes up. He feels constricted, warm. He's not supposed to be warm. He is cold, always cold. It's not the most comfortable feeling, but it comes with the touch of his snow and the comfort of his Wind, so he has become used to it over the years, now even coming to appreciate the almost-numbness in his fingers and a slight sting of the constant chill brushing his skin.

Now warmth is seeping into him, and it feels wrong, weird. It makes him drowsy. He can barely stir in the pressing heat, his energy seeping slowly from the various wounds across his body. He tries calling to the Wind to get him away from the hotness, but the Wind isn't here - wherever "here" is. Though Jack keeps his eyes closed, he can tell others are in the enclosed space by the scuffling of feet and the whisper of breaths. A low growl, a soft, snide laugh. A blissfully cold, wet rag sweeping across his brow.

Jack tightens his grip on his staff to keep from whimpering when the cold dampness is pulled away and the sting of his still-healing branch brings him to full awareness with a sharp gasp. Immediately, everything in the room simply stops. No more worried whispers. No more buzzing of wings. Jack isn't even sure if anyone is breathing as he opens his eyes and looks to see three Guardians and Pitch crowding around him.

Jack knows he's not breathing. They're too close. Too many. Too warm. They're looming over him, staring at him; He feels constricted, and it brings to mind unwanted memories of being tied up, ropes chafing, as he smiles at Jack. Almost instinctively, he tries to tear away his bandages covering him with his free hand, but he is stopped by a small feathery hand.

His breathing comes back tenfold, making up for the time he went without. He feels lightheaded as he tries to inhale and exhale almost at the same time.

"Jack, Jack. It's okay. Everything's going to be all right," Tooth murmurs in what Jack supposes is supposed to be a comforting tone, but he can't really focus on deciphering the meaning behind her voice's specific influxes when she's holding his hand with one of hers. he tries, weakly to escape - his strength still too lacking for him to do any more - and she gets the hint quickly, taking her hand back with a soft, sad smile on her face; her eyes, not looking directly at him, are simply sad.

She knows. Jack suddenly realizes. He wonders if his breathing will ever get back to normal as he looks around and sees similar faces on the other Guardians. St. North is looking at him as if he might break at the slightest touch (and isn't that ridiculous? He doesn't need to worry about Jack breaking. Jack is already broken - has been for so, so long). Bunny's jaw is clenched, anger and disbelief shining through his eyes. They're all paying attention to him, but they refuse to look at him for longer than a few seconds. Which, in the end, he supposes makes sense. Who would want to see him? He's the physical embodiment of everything that's wrong with the world. He's tragic, broken, filthy. A cracked puppet. Who would want him?

When Jack turns to Pitch, he expects - fears - the same thing. He will see anger, depression, pity, disbelief. He will get another side-long glance, an unsure aversion of eyes. It will all be too much.

Instead, the King of Nightmares has on a distasteful frown as if he ordered a meal and it came to him cold. It's not addressed toward Jack. He's not looking at Jack, not attempting to secretly peek at him, nor avoiding his gaze. He's simply directing his scowl completely and totally to the other three present.

Then he does turn to look at Jack, directly, straight at his eyes, and Jack finds himself to be the one looking away, "Jack," the man says, and in that one word is a greeting, an inquiry to his well-being, and a command to look at Pitch all at once. Jack never know someone could fit so many meanings into a single word.

Jack can feel the man's gaze burning into him, and he can't tell if it's better or not than the avoidance of the others' gazes, but deep down, a small piece of him appreciates it. Perhaps, that part of him thinks, Jack isn't the worst thing in the world. Perhaps, being the King of Fears and Nightmares, Pitch has managed to find something even more decrepit and pitiful than Jack. He isn't sure what to think about that. A part of him recoils from the thought that such a being exists; another takes a sick relief from it.

A deeply buried part cries out in a desire to find that being and let it know it's not alone.

Jack can feel as the atmosphere in the room gets more tense as silence lingers after Pitch's one-word statement. The air here is nothing like the Wind's caressing touch. It's stifling, and Jack wants out. Out from the stares and glares and aversions. He want to get away, but he can't, and maybe some small piece of him doesn't want to after all. Secretly, Jack revels in the attention, and the thought horrifies him because he shouldn't want that. This is his problem, something he should work out for himself by himself, but he's just so tired of trying to. He wishes the choices could be taken out of his hands, the responsibility passed onto someone else.

That was why he sought out death. In death, there are no choices. Everything is final, and everything is simple.

But, back then, death hadn't been an option. It was an impossibility, another thing Jack craved but couldn't get. He'd desired it because it was foreign and mysterious and unattainable. Then death became an option, and suddenly it wasn't so simple anymore. At first he'd been elated. Finally! He'd found a way out! But now...he isn't sure. Now, he wonders if dying is the right way. Well, right now, falling asleep and never waking back up again sounds like a great idea, but is it for the best? He isn't invisible anymore, people are here, and Sophie can see him (hear him, touch him!). What if, just maybe, someday far away from now, his life has a possibility of being better? Death would strip him of that future. On the other hand, everything could stay the same, and he could exist on for eternity, waiting and hoping and having his hopes crushed, for the day something changes for the better. That is infinitely more terrifying than death could ever be, and so death seems like the better option.

But then the 'what if' flashes through his mind again.

Suddenly, death isn't an impossible dream; it's a forbidden fruit, placed in his hands.

And he has to make the choice whether or not to enjoy its bittersweet flavor.

Jack doesn't want to choose.

Why is this all so complicated?

"Jack," Pitch repeats, "Look at me,"

Jack finds, much to his surprise, that he'd curled himself into a ball, head tucked into his knees, arms wrapped around himself like a shield. When had that happened? He loosens his grip enough to glance at the King of Nightmares from the corner of his eyes. From this angle, Jack can't see the spirit clearly, and that's just fine. He doesn't want to look at faces right now.

"At least he's not completely catatonic," Pitch says flatly. "He responds to commands well enough," Jack flinches. He doesn't need to be reminded of commands followed. Like a lost poppy, like a small child, he'll blindly follow instructions given. It's horrific and disgusting. Jack hates himself for it (for being a broken puppet), but he understands, now, why he does it. If someone tells him to do something, his actions are taken out of his hands. Jack doesn't have to choose anymore. Someone tells him to do something and he obeys.

So it's their responsibility. Their fault.

Jack immediately feels bad for thinking that. He shouldn't be blaming others. No, his actions are his alone. They're his fault, and how dare he throw responsibility on someone else's shoulders. It only proves that he's too selfish to accept it, that he's too weak to bear it.

He closes his eyes and buries his head into his knees, trying to curl into himself further. This is all horrible and getting him nowhere. If only he could make that decision. If only he could be his own person again. But no, Jack very much doubted that would happen. The possibility of better? Hardly. This is life. It won't change; nothing ever changes. Not really, he's in a room full of people, but he's still alone, and he'll always be alone. He has his voice, apparently, but he can't talk anyway. He won't allow himself to, and it's not as though talking has ever solved any of his problems. Sophie can see him now, but she'll stop one day. He doesn't know why she can see him, but she'll stop. At the very least, she's sure to die, tomorrow or a century from now, and that just makes it worse than before because Jack knows now. He knows what being seen, what not being walked through, feels like, and once he's invisible to everyone again, everything will just be that much more terrible.

Yet everything will remain the same.

And if nothing ever changes, and Jack always remains a useless, broken thing, then he should just die. The world would be better for it, later.

...But what if...

Jack hears a pained gasp and reflexively searches out what is wrong. It isn't that hard to find; everyone's gaze is focussed on Bunny, who is doubled-over in harsh pants escaping from him. The rabbit clutches at his chest, trying to breathe, and Tooth immediately flutters over to him.

"Bunny, what's wrong?" She pats his back, trying to soothe him. It doesn't seem to work, but after a minute he manages to pick himself up again.

"I-I dunno. I think something's wrong with my googies. I need to go check. I'll be right quick. I just need-need ta make sure their makin' it to the kids," Something in his expression tells Jack that Bunny suspects they actually aren't, "You can keep an eye on Frostbite while I'm gone, yeah?" He asks the other two Guardians, but the way he pointedly side-eyes Pitch makes Jack think he's actually telling them to watch on the Nightmare King.

After a short nod on St. North and Tooth's part, Bunny taps the ground twice, summoning up a tunnel that he immediately jumps down. It closes after him, a tulip impossibly growing up from the hardwood ground of St. North's workshop.

A beat of silence later, Pitch snaps his fingers exclaiming, "Oh, I didn't tell my Nightmares to abort the attack. I can't believe I forgot," Despite his words, Pitch's malicious tone indicates that he didn't 'forget' anything at all.

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