Emma reached for the alarm clock and ended up smacking it so hard that it fell on the floor. How did Monday get here so fast? Emma groaned and pressed her face in the pillow. She was in no mood to get up. A warm arm wrapped around her stomach and felt a warm kiss on her cheek.

"Good morning, beautiful," Killian said, giving her more kisses on her cheek and neck. "In no mood to get up I take it?" Emma gave another groan and rolled over to lay her head on his chest.

"Can either we just stay here or you go in for me this morning for me?" Emma said, burying her face in his chest. Killian chuckled softly and played with her hair.

"Being around your father when he has a gun on him probably isn't the most ideal situation," Killian said.

"No, you'd be fine. It's if he had a sword, then you'd be in trouble," Emma said with a smile. She gave him a kiss and started to get out of bed. It was then that she noticed that there was rose petals leading from her bed over to her dresser, which had a small wrapped present on it. Emma looked back at Killian, who just shrugged with a smile. Emma ran over and opened her present. It was a small sapphire heart necklace on a thin gold chain. Killian appeared behind her and kissed her neck as Emma looked at the necklace.
"Happy Anniversary, darling," Killian said. Emma turned in his arms and gave him a kiss.

"Happy Anniversary, Captain," she said. "It's beautiful, thank you. Where did you get it?"

"Well, the stone is actually from Neverland. I had Bashful cut it down to make it into a necklace for me," Killian said. Emma nuzzled his nose and laid her forehead against his.

"When did Captain Hook get so romantic?" Emma asked. Killian pulled her closer to him and tilted her head up for a kiss. Neither of them could believe it- a whole year of marriage. It had been like a dream for both of them. Well, not that it didn't have it's events as only Storybrooke could have, but they faced everything together. As Killian said a long time ago- they did make a good team. As they got ready to go downstairs, the smell of bacon filled the room. "Did you make me breakfast?"

"Actually, I didn't," Killian said. The two exited their room and looked over the railing to see Henry in the kitchen.

"Happy Anniversary!" He said, looking up at them. "I made waffles with bacon!"

"Thanks, lad," Killian said, starting down the stairs.

"It smells great!" Emma said, kissing Henry's forehead. The three of them sat down at the table and enjoyed their breakfast together. After they finished, Henry insisted on taking the dishes to the sink. "Henry, you are spoiling us!"

"It's your 1st anniversary!" Henry said with a smile.

"What can we do to thank you, mate?" Killian asked.

"Can we go sailing tonight?" Henry asked. Killian agreed and Henry rushed to get his things together for school. Emma came over and sat down on Killian's lap and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Mary-Margaret & David were going to take Henry for dinner so we could go out, but we can pick him up afterwards to go sailing. Is that okay?"

"Sure, darling. Where did you want to go?" Killian asked.

"I have some surprises of my own, you know," Emma said, giving him a kiss and started to get off his lap. Killian pulled her back for a much slower kiss.

"You know, maybe we should just stay home all day. Having a year of marriage to a pirate is definitely something to celebrate," Killian said with a wink. Emma ran her fingers through his hair and gave him another kiss before getting up to go get ready herself.

"Come on, pirate. Let's get this day over with so we can celebrate later," Emma said with a wink.

Killian arrived at The Golden Apple, one of Storybrooke's fancier restaurants, at 5pm sharp as Emma instructed. Also as instructed, he wore a suit. Although Killian was growing more comfortable wearing Storybrooke clothes, he still wore his pirate clothes occasionally. He always said he looked odd wearing 'normal clothes' with his hook. But tonight, he looked incredibly handsome in his suit, his dark blue tie bringing out the color of his eyes. He entered the restaurant and was greeted by the hostess. She showed him to a table where Emma was already seated. She stood and greeted him with a hug. She was wearing a long blue dress, which matched the necklace that he'd given her perfectly.

"You look incredible, darling," he said, giving her a kiss and helping her back into her chair.

"You look very handsome yourself, Captain," Emma said, admiring him. The hostess left them and one of the waiters brought them some wine.

"Well, I'm going to have to dig into my emergency gold for this place," Killian joked. Emma let out a small chuckle and reached out to hold his hand. "This was a great idea, Emma, thank you." Emma pushed the small box that was on the table towards him. Killian eyed it. "This looks like the box I gave you earlier."

"Actually, it is." Killian unwrapped it slowly.

"Now, I know you're not re-gifting, because you're clearly wearing my present. And I'm not the gold necklace type so I don't know what this could..." Killian looked down in confusion and held up the contents of the box. "I actually don't know what this is." Emma smiled as tears of joy filled her eyes.

"It's a pregnancy test." Killian froze as he stared at it.

"And...um...that little plus sign would mean..."

"Killian, I'm pregnant," Emma said through her tears. A smile exploded on Killian's face and he jumped out of his chair to embrace her. He kissed her and then felt her stomach.

"How? When?"

"How?" Emma said with a laugh.

"Well," Killian shrugged with a grin as they sat back down. He did not want to let go of her hand as she filled him in on all the details.

"I just found out a yesterday, but I confirmed it with Dr. Whale this morning. I'm about six weeks along," Emma said. Killian looked slightly disappointed.

"I would have gone with you," he said. Emma held his hook and looked at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry. I wanted to be sure and surprise you. Is that okay?"

"Okay? We're having a baby! I'm wonderful, darling!" Killian leaned across the table and kissed her again. He remembered the wine and put it on the other side of the table. "None of this for you, sweetheart." Emma laughed and took a sip of water. They enjoyed their dinner, talking about their coming child and about Henry. Emma voiced how she was nervous at how Henry would take it, but Killian assured her that Henry had a good heart, and no matter what, he would love his little brother or sister. After dinner, they went to the marina to meet Henry, Mary-Margaret and David. As they waited, they stood on the dock, wrapped in each other's arms. Killian tilted Emma's head towards him and kissed her, pouring all the love in his heart into the kiss. They truly couldn't be happier.

A few weeks later, Emma, Killian and Henry were lead into a small examining room. As Emma got up on the examination bench, Killian sat in the chair at the end of the bench. Since there was only one chair, Henry sat in Killian's lap. Killian tried to distract them all with stories as they waited for the ultrasound technician to come in the room.

"We were about to sail away when a mermaid swam to the surface. My crew ran to the side of the boat, completely entranced by her beauty, when suddenly Mr. Smee realized she was holding..." he stopped when the technician came in the room.

"Hello, my name is Stephanie. I see from your chart that you're about nine weeks along?" the nurse said as she began to get Emma and the machine ready.

"Who were you back in the Enchanted Forest?" Henry asked, which happened to be his favorite thing to ask.

"I lived in the kingdom under King Maurice and Princess Belle," she said simply. Killian looked a little guilty. Even after a year, Belle still had not retrieved her memories. It was one of his great regrets. Although he made good on his offer to help with payments, Gold insisted on paying for all her treatments himself. Killian did, however, pay Archie for an extra hour of therapy after her memory retrieval sessions privately, to which Archie only quoted Gold for the one session out of respect to Killian. His thoughts focused back to the event at hand when the room suddenly flooded with the sound of a heartbeat. "There you go, good and strong," Stephanie said as she waved the ultrasound wand over Emma's stomach. Emma looked over at Killian, whose eyes started to fill up with tears. The smile on Henry's face couldn't be larger.

"Is that the baby?" Henry asked, pointing at the center of the screen. Stephanie stared hard at the screen, then looked at Emma.

"Actually, it's the babies," she said, turning the screen more toward her. "See, there's one, and there's two."

"TWO?!" Killian exclaimed.

"Well, my father is a twin," Emma said.

"Those things tend to run in the family," Stephanie explained. Both Killian and Emma were frozen, but Henry was jumping around the room. They'd have two babies, three children! Emma reached for Killian's hand, which he took and squeezed it. Life was definitely going to get more adventurous.