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Bilbo had managed to drag Fili up the small hill and into the rain free cave. He lowered Fili to the rock ground just as his legs gave way and he collapsed falling to his knees. He let himself lay down looking up at the stone ceiling trying to catch his breath. He was so proud of himself that he had managed to drag Fili for as far as he had. If Thorin was here he would have told him about it with pride. Bilbo hated that Thorin never thought he was good for anything. The only thing Thorin thought Bilbo ever did was his nonstop talking and complaining.

Bilbo let his eyes close, his exhausted body aching from all the strain. He had never worked so hard in his life before and his muscles were paying the price for his laziness.

He could see his warm house in his mind, he missed his fluffy feather filled bed. It was better than night after night on a dirty leaf covered ground. He hated the bugs that buzzed in his ears and the spiders that would bite him, glad that they weren't big enough to eat him while he slept.

He opened his eyes and looked over at Fili wishing he knew why he was acting so strange and wishing Gandalf was here. He always seemed to know how to fix everything, but the strange thing about the wizard was he didn't know how to cook.


Bofur looked at the young Dwarfs face, and then turned to look at Thorin. "Should we do it on two?"

Thorin nodded, "One…Two!" They lifted up and Kili cried out and arched his back. They felt resistance, but kept it up until they freed him. The two older Dwarves picked up the younger dwarf and went over to a spot near Ori, on the driest spot they could find and gently lowered Kili to the grass. Thorin was on his knees as he reached out and touched his nephews cheek softly. "Kili? Can you hear me?"

Big brown eyes full of pain looked up and reminded Thorin of Kili as a small child when he got stung by some bees when he tried to get their honey. Kili wanted honey cakes and Dis had run out of honey. "Uncle, it hurts."

"Yeah I know it does. Where does it hurt boy?" Thorin felt helpless looking down at his nephew.

"My side, back and my…" Kili trailed off his eyes closing shut as he let out another painful moan.

"Your what?" He glanced at Bofur, and got a shrug in response.

Ori let out a loud groan, as he looked over at them. "Is Kili alright? Can I get a bandage for my leg?" Ori knew he shouldn't be asking for himself but his leg kept bleeding and it was scaring him. He really was worried about Kili.

Bofur looked over at him. "I'll be there in a moment." He told Ori in motherly way.

Bofur lifted Kili's body up so Thorin could look behind him, there was blood on the back of his ruined shirt. Thorin reached and tore it down the back so he could get a better look. There was a hole in Kili's side that gushed blood, and several cuts along his neck and upper back. He pulled a switch of stickers he saw off of Kili's backside which was stuck to his leather. Thorin took off his coat and lay it down on the ground and motioned to Bofur to lay the boy down on it so he wouldn't get dirt into the wounds. He knew if they got dirty things could get worse.

Kili shivered in the cold air as he had only his thin black shirt covering him.

Bofur got up from his spot next to Kili and went to get Kili's coat, he managed to pull Kili's coat from the bushes. He looked at the holes that were in it but they could fix the damage to it later right now he needed warmth. He walked back over to Kili and covered the young Dwarf with it. Then moved over to Ori, leaving Thorin to tend to his nephew.

Kili grabbed ahold of Thorin's jacket sleeve. "Don.."

"It'll be alright Kili." He smiled to see his nephew didn't appear to be seriously hurt and he hoped he was right. "I won't leave you."

Kili looked around. "Where's Fili?"

Thorin shook his head. "I don't know. We all got separated. But I'm sure he's fine, probably looking for us." Thorin forced a smile for his youngest nephew.

Kili jerked trying to get up to find his brother. "Fili!" He looked around but soon everything started to spin and he fell back his eyes rolling in the back to his head.

Thorin gave him a sad look, he too wondered where Fili was. He knew it wasn't a good sigh that Kili passed out but he also knew he was in shock. He rolled Kili on his good side and tore off a piece of his own clean shirt from under his jacket and pressed it on Kili's back.

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