A dazed Emma walked over to her child's body lying on a hospital bed, her head spinning, she managed to block out as much unnecessary noise as she could, she could hear Regina sobbing in the background, about a million thoughts running through her head as she stumbled her way over to Henry's bedside.

How could I let this happen? What happened to good always wins? Why couldn't Regina just leave things alone? I told her I was leaving…this is all my fault I never should have stayed…. NO I should have just believed him, I'm his mother…Gold! How could he betray me? How could he do that to me? To Henry? What did he want with that potion? I need to find him….I NEED to say goodbye.

And with that she found herself leaning over Henry saying her last words to him before kissing his forehead.

"I love you Henry"

As she kissed his forehead a bright light shot through the air not just waking up the people of Storybrooke but all the other worlds affected by the curse.

Fairytale present

In a rather large estate; miles away from anywhere, a young woman with lovely long brown curls and big bright blue eyes sat in the corner of a library with a book open in her lap when suddenly she looked up from her book.

Wow Rumpelstiltskin hadn't been kidding when he said that time would be frozen. She thought, had I really been sitting here for 28 years reading this same page?

She closed her book and looked around

"Strange everything's so quiet" she mumbled remembering the night Regina's curse was enacted.


Belle scurried over to the window as she heard a loud rumbling coming from the distance. A huge purple cloud covered the sky as it moved towards her home.

"Right on schedule, just as he said it would be" she murmured.

As the cloud moved closer the louder it got, the ground started to shake as everything around her broke. Belle ducked down to avoid being hit by a falling cabinet.

"It's ok Belle" she whispered nervously "It's ok, in a few moments it'll all be over, you'll be in a new world with your husband, you won't recognise him but you'll be with him, just relax." A vase broke next to her. "Go upstairs and read something, reading always' calms you down" she gasped as she hurried over to the stairs.

Once upstairs she ran over to the library and grabbed the first book she saw, and then curled herself up in a small chair sitting in the corner, she opened the book, sat it in her lap and only managed to read the first line as purple cloud washed over her home.

"Once upon a time…."


Belle found herself wondering down the stairs as she snapped out of her thoughts and back to reality.

"I wonder why Regina's curse didn't take me to this non magical world" she wondered. Belle looked down at a delicate gold ring gently placed on her left ring finger. Did Regina do it on purpose as another attempt to keep me away from Rumple or is something else going on? She thought as she jerked her head up. "Did anybody else get left behind?"

Belle made her way down the stairs and walked down a corridor until she came to Rumpelstiltskin's work room, she opened the door expecting to see broken potion bottles all over the floor but oddly this room had been completely untouched by the curse.

"He must have used some sort of enchantment to keep this room safe" she smirked shaking her head slightly. She walked over to his desk and opened one of the desk draws and smiled, she reached in and grabbed a small silver hand held mirror.

"Magic mirror, the only one Her Majesty can't see through…or so he tells me." Belle moved the mirror just above her head.

"Show me….the land" She commanded, the mirror shone brightly and then showed Belle an image of a group of refugee's being herded into a secluded area.

"Ok everyone we should be safe from the Ogre's here, start setting up camp."

Belle squinted at the mirror and gave a little smile "I know that voice" she said as the mirror reviled a woman with long black hair in worrier clothes. "Mulan, already taking care of the survivors" she said with a gleam in her eye.

"What do we do with her?" Belle heard another voice say, it was a male voice this time and she couldn't shake the feeling that she knew his voice as well.

The mirror reviled a young man holding a rope dragging an older woman behind him.

"Please… let me go" the woman said "My daughter is the one responsible for the curse not me…I'm powerless." She cried

"Enough games Cora" the young man announced "We know who you are and the type of things you've done, you can't play innocent with us, even stripped of your magic you're still dangerous."

Mulan looked proudly at him for a moment before answering. "Tie her to that post for now, there is a place over there that we can turn into a dungeon."

He gave her a nod before turning away but just before he left he called out to Mulan.

"Mulan, when do we continue our search?" he asked

"As soon as everyone has settled down…. and Cora is safely secured" Mulan answered almost spitting venom as she glared at Cora. She looked back up at him, "It shouldn't take too long."

"Every moment we spend here is a moment wasted" he argued "Lancelot can take care of the survivors and keep an eye on Cora, we should keep searching."

"Philip, I promised you that I would help you find her, but right now our priority is to make sure these people are safe." She tilted her head to see if she could get his eye contact and with wide eyes and a cheeky smile said "just a couple more hours and we'll be on our way…ok?"

Philip shuffled his weight and looked up at Mulan as he caught sight of her eyes a soft smile appeared on his face.

"Ok" he said softly "I'll …ah go tie Cora to that post" he said as he turned away.

Mulan gave a soft half-hearted laugh and shook her head before heading in the other direction.

Belle put down the Mirror down and smiled.

Mulan and Philip are still together, she wondered, It's a shame they didn't find Aurora before Regina's curse. She thought back to the old woman that Philip was dragging. So this woman is Cora, Regina told Rumpel that she hired someone to kill her, she thought. Belle thought about the dungeon that they were going to make to hold Cora and then thought about Rumpelstiltskin's cell.

Rumple spent months in a cell just to make sure he was in the right place at the right time, and after everything he's told me about Cora…I wouldn't put it past her to do the same thing. As this thought raced through Belle's head a small smirk started to appear on her face.

"They have so many survivors at that camp I'm sure they wouldn't notice if one more turned up."

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