There was constant tension in the car as Emma was driving Henry, Gold and Neal back to Storybrooke. The tension had been there during the long flight back to Boston too, but at least while they were in the plane they weren't much in each other's way, so it didn't feel as bad. Now everything was just extremely awkward. Gold was sitting next to Emma because Neal refused to sit next to his father and Emma refused to sit next to Neal. This all resulted in him sitting in the back seat next to Henry, who seemed to be happy with this arrangement for he still hadn't forgiven Emma for lying to him either and he didn't trust Gold.

"Well, welcome to Storybrooke." Emma said sarcastically when they passed the town sign. Gold sighed in relief as he once again felt the magic tingling inside him. He wanted to try if nothing had changed but thought it better not to do that right now for he had to gain back Bae's trust and magic wouldn't help with that.

"I have to drive you to your shop I assume?" Emma asked Gold, who nodded in response.

"Can we first pass by the diner?" Henry now asked. "I'm pretty hungry and I'm craving for one of Granny's burgers."

"A burger hm? That doesn't sound like a bad idea." Neal now said.

"I'll first drop Gold off and then we can go to the diner I guess." Emma responded stiffly.

"No, you can go to the diner first." Gold answered. "I'm pretty hungry myself too and I think I'd rather stop by the hospital first to check on Belle."

"Okay, whatever you want." Emma said with a sigh, to her every plan was fine as long as it meant she could get out of this car and this extremely awkward situation.

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Regina was making her way to the diner when she heard footsteps behind her. "I take it my mother didn't trust me to go out on my own and sent you and your impeccable pirate skills to follow me unseen; forgetting to explain to you being unheard is just as essential?" She asked without looking back.

"On the contrary, love. I decided to come with you by myself, and it was not at all my intention to do so secretly."

"Then why do you continue to walk behind me?" As soon as Regina said those words she cursed herself for doing so.

"So I can admire the view that is in front of me."

"You're predictable."

"But you can't deny you like it when I am."

Regina huffed and she felt her cheeks redden a little. If he wasn't so incredibly good looking she would have made him pay for talking to her like that, but unfortunately he was incredibly good looking, and funny, and smart and…stop it she thought to herself and she hated herself for being so weak around the pirate.

"Suit yourself." She then said.

Hook caught up with her just before she was about to enter the diner.

"Got bored from the view?" She asked sarcastically.

Hook shook his head. "Oh no, I could stare at it for hours." He teased and Regina couldn't help but smile a little. As much as this pirate was annoying she did like their little word games from time to time. "I just thought it would be more fun an entrance if we would enter the diner together."

Regina nodded. "I like that thought." She said with a smirk as she let Hook take her by the arm and together they entered the diner. The conversations that had been going on in the diner immediately fell silent as they entered and Regina couldn't help but let out an evil grin, she still had it, they still had it.

"Regina." Granny said in a cold voice from behind the bar.

"Well hello to you too widow Lucas." Regina said in a fake sweet voice.

"What do you want?"

"Good question. What on earth would a person coming in your diner where you serve food and drinks ever want? O I know, I came here with my dear pirate here to actually make use of those services you offer." She answered sarcastically as she made her way to a booth in the back of the diner.

The people in the other booths were frozen with fear as they followed the queen and pirate with their eyes. "I would like a chicken salad and a water and Hook here wants a hamburger." Regina called from the booth to Granny. "I'm not serving you." Granny spat instead.

"Oh I think you are." Was all Regina said as she broke a few of the plates that were standing next to Granny with a simple flick of her wrist. "Oh how clumsy of me. I hope I won't do it again…" She said with an evil smile.

Granny growled angrily as she started to pick up the broken plates. "Ruby! A chicken salad and a hamburger for that witch and her male hooker." Granny yelled to the back.

The people in the diner gasped at Granny's daring words and waited for Regina to respond. The former queen just let out an amused laugh. "O dear Hook I'm sorry, I think she just insulted you." She said

"O I think I can handle it." The man played along.

Regina nodded. "Ah yes, and after all, she isn't far away from the truth with that statement, is she now?" She didn't give Hook time to respond as she now looked to the people in the diner. "Well dear people, I think you have had enough entertainment now, don't you? I strongly suggest you all mind your own business again." And said people suddenly all thought their food and each other to be the most interesting phenomenons present at that moment.

"I can't help but feel like you just insulted me, love." Hook said as Regina turned her attention back to him.

"Oh I did." She said with a fake smile.

"What is a hamburger anyways." Hook asked deciding to let the topic slide for now.

"You'll like it." Was all Regina said.

"Just as much as I like you?" Hook asked teasingly.

"Maybe even more, if that's possible at all." Regina winked.

"Care to tell me why you are here?"

"We're here for those two." Regina said as she inconspicuously pointed in the direction of the door of the diner where no one less than Snow and Charming were coming through right at that moment.

"O your two favourite idiots." Hook said with a smirk.

Regina nodded. "And what are you planning on doing to them?"

"I have to make sure they stay out of my way. They could ruin everything with their simple pathetic little minds. I have to keep up the appearance to work with Cora and make sure everyone fears me just so I can defeat her, something they can't wrap their pathetic little minds around."

Hook grinned. "Yes they're not the brightest ones around here are they? You would think that especially the brunette wouldn't actually believe that you would just blindly follow your mother's orders from one day to another?"

Regina sighed. "Well apparently they do."

She followed the Charming couple with her eyes and saw how they sat down at the bar and talked to Granny. The old lady immediately pointed in the direction of Regina and when both heads turned her way she waved sweetly at them.

"You would have been dead if eyes could kill." Hook remarked.

"As would they." Regina said dryly.

For a second it seemed as if Snow was going to go to them but she just shook her head and paid attention to the conversation David and Granny had started.

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When Emma, Henry, Gold and Neal entered the diner they immediately got greeted by an overenthusiastic Snow and Ruby.

"Emma!" Snow exclaimed happily. "You're back already! O I've missed you, why didn't you call?"

Emma just smiled awkwardly as she let herself be pulled into a hug by Snow. "Yes, well, it was all a bit chaotic and awkward, I kind of forgot." Emma said as she slowly pulled away from her mother.

"Emma, good to see you and Henry made it back safely." David said happily as he gave his daughter a short hug, things were still a little awkward between them.

"Hi gramps." Henry said happily as he hugged David and then to Ruby: "Ruby can I have a hamburger please? I'm starving, and my dad wants one too."

Henry mentioning his 'dad' caused everyone to now pay attention to the stranger that was standing a little behind Emma, Gold and Henry.

"Yes…well.." Emma said in a nervous laugh. "Everyone, Baelfire, Gold's son and, surprise, surprise, Henry's dad."

Before anyone could form a proper reaction to this news - Snow and David of course already knew but that didn't make it any easier- they were all startled by the sound of glass breaking. Everyone turned around and saw a pale Regina who had probably been holding a glass of water moments ago but now was standing in glass splinters and a pool of water. Her dark brown eyes were wide with shock as she stared at the man who Emma referred to as Baelfire.

Neal's attention changed from Emma and the two people who probably were her parents to the back of the diner where he had heard the crashing sound of glass meeting floor coming from. When people stepped away and he saw who was responsible for the sudden sound his eyes grew wide at who he saw standing there. She was older, she looked different, and she had lost some of that spark he had always seen in her eyes, but it was her, there was no doubt about that. She was the first to speak and the one word she spoke made that he now knew for sure who he was looking at.

"Neal…" She said with a soft voice.

"Wait, how does she know your fake name?" Emma asked, but Neal ignored her as he made his way past all these people he didn't know, to that woman he hadn't seen for so many years. He started to walk quicker and quicker as he approached her and couldn't help the smile that was plastered on his face that grew bigger with every step he took.

Regina just stared at the man that was walking towards her. It really was him. He was older, and he had gained some weight she thought, but it really was him. The smile that appeared on his face as soon as she said his name took her last doubts away. He quickly started to walk towards her and the smile on his face that seemed to grow bigger with every step he took seemed to be contagious as she couldn't help but smile back. She started to walk towards him too and couldn't help but let out a short gasp of surprise as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug while lifting her up a little.

All the people in the diner stared in awe at the scene that was unfolding in front of them but Neal and Regina didn't seem to notice. They only had eyes for each other, the rest of the world just didn't exist for now.

When he had put her down again he pulled away from her a little so he could look at her face. "Gina." He said, his smile so wide by know that it practically divided his face in half. "It is really you."

"I thought I'd never see you again." She whispered as she couldn't stop staring at him. "God you're so different."

"So are you. I guess we've both grown up." He replied.

"While we said we would never do that." She replied with a soft smile. "Your eyes are still the same though."

"As is your smile." Neal said as he pulled her into a hug again.

"You left me." She whispered in his shoulder.

"I didn't mean to."

"You were my brother, you said you would never leave me." She replied.

"Well but brothers are supposed to protect their sisters, and that's what I was doing."

"What happened then? Because you never came back."

"Well that would have been my fault." Hook's voice snapped the two adults out of their little reunion as the pirate stood up from his place in the booth and walked over to the couple. Neal immediately grabbed Regina's arm and pulled her behind him. "Hook!" He growled. "What on earth are you doing here."

"Well that's actually what I was about to ask you, Neal. But it does make sense when I come to think of it. My arch enemy in Neverland turns out to be the son of my arch enemy in this land. The conclusion is I am not too fond of your family I suppose you could say and –"

"Wow wow wow wow…woooooooow wait a second." Emma now interrupted the pirate. "What the hell is going on here? You three know each other? And you're like what, siblings? What the hell is that? I'm feeling sorry for Henry already, he has the most distorted, weird family tree ever like this. His grandparents are Snow White and Prince Charming and Rumplestiltskin, he has me as a mother but his adoptive mother is also his great-grandmother and from what I just heard, not only that, but is also his freakin' AUNT? And what is with the nickname? Gina? Seriously!?" Emma now yelled and she turned to Gold. "Regina is your daughter?"

Gold shook his head. "O no, most certainly not. I'm just as confused about all of this as you are miss Swan."

Regina now turned away from Neal and her indifferent cold mask was in place once again. "We're not blood related Miss Swan. Don't worry about that."

"Then why did you call each other brother and sister, and how did you meet? And what has Hook got to do with all of this?"

"That's not something we have to explain to you and –" But Regina got cut off by Neal.

"We met in Neverland. I told you how I've spend some time in another place right? Well that was Neverland, I lived there, it's a place where time stands still. One day I met Gina there, she always visited at night, when it was day in Neverland, and we soon became very close friends. We were the same, I didn't have parents that loved me and protected me and nor did she. We vowed to take care of each other, I would protect her as her brother and she would take care of me as my sister when I was wounded once again."

"…by Captain Hook…" Regina breathed and her eyes darkened at the realization. "You always told me you were wounded because of the Indians or the wild animals from the jungle but it always was Hook wasn't it!"

"Guilty." Hook said with a big grin.

"You're Wendy?" Henry now piped up and everyone looked at the little boy who was watching this odd interaction between his mother and father curiously.

"What?" Emma asked.

"My mom, she's Wendy from the stories and dad is Peter." Henry explained impatiently.

Neal smiled. "No she's not. Wendy was ages before Regina arrived, as for Peter…"

"…that's quite the story, would take too long to explain that here, better save that for another time." Hook interrupted Neal. "Now, if all of this is settled…"

"O this isn't settled at all!" Emma growled. "You only explained like ten per cent of everything. I don't understand any of this."

"For once I agree with miss Swan." Regina growled lowly as she eyed Hook. "We're not done at all." And with a flick of her wrist she slammed Hook against the wall and closed her hand just a little causing Hook to have trouble breathing. "I thought that you were to be trusted. That you understood me, because we went through the same once in our lives. I couldn't have been more wrong. You're just as guilty as all of them are, you too are responsible for the fact that everything I love always gets ripped away from me. And you will pay for that!" She growled as she set a step in Hook's direction and closed her hand a little tighter.

"Mom!" Henry yelled. "Don't do that. I thought you wanted to change!"

"Gina, what are you doing?" Neal asked in confusion. "You can use magic?"

"Oh yes she can." Emma said cynically.

Neal ignored Emma. "Gina don't do this. This is not how you are, this is not who you wanted to be."

"O don't worry – Neal.." Hook breathed. "We have been – through this before – I tend to piss her off a lot – but in the end…." Regina squeezed even more air out of his lungs. "…in the end she always…releases me…because she …loves me…"

"Shut up!" Regina screamed but she did indeed let go of the pirate who slumped to the floor. She turned to Neal.

"Look Neal, " she started and her voice had changed back from the Evil Queen to the Regina Neal knew, she didn't care that she looked vulnerable to the entire diner now, that wasn't important. "You might have known me back then, but we both changed. Maybe you changed for the better, or not.." She added when she heard Emma's snorting from behind Neal. "but I must certainly changed into something horrible. And – I'm trying to change right now…but no one really seems to believe that…and…it's for the better if you just leave me alone, okay?"

"Yes Neal-boy. Just leave her alone." Hook said with an evil smirk as he stood up from the floor and went to stand behind Regina.

"Uhm excuse me…" Snow now interrupted. "You tried to change but we don't believe you? So the fact that you unleashed a giant to the town to go after David was your way of saying: "Hey I'm sorry but look I'm changing?"

Regina shook her head. "God Snow you really are stupid." She said in an irritated voice. "First you frame me for the murder of Dr. Hopper while I've been trying to change so hard, only to find out it was my mother's doing. And then, when I seem to do something horrible like that again, that doesn't make sense for I'm trying to change, you make the same mistake again? That wasn't me that was my mother who gave the food to the giant. I was together with Hook inside my house all day!" And as soon as she said this she immediately turned red as she realized how that last thing must've sound to them. "…trying to find a way to defeat my mother." She added but she saw she wasn't convincing anyone with that last statement.

"Oh yes we were together." Hook said while he winked at Snow.

"Not helping, Hook." Regina growled.

"Wait, your mother? She is here too?" Neal now asked confused and he let out a frustrated sigh. "I don't understand anything of this. You're trying to change? You have magic?" And then Neal slowly connected the dots. "You are the one who send everyone here? You are the evil queen?"

Henry had explained the basic storyline of what had happened to him on their way back. He had referred to Regina as the Evil Queen all the time, so Neal hadn't put the dots together until now. Regina sent him a sad smile. "I told you, it's better if you stay away from me."

"No wait, you have to explain all of this to me!" Neal said and he tried to grab her arm. However before he could reach her Regina set a step back, grabbed Hook's arm and poofed them away in a cloud of dark purple smoke.

Neal turned around, defeat clearly readable in his eyes as he looked over at the people in the diner that were still there. "Care to explain to me what on earth has happened to her since I left her?" He asked while looking at both Emma and his father.

"I think it might be a good idea to try to make sense out of all of this indeed." Snow said. "You have to tell us more about your time with and connection to her too, you know."

"When were the first and the last time you saw her?" Gold now asked, it was the first thing he said in a while, which wsa very unlike him. But when Emma looked at the man she saw why: She didn't see the frightening charismatic man she knew standing next to her. What she saw instead was a confused man, who had lost his true love, had found his son back again who wanted to have as little with him to do as possible, and has just found out that that same son thought of the woman he hated most as his sister.

"The first time I met her she was twelve, I was sixteen at the time." Neal started. "The last time, I was still sixteen of course, she was about eighteen and…we talked about how her horrible mother wanted to marry her off to some rich nobleman while all she wanted was to be free."

"That has to have been right before she met Daniel." Henry piped up.

"How do you know about Daniel?" Snow asked confused.

"She told me after the whole zombie-stable-accident." Henry explained. "She told me how she met him when she was eighteen years old. She said she had felt extremely lonely at the time because she had just lost a friend she cared deeply for. She must have been talking about you, dad."

"Who is Daniel?" Was all Neal asked.

Gold let out a sarcastic laugh. "Daniel – or actually his passing – is the reason all of this happened in the first place…"

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