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The world is cruel place.

Marko, simply Marko, sat in the cage in her master's bedroom. Her neck was decorated with a filthy bomb collar and her legs were restrained by heavy, iron chains. She had an exhausted look in her eyes that reflected the condition of her worn out body. However, brought about by her strong willpower, it wasn't devoid of hope. Her head was bald save for the blonde locks falling on the right side of her head and had nothing but a black cloak to shield her body from the cold. Beneath the back of the cloak was a hideous mark, Hoof of The Flying Dragon.

She looked twenty, just like how she did ten years ago.

It was because of her mysterious, cursed powers she gained from eating a fruit. It gave her what most people would consider a blessing.

Time moved extremely slow for her. Marko would remain young much longer than average people.

Not only that, she was also able to transform into a mythical creature: A phoenix. When she first unintentionally transformed in front of her parents, they were scared. They couldn't accept the fact that their daughter was different. If only they had actually loved her, maybe they wouldn't have sold her to her current master. They were poor, her parents couldn't afford to support themselves and they often unleashed their frustrations on their only child. They said that she was an accident and was quick to save themselves on her expenses when the chance arises. The nobles, as she had heard, had money to spare and was willing to spend on slaves. The more unusual a person is, the higher the price.

Her parents lived a happy life.

Meanwhile, she was being held captive and branded as their own. Marko wasn't allowed to leave the cage unless she was ordered to follow her master around to humiliate her publicly. He sat on her, whipped her, mocked her, punished her and made her eat dirt. In private, she faced worse tortures and sometimes, rape by the more obedient servants. She wasn't able to fight back. She was weak from the lack of food and sleep. They gave her barely enough to last her for a few hours. If that wasn't the reason, it must be the tranquilizer they injected into her daily.

"It's time for your walk, pet," her master told her.

Before she could lift her head up to glare, the barred door opened and she was dragged out with a tug of her collar. Marko refused to make any noises as she landed on the warm carpet. The dragging continued on until they were at the door. Her master commanded her to crawl and she did in order to avoid the consequences that would follow if she didn't. The phoenix tried not to look up as they strolled through their usual route. She already knew. He was just bringing her out to show her off to fellow nobles.

"Oh, it's you again. My, she hadn't changed at all," a passing noblewoman remarked and it wasn't difficult to catch the hint of jealousy in her tone. "You really picked yourself a fine pet, as I've always said."

Her master chuckled and tried to be modest but failing like a sinking hammer. "This wrench isn't good for anything else though. I simply bought her because her parents were desperate to get rid of her ugly self."

"I understand how they feel. I wouldn't feel safe if my child were to be a monster." These parents ought to suffer.

"A monster is only fit to be a pet and nothing else. But of course, there are always useful ones we can make use of."

"I agree. Such hideous creatures shouldn't be allowed to roam around freely as they pleased. They would end up tainting our beautiful world. We should be thanked for preventing them from running wild. I swear, the things we do for those normal people."

Marko couldn't bring herself to listen anymore. Even though she had long grown numb at the mention of her parents, her heart continued to constrain whenever they got onto the topic. Monsters. How could they say that? If she were to be freed, she swear that she wouldn't harm anyone. All she wanted was to live a life that she could pass her days peacefully. Marko had never had the intention to hurt other people. Even before she ate the strange fruit, her existence wasn't approved but at the very least, she had more freedom. She longed to reach her hand out to the sun and lay on the soft grass. She wanted to live.

"What are you spacing out for?" her master barked angrily and his feet flew to her stomach. "Ungrateful brat. You should appreciate that I'm allowing you to stay at my house. Not only are you worthless, you're being a nuisance too."

No one told you to bring me here, Marko thought bitterly as she struggled back to her position.

"I had enough of this. We're going back before I feel like killing you."

When they returned, she was put back into her cage as per normal. However this time, because her master was summoned upon by an extremely important visitor, he had forgotten to close the cage. Maybe it was his underestimation towards her that she wouldn't be able to escape even for that little slip up. The tranquilizer was still working (but almost reaching the end of it's span) and the bomb collar was more than useful. If she were to wander too far, it will activate and render her motionless if she survived. In addition, it will also alert the people living in the mansion.

The window was opened as it always served as a taunt that no matter how many doors were opened for her, she would continue to remain here.

This was her chance.

It was now or never.

Marko, her eyes fiercely determined as she managed to keep, struggled to stand. She had to do this. Even if the chances of failing was extremely high, this was her first chance of escape and she would be damned if she let this go. The phoenix emerged in her glory and faced the window.

A leap. She was perched on the windowsill.

The distance between herself and the sea wasn't a laughing matter. It was another route to death.

But hell, she'd rather choose death compared to living with this sick asshole.

Another leap. She was falling... falling...

Suddenly, her wings moved and she was soaring above the water. The moment was short-llived, however, when the bomb collar activated itself. Marko screwed her eyes shut as a loud boom echoed through the air. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find that not only was she alive but she was still flying. Her body wasn't in pain anymore. However, it was still very weak from the lack of nutrients and pill.

Finally, she was able to have a taste of freedom.

Marko took in everything she could see. The blue sky, the white clouds and the endless stretch of sea. There was a cruise floating on the clean waters. Different pieces of land was still while many other ships sailed in an disorderly manner. It was paradise.

After thirty minutes, her body gave in and fell. Even if it was merely thirty minutes, Marko was satisfied with what she had gotten.

It was already enough. She didn't need any more.

Marko accepted her end in her world of the dark void.

Umi ni nemuru mono tachi no
Komori uta wa Sea Blue

Yoru o utsushita nami no sheets
Hoshi o yurashite
Sora yori kagayaku

Umi ni nemuru mono tachi no
Komori uta wa Sea Blue
Tsuki ga nijinde sore zore no
Aenai hito no
Egao e michibiku

Sea Moon See You
Mou ichido, aeru nara
Sea Moon Sea YOU
Yume o kanaeta, sono ato de
Tatakai o osorenai otoko tachi o
Shizukani...nemurasete...oyasumi, oyasumi...

Umi ni nemuru mono tachi no
Komori uta wa Sea Blue
Yasuragi shiranu sono kata ni
Yasashii Blanket
Otoshite ageyo

What a beautiful song... What a lovely voice...

Marko's eyes slowly opened while the song was playing in her mind. She was back in her human form and it seemed as though she had landed on a cruise that happened to sail nearby her. She attempted to move her body but could only manage to twitch her hands. How pathetic. She couldn't even lift her head up.

"Oh, you're awake," the child commented when she noticed the twitch. "Good, I thought that you weren't going to wake up."


"You're awake but you aren't moving... You aren't hurt either. You must be hungry, aren't you? Give me a minute."

After awhile, the child returned and a plate of food was placed in front of her. Marko's gaze flickered over to the plate and brightened up only for a slight moment before the fatigue got the better of her again. The plate held the amount of food that was a hundred times more than what she usually got. This would definitely restore her energy. However, she couldn't help but feel suspicious. Why was this huge amount of food suddenly offered to her? After living in a world of unfairness, she had grown not to believe things that were too good to be true. Instead of taking the food, Marko turned her head away.

"Huh? You don't want it? Hey, that's pretty rude. Despite my size, I have to say that I'm a pretty decent cook." It wasn't as though Marko could see the child anyway. "If you're worrying about money then forget about it. I'd have nightmares if I were to accept money from you."

Still nothing.

"You're pretty stubborn, aren't you? Look, just take the food already. You need the energy to leave here too, right? This ship is filled with nobles and they aren't kind to trespassers. If they caught you then you're done for. I wished I could help you more but this is all I could do for you."

Nobles. Not good. She can't stay here.

Marko struggled once again to stand up but ended up falling after only managing to lift herself one centimeter away from the ground.

"You stubborn prick. Can't you see that you can't go anywhere if you can't eat? Just eat, you shitty-Ah, sorry. I got worked up again. Those shitty anger management classes didn't help after all," the child grumbled to herself.

Marko had never been apologized to in her life...

"Fine, I understand if you're too shy or full of pride and shit so I'm just going to hide behind the door so I won't see you. It's up to you whether you want to eat or get caught by the nobles. I would've hide you but I'm too small to carry you around without getting noticed. Just... eat up and go. Don't waste anymore time. Please," the child finally said firmly and went back in. Then, she continued singing.

Subete o kono umi ni sasageru nara
Subete o kono umi ni mitsukeru daro
Soshite mata..

So she was the one who was singing...

Marko looked at the plate of food once again and her resolve to live returned. Gathering up all of her strength, she started to eat.

"This is delicious, yoi," she managed to say after a few bites.

The child didn't respond but had a smile on her face as she continued singing.

Umi ni nemuru mono tachi no
Komori uta wa Sea Blue
Yume kara samenu kodomo tachi
Sea Moon See you

After she was done eating, the child had already left for her work. Honoring her request, Marko didn't go inside to look for the child. And without looking back, she transformed once again and flew much faster, much freer than ever.

At last, she is living.

End of Prologue

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