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"I missed you so much, Luffyko," Anne murmured as she pulled her 'younger sister' into an embrace.

"Me too," Luffyko replied in a much happier tone. "It's so much better talking to you here than on phone. The snail telephone keeps making all sorts of reeeeeaaaally weird faces whenever you talk and it was really hilarious!"

"I know, Luffyko. You were laughing most of the time during our conversation," Anne pointed out dryly. Was there anything Luffyko wouldn't be amused at? "Besides that, I'm surprised that you let your hair grow longer. I thought that you would keep it short."

"I couldn't help it," she defended. "I didn't have any scissors with me when I was training."

"You know you could've cut your hair after that, right?"

"Yeah but I was in a hurry to meet the others. Hancock did wanted to cut for me and said that he wanted to keep my hair too."

Anne's eyebrow twitched at her words. Hancock? The Snake Prince? Anne was still at loss of how Luffyko managed to gain his attention due to rumors of the Snake Prince hating women more than Sanjiko does. When Anne heard that Luffyko was training at Amazon Lily, she immediately made a call to the place and had to deal with him. If Anne hadn't pointed out that she was Luffyko's sister, Hancock would've just slammed the phone down in a millisecond after she called her a 'woman-hating bastard'. And Anne would rather him do that than prattling on how he was glad to meet his sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law her feet.

Anne wasn't going to hand Luffyko over to someone even though he happened to be the best looking man on the face of earth. She had to admit that Hancock is superior to other men based on looks and prowess but his face will forever be under Anne's foot. No freak is going for Luffyko as long as she is around.

"-And then that's how I realized that if I cut my hair, I have to eat them-hey! Are you listening?"

"Uh... yes? That's great, Lu," Anne praised despite having no idea what the hell Luffyko was talking about. "Tell me, how does this Hancock person treats you? Had he done anything to you before?"

"Hmmm... the first time we met was when he was showering. After that, I fought his sisters and he invited me to his room. It was kind of weird. He got me up onto his bed while he was naked so we could tal-" Luffyko was cut off when Anne grabbed the sides of her head.

"What the hell?!" Anne exclaimed. "He's trying to deflower you!"

"Deflower? What is that? Is that food?"

"Stay away from that man, Luffyko!" Anne demanded. "He's obviously trying to do you!"

"Do me? Is that fo-"

"I'll call him up and demand for him to leave you alone. What a bastard. The nerve of him! And to think that he wasn't this crazy when he called me his sister-in-law! What does he think he was going to get? You as a bride? I'll set his snake aflame and go for his spineless balls next!"

"But balls doesn't have a spine..."

"Then I'll toss-Wait, how did YOU know that?"

"Shanks said about it before when one of his crew said the same thing."

Anne wanted to facepalm at that moment. Luffyko was going to be the death of her. When she wasn't pissing or worrying the hell out of her, she would make Anne panic till she gets a stroke. Contrary to many's belief, Anne wasn't the biggest troublemaker on the face of Grandline. Even she have someone to worry about. If only half of Whitebeard's allies met Luffyko, they would finally understand the meaning of 'danger magnet'. This girl was so oblivious and thick that Anne couldn't burn a hole through her. Not that she would ever want to since Luffyko is still her precious little sister...

"And I'm not going to marry him. We made a promise that we're going to marry when we were kids remember?"

...and lover, apparently.

But they didn't get to highlight that over their phonecalls because of some idiot laughing whenever Anne opened her mouth.

"I'm just worried that he would force you to marry him," Anne grumbled.

"Hancock isn't going to do that. He's kind of weird but he's a very nice person! He's my friend too," Luffyko reassured.

Anne continued to let out grumbles of curses as she buried her nose into Luffyko's hair while holding her close protectively. "I'm not going to trust him," she said as though it was the end of the conversation. "He's not going to get you and that's that."

Luffyko giggled at Anne's behavior. "You're being weird. He's not going to do anything to me."

"I'm not going to dismiss that," Anne said firmly. She guided Luffyko's chin with her finger towards her and kissed her on the lips. "You're mine, after all."

Luffyko returned the kiss and smiled at her reassuringly. "Yes, I know that."


Anne and Luffyko immediately turned their heads towards Zoro's training room when the scream reached their ears.

"It sounds like Sachi," Anne commented.

"The one with the weird hair? I think something happened."

"You have to be specific if you're going to call her that from now on. But don't worry about her, it's probably nothing different from the usual," Anne reassured and patted the back of Luffyko's head. Having Luffyko around is taking her mind off pranking Marko. It was all good anyway since she needed a break from being tossed into the ocean. "

"Your friends are really funny! They have strange hair," Luffyko remarked.

"Keep going and I won't do you anymore favors, yoi," Marko said as she walked towards the two.

Anne looked at her in confusion. "Marko? Aren't you dealing with Sachi? How did you get here so fast?" Anne paused to listen to the continuation of Sachi's scream. "No, I think I should've asked, how are you here? When you should be up there?"

"Sachi wasn't pranking me this time, yoi. Your cook is dealing with her."

"Ah..." Anne said in complete understanding.

"Thanks a lot for helping me, banana-head!" Luffyko chirped up.

A vein popped on Marko's forehead and was holding herself back from hitting Anne's little sister despite her calm appearance. "I'm going back to the ship. Don't cause any trouble, yoi," she warned. Her arms transformed into wings of blue flames and she flew over to the deck of the Moby Dick.

"So cool!" Luffyko exclaimed in awe.

"Marko ate a mythical zoan devil fruit which lets her transform into a phoenix. She only transforms her arms and feet most of the time, though," Anne said. "Even though she may look weird and all but she's a nice person. Marko is our mama~"

"I heard that, yoi!" Then, it was followed by a stone colliding against Anne's head.

"She can throw from up there too!" Luffyko added on excitedly while ignoring the fact that Anne had collapsed on her.

Marko had taken up on working on the crew's wanted posters in her room after the ordeal was over. Because they have a large crew, the Commanders had to keep all of them in check and naturally, Marko would be the one to finish off where everyone else left off. It had been awhile since they have done some recruiting and Whitebeard was considering opening a seventeenth division with a commander chosen to lead.

Sachi protested against the idea since a new crew means they would have to work to death. But obviously, it fell on death ears.

If they were to open a new division, the new commander would most likely be...

"Commander Marko."

"Tea," Marko regarded the middle-aged woman. "Is there anything you need, yoi?"

"You're working again? Commander Sachi was looking for you."

Marko sighed. Sachi was always persistent in keeping her away from paperwork. If it wasn't intentional, then it must mean that she had somehow gotten into trouble again. She never looked for Anne, only her-Well, Marko would understand why Anne would be a poor choice to look for. The last time Sachi asked her to help out with groceries at a town, somewhere in there was set on fire when Anne made another dine and dash when Sachi wasn't looking. In the end, it was Marko who had to deal with the angry chefs and agreed to compensate them for their losses. The town was under Whitebeard's protection, after all.

Ever since Whitebeard's health got worse, Marko was the one in-charge of most of the things around. She wondered what would happen if Whitebeard were to make Sachi or Anne the First Commander instead. In her opinion, Jozu would make a much better choice.

And Marko would've been persistent in believing so if Jozu hadn't joined in the others in calling her their 'mama'. Sometimes, she thought that she should just leave those idiots to their reckless tendencies. Maybe then they would learn that trying to drown the whole ship was not acceptable.

"Tell her that I'm only available if something urgently important is on. And by that I meant the Marines bringing over fifty fleets to deal with us and not Anne needing diaper changing."

"Zehahahahaha! You always have great humor, Commander Marko."

"What humor, yoi? I'm serious."

"Yes, yes, just as usual. Everyone was wondering why you never joined us for fun. Recently after the Strawhat Pirates arrived, they've been making bets on when you're going to get a soulmate when Sachi mentioned it in the dining hall."

Remind Marko to have a very slow talk with Sachi.

"I'm not interested in anyone and I'm not planning to, yoi."


"Yes, really. Romance was never my forte."

"You could always give it a try, Commander Marko."

Marko looked at her questioningly at her insistence. Tea must be at the very wrong side of the bet, she was sure. When those idiots weren't working properly, they would be out making bets on when someone will find another one. Marko couldn't find the point in it. There wasn't anyone else they could look for other than each other unless they plan to mate with a Sea King. It was as though every single chip was trying to find a completely different chip in the same packet of fucking chips. On the other hand, Marko wasn't feeling comfortable at Tea's staring. It was getting creepy and it wasn't just her eyes.

"I'll pass, yoi. You have work to do too, right? Get to it. Chit-chatting with me isn't going to get you out of it."

"As sharp as always," Tea said with a grin before walking out of the door. While she was walking out, Sanjiko passed by her as she was walking into Marko's room. "Good day to you, Strawhat's cook."

"Ah, same here," Sanjiko replied a little awkwardly when she saw the strange look Tea was giving her. What was that about? Deciding to put it aside at the moment, she turned her attention back to the matter at hand. "Dinner is ready. It look quite awhile and it's already evening before I knew it."

"Thanks, yoi. You guys have dinner first."

"But Sachi told me to pull you there now no matter what."

Marko didn't hold back in connecting her palm to her forehead. What was with Sachi? It has been awhile since Marko worked. Would it kill for her to work for another few more hours? Judging by the time, it had been only four hours ever since she started. And why won't she get Marko herself? Marko wasn't going to toss her into the sea for pranking her out of work... at least, Marko wouldn't recycle that old punishment again.

"And I'm not letting any of my guests miss their meal," Sanjiko added afterwards.

"Fine, I'll go. Nothing happened while I was gone, right?"

"Not that I know of," Sanjiko replied.


Crossing her arms over her chest, Marko walked along the hallway with Sanjiko beside her. All this while, a familiar pair of eyes were watching their back with an indescribable gaze. A small trademark laughter was let out when the both of them were out of sight and the figure disappeared.

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