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"Marko, this is horrible! Horrible, I tell you," Anne wailed.

Once again, Marko found herself holding herself back from the urge to drown the freckled teen. Anne was currently having her face pressed against her chest (Marko never did find out why Anne loved to do that) while crying uncontrollably and enveloping her in a crushing grip with her arms pressed to her sides. Of course, she could easily break free from it but Anne would just follow up with more perverted hugs like this one.

From what she had gathered, Anne only became like that after attending to that shower Luffyko offered, along with the rest of the female Strawhat Pirates. When Marko unfortunately happened to walk by, she was immediately Anne's target.

"Both Sanjiko and Zoroko are younger than me yet their chest are h-huge! They aren't as big as you or Luffyko but how could they grow so quickly? When will I grow, damn it?!"

"First of all, Anne, get your face out of there," Marko instructed and a vein popped on her forehead when Anne didn't listen. "Everyone grows in different area, yoi! Stop being over-sensitive. Why do you care so much about your chest, of all places?"

"Someone who has inhumane boobies like you wouldn't understand!"

"Well, thank you, yoi. Now that you're feeling better, you can let go now," Marko said and struggled herself free.

Maybe she should bring Anne to the nurses if she had any hidden perverted disease. Almost every single morning, Anne would pop out of nowhere to grope either Marko or Luffyko.

Luffyko didn't mind, which was a bad thing because it only served to encourage Anne more. Although whenever her little sister was around, she would rush towards her instead of Marko. But when Luffyko was out of sight, Marko would automatically become her victim. She shudder to think what would happen of Luffyko had to leave with her crew.

It was bad enough to wake up to Sachi's face every morning.

"The bath was horrible. I couldn't relax at all." Anne continued to sniffle pathetically. "Zoroko was really something. Sanjiko was alright. A little above average but Zoroko's definitely wins. Of course, my little sister's are the biggest of them all! I bet that you wished you had a cute little sister like that," she proclaimed proudly.

"I'm glad that you're being observant." Just that it was about the wrong place.

"By the way, I heard that we're going to have a seventeenth division?"

"Heard? All of us discussed over it during the commanders' meeting," Marko pointed out before narrowing her eyes accusingly. "Were you asleep during the meeting again?"

"Um... no?"


"Oh, look! Luffyko is here! Hey, Luffyko! Yo-ho~! It's your lovable big sister, Anne!" Anne called out excitedly and bounced her way over to the oblivious Strawhat Captain.

She definitely did, Marko thought and shook her head.

Even though the crew was already big enough, Whitebeard didn't stop recruiting new members. The purpose of his recruitment wasn't to protect himself but rather, for those people who wanted a family. Until now, everything had been going along smoothly with the commanders being in-charge of individual divisions.

The first recommendation for the new division commander was Tea, one of the few veteran Whitebeard Pirates member. Despite her looks, she was uncannily strong. However, she didn't seem very interested in taking up the position. She even offered the position of second commander to Ace, in fact. There was an unsettling vibe to her that neither Whitebeard nor Marko could put their finger on. However, going too far in suspecting their own comrades was what they were not willing to do.

"Namizo-sama! Robinzou-kyun! The desserts are ready," Marko heard Sanjiko call out and adverted her gaze at the blonde cook twrilling around her male comrades.

It was weird, seeing how Sanjiko acted when she was known as one of the three main fights of their crew. It was a small crew but Luffyko managed it well. The easy-going air that Sanjiko always gave out was nothing different from Luffyko's. Zoroko was constantly training and toughening herself up. She wondered if Sanjiko or Luffyko trained at all. She saw Luffyko's abilities during Marineford and Zoroko wasn't a famous bounty hunter for nothing.

Sanjiko... how well could she fight?

She may be trained under the famous Red-Leg Zeff and even earned the nickname, 'Black-Leg Sanjiko' herself. Marko knew that she had talent and potential from the start. If she remembered correctly, she also wasn't a devil-fruit user and also doesn't rely on any weapons but her legs.

"Mar~ko!" Anne called out and hugged her from behind, her hands touching around a very familiar place.

Another vein popped on her forehead and Marko chanted to herself to keep calm. "What is it this time, yoi?"

"You were staring at Luffyko's cook. Don't tell me you fallen in love with her cooking too and was planning to get her to join. I wouldn't mind since the food she made was awesome but Luffyko would be upset if that were to happen."

"I wasn't planning on getting her to join," Marko clarified. "I was just thinking about her fighting prowess. What about you? Weren't you entertaining your little sister, yoi?"

"Fighting, huh. I heard that the three of them went up against the World Nobles."

If Marko had been a lot younger, she would've flinched at the title. "It was all over the news two years ago. It takes quite a lot of guts for a new batch of pirates to challenge them."

"Luffyko was the one who punched one in the nose though," Anne said and laughed.

"I remembered that you were quite worried too."

"I'm always worrying about her."

"You should worry about yourself now more, yoi."


Without answering further, Marko tossed Anne into the ocean, successfully getting her hands off her chest at the same time. She sweatdropped when Luffyko called after her and jumped into the sea herself, followed by Brooko and Cherry. Were they not aware that devil-fruit abilities users aren't able to swim?

After that, Zoroko and Sanjiko jumped in to save all of them.

"You're horrible, Marko! Throwing me into the sea when you know that I can't swim at all! You terrible person!" Anne cried while pointing an accusing finger at her.

"I wouldn't have did that if you weren't being too touching again."

"Demon witch! Old hag!"

"Do you want another round, yoi?"

Anne quickly shut up at that and proceed to hug Luffyko instead while muttering something about stupid birds. Namizou was scolding Brooko and Luffyko while carrying a worn-out Cherry.

Just then, Anne suddenly glanced to her side where Zoroko was sitting at, dripping wet, and trying to catch her breath. Reaching her hand out, she quickly grabbed onto Zoroko's chest and... groped her. The green-haired swordsman's reaction was nothing different from Marko's as Anne found herself being tossed into the sea once again.

Before Luffyko could jump after her sister, Namizou grabbed the back of her collar while Sanjiko had to jump in again.

"Every single time, I have to save you guys for these silly problems!" Sanjiko snapped while Anne was starting to pay attention at Sanjiko. "Don't even think about it!"

"I apologize for Anne's actions, yoi."

"You were the one who threw me in first!" Anne exclaimed.

"You should have a shower again or else you will catch a cold," Marko continued, ignoring Anne's protests.

Luffyko was the next to start making noises. "I don't wanna shower again! I hate bathing. I hate water," she whined.

"Go and bathe!" Namizou snapped.

"No!" Luffyko exclaimed and grabbed onto Anne's legs so that Namizou wouldn't scrub her down.

When she did, Anne instinctively grabbed onto Marko who was once again, trying to hold in her temper. What... loud people. Luffyko was really no different from Anne, although the older teen at least liked to shower daily. But for some reason, Anne still could call Luffyko cute somewhere while she was talking about how Luffyko wasn't clean.

In the end, Namizou tossed all of them, including Marko, into the shower room when Anne and Luffyko refused to let go of their grips. Marko disliked showering with Anne for the most obvious reason.

"It's been a long time since we've bathed together," Anne said happily. "Even though the Whitebeard Pirates shower together, I didn't get to shower with Marko after the first time."

"I wonder why," Marko grumbled. Might as well take a bath since Namizou blocked their escaped route. And wrecking the Thousand Sunny was the last thing that Marko would ever do. Thank god Marko was superb at tolerating.

While Anne was trying to get Luffyko in, the rest had already gotten into the huge tub. Marko had to admit that even the bathroom looked as unique as the other rooms that Frankie built. Most pirate ships, even the Moby Dick, had wooden floors and only had showers in a single, almost emptied room. There were sinks and mirrors too, if it counted. But Marko supposed that it was easier on Frankie since the Strawhat Pirates only has nine members.

"This feels good," Anne purred while holding a struggling Luffyko in one arm while her head rested on the side of Marko's chest.

Marko shoved Anne's head with her hand away. "This is a nice bathroom."

"What did you say, you damned marimo?"

"I said that you're sitting to close to me, dumbass princess!"

The first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates stared with an unamused gaze when Sanjiko and Zoroko started their daily fights again. At least Anne finally gave her a break by clinging onto Luffyko now, who was trying to wash herself as soon as possible so that she could get out of the bath. Even Marko was starting to feel weak herself but the reason why she wanted out was more of because she didn't want to get caught up in the two rivals' brawl.

Too late for that.

Her eyes slightly widened in surprise when Sanjiko was tossed towards her, causing the blond cook to land on her in a very an awkward position. However, none of the insane people had the word 'embarrassing' or 'shame' in their dictionary.

"Hah, it looks like I win this round," Zoroko boasted proudly.

"Oh yeah? I'm not down yet!"

"Stop fighting already, yoi!" Marko said in exasperation and held her down by grabbing her arm.

Why doesn't the both of them feel uncomfortable fighting butt-naked? Sure, there are only women here but Marko wouldn't feel alright with wrestling without any clothes on. Or maybe it was also because she always transformed into her phoenix form whenever her clothes get ripped during a battle. People can call her conservative or crazily modest for all she cared but she wouldn't want to show her goods to the men up there. And she will never willingly show them to Anne or Sachi too.

"Damn marimo!"

"Wouldn't be the first time I heard that," Zoroko retorted tauntingly, still proud at her victory.

Marko wondered if this could be the last time she gets to shower with all of them.

After a long dramatic shower, Marko could finally take a breather. Dealing with all of them was difficult and she wondered how does the sane members of the Strawhat Pirates handled it. Except, there wasn't any sane members among them at all. Even Sanjiko showed that she could snap easily when provoked or react abnormally when in face of her object of her desires, which happened to consist of every male species n the world. For a crew that earned a name for themselves within a shorter time frame, they never seemed to give people the impression that they deserved it upon first glances.

She wondered how they managed to survive till this far.

While the fight between Zoroko and Sanji continued in the dressing room, Marko went back to the Moby Dick before she get caught into it more than she already had. On the way, she met Izoko on the deck.

"Hey, Marko! You were with the Strawhat Pirates?" Izoko asked.

"Yeah. I was pulled into bathing with them, yoi."

"How lucky. I heard that their facilities are really something else, especially the bathroom. You could have invited me along too, you know," Izoko complained with a pout.

Marko shook her head instead and sighed. "It was a bad idea."

"Did something happened?"

"All of them have too much energy. Especially when you put the swordsman and cook together."

Izoko laughed and shook her head. "Isn't it the same with you and Sachi? She always liked teasing you more than anyone else. But I could understand since you are the easiest to get a satisfying reaction out of."

"Thank you, yoi," Marko replied sarcastically.

"You seemed more relaxed now," Izoko commented.

Marko raised an eyebrow at her doubtfully. "Are you sure? After all that, I'm surprised that I haven't lost my cool yet, yoi. When I say that they have too much energy, they really are the devils themselves."

"But you're having fun, aren't you? I haven't seen you interacting with someone else other than our crew for awhile. They may be trouble but they are certainly a lively bunch. It's nice to see you doing something instead of work for once."

"It's my duty, yoi."

"It isn't your duty to do that all the time, right? Since Anne's little sister's crew is here, we should get along with them more. It doesn't have to be Monkey D. Luffyko since I have to admit that even I couldn't keep up with her. But the little raccoon is kind of cute and easy to get along with. Cherry, was it?"

"It's a reindeer," Marko corrected.

Izoko shrugged and continued, "Or do you prefer the skeleton if you're into that sort of thing."

"... I'll pass, yoi."

"Anything works, actually. Since you mingled in well, there must be someone you could become closer with. I'm not trying to take on your mama position but all of us worries for you."

Marko fumed. "Who are you calling mama?"

Izoko let out a small laugh and patted Marko's back before she retreated back to her room, leaving Marko alone with her thoughts.

As the first commander turned her gaze to the Strawhat Pirates assembled on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, she couldn't help but feel that Izoko might be right on something. Even though they create more trouble than Anne, all of them could give anyone a warm, welcoming feeling when they interacted. It was a mysterious ability that people thought only Luffyko possessed. However, Marko felt that every one of them could attract many others in their own ways.

And Anne was no different from them.

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