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They picked up a grenade launcher, Neville carrying it so as to keep Victor's hands free, blew up another dozen or so mechs, and paused outside of another door. "I hear gunfire inside," Neville said. "Survivors, I hope?"

"One way to find out," Victor said, hitting the door and lunging through. Behind a steel balcony railing were three people, firing over the top at mechs on another balcony across a lovely four-story drop.

"Shepard?" all three of them said in unison – eerily familiar unison. "What the hell?"

Angela looked at Neville and Victor. "Something tells me the other Shepards aren't coming." She looked at the three survivors, all wearing nearly identical black and white uniforms. "Alright, who knows me?"

The black man nearest her raised his hand slightly. "I'm Jacob Taylor. I'm part of the security detail here to bring you back. I know those two, they're part of the group of dimensional clones you had when you stopped Saren." The other two were staring at him, wide-eyed.

She pointed at the Hispanic guy behind Jacob. "I'm Miguel Taylor," he said in nearly the same voice. "Neville Shepard vanished while scouring the Terminus Systems for Saren. Without him, the geth succeeded, and the Reapers are harvesting everyone in the galaxy. We managed to recover his body after it reappeared, and were trying to bring him back to life."

Lastly, Angela pointed at the only other woman there, furthest away from her. "Pari Taylor," she said. "Similar to what he said, except Victor vanished attempting to stop the Terra Nova disaster."

"Attempting?" Victor muttered worriedly.

"Ah, Shepard, can you give me a minute? I need to talk to, um, myself," Jacob said.

"Sure, go ahead," Neville said, his face now haunted. "We'll just take out those mechs across the way."