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Chapter 1

Wanderer POV

Alright. First day of school. Sophomore year. My first year of actual school. No sweat. Right?

Wrong. Zip. Zada. Nada. No prize for you.

I am frantically running around our crappy apartment getting my backpack ready for school while trying to brush my teeth and fix my hair. Definitely not a good way to start off the first day.

Aleyc and Burns sat on the sagging old couch; Aleyc reading a Sports Illustrated magazine and Burns finishing a summer paper. I am so jealous of them right now but I push away those negative feelings. Though it must be nice not to be uptight about anything. Why cant I be carefree and relaxed like Aleyc? Or calm and collected like Burns? I chuckled to myself. That will be the day huh. When Wanderer Everett is cool, calm and collected. Like that will ever happen.

I run back to the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste. I grab the already hot curling iron to help tame my unruly curls.

I dart back out to the living room seeing the guys in the same spots. Whatever. I pick up my purple converse from beside the door. I tie the laces and reach for the left shoe.

Nothing but air.

Where's my shoe?

My shoe! I swear I kicked it off here yesterday when we got home. Where is my left shoe?

Now I am staring to freak out. I can't go to school with only one shoe. What if they have a two shoe policy. What if they kick me out. I gasp, hurrying from room to room, looking everywhere. Its not in my room, or Aleyc's or Burns'. Not in the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom.

By now I was staring to hyperventilate. If I get kicked out then they'll want to talk to my parents. Since I don't have any they'll call the police and social services. Then we'll all be caught…and…and…and…

I was staring to feel dizzy at this point. No. I will not let that happen. I will not be the reason we were caught. I am going to find the shoe if it is the last thing it do.

I run back into the kitchen and begin looking through the cabinets hoping for some strange reason that is in there.

"Are you going to stop her or should I?" Burns asks Aleyc not looking up from his paper.

"You should. She never listens to me" Aleyc answers in his brooding English accent.

"As expected" Burns says finishing his last sentence as I enter to living room. I start tossing things into the air wishing my shoe would materialize. I feel two strong, warm hands grasp my shoulders and turn me around.

"Wandy what's the matter?" he asks as if talking to a child. I cant help but pout.

Somehow, I manage to choke out the word "shoe"

Burns stares at my blood drained face and looks down at my shoeless foot. I can tell he wants to laugh but he pulls me to his chest.

Aleyc on the other hand starts cracking up.

"I fail to see what is funny," I snap.

"Oh Wanda" Aleyc laughs, "Do you honestly think they are going to kick you out of school for only having one shoe?" I seriously want to catapult him into outer space.

Burns senses my anger and bends down, reaching under the couch. When he straightens he holds up my shoe hanging off his right middle finger. Like the overly sensitive idiot that I am I wrap my arms around his neck and squeeze him.

"Oh thank you Burns. Thank you"

"Yeah, yeah. I know I'm awesome. Let us go. You don't want to be late for your first day of school" I shove my foot in my shoe as he gently shoves me out the door.

We walk down the step of our apartment to the antique motorcycle with sidecar. Aleyc hops in the sidecar as Burns starts the engine. He hands me my helmet and I sit behind him. After which we take off. I suddenly get a bad feeling. We shouldn't be doing this.

I have also been saying it since we left the apartment this morning.

Now we are sitting in our new schools office, waiting to receive our class schedules.

"We shouldn't be doing this. We don't need to be going to school." I say nervously.

"We are just normal high school student" Aleyc says with a smirk. Normal huh.

"Still, maybe we are pushing it. The fire could have been a sign," I comment twirling my brown hair around my finger.

"That wasn't my fault," Aleyc says defensively. I look up to see if anyone is looking when I catch a girl behind the counter quickly looking away. She looks up again but notices me watching her. She could be older than us, maybe sixteen. She has light skin and long auburn hair pulled back.

"I didn't say that" I snap.

"I couldn't help it. I had a glitch"

"That's what I mean. What if that happens again? Or what if they find us?" I ask them. Burns places a hand on the back of my neck and gently rubs it, trying to help me relax.

"Wanda relax," Aleyc says, giving me one of his cocky smiles.

"What would you want us to do? Split up again because it isn't happening. Not after finding each other. That was a sign" Burns tells me leaning in. I try to calm my erratic breathing.

"It will be fine" Burns says leaning closer. I can feel his breath on my neck.

"Great, now we have an upset comforter" Aleyc remarks. I look away from his stare.

"Shut up Aleyc" Burns defends me. We see the administrative woman coming back.

"Alright my dears here are your assigned classes and the days they are on. Are you Wanderer Everett?" she then asks looking up from the papers.

"I am," I answer shyly trying to smile but fail. I feel Burns rub my back.

"Here you are dear" she says handing me the papers.

"Thank you," I whisper.

"Hello there Mr. Kozlov and Mr. Adams. So nice to have you back" she gushes. I raise an eyebrow when I see her cheeks fill with color. Okay? Creepy.

"Thank you" they say together. I look back at them with a puzzled look. Both ignore me as they take their papers.

"Welcome to Charmwood Academy Miss Everett" the woman says once she tears her eyes from the boys. I nod. I see her eyes drift down then feel one hand on my back and the other on my shoulder.

"Wasn't she nice Mr. Kozlov and Mr. Adams?" I tease once I am guided out of the office and into the hall.

"It's her job to be" Aleyc says with a shrug as he scans his schedule.

"Oh that reminds me, what are we going to do for food and supplies? These tuitions are taking a big chunk of our money," I ask.

"Like any other high school kids; get jobs," Burns says as if it is obvious.

As we stand in front of the office, I notice a banner above a small counter that reads Schoolbooks. I point to it and we walk over.

A girl with muddy brown hair sits with her chin propped up on her palm. Her dark brown eyes flicked up looking behind me. I can see a ghost of a smile on her lips but then it fades as Burns flips a piece of my hair. I turn to smack him then look back to the girl. Am I missing something here?

"Name?" the girls asks bored behind a counter. I feel my hair being twirled again and try to ignore it.

"Wanderer Everett" I say in a low voice. She disappears for a moment and comes back with a stack of books.

"Thanks" I tell her but she just dismisses me. Her eyes go right back to the boys.

"Well we have a half and hour until first class so I am going to head out and find it" I announce.

"You're already going to class?" Burns asks in surprise. Aleyc is laughing to himself.

"Yes. I want to make sure I find it in time" I try to defend myself.

"Let her go" Aleyc says to him smacking his arm.

"Fine. You remember how to get to the apartment?" he asks me. I roll my eyes at him. Of course, I know how to get to the apartment. We did just leave there an hour ago.

"Yes Burns. Unless you plan on leaving without me," I tell him.

"We'll meet for lunch"


I watch as they walk off talking to people who pass by them. Aleyc high fives some random people then disappears around a corner. Apparently, they forgot to mention a few details about their status here.

I shake my head and take out my locker slip, trying to balance my books look at the slip and walk at the same time. I fail miserably when I crash into something. My books thump on to the floor and I nearly fall my self. I look up to see fiery red hair and on the face of the person the same fiery expression.

"Watch it freshmen!" the girl screams at me. The petite girl next to her with bulging brown eyes laughs as they walk off. She sounds like a goose.

"I'm not a freshman," I angrily mutter to myself.

"First day" a deep voice asks from across the hall. I look up to see a tall, tan person with prominent cheekbones beside a long thin nose and a sharply squared-off jaw. His lips are stretched into a grin, but I can see that they are full, for a man. His eyebrows and lashes, bleached out from sun. I forced my jaw to stay where it is otherwise I will drop.

"That obvious?" I ask him looking away.

"No not really. I don't recognize you but you could already be a student here," he says, "That was Sharon by the way, most popular girl...or is she the most feared?"

"Funny, I thought popular girls were supposed to be liked," I state as I collect my books.

"Not always" he answers leaning away from the wall.

"Must be her wonderful demeanor," I say sarcastically.

"Clearly" he says his voice low. I look up to him and see he is staring down my top. I forgot I had on a low cut tank.

"Enjoying the view," I ask him while standing up. His eyes follow.

"Immensely" he tells me smiling. I feel my cheeks warm and try to change the subject.

"I'm surprised I didn't see her with that hair. She looks like a fire truck"

"What about your tall friend?" he asks stepping closer. I look at him confused.

"I saw you leave the office this morning" a clarifies at my confusion. Has he been watching me?

"He is more strawberry blonde" I answer him my eyebrows still scrunched.

"If you say so. Should you be talking about other people's hair?" he asks picking up a blue strand of hair. I smile remembering.

"It was a practical joke gone badly. They didn't realize it was permanent dye. I like it though"

"Me too. You are easily distinguishable. Though not that any other students here look like they belong in middle school"

"Hey!" I shout at him. He laughs.

"Sorry. You're just so...petite"

"Nice save" I tell him but can't help but grin. I look up and he is just staring at me. "Well...um...nice chat. I have to find my locker," I tell him. I step to the side and he follows blocking me. I try again to my right and again he blocks me.

"Name?" he asks. I look up at him.

"Really?" I ask him.

"I can't get your name?" he asks smiling wide. I place my free hand on my hips and wait for him to move. He doesn't.

"Fine" he says taking my books and locker slip from me. I try to reach for them by he moves away from my hands. He studies the slip as I try numerous times to get my books from him. Students in the hall watch as he avoids my hands. Some laugh but I also see girls giving me the evil eye. Who is this guy?

"It seems your locker is in the two ninety hall" he finally says.

"Where are we now?" I give up asking him.

"Well this is the main hall. Your locker is upstairs, at the end"

"Are you serious?" I huff out.

"C'mon I will show you" he laughs and begins walking.

"Thanks" I mutter as I pick up my backpack from the ground. I see him examine my books.

"What's with all the science books? Only nerds carry books like these and you don't look like a typical nerd"

"I want to major in Astronomy" I honesty tell him.

"Cool. You have a thing for space?" he asks me. More than you'll ever know.

"I always have. I'm going to go for the B.A. degree"

"Smarty pants" he says looking down at me. Maybe this top was not such a good idea. I cross my arms uncomfortable at his staring.

"What about you?" I ask him.

"Hockey" he simply says. Ahh. Now the looks make sense.

"Jock" I say. He laughs as we walk upstairs.

The same looks I got downstairs continue upstairs with girls by their lockers or walking by giving me glares.

"Here we are," he says stopping in front of a locker. With his free hand, he spins the dial and the locker clicks open with him tossing my books in and closing it. He then turns back to me. I didn't get a chance to protest.

"So. Name?" he asks again. I snatch the slip from his hand and try myself to open the locker. It only takes one try for the locker to open. I look to my left to see the guy leaning against the lockers waiting. I mimic his stands. He laughs.

"Then I will go first. My name is Jared Howe," he says holding out his right hand. I sigh. He isn't going to give up.

"Wanderer Everett or Wanda," I say taking his hand. It practically swallows mine up. I didn't expect it to be so warm and calloused but somehow soft.

"Well Wanda it is a pleasure to meet you," he smiles shaking it.

"You too Jared" I reply out of courtesy. He holds it long than I think necessary and has his thumb stroking my skin.

"Maybe I will see you around" he says as I let go.

"Maybe" I answer him then turn back to my locker. He laughs and walks away. I peek and watch him leave. Girls standing by their lockers drool as he walks by. I roll my eyes at them.

I keep the three books for my first three classes just in case the teacher wants to make sure we got them. I close the locker door and walk down the hallway.

I have no idea where I am going so I stop to ask a teacher who is unlocking their classroom door. He tells me I have to go down the hall, turn right, pass three halls, turn right again and the class will be the fourth door on the left.

I say thank you and head off. I can hear more students entering the halls. I reach the end of the hallway and round the corner when I crash into a wall.

"Oof" I let out as I fall, right on my butt. My books scatter on the floor again. "Really again?" I ask myself.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you," a deep voice says above me. I do not look up.

"Of course not" I mutter. I shift my weight to my knees and begin collecting my books.

"Here let me help you," the voice says.

"Thanks I got it," I tell him. I reach for the last book when I see the man's giant hand. I look up and our lips graze, my eyes close. I feel a shock of electricity shoot through me.

Gosse bumps cover my skin. The man's lips begin to move with mine. His hand cups my right cheek. His tongue licks my bottom lip. Am I kissing a guy I don't even know? Wait I'm kissing a guy!

I turn my head to the left, pulling my lips away from his. I slowly open my eyes again. I am shocked how close we are. All I can see is sapphire.

I didn't know it was possible for blue to be fiery.

The guy is smiling at me. I feel my cheeks flush and quickly get up and walk away. As I make my way down the hall, I turn and see the man standing there.

Sapphire, snow, ink. That's how I can describe him.