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Chapter 6

Wanderer POV

It has been three days since the soccer tryouts and I can say they have been...weird. Random people I don't even know have been coming up to me and talking to me. I can't go anywhere without a guy stopping me trying to ask me out. It is so annoying.

But what really irks me is the girls. Girls that have hated my guts since the first day have been begging to be my friend. I know it is because people now know I am best friends with Aleyc and Burns. They just want to hang out with me to get close to them. They are so desperate.

I have noticed though Ian has been acting weird towards me since that day. He isn't as friendly in class or he doesn't wave to me in the hall like he did before. Did I do something to make him mad? I know after the try outs he was with his girlfriend and I didn't say hi to him but I thought it would be weird with her practically on top of him the whole time. Can we even be friends, or will she get mad? Why are boys so complicated?

It is wednesday night and i am sitting at home at the kitchen island. I am waiting for someone from my Literature class to come so we can work on a project. I am in my typical nighttime outfit of my white tank top and purple shorts. Aleyc and Burns walk around in their typical attire of only sweat pants. Men.

Aleyc is in the kitchen with me looking through the fridge. I swear they never stop eating! Where do they put it all? i silently laugh at him as he digs through its contents. Burns on the other hand is sprawled across the couch watching a soccer game.

A knock at the door brings me from my observance. Neither boy make an effort for the door. Another knock.

"No, please don't bother getting up. I will get the door" I tell them as I get up from my spot.

"We won't" Aleyc says looking at me from behind the fridge door.

"Chivalry is dead" I mutter to myself. Burns snickers at my comments and focuses back to the game. i open the door expecting to see my Lit partner but that is not what i get. Not by a long shot.

"Hi" I say a little nervously. I cross my arms over my chest uncomfortable.

"Hey Wanda" Nate says seductively. Behind him the whole soccer team stand smiling at me. It feels more like they are undressing me. I feel my face flush. Thanks to someone, a photo of me playing soccer in only my sports bra and shorts was plastered on the schools website for everyone to see.

"Hey sweet cheeks do you know where the spray cheese is?" Aleyc yells from the kitchen. I feel my cheeks fill with heat. Oh great I know what is going through their minds now.

"Wanda" Aleyc calls from the kitchen. He walks over and opens the door more. I see the guys give glances to me and to him.

"Guys?" Burns calls getting up from the couch. Eyebrows raise in a comedic way. They see him and invite themselves in. I step back into Aleyc as the mass of guys flood in. He wraps a arm around my waist.

Burns moves from the couch and greets his team mates. As they make themselve comfortable Burns walks over to us. Aleyc shuts the door.

"By tomorrow everyone will know i live with you guys. Why are they here?" I whisper to them.

"They just showed up. Soccer tradition" Burns says with a shrug.

"Why?" I ask him confused. Is this a school thing I don't know about?

"He didn't tell you?" Aleyc asks me. I turn to him. I raise an eyebrow.

"Tell me what?" I ask them clearly out of the loop.

"Burns made team captain" Nate calls out hearing out conversation. My eyes widen and I look at Burns.

"What! Why didn't you tell me?" I ask him as I wrap my arms around his neck. i feel his hands go around my waist lifting up me.

"Thought you already knew I was going to get it" Burns says cockily. Typical, should have figured.

"Maybe you should have told her Burns" Aaron says laughing. Burns laughs too as he sets me back down.

"Whatever. What do we do about them?" i whisper the last part.

"It will be fine" Aleyc tells me. His new catch phrase apparently.

"So Wanda what are you doing here at this hour?" Kyle asks interrupting our conversation. He has that evil look on his face. "Kind of early for a booty call"

"Shut it Kyle. It isn't like that" Aleyc snaps. I try not to flush at the thought.

"Did Burns finally man up then?" Wes asks me. I raise an eyebrow.

"What?" I ask looking at him strangely. He smiles and is about to say something but quickly shuts his mouth. I look up to Burns to see a glare disappearing from his face. He sees me and smiles down at me. Strange.

"Okay...i have no clue what that was about. But what about you, man up to Lily yet?" I throw back at him. His face drops and a light blush appears under his tanned skin.

"Burn!" Brandt calls out. I laugh and everyone else does too.

"She got you" Heath tells him. Wes smacks his arm.

"I knew I liked you for a reason" Aaron says while laughing. He is sitting on the couch but twisted to look at us.

"More than one reason" Brandt mutters from next to him. I raise an eyebrow. Aaron smacks him and turns back around. I swear I saw him blush. Once again, strange.

"She lives here" Burns answers him finally. The laughter dies down.

"And your parents...?" Wes trails off.

"Not here. Never were" Aleyc answers cooly. Always the collected one.

"Orphans?" Wes asks again.

"I am and was emancipated by the state to live on my own" I try to not give away too much.

"We all are" Burns clarifies. Aleyc and I just shrug. It doesn't bother us anyway.

"Oh" is all they say satisfied. Burns walks over to the couch and turns on the xbox 360 as Aleyc orders some pizzas.

There is a knock at the door. No more surprises please. I walk over to the door and slowly open it...

Thank god.

"Hey Ty" I say cheerily. Ty is the guy i met on my first day. We have third period literature class togehter. I accidentally questioned him as to why he was in the class. He didn't seem offended though. He told me all his other class were AP or Honors so he wanted an easy class and Literature was the only one left. He is so smart, and sweet and if I dare...hot.

He is about 5'10'', which is nothing compared to Burns 6'4'' and Aleyc's 6'2'' but he is still taller than me and he well built too. He has an even tan although I can't tell if it is natural or not but I think it is cause he has freckles across his nose that are two shades darker than his skin. They aren't that noticeable unless you are close to his face and being we sit next to each other I can see them perfectly. He has a square face but it is softer than Aleyc's and incredible blue eyes. His naturally dark hair is short but it has natural blonde highlights. Oh and his smile cam make any girl weak at the knees.

"Hi" he says back with a small smile, his perfect white teeth showing. Oh the dimples. Yup there goes the knees a little.

"Come in" I tell him. He steps in and I close the door. All the guys turn to see. His eyebrows shoot up at the schools soccer team and two shirtless guys. Great.

"You live here" he asks me. I nod.

"Unfortunately" I sigh.

"Whose the dude?" Aleyc ask walking back from his room. I roll my eyes at him. i am about to introduce him but Kyle beats me to it.

"Look who it is. Brainiac Ty Hamilton" he says rudely. I send him a glare which he brushes off smiling.

"He doesn't look like a genius" Burns comments.

"What too good looking?" Kyle asks him. Burns shrugs and nods. Ty looks so uncomfortable already. Okay i have had enough of this already.

"Shut it Kyle. We will be in my room" I announce. I walk over to the counter and pick up my things.

"Really?" a sly voice asks. Once again Kyle and that mind of his.

"Yes. We have to write a play for Literature class"

"You take a Literature class?" Wes asks. I raise an eyebrow at him. Why is that so hard to believe?

"Why is that hard to believe?" Ty voices my thoughts.

"Just strange is all"

"Just so you know, girls love it when guys write them poems. It's hot. Let's go Ty" I say grabbing his hand and leading him to my room, pasing by and angry looking Burns. What is his problem?

In my room Ty is settled at my desk and I am sitting on my bed. For the assignment we were each given a set for a scene and we have to combine them and create our own play.

"Sorry about them. I didn't know they would just show up. Something about it's tradition when a new captain is chosen" I say after reading over my scene. He spins to face me, leaning back in the chair. He shrugs.

"It's okay" he says smiling lightly "So you really live here?" he asks.

"So are you really known as Brainiac Ty?" I ask him. We stare at each other. Neither wanting to answer first.

"That's the nicer version" he finally says. I just nod my head.

"I don't see what is wrong with being really smart" I tell him.

"The gift of wisdom" he says softly to himself. Interesting choice of words, I think to myself. his face has a flash of panic but it disappears.

"Aleyc has the gift of memory. He can remember anything he reads, hears" I blurt out. Oh crap! "He also has a gift of annoyance" I quickly add. He laughs and I join him in.

"You didn't answer my question"

"Oh yeah I live here. Just with Aleyc and Burns. Everyone one else kind of showed up"

"Are you related to either one of them?" he asks. I look up at him. Should I tell him? Well why not I just told the schools boys soccer team. What's one more person?

"No. Just childhood friends. We're emancipated and none of wanted to live alone so...here we are" I say gesturing to the apartment.

"Me too" he says. I look at him in surprise.

"I mean I have parents, well adopted parents but I didn't want their lifestyle. Too much attention focused on looks and what other people think of you"

"They just let you leave?"

"I used the excuse of the school to leave. My parents live in New York. I live here with my adopted sister Ginny. She's fourteen"

"That's nice. You have each other" I tell him honestly.

"Hey want something to drink?" I ask him before we get too comfortable.

"Sure" he nods. I stand and head to the door he follows.

"Maybe we can sneak some snacks before they are all consumed" I say as we head to the kitchen. It seems like the pizza arrived or should I say what's left of it. Thanks guys for telling us.

"Help yourself Ty" I tells him. He nods and grabs a slice of pizza. I toss him a water as he sits down by the counter.

"Hey how come we can't have full range to the kitchen?" Nate asks from the living room. I roll my eyes.

"If you did, we wouldn't have any food" I call out to him from the fridge "We barely have enough with Burns and Aleyc". The guys laugh.

There is a knock at the door. Not again.

"Not getting it" I yell. Ty laughs at me. I stick my tongue out at him. Aleyc jumps up to get it.

"Relax sweet cheeks" he tells me winking as he opens the door. I head to the fridge.

"Kylie!" a high pitch voice screams. I jump. I close the fridge door and look out to the living room.

"Jodes!" Kyle calls as a small brunette flies into his arms.

"She seriously must have a GPS chip on him or something" I mutter. Ty laughs. I guess he heard me. He leans in.

"Probably. Maybe it's in that necklace she uses as his leash" he whispers. I laugh out loud and so does he. Burns stalks into the kitchen, grabs a slice of pizza and stalks back out. What is his problem!

I flinch when I hear Jodie start talking loudly. She sounds like an annoying bird squawking. I quickly grab a water and a few slices of pizza. I nudge Ty's arm and nod my head towards my room. He nods yes and gets up.

"Oops" Nate lets out as red Gatorade runs down mine and Ty's shirts.

"Ahh Nate!" I yell at him.

"My bad" he laughs. I can see him looking at my now visible bra. I roll my eyes at him and go to the bathroom and grab a towel for the mess on the floor.

"Take your shirt off. I'll wash it so it doesn't stain" I tell Ty. He just nods and unbuttons the baby blue shirt. I have to hold in a gasp when his six pack makes an appearance. Damn. Focus Wanda. You're not that types of girl. You don't drool over guys.

I shake my head and pull off my now red stained tank top leaving me in a small pink sports bar. I just had to wear the one where my boobs practically fall out.

I take Ty's shirt and ignore the look he is giving me and toss the shirts in the laundry room. I set the washer for a quick wash. I grab a small towel and wipe some of the juice that seeped through. I walk back into the hall. Someone whistles.

"Nice tattoo Wanda, didn't peg you for one of those girls" Kyle says walking over from shoving his tongue down Jodie's throat.

"What?" I ask him confused.

"That" he points to a red colored mark on my left hip.

"It's not a tattoo Kyle, its my birthmark"

"Then how come Ty here has one too? You two can't have the same birthmark" he says pointing to an identical mark on Ty's left shoulder. Ty's eyes widen as he looks at my mark.

"I don't know but it isn't a tattoo"

"Whatever you say" Kyle tells me clearly not believing but I don't care.

"Go tend to your girlfriend before she pulls your leash"

"Ouch" Ty laughs. Kyle glares at him but then smiles at me.

"That hurt right here" he says taking my hand and putting it where his heart is. I snatch my hand away.

"You have to have something there for it to hurt Kyle"

"Touché" is all he says and walks away. I roll my eyes and hand Ty the small towel. I see a small flash in the corner of my eye but ignore it. It's probably the Xbox. Since we are right in front of the bathroom I take the towel from Ty and wet it a little. The Gatorade left us sticky so I try to clean it off of Ty's chest.

"What's going on here?" Burns asks angrily at seeing me and Ty shirtless. It causes the others to look to. Woof calls and cheers ring through the apartment.

"Chill" I tell him. I finish cleaning Ty off and wipe myself.

"What happened?" Burns asks.

"Nate" I mutter pointing to the towel left on the floor. He nods but still gives Ty a dirty look. He finishes cleaning the mess Nate left.

"I'll get you a shirt" I tell Ty.

"And one for yourself" Burns calls out seriously.

"Yes dad" I say sarcastically. Since Ty isn't as big as Burns maybe I can give him one of Aleyc's shirts. I walk into his surprisingly clean room and dig through his drawers.

I hear a faint knock at the door. Really? Apparently today is 'Lets all go over to expose Wanda day'

"Can I help you?" I hear Aleyc ask.

"Ya Wanderer here?" a girls voice asks him.

"Ya. Come in" he says slightly confused. Two sets of footsteps walk in. Whistles ring out.

"Ty?" a different girls voice asks.

"Kellan?" Ty asks.

"What are you doing here?" the second girl asks.

"Yeah Ty?" the first girl asks clearly upset.

"Close your mouth Kyle. I dont appreciate you drooling over some girl" Jodi snaps.

"Wanda!" Aleyc yells. I grab two smaller shirts and run out.

"Here Ty you can use one of Aleyc's shirts...Kellan? Sunny? Oh crap! I'm so sorry. I must have forgot I invited Ty before you guys for another project" I say face palming myself. I look around the room. When the heck did Ian and Jared get here?

"I'm sorry Ty. Sunny, Kellan and I have to do a American History paper" I hand the shirt to him as I talk. He tosses it on as I do the same. Ian has a pissed expression like Burns did earlier. Jared just stands there mouth open and an eyebrow raised.

"American History?" Kyle asks breaking the silence. His eyes roam over Sunny. She petite like me with pale skin, long black hair and piercing blue eyes. Kellan stands next to her, a complete opposite, She is tall, lean with tan skin, long brown hair and bright green eyes.

"Yeah I didn't get it till now" Sunny tells him, her voice soft. He continues to smile at her and Jodie is looking ready to attack.

"Ty and I have to write a play for Lit class" I interrupt.

"You take Literature?" Kellan asks him eyebrow raised. Do they know each other?

"Yeah no real thinking involved" Ty says shrugging.

"I'm sorry guys" I tell them.

"No problem. We can help each other" Ty tells me sweetly. Awe he is so cute!

"I'd like to help too" I hear someone mutter along with a few laughs and then a cry of pain.

"Ok, lets all go to my room" I say smiling. I'm glad he said that cause I am becoming uncomfortable with Burns and Ian's glares. The girls follow me down the hall. I hear extra footsteps.

"Stay Kyle!" I yell at him like a bad dog. He freezes.

"Awe!" Kyle complains.




"What if-"


"Bye Sunny" Kyle says in a sweet voice.

"Kyle" Jodi whines to him.

"Go ahead it's the third door on the left" Ty shows them to my room. I walk into the kitchen and get some bottles of water.

"How do you know brainiac Ty, gymnast Kellan and shy Sunny?" Brandt asks me. I shrug.

"It's called not sticking to one genre of people like sport people tend to do"

"Meaning?" he asks clearly not getting it.

"Like how I know Aleyc and Burns even though I am a nobody at school" I say honestly. They stare at me.

"Hey give yourself credit" Aleyc tells me. He has a shirt on now.

"Hey we are friends with you that should count" Nate tells me.

"Try harder and that doesn't count. You are only friends with me because i know them and live here"

"No" he says.

"Yes" I say.

"We would want to be friends with you anyway" Jared says finally breaking form his trance.

"Why?" I ask. The guys laugh at me.

"Really?" Rob asks me.

"You're smart, funny, caring, you dont drive us up the wall" Nate says. Burns rolls his eyes.

"You don't care what people think of you or how you look or dress like other girls" Brandt adds.

"You're just you" Heath too adds.

"Like one of the guys" Evan joins.

"Only prettier" Wes says smiling.

"Awe thanks. But no free range of the kitchen" I say turning around.

"Come on that was gold" Nate shouts.

"Nope" I yell from the hall.

"Aleyc" he whines.

"Don't look at me" Aleyc tells him holding his hands up.

"Burns my man" Nate calls.

"Don't you even after the whole blushing bet thing" Burns tells him

"What she says goes" Aleyc clarifies

"You two are so whipped" Kyle spits

"Yes they are" Jodi says softly to herself smirking.

"Seriously if one of you don't grab her up someone else will" Brandt informs them. What?

"She shoots down every offer" Aleyc tells them grabbing another slice of pizza.

"So some have tried" Wes asks in shock.

"More than you know or we like" Burns says honestly.

"I'll take a crack at it" Aaron says confidently. Ian glares at him for a second but then drops his head when Jodi catches him.

Tell me who you think Wanda should be with. Should she give one of the guys a chance? Burns maybe?