So, I was digging around some old files, and I found this really old short story I had to write for my World History class back when I was a sophomore in high school! Looking back on it now, it actually does have some potential, so I decided to rewrite it as a Kingdom Hearts story and share it with all you wonderful, beautiful people! Enjoy!

It's a pretty clich├ęd and overdone and corny plot, but just consider it a read whenever you're bored!

Also, if you see me refer to Sora as a "she," ignore it! Please!

The Moonlight Flower

In a tiny village, there lived the son of a pauper whose beauty could draw the eye of any person that passed him, whether they were a man or a woman.

His skin was unbelievably pale with no flaw to be found; his hair was a delicious chocolate brown that refused to be tamed; and his eyes were the main reason that a person's head would turn in his direction.

They were the eyes of an enchantress: a powerful blue that seemed to reflect the sky and challenge the ocean. They would twinkle whenever he stepped into the sunlight, and they would still shine as he stepped into the shadows.

Hundreds of men mistook him for a princess, and they were drawn to his unimaginable beauty like sharks to the scent of blood. The men would offer him gifts of jewelry, long, flowing robes, and exotic animals, but the boy would always reject them all, for it wasn't material objects that he desired, but love, honest and true.

He wanted someone to look past his appearance and for once see that he was not just an object of beauty that others could place on display. The men who discovered that he was actually a man as well hardly faltered in their conquest to claim the boy's body as their own.

Among all the men that visited him, there was one that would always leave the same gift: a simple, small, white flower that hadn't even bloomed yet. Every day, the same type of flower would appear in front of the door of his home.

The boy had no knowledge of who the mysterious sender was, but he always kept the flowers on his windowsill in the sunlight, hoping to see them bloom.

Yet, the pauper's son could not understand why the flowers never bloomed. They would just wither and die, and the boy would become so sad when he was forced to throw them away.

"Why would you send me such a gift?" the boy thought as the dried petals fell between his fingers. "Are you saying that this is what I will become? So beautiful yet never full? Destined to wither and crumble away in another man's grasp? Why must you be so cruel?"

Yeah, I know it's a little short for a first chapter, but give it another update and it'll set the plot rolling! Off to more adventure!