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{} Under your Spell. {}

Story so far- Post war, things seemed quite peaceful at Hogwarts. A certain blonde Slytherin was no longer like he used to be- Up straight and studious. Never paying attention to the jeers or the taunts- much like her, Luna mused. It was a bet that had prompted Luna to venture as far as to kiss her crush, Draco. A turmoil of feelings and a situation that was quite out of control as the two blondes were drawn to each other. Then there was a trial, Luna could only wish him luck as he left to appear before the highest authority of law in the Wizarding World.

Two complete opposites held together by a spell… but how long will it last?


Chapter 5


Contd. From Previous chapter…

The following day, Luna was sitting by the Gryffindor table, carefully munching on to a toast when she heard a clank.

Ron had dropped his glass of pumpkin juice which landed on the floor with a crash. The red head now stood up, head immersed in the pages of the Daily Prophet, his posture discomposed, as he read its contents.

"They let him off again?!"

A smile spread on to Luna's lips when she heard that. She quickly hid it, gulping down a glassful of fresh strawberry juice. A pair of green eyes behind round-rimmed glasses were quick enough to notice it.

She now smiled, shaking her head as a scowl formed on Ron's face.

"Bloody hell!"

Luna had heard the news earlier that morning. She had in fact, been the quickest to get her hands on the Daily Prophet that had carried the news of her Draco. Her- she blushed at the thought. Was it okay to say her?

"I can't believe they let him off again! Why?"

"Perhaps the court sympathized with those poor Malfoys," reasoned Ginny who just arrived to join Luna on her bench.

"Did you call them poor Gin? Like poor? Oppressed?"

But Ginny defended her statement. Retorting her brother, she said,

"It's a fact that they were abused by Voldemort. They were helpless and oppressed during the war, just as much as we were."

"But that doesn't make up for all their past deeds!" argued Ron.

"Court seems more compassionate that you are Ron. Do you really have a heart?"

Ron could only grunt in response. Hermione gently reached out to his arm and pulled him down into his seat. And so Ron sat with an agitated look on his face.

"Regret is what matters the most."

All eyes turned to Luna as she spoke softly. She went on with an airy tone, that just belonged to her.

"I think the Malfoys regret their past actions. Sending them to Azkaban wouldn't stir their hearts. It would be of no use."

Ron's mouth was wide open. Before he could rain his accusations at the Ravenclaw beauty for siding with the enemy, Harry began to speak.

"I second Luna," said Harry, "She always has a point. Some Ravenclaw she is."

Luna smiled at Harry. Again it was just an angry grunt that escaped Ron's mouth.


The days passed uneventfully. It wasn't until a week later that Luna heard of Draco Malfoy. Apparantly, the second consecutive trial had turned out a tad bit bitter as the court now convicted Lucius under some offences, which had earlier been struck down. And the Malfoys weren't too happy about it. Luna had however felt it was better if Draco could finally be able to live freely and not under his father's shadow. She had been wondering about how Draco had taken this. Worrying would have been the apt word, she sighed. Draco hadn't still returned to the castle and there was no way that she could contact him. Strange enough, the urge to see him, talk to him only grew as the days passed. Perhaps this is what love does to people…. Make them restless and helpless.


Many days later, she was ecstatic to learn that Draco had finally arrived in Hogwarts. She was in the library. It was almost time for dinner when a few of the Hufflepuffs sitting next to her table had decided to gossip about the stuff.

"Heard he's finally back in Hogwarts."

"I wonder how he could come back, after all that happened to his family."

"Must be hard for him. But he needs to complete his studies. Now that the Malfoys' fortune is not like it used to be."


Luna wasted no time in dashing towards her

dorm. Dumping her things, she made it to the great hall. As usual she joined her friends for dinner, even chatted with them like usual but her eyes often darted towards the Slytherin table. There was no sign of any blonde. No luck, not even after waiting for an hour after everyone dispersed. Did he really return?


The wait had continued for weeks to come. Luna was becoming restless. It was not that she hadn't seen him. She had seen him a few times. Every time, he was with one of his Slytherin mates, often in locations inaccessible to her. Or perhaps, she was too chicken to confront him on her own. She had decided long ago to wait for him. And she would continue to do so. Well, until she reached her breaking point, she would.


On a fateful evening, after finishing off all her classes, she rounded off a corner only to bump into someone. That collision scattered her books and her wand fell to the ground. Without glancing at who it was, she began picking up her things mumbling a faint sorry. It was only when that someone had bent down to err- help her that she saw him. There, in front of her eyes, was Draco Malfoy, almost kneeling on the floor as he picked up her book.


The words escaped her mouth involuntarily and he looked at her. For a moment she wondered if he smiled at her, for his lips had curled up a bit before returning to normalcy.

She smiled weakly as she got to her feet. It was as if the air around her had tightened and she couldn't breathe. To her horror, Draco's face was now indifferent as he thrust her book into her hand.

"Watch where you are going Lovegood," was all he said, and walked away just in time as someone rounded the same corner, pretending he never noticed anything.

"Oh hey Luna, here you are… I'll walk you to the common room."

Luna sighed heavily and smiled at her raven haired friend.

"thanks Harry."


One weekend, she was with the Threstrals, feeding them, enjoying their quiet company when she heard foot steps. For a split second she wondered if it was Draco. But sighed and smiled seeing Harry, the boy who lived. Yes, the boy who had saved everything from falling apart. Well it did cost them some painful losses, but then, 'all is well that ends well' they said.

"Hello Harry."

Harry moved to stand beside her. Stroking one of the beast's head, he turned to look at her.

"Hi Luna..." he began sheepishly.

They were silent for quite a while. To Harry it was unbearable.

"How are you..."

Luna smiled at him.

"fine as usual. Why do you ask?"

"you… don't seem fine to me. That's why."

Luna frowned and sighed. There was silence again.

"so, you really like him huh?"

Luna had thought a question like that would shake her from her roots but didn't.

Her answer was a mere silence which Harry could understand as a yes.

"I mean, him of all people…. I know, he seems a bit refined but still-"

He didn't speak further but just posed a simple question yet again.


She shook her head and shrugged. It didn't matter now.

"It… It doesn't matter Harry. It all doesn't mean anything now."

Harry nodded. Luna swallowed a painful lump down her throat.

"It's all over." she added in her head.


Christmas came sooner than expected. This festive season would have been special because the world was finally at peace with the downfall of the dark lord, if only the Wizarding world hadn't suffered losses in the form of many lives. Christmas, perhaps would never be the same.

Of course it always didn't have to be in a negative way. The world would heal and would definitely celebrate the festivities with much fervor. But it needed time.

Luna smiled after long as she took a clear look at the great hall's ceiling after a light dinner with her friends. All these months had been really tiresome. She was drained emotionally (attributed to a certain Slytherin who made her life miserable), mentally (thanks to bouts of study and homework) and physically (owing to above two reasons). But now that the holiday season was round the corner, she felt better. The thought of seeing her dad, or spending a nice Christmas night with the Weasleys thrilled her.

Her smile brightened as she continued looking at the ceiling that now twinkled with stars, clear clouds floating by and the occasional imaginary snow that fell to the ground.

Shaking off her thoughts, she took leave from her friends. Saturday night- it might as well, wouldn't hurt if called off early. And having a simple toast and a glass of strawberry juice as dinner was of great help. Making a quick exit from the hall, she dashed off towards the Ravenclaw's common room.


She hadn't made it far. That was when she rounded a corner and froze in her spot. It was a quiet, rather dimly lit hallway that lead to her house. The said route falls on the way to the infamous dungeons belonging to the Slytherins; this being the reason that many Ravenclaws hesitate to take it up. The Ravenclaw in here must be in a real hurry to reach her dorm that she took it. And curse her luck, she was frozen as if someone had cast a spell on her. And to her horror when she looked around, she found a certain blonde Slytherin who was also at loss of words.

For a moment, their eyes met. Somehow having his eyes fixed on hers triggered her heartbeat. She looked away, ashamed that he could still do it to her. Just the sight of Draco Malfoy sent her world spinning round and round. Even her head seemed to be spinning. And the faint smell of his cologne reaching her nostrils wasn't of much help. She tried to move away but couldn't.

She tried again, without looking at him or any of her surroundings. No avail. She was stuck.

What was going on? Did this bad old slytherin just go back to his old habits and decided to torment one of the students? That was it, probably it was a trick! Trying to calm her throbbing heart, she glanced at him. He wasn't looking at her but something that was above their heads. Her eyes followed his gaze, only to widen at the sight of a mistletoe hanging mischievously in the mid air!

Frowning and turning her face away from him, she put her foot forward again. Darn! It was as if a force was stopping her. So the damn thing is cursed! It wouldn't let her go until- she chose not to complete the sentence and tried again. She had heard of such meddling mistletoes often set up by pranksters but had never fallen prey. She pulled out her want and muttered a spell. She tried again, muttering random spells. She swished her wand once, twice, thrice…

On the other side Draco just watched her in amusement. When he shifted his gaze from the mistletoe to the girl before him, he was sure his heartbeat had sped up. The girl was angry, he could see it. He sighed he knew he had been a complete moron to have avoided her all this while. But- he paused. What was she doing? He didn't know there were spells to ward off the magic associated with mistletoes. He cleared his throat.

"Lovegood, what are you trying to do?"

Luna didn't look up but gestured him to move.

"What? I think we're stuck."

He smiled slightly. It had been a few months and he never got her alone. And this was a golden chance. He needed to tell her the truth, their truth.

He sighed. Perhaps, he had his chances back then too, but lacked a nerve to go and speak up.

"What exactly are you doing? I didn't know there are spells… you know, we're dealing with a mistletoe here."

His voice was soft as silk with a hint of mischief and Luna shuddered. She didn't know what to say or what to think. Why the hell was he standing here and talking as if he wanted a proper conversation with her while he was the one to avoid her all this time?!

"Speak up Lovegood. I want to learn them too."

That was pure teasing. She frowned. Her usually airy stance was replaced with a rather tensed one. Damn those teenage harmones! His had was reaching out towards one of her long locks that fell out of place. She quickly tuck it behind her ear and said something.

"What… I didn't get you Lovegood."

There, he was teasing her again. Sighing angrily, she spoke again.

"I said 'some spells to ward off nargles'. Nargles are creatures that reside in the mistletoe. And these spells wouldn't just drive them away but also help to lift the magic that's binding us."

Shooting another angry look his way, she was on with the wand movement again.

Draco just shrugged and watched her work. He'd just watch her then. The Ravenclaw was showing off a fiery edge she had got, one which he didn't know existed. Perhaps, hanging around with the Weasley girl was the reason that she got infected. This side of hers was…. Cute! He smiled looking at her. She was still trying to figure out a way to let them out. Well.. He was thankful that everyone else was down in the great hall having dinner. This was their moment after so long and he'd have hated it if it had to end any sooner.

"ugh! There has to be a way!"

Luna was exasperated. Finally she cast a look at the slytherin who was standing before her, his gray eyes clouded with mirth, a lazy smile on his lips. She immediately teared her eyes off from his handsome features.

"Shouldn't you be trying something?"

He raised a brow at what she said. She quickly amended her question.

"to get us out, I mean… there should be a way out…."

He sighed, unfolding his arms, letting them fall to his sides.

"There's a way…"

She looked up at him, their eyes meeting for the second time in a row. He took a step towards her and gave a tiny smile. The dimly lit hallway suddenly felt cold as a shiver ran down her spine. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew what was coming. He moved his hand forward allowing his long fingers to gently stroke her cheek.

"So may I..."

Those words came out as a mere whisper from his mouth. And before she could choke out a reply, his lips touched hers and everything around them went in a blur.


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