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So as we walked through fields of green
Was the fairest sun I'd ever seen
And I was broke, I was on my knees
And you said yes as I said please

Not with Haste

Mumford and Sons


The amount of time she had spent trying to pick out an outfit was ridiculous. On a scale of ridiculousness, it was as ridiculous as a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig level – okay, so she was too frazzled to think of anything else that was ridiculous – but, it was up there, like at the top of the scale.

Plus it wasn't like he had never seen her in a dress before (at the Rocky Awards, the first time at the ballet), God, he saw her practically naked in her leotard everyday so she had no idea what she was so nervous about.

No, that was a lie. She knew. She was nervous because this was a date. Their first date (hopefully things would go well tonight and there would be many more dates with Sasha.) Obviously she wanted to look good, maybe even sexy. No, better to keep expectations realistic, Payson thought. She was many things (athletic, toned, etc...) but sexy wasn't one of them.

Payson pulled off the pink dress she was currently wearing. 'Argh, too pink, too cutesy, too girly,' she said to her empty room.

She wished she could have borrowed a dress from Kaylie, but there would have been too many questions she couldn't answer like, Why was she borrowing a dress? Where was she going? Who was she going with?

For obvious reasons her date with Sasha was a secret. Although her mom knew that they were going out, (Sasha refused to outright lie to Kim, he did, however, feel comfortable with a lie of omission, and thankfully Payson's dad was in Minnesota so they didn't have to deal with that issue) Kim Keeler thought Sasha was taking Payson to the ballet again, which was true, but this time Sasha wasn't escorting Payson as her coach, but as her date.

Payson frantically searched through her closet, hoping maybe the dress fairy had come by while she was in the shower and had left a present. Payson rummaged through her clothes, but alas, no gift from the dress fairy. Taking a peek at the time, Payson realized that Sasha would be at her house in 5 minutes, and all she was wearing was her bra and panties.

With a large exasperated sigh, Payson reached into her closet and grabbed a simple black dress. You can't go wrong with black, right? Payson slipped the dress on over her head at the same time the door bell rang. Quickly she smoothed down her hair – she had decided to wear it loose, as Sasha was used to seeing it tied up in a bun everyday – grabbed her purse, and went down the stairs to meet her date.


Even though she knew he would be dressed in a suit (he had the last time they had gone to the ballet), Payson still wasn't prepared for how unbelievably handsome Sasha was. Payson fidgeted with the hem of her dress, she felt a small chill of anxiety run through her body. Sasha was so striking, so attractive and she was…not those things.

Sasha was used to dating models, some of the most gorgeous women in the world, so what in the world was he doing taking her out on a date? It made no sense.

Stop trying to sabotage yourself, a little voice inside Payson's head screamed at her. He chose you. He's going out with you. Stop over thinking it.

Payson took a moment to calm herself before saying hello to Sasha.

"See, this is why people think video games are such a bad influence. Who did you Grand Theft Auto that car from?" Payson asked, gesturing to the slick black town car.

"I'll have you know that I legally rented this vehicle." Sasha replied indigently.

"Why? What happened to your truck?"

"Nothing happened to my truck. It just didn't seem appropriate for tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we're going to the ballet, I'm in a suit, which can I say that I have been in a suit more times in the last year than I can remember and all those times have been your fault," he smiled to take the barb out of his words. "Anyway, I knew you would be wearing a dress, looking amazing, and you do by the way, you look amazing, and I thought you deserved better than my beat-up truck."

Payson was momentarily speechless, touched that Sasha had obviously put some thought into their date.

"Well we better get going or we're going to miss the opening curtain."

Sasha walked over to the passenger's side door and opened it. He gestured for Payson to get into the car. Sasha gently took Payson hand and helped her into the rented vehicle. The moment Payson felt Sasha's skin make contact with hers, a jolt of energy shot up her arm into her chest. If Sasha could cause such a shock of awareness with one touch of his hand, Payson wasn't sure if she could handle more than that tonight, but she was looking forward to trying.


Sasha became aware of a few things the moment he laid eyes on Payson tonight, things that he had subconsciously known for a while, but now had jumped to the front of his consciousness.

The first thing, Payson was naturally seductive. Maybe it was the years of gymnastics that had forced elegance and grace into her life, or maybe it was a God given gift, he wasn't sure and frankly didn't care because the result was the same. Payson walked towards him in that little black dress with a gentle sway to her hips and a toss of her beautiful blonde hair. If it had been any other woman walking towards him like that he would have been sure she was laying the groundwork for a plan of seduction. But with Payson, she was so innocent and somehow unaware of how breathtaking she was that the feminine power and energy radiating from her was simply a natural seductive part of her nature. A part of her that Payson was unaware of, but was currently plaguing Sasha.

The next thing that was abundantly clear to Sasha was that Payson was naturally alluring. The moment they walked up the stairs to the ballet, all male heads (the poor men that had been dragged to the ballet by their wives, girlfriends, or daughters) turned in her direction. She wasn't trying to catch their attention, in fact, Sasha was pretty sure Payson was talking to herself. Sasha leaned in closer to Payson so he could hear what she was saying. Payson was mumbling something, he thought he caught the word 'ridiculous' and then something about a baby monkey but he wasn't sure, not that it mattered because he was so far gone that he found her mumbling attractive.

And it wasn't just the incoherent mumbles that set his blood racing; it was the warmth of her skin, even thru his jacket, as she softly placed her hand on his arm. It was the smell of lilacs from the shampoo that overwhelmed his senses. He needed to get himself under control. In the past, he thought about all the reasons why he couldn't be with Payson and he had come up with 47. There were so many reasons why he couldn't kiss her again, could never taste her, could never strip her bare and lay her down on his bed and –

"Sasha? You kinda zoned out for a minute there, are you okay?" Payson asked.

And when Payson turned those shimmering eyes and innocent, yet sexy, pout towards him, he couldn't remember a single reason not to be with her.

"I'm fine; everything is fine."


Payson had greatly enjoyed the ballet, this time probably more than her previous experience with Sasha because this time she was open to the experience and could appreciate the power and beauty in each pirouette the dancers performed. Now that the ballet was over, Payson sat in the passenger seat feeling a mixture of emotions: happy that the date was going well, yet nervous that it was coming to an end.

Would he kiss her goodnight? Could he even kiss her since he was dropping her off at her house and her mother was at home?

God, maybe he didn't even want to kiss her good night. He hadn't made any affectionate gestures at the ballet, no holding her hand, no intimate brushes against her arms – but Sasha wasn't a demonstrative person, so it made sense that he hadn't had tried anything right? Right?

So lost in her own mind was Payson that she was startled by Sasha's voice.

"What?" She asked him to repeat what he had said.

"I said, what time do you have to be home?"

Payson took a peek at the clock on the car's dashboard before responding, "Not for another hour."

"Oh, then did you maybe want to go for dessert somewhere or, um, you could come back to the Airstream for some tea."

"Yeah, tea sounds great."


Sasha parked beside his truck and jogged around to open the car door for Payson.

"You know, I don't think I've ever been in the Airstream before," Payson commented.

"Well, be prepared to be amazed," Sasha replied sarcastically.

Sasha unlocked the door and Payson followed up the stairs to take a look around, "Huh, it's different than I thought, bigger too."

"I know bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside."

"Like the TARDIS," Payson laughed.

Sasha spun around to look at Payson, "Did you just make a Doctor Who joke?"

"Yes," she replied shyly.

"Wow, a beautiful woman who watches Doctor Who is a woman after my own heart," Sasha said.

Although it was meant in a teasing manner the energy in the Airstream changed immediately. While Sasha may have joked about the size of the trailer, right now it seemed far too small for the two of them. Suddenly the smell of lilacs was overwhelming and Sasha stopped breathing.

"I want to kiss you," he said.


"I won't do anything else."


He looked at her lips, so pink and pretty. He leaned down and pressed the softest kiss onto her mouth. Her arms reached up onto his chest, and he wasn't sure if she was trying to push him away or pull him closer.

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, only to see desire mirrored back. She definitely hadn't been pushing him away. He kissed her again, lingering this time, and a tiny moan escaped from her. Urged on by the exquisite sounds coming from Payson, Sasha slid his tongue into her mouth. Her hands came up and tangled in his hair, and she turned his head to the side to force deeper contact. She met his tongue thrust for thrust, asserting more pressure. Her panting breath mingled with his.

He wanted to touch her. Touch all of her. But he couldn't allow himself to break his word. He had promised to stop at a kiss. And if he didn't stop now, he was afraid he never would.

Sasha pulled away, "No more for tonight," he said more roughly than he intended.

Payson raised her fingers to trace the lines of her swollen pink lips, "I like kissing you."

It's like she's trying to torture me, Sasha thought.

"I like kissing you too, but I better get you home." Sasha grabbed the car keys off of the counter.

"Okay," Payson paused and then continued. "I had a nice time tonight; maybe we could go out again." She added shyly.

"I'm counting on it."